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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Orbison, Alx.fromHill, E. J. (Et al.)188086:369
Orbison, HenrytoBlyler, Sarah187565:178
Orff, A. A.toOrff, E. A.188083:519
Orff, Adelia A.fromMeegan, Caroline E.187669:340
Orff, Adelia A.fromOrff, Esther A.187976:240
Orff, ChristiantoArnold, Jno. J.187876:426
Orff, ChristianfromAuditor1876A:84
Orff, ChristiantoEdsall, S. S.187463:205
Orff, christianfromHood, David B.187772:189
Orff, ChristiantoSchlatter, Sarah E.187873:460
Orff, Christian & E. A.toPierce, Geo. W.187874:145
Orff, E. A.fromAuditor188090:557
Orff, E. A.fromAuditor188390:559
Orff, E. A.fromAuditor188390:561
Orff, E. A.toDolin, Cynthia Ann187875:585
Orff, E. A.toHoffman, Wm. H.188080:271
Orff, E. A.fromOrff, A. A.188083:519
Orff, E. A.fromOrff, F. N. K.188183:518
Orff, E. A.fromSinclair, Saml. E.187463:341
Orff, Estheer A.fromFilson, Harriet A.187771:214
Orff, Esther A.fromDolin, Jno., Jr.187772:527
Orff, Esther A.fromEdsall, Simon S. (et al.)187463:340
Orff, Esther A.toFilson, Harriet A.187771:80
Orff, Esther A.fromHeller, Peter187669:41
Orff, Esther A.fromHolcomb, James E.187872:485
Orff, Esther A.fromHolcomb, James E.187872:568
Orff, Esther A.fromHolcomb, James E.187873:18
Orff, Esther A.fromKirkwood, Cynthia187669:429
Orff, Esther A.toMcIntire, Jno. H.187879:149
Orff, Esther A.fromMiller, Agnes F. F.187670:176
Orff, Esther A.toOrff, Adelia A.187976:240
Orff, Esther A.toOrff, Frank187975:240
Orff, Esther A.toOrff, Frank187976:27
Orff, Esther A.fromPurcell, Amanda L.187873:73
Orff, Esther A.fromScott, Francis M.187669:203
Orff, Esther A.toStapleford, Caroline E.187772:166
Orff, Esther A.fromSwann, Henrietta187872:518
Orff, Esther A.fromWestcott, Robert187463:504
Orff, Esther A.fromWestcott, Sarah K.187359:413
Orff, Esther A.fromWhite, James B.187872:477
Orff, F. N. K.toOrff, E. A.188183:518
Orff, FrankfromOrff, Esther A.187975:240
Orff, FrankfromOrff, Esther A.187976:27
Orff, Jno.fromDidier, Francis188289:516
Orff, Jno.fromSchirmeyer, Louis187567:50
Orff, Jno.toSchmid, Lorenz187463:379
Orff, JohntoHoffman, Martin187463:24
Orff, JohntoJohnson, Augustine187361:309
Orff, JohntoLumbard, S. C.187873:119
Orff, JohntoSchrimeyer, Louis187464:21
Orff, MarthafromBeverforden, Siefred187667:532
Orff, MarthatoBowen, Geo. W.187566:369
Orff, MarthafromLillie, John187566:368
Oriff, JohntoHaussmann, Wm.187559:472
Oriff, JohntoHenlein, Emanuel187559:388
Oriff, JohntoKlingenberger, John187559:443
Orm, Joseph H.toZies, Amanda187065:152
Ormdorf, Geo.fromGappinger, Jno.188494:542
Ormiston, AlextoPurman, Andrew187463:572
Ormiston, Alex & LewisfromRudisill, Elizabeth187566:519
Ormiston, Alex & LouisfromRudisill, Elizabeth187564:315
Ormiston, MaryfromFieler, Mary187875:333
Ormsby, John H.toBaker, Mary187549:410
Orn, Elizabeth A.toWebster, Benj. H.187667:405
Orndorf, Geo. W.toBaker, Samuel187566:477
