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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Noaker, Jas. (Et al.)toKeplinger, A. M.187678:102
Noble, Chas. & JenniefromBond, C. E. (Et al.)188392:524
Noble, Chas. & JenniefromLumbard, S. C. (Et al.)188392:524
Noble, EdwardfromNinde, L. M. (Coms.)188495:277
Noble, H. A.toN.Y.C. & St. Louis R.R.188289:19
Noble, Hanna A.fromPhelps, John (Est.)187360:38
Noble, Hannah & LymantoEdgerton, J. K.187359:529
Noble, I. M.fromJustus, L. S.188195:63
Noble, J. E.fromHanna, J. Thomas187565:219
Noble, John E.toPickard, Thomas R.187565:286
Noble, M. H.fromNoble, W. L.188597:629
Noble, SarahfromDudenhaefer, C.188286:277
Noble, SarahtoElder, Cynthia188289:5
Noble, SarahfromMcLaughlin, D.188289:6
Noble, Thos. (Et al.)toBrockerman, T. W.188183:578
Noble, Thos. (Et al.)toWalter, J. A.188183:563
Noble, W. L.toNoble, M. H.188597:629
Noble, Wm. L.fromBrownsberger, Wm.188183:413
Noel, HenryfromGerardot, Stephen187361:512
Noel, HenrytoPernot, Constant187566:276
Noel, PhilipfromPaine, James D.187667:519
Noel, PhilliptoStoner, Emilia187770:114
Noel, SmallwoodtoSibert, Samuel185087:332
Noel, UptonfromCramer, David188097:613
Noha, JosephfromBangert, Bonifazius187360:377
Noha, JosephfromMiller, Clemens187360:378
Nola, Jno. & AnnfromHeddeus, Jas. M.188080:9
Nolan, AnntoGibson, David188392:125
Nolan, AnnfromHeller, Jno. C.188496:337
Nolan, Jno.toHeller, Jno. C.188496:336
Nolan, JohannafromFleming, Wm.187565:333
Nolan, John Sr.toBlum, August188079:587
Noll, B. R.fromJenkinson, Emma188289:580
Noll, B. R.toSinks, Jno. & Julia A.188393:259
Noll, B. R. & S.fromLanferty, Bertha188494:305
Noll, Geo. W.fromBodine, Jno. E.188495:184
Noll, Geo. W.toHarlor, James A.187463:59
Noll, Geo. W.toSapp, Martha A.188598:628
Noll, Geo. W.fromStemberg, Phebe A.187462:82
Noll, GeorgetoNoll, Julia187874:372
Noll, George W.toGorrel, John187565:137
Noll, George W.fromSchultz, Elizabeth187565:552
Noll, J. A.toDwenger, Jo. Rt. Rev.188289:266
Noll, JuliafromNoll, George187874:372
Noll, Martin A.toScarlet, Chester187772:151
Noll, Martin A.fromScarlet, Chester187771:482
Noll, Mary F. & M. A.toMcDonald, R. T. (trustee)187468:454
Noll, Mary F. (Et al.)toFry, Mary M.188392:453
Noll, Mary T. (Et al.)toFry, Mary M.188392:453
Noll, TheresatoBoltz, F. C.188392:372
Noll, TheresafromEhinger, Michael187464:279
Noll, Theresia (Et al.)toGrover, A. T.187977:388
Noll, UptontoCramer, David188597:550
Noll, UptonfromHire, Elias188494:300
Noll, UptonfromNickell, A. J.188597:612
Nommay, P.fromRandall, P. A.188286:560
Nommay, P.toRandall, P. A.188391:519
Nommay, P. & F.toRandall, P. A.188286:380
Nommay, PhilomanetoPost, Geo. H.188495:545
Nonamaker, LizzietoRoller, John187669:167
Nonemaker, J.toBuskirk, D.187668:279
Nonemaker, Jno.toSmith, Mary C.187368:267
Nonemaker, Jno.toSuter, Edward188598:421
Nonemaker, LizziefromBuskirk, Dorthy187668:279
Nonnan, JosephinetoNoonan, Jas. A.187978:312
Nonnan, JosephinetoPepe, Louis187875:114
Noonan, J. A.fromNoonan, Jos.188185:322
