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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Nuffman, C. V.fromLyons, Jno. L.188598:586
Nulf, P. & A. E.fromCoolman, Jno. H.188391:292
Null, A. C.fromHoops, R. B.187470:100
Null, Alex C.toHoops, R. B.187770:138
Null, Geo. W.toGorrell, Jno.188183:542
Null, L. S.toBanmgarten, R. (Et al.)188286:231
Null, L. S.toBlaising, J. P.188185:377
Null, L. S.toHazzard, A. & L.187977:355
Null, L. S.fromHoops, R. B.187879:546
Null, L. S.fromMiller, Calvin A.187771:392
Null, L. S.fromSchnelker, H. (Adm.)188185:299
Null, L. S.fromSchnelker, H. (Adm.)188185:300
Null, L. S.fromShilling, Jane188494:321
Null, L. S.toStone, Solon188494:328
Null, L. S.toTaylor, E. M.188391:173
Null, L. S.toWhiteleather, James F.187465:532
Null, L. S.toWhiteleather, James F.187465:533
Null, L. S.toZollinger, H. C.188182:473
Null, L. S. (Et al.)toHartzell, Elias188083:34
Null, L. S. (Et al.)toHartzell, J. R.188080:151
Null, L. S. (Et al.)toShilling, Jennie188080:170
Null, Lycurgus S.fromBeugnot, Paul S.187770:447
Null, Lycurgus S.toMahoney, Jamea187771:104
Null, Lycurgus S.toMiller, Calvin A.187360:227
Null, Lycurgus S.fromSheriff188080:222
Null, Lycurgus S.fromSheriff188080:219
Null, SusanfromHartzell, J. R.188094:327
Null, SusanfromHartzell, Mary (Et al.)188080:171
Null, SusanfromMahoney, James187771:73
Null, SusanfromShilling, Jennie (Et al.)188080:171
Null, Susan (Et al.)toHartzell, Mary188286:570
Null, Susan (Et al.)fromHartzell, Mary (Et al.)188080:169
Null, Susan (Et al.)toRebber, G. H. F.188183:450
Null, UptonfromBlackburn, Henry187565:151
Nunimaker, JohnfromSmith, Jos. J.187261:52
Nusbaum, J. W. (Et ux.)fromDeterick, A. J.188597:599
Nusbaum, W. D.fromHilbert, Isaac188597:597
Nussbaum, PeterfromMettler, Mathias188392:308
Nussman, Jno.fromBegue, Maria (Et al.)188186:279
Nussman, Jno.fromGeerdes, Herman H.187668:380
Nussman, Jno.fromSchoenbein, A. (Et al.)188186:279
Nussman, Jno. (Et al.)toSamse, Caroline188287:588
Nussman, JohntoBandistel, Wm.187669:147
Nussman, JohnfromBonfield, Mary187565:487
Nussman, JohntoBrown, Martha E.187461:380
Nussman, JohntoDurfee, Julia A.188182:406
Nussman, JohntoGerdes, Herman H.187566:420
Nussman, JohntoGreer, John W.187359:327
Nussman, JohntoPrepsing, Barnard187873:298
Nussman, JohnfromSheriff187873:285
Nussman, JohntoWilkinson, Thos A.187771:123
Nussman, JohnfromZuber, F. (Guard)188082:338
Nussman, JohnfromZuber, Frederick188082:339
Nuttle, Geo. G.fromAuditor186071:135
Nuttle, JamesfromSheriff187874:66
Nuttle, JamestoVan Camp, Jas.187874:68
Nuttle, R. D.fromAuditor186065:574
Nuttman, C. L.toBash, Soloman188286:370
Nuttman, C. L.toHanna, M. E.188289:335
Nuttman, C. L.toHanna, M. E.188289:294
Nuttman, C. L.fromHanna, M. E.188289:336
Nuttman, C. L.fromHanna, O. S.188289:287
Nuttman, C. L.fromHood, W. E.187463:275
Nuttman, C. L.fromNuttman, J. D. Jr.188289:337
Nuttman, C. L.fromNuttman, J. D. Jr.188393:193
Nuttman, Caroline L.fromHough, John (ex.)187567:128
Nuttman, Caroline L.fromNelson, I. D. G.187770:92
Nuttman, I. D. Jr.fromFleming, Wm.187874:378
Nuttman, J. D.fromAuditor188494:511
Nuttman, J. D.toBarrett, Jas. L.188082:35
Nuttman, J. D.toCoombs, J. M.188391:225
Nuttman, J. D.fromCrane, Geo. D. (Assg.)187770:487
Nuttman, J. D.fromEmerick, A. J.188081:450
Nuttman, J. D.toHite, Eliza188185:243
Nuttman, J. D.toLaughlin, Henry187874:467
Nuttman, J. D.toNelson, DeGroff187770:333
Nuttman, J. D.toNelson, I. D. G.188083:535
Nuttman, J. D.toNuttman, J. D. Jr.187874:469
Nuttman, J. D.toNuttman, J. D. Jr.188289:336
Nuttman, J. D.toSmith, Geo.188290:63
Nuttman, J. D. & J. D. Jr.fromHaines, F. E. (et al.)187770:316
Nuttman, J. D. & J. D., Jr.fromBaldwin, L. N. (et al.)187770:316
Nuttman, J. D. & J. D., Jr.fromBullinger, L. H. (et al.)187770:316
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.fromBaird, W. H.188290:87
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.fromBegue, Mary188183:288
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.fromBleekman, H.188082:83
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.toBlood, Reuben188185:302
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.toBlood, Reuben188290:89
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.toBowser. Julia188392:397