Orndorf, Geo. W.toLemmle, Gottleib187462:602
ORourke, A. L.fromBowen, Wm.188394:1
O'Rourke, E. & A. L.fromBoulager, G.187978:481
O'Rourke, E. (comr.)toVoirol, August187770:459
ORourke, EdwardfromRohs, Henry187873:289
O'Rourke, EdwardtoGarey, Wm. Jr.187463:456
O'Rourke, Edward (comr.)toBaker, Killian & Jacob187564:250
O'Rourke, Edward (comr.)toBenoit, Julian187564:313
O'Rourke, Edward (comr.)toMcEnery, Mary187565:551
O'Rourke, Edward (comr.)toZahn, Catharine187565:568
ORourke, Edward (Coms.)toLewis, Wm.187976:480
ORourke, Edward (Et al.)toStrasser, Rupert187874:523
O'Rourke, J. C.fromBeuret, Mary187463:179
O'Rourke, John C.toSullivan, Mary187564:540
ORourke, M.fromLeeson, Mary P.187772:22
O'Rourke, MargaretfromO'Rourke, Michael187564:400
O'Rourke, MichaeltoO'Rourke, Margaret187564:400
O'Rourke, MichaelfromTower, Nancy B. (et al.)187772:22
ORourke, P. S.fromHartman, Wm.187976:498
ORourke, P. S.toKlinkel, M.187978:96
ORourke, P. S.fromMeyer, Wm.187772:405
ORourke, P. S.fromParks, Vohrey187977:459
O'Rourke, P. S.fromAbbott, R. B.187978:346
O'Rourke, P. S.fromAuer, Jacob (Guardian)187976:499
O'Rourke, P. S.toGardhefner, James187979:85
ORourke, P. S. (Et al.)fromDaub, Adam188286:223
ORourke, Patrick S.fromSimons, Oscar A.187566:490
O'Rourke, Patrick S.toCramer, Hattie187772:367
ORourke, W. S.fromClausmeier, E. F.188185:491
ORourke, Wm. S.fromBrown, R. M.188597:138
ORourke, Wm. S.toFooter, Mary E.187978:169
ORourke, Wm. S.fromFoster, Thos. J.187978:168
ORourke, Wm. S.fromGarvey, P. H.188391:495
Orr, Eleanor N.fromHackett, Geo. (Dec.)187482:112
Orr, JamesfromDavis, Samuel185588:92
Orr, James G.fromOrr, Michael187567:103
Orr, Jas. A.toOrr, Susan187874:503
Orr, Jos. H.fromCressler, A. D.188287:275
Orr, MichaeltoAmey, Anna187463:580
Orr, MichaelfromAuditor188597:287
Orr, MichaelfromCity Treasure188495:510
Orr, MichaeltoGarverick, Aaron187463:447
Orr, MichaeltoOrr, James G.187567:103
Orr, SusanfromArney, Anna187770:74
Orr, SusanfromFleming, William187872:482
Orr, SusanfromOrr, Jas. A.187874:503
Orr, WilliamfromAke, Saml.187187:460
Orr, WilliamfromAuditor188393:198
Orr, Wm.fromBayless, A. H. (Et al.)188288:322
Orr, Wm.fromDavis, Saml.187788:321
Ortleib, J. G.toBotzler, M.187463:193
Ortlieb, BarbarafromBotzler, Michael187668:65
Ortlieb, Geo.fromAuditor188183:570
Ortlieb, Geo.fromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188183:572
Ortlieb, Geo.fromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188287:327
Ortlieb, Geo.fromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188287:329
Ortlieb, GeorgefromAuditor188080:25
Ortman, G. & Chas.toBeck, Anna M.187975:528
Ortman, GessenafromKanna, Fredk.187360:433
Ortman, GessinafromSchmuckle, Frederick187565:236
Ortman,l GeissinatoBeck, Anna M.187771:247
Orvis, Chas.toBlyler, Sarah187565:176
O'Ryan, PatrickfromMeegan, Caroline E.187566:539
O'Ryan, PatrickfromMeegan, Caroline E.187566:540

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