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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Opdyhe, D. F. & A. M.fromMondy, Martin L.187772:539
OpdykefromDisler, Henry187565:464
Opdyke, A. A.fromOpdyke, Ellen188185:174
Opdyke, A. W.fromCrawford, John187985:173
Opdyke, D. F. & A. W.fromDisler, Mary A.187772:539
Opdyke, D. F. & A. W.fromGrash, Samuel187772:538
Opdyke, David F. & Wm. A.fromCommissioners by Partition187976:140
Opdyke, EllenfromCommissioners by Partition187976:140
Opdyke, EllentoOpdyke, A. A.188185:174
Opdyke, Henry C.toStevick, Wm. C.187372:171
Opdyke, W. A. & D. F.fromBaird, J. W. (Guard)188393:152
Opdyke, W. A. & D. F.fromBaird, J. W. (Guard)188393:151
Openshau, Geo.toLoullet, James187462:268
Openshaw, Geo.toMeyer, Amanda188393:251
Opleger, H. L. (Et al.)toGolden, Elizabeth188083:135
Opliger, DanielfromMeyers, John C.187464:62
Opliger, Geo. W.toPlank, M. M.188597:633
Opliger, Geo. W. (Guard)toRoss, Jas. P.187173:423
Opliger, H. L.fromCremer, Jno. A.188187:169
Opliger, H. L. (Et al.)toGolden, Wm.187983:455
Opliger, Harriet L.fromEdgerton, Jos K.187461:495
Opligger, Geo. W.fromRandall, A. S. (Et al.)188598:69
Oppenheimer, F.toHarmeier, E.187463:361
Oppenheimer, F.fromHarmeier, N.187463:361
Oppliger, Anna M.fromKrautzman, Henry187566:367
Oppliger, DanieltoOtting, Henry187566:365
Opplinger, A. M.toSchroder, Edward187977:45

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