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.toBrokaw, S. C.188080:566
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.toBundy, Edgar188392:126
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.toBundy, J. & L.188391:247
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.toClark, M. J. & M. E.188392:325
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.fromCrabbs, Elizabeth188183:320
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.fromCrubbs, Elizabeth188183:320
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.toDoehrman, Wm.188391:39
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.fromDunn, Chas. W.187874:252
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.fromEdsall, E. F.188080:413
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.toFrance, J. E. K.188394:333
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.toHoffman, Henry188185:551
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.toHom, F. W.188391:461
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.fromKelley, M. M.188183:468
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.fromLangohr, A. J.188186:317
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.toLayman, Geo.188289:129
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.toLayman, Geo.188391:109
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.toMarquardt, J. (Et al.)188185:253
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.fromMeech, Wm. A.188191:462
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.fromMeegan, Caroline187669:62
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.toMoore, D. H.188183:216
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.toNahrwold, L.188080:445
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.fromNewton, O. L.187978:412
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.toNuttman, C. L.188289:337
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.toNuttman, C. L.188393:193
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.fromNuttman, J. D.187874:469
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.fromNuttman, J. D.188289:336
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.fromNuttman, Jos. D.188193:167
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.fromPurman, A. A. & E. E.188081:61
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.toPurman, S. & D. (Et al.)187983:393
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.fromSeimon, A. F.188081:98
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.toSimpson, J. V. I.188184:403
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.toStone, E. E.188185:68
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.toStone, E. E.188185:113
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.toSwayne, S. F.187979:1
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.fromSwayne, S. F.188079:4
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.fromTyler, Wm. R.187978:238
Nuttman, J. D. Jr.toWilson, Geo.188289:408
Nuttman, J. D. Jr. (Et al.)fromAuditor188393:163
Nuttman, J. D. Jr. (Et al.)fromAuditor188393:161
Nuttman, Jas. D.fromSheriff187978:140
Nuttman, Jas. D.fromSheriff187978:143
Nuttman, Jas. D.fromSheriff187978:138
Nuttman, John M.fromNuttman, Joseph D.187360:394
Nuttman, John M.toWaite & Baker187360:395
Nuttman, Jos, D. Jr.fromAldrich, Chas. H.187978:501
Nuttman, Jos, D. Jr.fromBarrett, James M.187978:501
Nuttman, Jos, D. Jr.fromBrokaw, S. J.188080:572
Nuttman, Jos. D.toNelson, I. D. G.187770:90
Nuttman, Jos. D.fromNewberger, Louis188185:462
Nuttman, Jos. D.toNuttman, J. D. Jr.188193:167
Nuttman, Jos. D. Jr.toMarquardt, J. (Et al.)188287:96
Nuttman, Jos. D. Jr.fromSheriff187873:265
Nuttman, Jos. D. Jr.fromSheriff187976:190
Nuttman, Jos. D. Jr.fromTyler, J. A.188081:15
Nuttman, Joseph D.fromHanna, Henry C.187462:373
Nuttman, Joseph D.toHough, John187566:292
Nuttman, Joseph D.toHuestis, Alexander C.187565:455
Nuttman, Joseph D.toNuttman, John M.187360:394
Nuttman, Joseph D.toNuttman, Joseph D. Jr.187978:136
Nuttman, Joseph D.fromSpooner, Benj. J. (Comr.)187566:288
Nuttman, Joseph D.fromWinch, P. C.187770:579
Nuttman, Joseph D. Jr.fromNuttman, Joseph D.187978:136
Nuttman, Joseph L.toWinch, Phebe C.187771:7

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