Noonan, J. A.fromNoonan, Josephine188085:359
Noonan, Jas. A.fromLyons, Richard188186:219
Noonan, Jas. A.fromNonnan, Josephine187978:312
Noonan, Jas. A.toWest, C. A.188597:64
Noonan, Jos.toNoonan, J. A.188185:322
Noonan, JosephinefromCommissioners by Partition187471:197
Noonan, JosephinetoNoonan, J. A.188085:359
Noonan, JosephinetoPepe, Louis187464:133
Noonen, JosephinefromQuinn, Margaret188393:391
Noonin, JosephinefromMiller, Elizabeth J. (admn.)187565:435
Noonin, JosephinefromMiller, Elizabeth J. (admn.)187565:434
Nora, Henry (Et al.)toHitzmann, Christian188289:433
Norback, MargarettoDupell, Chas. A.188597:473
Nord, CatherinefromHitzmann, C.188289:436
Nord, HenryfromHitzmann, C.188289:435
Nord, HenryfromMichael, Andreas187773:495
Nordlinger, Fredk.fromEdgerton, Jos. K.185558:528
Norris, Julia AtoPurmon, Addie188293:12
North, E.toHollopeter, C.188288:513
Northrop, F. F.toSiemon, Rudolph188496:262
Northrop, Jas. L.fromPeterson, Chas.188496:261
Norton, C. K. & W. C.fromNorton, C. W.188397:626
Norton, C. K. & Wm. C.fromNorton, Chester W.188182:327
Norton, C. W.toNorton, C. K. & W. C.188397:626
Norton, Chester W.toNorton, C. K. & Wm. C.188182:327
Norton, John G.toEsmond, George187669:252
Norton, Robert (heirs)toBranstetter, William187565:290
Norton, Robert (est.)toHough, John187462:553
Norton, S. R.fromNorton, W. C.188390:529
Norton, W. C.toNorton, S. R.188390:529
Noterstine, Aaron S.fromNotestine, Uriah187976:259
Notestin, UriahfromWidner, Eliza Ann188080:28
Notestin, UriahtoWidner, Eliza Ann188080:27
Notestine, A. S.toWetzel, John188393:174
Notestine, A. S. (Et al. Trustee)toMayhew, S. & J.188391:322
Notestine, DanielfromNotestine, Peter187975:492
Notestine, Danl.toDavis, S. T.187984:484
Notestine, Danl.toNotestine, Peter187984:476
Notestine, Eliza AnnfromNotestine, Uriah187976:374
Notestine, G. & J.fromBowers, Jos.187087:407
Notestine, G. & J.fromBowers, M. E.187187:408
Notestine, Jno.fromMiller, Jeramiah187196:3
Notestine, Jno.toMyers, Jno.188296:4
Notestine, PeterfromMcEwen, Emeline187772:132
Notestine, PetertoNotestine, Daniel187975:492
Notestine, PeterfromNotestine, Danl.187984:476
Notestine, UriahtoNoterstine, Aaron S.187976:259
Notestine, UriahtoNotestine, Eliza Ann187976:374
Notestine, UriahtoWidner, Amos187975:516
Nowek, EdwardfromForbing, Jno.188496:376
Noyer, CharlesfromBauseman, Henry187977:192
Noyer, CharlestoGordon, Wm. H.187772:90
Noyer, CharlestoNeff, Allice C.187770:540
Noyer, CharlesfromNeff, Daniel W.187567:72
Noyer, CharlesfromParnin, Francis188183:580
Noyer, CharlesfromSeavey, G. W. (Assignee)188183:429
Noyer, CharlesfromSheriff187975:400
Noyer, Chas.fromHarrod, Margan (et al.)187668:264
Noyer, Chas.toNoyer, J. W.188391:58
Noyer, Chas.toParnin, Francis188183:579
Noyer, J. W.fromNoyer, Chas.188391:58
Noyer, MargarettoMiller, Mary L.188598:481
Noyes, J. D.toNoyes, S. A.188184:302
Noyes, S. A.fromNoyes, J. D.188184:302
Noyes, S. A.toRoach, Jno.188184:302
Noyes, S. A.toRoach, Jno.188288:451

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