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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Osborn, Elias B.toMessinger, Lester187261:47
Oseabaugh, Geo. I. (Et al.)toOseabaugh, Isaac187978:218
Oseabaugh, IsaacfromBlakeley, Wm. F. (Et al.)187978:218
Oseabaugh, IsaacfromOseabaugh, Geo. I. (Et al.)187978:218
Osenbach, IsaacfromSigmund, E. J.187978:217
Osenbaugh, ElizabethtoShores, John W.187775:586
O'Shaughnessey, B.toClark, Zacheus187979:382
OShaughnessey, G.toDriscoll, Edward187874:354
OShaughnessey, Jno.toFitzpatrick, Mary E.187874:273
O'Shaughnessy M.fromFitzpatrick, M.187565:245
OShaughnessy, J.fromFitzpatrick, M.187771:530
OShaughnessy, Jas.toFitzpatrick, M. E.187976:95
O'Shaughnessy, JohntoFitzpatrick, Mary187771:553
O'Shaughnessy, MaryfromDalton, Timothy187364:80
Oshaughnessy, MichaeltoDriscoll, Edward187261:181
Oshaughnessy, MichaeltoHanley, Jas. H.187668:360
O'Shaughnessy, Wm. (Et al.)fromGordon, Wm. H.187978:497
OShaughnesy, ThomastoKennerk, Margaret187873:164
Ossavoth, BarneyfromGreene, Mary M.187359:552
Ossian Building Loan & S. A.toCartwright, Jas. S.188079:567
Ossian, B. L. & S. A.fromCaston, Martin187979:439
Ossian, B. L. & S. A.fromJustus, Lewis S.187979:267
Ossian, B. L. & S. A.fromSheriff187879:265
Ossing, AlberttoMiller, Albert188599:143
Ossing, AlbertfromPeterson, R. S. (Coms.)188599:142
Osterman, J. H.fromKappel, Jno.187463:212
Ostermann, J. H.toKappel, Jno.187977:278
Ostermeir, X. F. & S. W.fromHayden, F. J.188081:282
Oswald, BarbaratoMoellering, Chas.188394:37
Oswald, JosephfromHanna, Chas.187262:446
Oswald, JosephtoKlug, Gregor187558:549
Oswalt, JosephfromRandall, P. A.188393:493
Oswalt, William A.toHolt, Andrew H.187560:212
Oswalt, Wm. A.toTrier, Henry187466:445

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