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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Niblick, JessefromSheriff187771:129
Nichelson, CharityfromSheriff188080:142
Nichol, Jno. (Et al.)toRobinson, Henry H.188079:274
Nichol, Jno. (Et al.)toRobinson, Henry H.188079:276
Nicholls, O. S.fromAuditor188184:45
Nichols, CalistafromEvans, S. Cary187667:362
Nichols, CelestafromEvans, S. Cary187463:451
Nichter, O. & M.fromBond, C. A.188496:528
Nichter, OttotoBangar, Bonefazius187360:276
Nichter, OttofromBond, Chas. D.187360:63
Nick, E. & J.fromBauer, K. J.188288:495
Nickell, Jno. F.toBauer, K. J.187875:182
Nickell, Jno. F.fromPence, Wm. H.187668:309
Nickerson, Benj.toTrue, H. T.187462:32
Nickerson, H.fromBowser, Maria188495:253
Nickerson, L. E. & M. S.fromNickerson, Margaret187462:490
Nickerson, LorenzotoNickerson, Mary L.187976:208
Nickerson, MargarettoNickerson, L. E. & M. S.187462:490
Nickerson, Mary L.fromNickerson, Lorenzo187976:208
Nickerson, Saml. M.fromSheriff187873:123
Nickerson, Saml. M.fromSheriff187873:125
Nickerson, Susan (et al.)toRoe, Adam187669:191
Nickett, J. F. & H. A.fromBauer, K. J.187875:147
Nickey Add.fromPierce, Samuel H.187160:329
Nickey, A. B.fromHom, Patrick188081:270
Nickey, David W.fromBaker, Samuel187873:62
Nickkleson, SamueltoMiddaugh, Jacob185870:535
Nicodemus, CarolinefromGarverick, Aaron187670:147
Nicodemus, Jno.fromUnited States184978:419
Nicodemus, MargarettoFogwell, Wm.187361:618
Nicodemus, SusannatoHeller, Chas. F.187467:467
Nicodemus, SusannahfromGarverick, Aaron187670:147
Niebergall, HenryfromMehre, Clara (Et al.)187976:308
Niebergall, HenryfromWitte, Frank (Et al.)187976:308
Nieman & DammeierfromPiepenbrink, C.187669:373
Nieman, BuellatoGilbert, James B.187976:155
Nieman, GottiebfromSheriff188079:101
Nieman, GottiebfromWiehe, Sophia187873:171
Nieman, GottliebfromVollmer, D.187463:320
Nieman, HermantoTrentman, August C.187260:461
Nieman, Mary (et al.)toMeyer, John187872:487
Nieman, Mary (et al.)toMeyer, Margaret187872:488
Niemann & DammeyerfromFisher, Wm. B.187566:296
Niemann, GottliebfromAuditor188184:274
Niemann, GottliebfromBrackenridge, G. W.188081:184
Niemann, GottliebtoWiche, Ferdinand187873:171
Niemeyer, Anna M.toNiemeyer, C. C.187670:139
Niemeyer, Anna M.toNiemeyer, Wm. P.187670:140
Niemeyer, C. C.fromNiemeyer, Anna M.187670:139
Niemeyer, Wm. P.fromNiemeyer, Anna M.187670:140
Nierman, Francis J. (et al.)fromNierman, Herman (est.)187462:594
Nierman, Herman (est.)toNierman, Francis J. (et al.)187462:594
Nierman, Herman (est.)toNierman, Julia Ann187462:594
Nierman, Herman (est.)toTrentman, Bartmyer & Fox187462:594
Nierman, J. T.fromBartemyer, E. M.188184:52
Nierman, Julia AnnfromNierman, Herman (est.)187462:594
Niermann, Juliana T.fromHaitiourkall, Henry187976:268
Nies, MaryfromBegue, Mary188289:375
Niesz, BarbarafromBard, Samuel187359:467
