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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Oldham, R. (Et al.)toDewitt, D. W.187593:546
Olds Henry G.fromSheriff187875:169
Olds, C. L.fromRogge, F.188288:162
Olds, C. M.fromSnyder, E. A.188288:289
Olds, Caroline M.fromBrooks, Wm. H.188286:236
Olds, Charles H.toJackson, Johnson P.188080:452
Olds, Chas. H.fromHanna Jos. T.188080:433
Olds, Chas. L.fromBass, Jno. H.187873:530
Olds, Chas. L.fromBass, Jno. H.187873:530
Olds, Chas. L.fromBowser, J. C.187668:407
Olds, Chas. L.fromFalls, Daniel M.187771:72
Olds, Chas. L.toMcLachlan, James187771:293
Olds, Chas. L.fromMcLachlan, Neil187874:88
Olds, Chas. L.toOlds, Henry G.188597:168
Olds, Chas. L.toRogge, Wilhelmena188391:89
Olds, Eliza J.fromMcLachlin, Neil187669:529
Olds, EmmafromRockhill, Emily187495:578
Olds, EmmafromSmart, J. H.187463:184
Olds, Esther A.fromBurgess, Geo. G.187359:544
Olds, H. G.toFarnan, Owen187463:216
Olds, H. G.toFinan, Edward (Et al.)188286:562
Olds, H. G.toJacoby, Josephina188392:536
Olds, H. G.toMcMahon, Thos.188286:562
Olds, H. G.fromPurman, A. A.187669:52
Olds, H. G. & J. D.fromFay, James A.187467:455
Olds, H. G. (Et al.)toFinan, E. (Et al.)188286:574
Olds, H. G. (Et al.)toMcMahon, Thos.188286:574
Olds, H. G. (Et al.)toOlds, N. G. & Sons188286:561
Olds, Henry G.fromBowser, J. C.187772:116
Olds, Henry G.fromBoyle, Mary187873:167
Olds, Henry G.fromBrooks, Wm. H., Jr.187462:543
Olds, Henry G.fromFarnan, Owen187565:399
Olds, Henry G.toFleming, Jas. W.188287:550
Olds, Henry G.toFranke, Catharine188495:7
Olds, Henry G.toLasselle, Caroline E.187976:441
Olds, Henry G.fromLasselle, Caroline E.187976:445
Olds, Henry G.toLasselle, Carshire E.187976:440
Olds, Henry G.fromOlds, Chas. L.188597:168
Olds, Henry G.fromOlds, Jay V.187564:258
Olds, Henry G.fromOlds, N. G. J. D. & J. V.187462:123
Olds, Henry G.toOlds, Noble G.187461:620
Olds, Henry G.toOlds, Noble G.187461:621
Olds, Henry G.fromOlds, Noble G.187564:259
Olds, Henry G.toOrth, Christian188494:628
Olds, Henry G.fromPurman, A. A.187465:116
Olds, Henry G.fromPurman, A. A. (Comr.)187770:469
Olds, Henry G.toReiter, Jno. F.188393:570
Olds, Henry G.fromSheriff187463:68
Olds, Henry G.fromSheriff187463:71
Olds, Henry G.fromSheriff187463:73
Olds, Henry G.fromSheriff187875:151
Olds, Henry G.fromSheriff187875:154
Olds, Henry G.fromSheriff187875:149
Olds, Henry G.toWaltemath, C. H.188495:454
Olds, Henry G. (Trustee)fromStevens, Mary187360:13
Olds, Henry Y.fromSheriff187876:335
Olds, Hester A.toGerardot, Edward187361:439
Olds, Hester A.fromHite, Margaret187468:336
Olds, Hester A.toWeimer, Margaret J.187465:249
Olds, Hester A.toWood, Jno. A.188081:412
Olds, J. D.toLillie, Jno. Jr. (Et al.)188597:63
Olds, J. D. & A. C.fromCase, W. W.188391:394
Olds, Jay V.toOlds, Henry G.187564:258
Olds, Jay V.fromOlds, Noble G.187462:121
Olds, Jay V.toWithers, Martha A.187565:346
Olds, Jno. D.fromCartwright, Chas.188185:497
Olds, John D.fromOlds, Noble G.187462:122
Olds, John D. & Jay V.toOlds, Noble & Henry G.187462:120
Olds, L. (Et al.)toBass, Jno. H.187873:528
Olds, N. G. & SonsfromLocke, Josiah188393:395
Olds, N. G. & SonsfromOlds, H. G. (Et al.)188286:561
Olds, N. G. J. D. & J. V.toOlds, Henry G.187462:123
Olds, Noble & Henry G.fromOlds, John D. & Jay V.187462:120
Olds, Noble G.fromOlds, Henry G.187461:621
Olds, Noble G.fromOlds, Henry G.187461:620
Olds, Noble G.toOlds, Henry G.187564:259
Olds, Noble G.toOlds, Jay V.187462:121
Olds, Noble G.toOlds, John D.187462:122
Olds, S. E.fromDeWald, Geo.188291:29
Olds, S. E.fromDewald, Geo.188393:35
Olds, S. E.toHeikoski, F.188287:221
Olds, S. E.toPlet, Chas.188287:222
Olds, S. E.toStarke, Chas.188288:169
Olds, Sarah E.toHahn, Caroline188287:84
Olds, Sarah E.fromJackson, Johnson P.188080:453
Olds, Sarah E.toJohnson, Jacob & M.188393:122
Olds, Sarah E.toKlug, Gregor188184:459
Olds, Sarah E.toLoebert, C. F. & M. T.188392:140
Olds, Sarah E.toNimyz, D. & W.188392:198
Olds, Sarah E.toSchmitz, Theodore188392:433
Olds's N. G. & SonsfromLeeson, M. P.188288:226
OLeary, Catharine (Guard)toKemp, O. E.188185:296
Oleary, Jas. & C.fromSeavey, G. W.188496:377
Oliver, PaultoClark, Lewis188289:343
Oliver, PaulfromFleming, Wm.187471:292
Oliver, S. & L. H.fromPast, Geo. H.188598:89
Olmsted, A. A.toPowes, Emmet188391:104
Olmsted, A. H.fromLocke, Josiah188391:103
Olmsted, A. H.fromPrezinger, J. R.188391:103

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