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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Ober, Geo. W.fromDaniels, Joseph187771:512
Ober, Geo. W.toKees, Wm.187888:180
Ober, Geo. W.toPatten, Theodore187558:487
Ober, George W.toOber, Jas. M.188394:83
Ober, H. B.fromDaniels, J. L.188187:496
Ober, H. B.fromDaniels, S. D. H.187778:512
Ober, Harriet B.toPhillips, Jacob188081:415
Ober, J. M.toWeltmore, W. F.188187:589
Ober, James M.fromDaniel, Jas. L.187771:534
Ober, James M.toDaniels, Harriet A.187774:305
Ober, James M.fromWillburn, Geo W.187775:555
Ober, Jas. M.fromOber, George W.188394:83
Ober, M. E. (Et al.)toPishon, Frank188082:251
Ober, Mary E.fromCommissioners by Partition187180:318
Oberboester, E. A. (Et al.)toWiese, Lenora188495:271
Oberhaltzer, Geo. H.fromMyers, Solomon187668:238
Oberholt & GrabillfromShimp, Richard187464:193
Oberholtz, JohnfromGraqbill, Jacob187570:434
Oberholtzer, A. J.toPberholtzer, Anna187273:44
Oberholtzer, AnnafromHasonpflug, Daniel187161:407
Oberholtzer, DelphosfromCommissioners by Partition187977:113
Oberholtzer, Geo. H.toHoffman, W. F.188598:403
Oberholtzer, Geo. H.toOberholtzer, Wm. O.187771:98
Oberholtzer, Ida I.fromCommissioners by Partition187977:113
Oberholtzer, J. A. & W.fromCommissioners by Partition187977:113
Oberholtzer, JacobfromAuditor185689:272
Oberholtzer, S.fromRepp, Peter187377:48
Oberholtzer, Wm.fromCommissioners by Partition187977:113
Oberholtzer, Wm. O.fromOberholtzer, Geo. H.187771:98
Oberholtzger, Saml.fromShafer, Margaret187381:398
Oberholzer, AnnafromSnyder, David W.187361:406
Oberley, FrankfromCayot, Mary C. 188496:295
OBlenio, J. M.fromBowser, Aug.188599:220
OBlenis, J. M.toHeller, Geo. M.188599:221
Obley, M.fromCommissioner in Partition188184:259
O'Brian, Dennis (et al.)toSheridan, Dennis (et al.)187567:423
OBrian, NancyfromSheridan, John (Heirs)187564:418
OBrien, DennisfromHanna, Oliver S.187770:504
OBrien, JasfromUnited States183798:596
OBrien, M. E. (Et al.)toHare, Alva187977:164
O'Brien, MargaretfromArcher, John (adm.)187668:204
OBrien, MaryfromMonehan, Daniel187349:413
OBrien, MaryfromMonehan, Daniel187349:412
OBrien, N. & D.toRing, Jno.188081:225
O'Brien, NancyfromBorden, Jas. W.187668:272
OBrien, PatricktoGibson, Chas. A.187978:357
OBrien, PatrickfromSullivan, Peter187462:362
O'Brien, PatrickfromMetheany, Andrew187668:486
O'Brien, PatricktoSullivan, Peter187462:188
OBrine, MarytoFinnan, Edwin187462:439
O'Brine, MaryfromCassady, Jacob187462:450
OBrine, Wm.fromClara, Ann188391:263
OBrino, MarytoClara, Ann188391:262
Oburn, B. E.toCasee, Dinah188079:375
Oburn, B. E.fromJones, L. M.187771:218

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