Niesz, Barbara E.fromBard, Samuel187568:363
Nieter, SophiafromHockemeier, Sophia187771:558
Nietert, HeinrichfromBusse, Chas. 187977:37
Nietest, H.toBusse, Chas.187977:36
Nietest, HenryfromSchwan, Henry C.187977:35
Niezer, Catherine E.fromBond, H. R. (Et al.)188079:243
Niezer, Catherine E.fromEquitable Trust Co.188079:243
Niezer, J. B.fromNiezer, Lewis187872:417
Niezer, Jno. B.toNiezer, Lewis187874:547
Niezer, LewistoNiezer, J. B.187872:417
Niezer, LewisfromNiezer, Jno. B.187874:547
Niezer, LewistoNiezer, Sarah T.187874:548
Niezer, LewistoRundel, Mary188080:11
Niezer, LouisfromRidenour, Louis187565:393
Niezer, LweisfromNiezer, Sarah T.187872:416
Niezer, Sarah T.fromArgo, M. E.187772:146
Niezer, Sarah T.fromNiezer, Lewis187874:548
Niezer, Sarah T.toNiezer, Lweis187872:416
Niezer, Sarah T.toNill, Alice187773:95
Nill, AlicefromNiezer, Sarah T.187773:95
Nill, Barbary E.fromFrance, Harry F.187567:89
Nill, Elizabeth A.toMartz, Phillip187361:143
Nill, JohntoBeck, F. J.187771:133
Nill, John Jr.toCertia, Peter187359:456
Nill, Mary J.fromWitmeyer, George187567;83
Nills, Geo, C.toMcCloud, J. L.187564:551
Ninde & SwaynefromFleming, Wm.187565:495
Ninde, J. W. (Et al.)fromBourie, B. A.188495:531
Ninde, Jas. W.fromBaldwin, Abel (Guard)188391:596
Ninde, L. M.fromAuditor188392:316
Ninde, L. M.toBrounell, Hanson A. R.187275:38
Ninde, L. M.toFt. Wayne Organ Co.187463:287
Ninde, L. M.toSutermeister, Arnold (et al.)187667:300
Ninde, L. M.fromThreadgall, John187671:137
Ninde, L. M. (Admr.)toPhilley, Mary187179:53
Ninde, L. M. (Coms.)toYergens, Wm.187874:31
Ninde, Lindley M.fromSummers, John187670:356
Ninde, Lindley M.toSummers, Mary187669:211
Ninde, Lindley M. (comr.)toLillie, Mary E.187461:589
Ninde, Lindley M. (comr.)toTaylor, Robt. S.186561:550
Ninde, Lindley M. (comr.)toWiebke, Charles187464:457
Ninde, Lindley, M. (admr.)toLewis, Joseph M.187158:358
Nirdlinger, Albert H.toNirdlinger, Hannah187360:561
Nirdlinger, Fredk. (heirs)toNirdlinger, Hanna187360:183
Nirdlinger, Fredk. (heirs)toNirdlinger, Samuel F.187565:329
Nirdlinger, HannafromNirdlinger, Fredk. (heirs)187360:183
Nirdlinger, HannahfromBullard, S. L.188289:25
Nirdlinger, HannahfromNirdlinger, Albert H.187360:561
Nirdlinger, HannahfromNirdlinger, Saml. F.187566:575
Nirdlinger, Julia M.toMorganthaler, Ella G.187771:18
Nirdlinger, Julia M.fromMyerson, Louisa G.187771:18
Nirdlinger, Saml. F.toNirdlinger, Hannah187566:575
Nirdlinger, Samuel F.toBanks, Alonzo T.187565:379
Nirdlinger, Samuel F.fromGrubb, Charles M.187566:577
Nirdlinger, Samuel F.fromNirdlinger, Fredk. (heirs)187565:329
Nite, John H.fromPiatt, Lucinda187360:551
Nivkey, A. B.fromDeck, Jno.187977:550
Nivkey, David W.fromKeller & Kann188081:441
Nix, ValentinefromHausman, Wm.187359:542
Nix, ValentinefromSchnortberger, Christian187361:177

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