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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Myer, ConradfromRau, Casper187976:261
Myer, DorothyfromBrackenridge, Jos.188289:99
Myer, George B.fromAuditor187771:494
Myer, J. F. W.toSmith, J. Leon187566:546
Myer, MichaeltoN.Y.C. & St. L. Rw. Co.188186:391
Myers & DouglassfromZimmerman, Elias187361:258
Myers, C. A.toDouglass, Jas. W.188597:169
Myers, C. J. (Et al.)toAgster, Ann M.188494:118
Myers, CathariefromMyers, Jno. W.188495:206
Myers, CatharinetoBeams, Henry187062:81
Myers, CatherinefromDeventer, Louisa188393:564
Myers, Chas.toPrange, Henry187565:296
Myers, ChristiantoMyers, Dedrick187669:248
Myers, DanieltoMyers, Davis187979:288
Myers, DanieltoMyers, John187978:47
Myers, DanieltoMyers, S. & C.187978:410
Myers, DavidfromAlbaugh, Eli187669:237
Myers, DavidtoNeireiter, Eliza187669:237
Myers, David C.toSmith, David E.187770:421
Myers, DavisfromMyers, Daniel187979:288
Myers, DedrickfromMyers, Christian187669:248
Myers, DiedrichfromBrooks, Wm. H. Jr.187873:379
Myers, E. F.fromMyers, Nancy J.188182:345
Myers, E. F.toRussel, Peter188597:380
Myers, ElizabethtoDammeier, Wm.188392:541
Myers, ElizabethtoSmith, Sarah187573:300
Myers, Emma D. W.fromHanna, Henry C.187359:450
Myers, ErnstfromGerke, Henry F.187461:343
Myers, F. D.fromMeyers, S. L.187463:268
Myers, F. D.fromMorel, J. B.187463:267
Myers, F. D.fromMyers, Samuel L.187977:240
Myers, FredfromMurphy, Michael188495:240
Myers, FrederichfromNash, Jno. P.188494:277
Myers, Geo. W.fromMayer, Andrew (Dec.)187490:279
Myers, GeorgefromHolzworth, George187567:508
Myers, GeorgetoRabus, Jno. Sr.187978:244
Myers, H. G.fromDavis, S. T.188183:360
Myers, HenrytoFreeman, E. & Geo.187774:48
Myers, I. N.fromMaldiney, Edward188289:485
Myers, Isaac N.toMaldiney, Mary188289:486
Myers, J. T.fromSteevick, Wm.187568:419
Myers, JacobtoMiller, Jno.188599:154
Myers, Jacob T.toDisler, Samuel187571:205
Myers, Jacob T.toStevick, Wm. W.187259:391
Myers, Jno.fromNotestine, Jno.188296:4
Myers, Jno. F.toRudisill, Jno. A.187668:262
Myers, Jno. H.fromBelleman, Enoch188497:178
Myers, Jno. H.fromImmel, Philip188287:245
Myers, Jno. W.toMyers, Catharie188495:206
Myers, Jno. W.toPenfiel, Wm. L.188496:604
Myers, Jno. W.toPenfield, W. L.188496:169
Myers, JohnfromMyers, Daniel187978:47
Myers, JohntoWhite, Jas. B.187771:453
Myers, JohnfromWigman, Henry187668:227
Myers, John A.fromRudisill, John A.187670:2
Myers, John F.fromHartman, Homer C.187670:1
Myers, John F.fromHayden, John W.187670:3
Myers, John H.fromBillman, Enoch187565:278
Myers, KeziahtoDisler, Samuel187571:206
Myers, KeziahtoHollopeter, Geo. W.187874:532
Myers, Lewis M.toCotton, John187770:416
Myers, Lewis M.fromKryder, John186759:316
Myers, M. F.fromGarman, Enoch187668:299
Myers, M. F.fromGarman, Enoch188288:116
Myers, N. J.toMcCreary, Jos.188080:342
Myers, N. J.fromSturgis, Lonisa187977:467
Myers, Nancy J.toMyers, E. F.188182:345
Myers, Nancy J.fromPratts, Wm. T.187565:228
Myers, NathantoFarrand, R. S. & D.188195:297
Myers, NathanfromStephens, M. J.188081:259
Myers, NelsonfromPelton, Ebenezer H.187463:546
Myers, NelsontoPetton, E. H.187467:392
Myers, NelsontoStephens, Thomas M.187668:451
Myers, NelsonfromStephens, Thomas M.187669:
Myers, NelsontoStephens, Thos. M.187668:440
Myers, Nelson & ElizabethfromIrving, Alexander187261:249
Myers, S. & C.fromMyers, Daniel187978:410
Myers, SalomafromWarner, Joseph Sr. (Est.)187464:206
Myers, Saloma L.toReinhold, George187772:337
Myers, Samuel L.toMyers, F. D.187977:240
Myers, SolomontoOberhaltzer, Geo. H.187668:238
Myers, SolomontoWarner, Jno. A.188495:443
Myers, Wm. H.toMcCreary, Jos.188080:341
Myers, Wm. J.fromBowser, S. F.188496:459
Myerson, L. G.fromHolt, Ann187784:7
Myerson, L. G.fromRockhill, W. W.187784:8
Myerson, LouisafromSheriff187770:489
Myerson, Louisa G.toNirdlinger, Julia M.187771:18
Mygrant, I. & J.fromBake, H. (Et al.)188288:399
Mygrant, IsaactoPeters, J. C. & M.188390:575
Mygrant, IsaactoSmith, M. F.188082:547
Mygrant, IsaacfromWorthington, Wm. W.187566:262
Mygrant, Jane E.toWassmann, Phillip188184:44
Mygrant, Wm.fromBirely, Ann187258:540
Mygrant, Wm.toJackson, Allen P.187258:539
Mygrantz, JosephtoLawver, Geo. W.187976:390
Myre, B. (Et al.)fromState of Indiana184092:161
Myres, DavidtoMyres, Jacob T.186859:303
Myres, Jacob T.fromMyres, David186859:303
Myton, HannahfromMyton, Robert187668:392
Myton, HonorafromMcDonald, M.187772:67
Myton, Jos.fromCrabill, D. H.187978:181
Myton, Jos.fromGraham, Saml.188391:36
Myton, JosephtoGraham, Samuel187978:424
Myton, RoberttoHoffman, Daniel C.187566:375
Myton, RobertfromHoffman, Daniel C.187771:554
Myton, RoberttoMcDonald, M.187772:67
Myton, RoberttoMcDonald, Michael187771:502
Myton, RoberttoMyton, Hannah187668:392
Myton, RoberttoStephison, J. D.187771:554
Myton, RobertfromTaylor, Wm.187672:66

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