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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Nachtreib, Joshua F.toDewald, Nicolas187464:71
Nafe, Ella V.toHerr, George187669:218
Naffner, ChristiantoBard, Samuel188393:317
Nagel, F. M.fromAlden, S. R.188494:593
Nagel, MariatoAlden, S. R.188494:592
Nahrwald, C.fromStead, Jos (Et al.)188082:27
Nahrwald, ConradfromFerrall, Jos. D. (Et al.)188082:27
Nahrwald, ConradtoNahrwald, Henry & Mary187564:558
Nahrwald, ConradfromNahrwald, Mary & Henry187564:557
Nahrwald, D.toTagtmeyer, Anna187463:309
Nahrwald, DetrickfromTagtmeyer, Fredk.187462:443
Nahrwald, ErnestfromAhlschwede, Frederick187770:503
Nahrwald, ErnestfromScharpenberg, Henry187770:503
Nahrwald, ErnesttoScharpenberg, Henry187770:148
Nahrwald, ErnsttoAklschwade, Frederick187770:277
Nahrwald, HenryfromLipes, Jno. W.188183:157
Nahrwald, Henry & MaryfromNahrwald, Conrad187564:558
Nahrwald, LouisafromSchmid, Lorenz187463:557
Nahrwald, Mary & HenrytoNahrwald, Conrad187564:557
Nahrwold, C.fromAldrich, C. H. (Et al.)188391:16
Nahrwold, C.fromBarrett, J. M. (Et al.)188391:16
Nahrwold, C.fromEllison, Thos. E. (Et al.)188391:16
Nahrwold, C.fromPaul, H. C. (Et al.)188391:16
Nahrwold, Chas.fromSkinner, F. H.188495:103
Nahrwold, ConradtoDoehrman, F.188288:228
Nahrwold, ConradfromEllison, Thos. E. (Et al.)188495:69
Nahrwold, ConradfromMessler, Thos. D.188288:55
Nahrwold, ConradtoPaul, H. C.188391:17
Nahrwold, ConradfromPaul, H. C. (Et al.)188495:69
Nahrwold, ConradtoPaul, Henry C.188598:532
Nahrwold, ErnstfromMcDowell, J. A.188183:36
Nahrwold, ErnstfromMcDowell, Jas. A.188183:282
Nahrwold, ErnstfromRoberts, Wm.188183:36
Nahrwold, L.fromNuttman, J. D. Jr.188080:445
Nahrwold, LouisatoSchmid, Lorenz187669:159
Nahrwold, Wm.toKnise, Christian187668:230
Nail, DanielfromButler, Wm.1884
Nail, Jno. (Adm.)toBrown, J. H.187978:75
Nail, Jno. (Adm.)toSpencer, D. J.188082:486
Nail, Jno. (Adm.)toWormcastle, Jane188185:71
Nail, JohnfromMiller, B. F.187669:520
Nail, JohntoMiller, Elizabeth A.187670:37
Nail, John (adm.)toFry, George187571:202
Nail, John (adm.)toHeller, Thos. S.187771:326
Nail, John (admr.)toScherponberg, Nahnvald, & Ahlschewede187462:295
Nail, S. S.toFinnen, E. J.187462:331
Nailer, Geo. W.toSchlatter, Christian D.187567:74
Nailor, Geo.fromClark, E. M.187978:487
Nailor, Geo. W.toHowe, Geo. B.188289:174
Nailors, GeorgefromWithers, W. H. (Coms.)187771:11
Naller, GottliebfromMayer, Ernst188080:463
Naphyes, A. C. (Et al.)toLampert, C.188185:126
Nash, Jno. P.fromBrandeberry, G. W.188082:491
Nash, Jno. P.fromDavis, Jos. B.188080:555
Nash, Jno. P.toMyers, Frederich188494:277
Nat. Exchange B. K. (Tiffin, O.)toFrost, Jas. H.188085:107
Nat. Exchange Bank (Tiffin, O.)fromFrost, J. H. (Et al.)188079:334
Nat. Life Ins. Co.toHerrick, W. R.188390:443
Nat. Life Ins. Co.toMcCarty, Dennis188390:493
Nat. Life Ins. Co.fromNickerson, S. M.187990:441
Nathan, Chas. (Et al.)toNirdlinger, Hannah188196:575
National Exchange Bank (Tiffin, O.)toSmith, S. R.188183:493
National Exchange Bank Tiffin, OhiofromZeller, O. C.187875:421
National Life Ins. Co.fromHiggins, Van H.188185:282
National Life Ins. Co.toWelsh, P. T.188186:201
Nauldoon, JanefromCody, Bridget (Et al.)188082:343
Nave, F. E. & E. L.fromWelsh, Patrick T.188079:95
Nave, M. R.fromMcBride, R. C. J.188186:475
Nave, Mary R.toSwayne, Saml. F.188598:556

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