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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Pachin, FrancistoPachin, Jno. T.187668:89
Pachin, Jno. T.fromPachin, Francis187668:89
Packer, John C.fromRemmel, Augustus C. (Et al.)187874:415
Paessler, O. M.fromWass, Samuel W.187565:220
Paff, AarontoPaff, Moses187977:468
Paff, AaronfromPaff, Moses187977:469
Paff, Geo. W.toSander, Jacob188183:115
Paff, Geroge W.fromBair, Adam187466:510
Paff, MosesfromPaff, Aaron187977:468
Paff, MosestoPaff, Aaron187977:469
Page, C. E.fromMeegan, Caroline E.187669:170
Page, C. E. & Wm. L.toLasselle, C. E.187978:117
Page, W. D. (Et al.)fromBittinger, G. L. & A. M.187883:361
Page, William D. (et al.)fromCramer, Hattie187772:453
Page, Wm.fromDieistein, Anton187677:575
Page, Wm.fromMills, Samuel187668:222
Pageler, FredfromMcDonald, R. T.188079:452
Pageler, FrederickfromLahmeyer, Henry187770:513
Pageler, FriedrickfromKannaman, C.188183:405
Paige, E. G.toDiffendarfer, Henry C.187978:170
Paige, Elbridges G.toRoss, John B.187462:546
Pailloz, CatharinefromCommissioner in Partition187696:493
Pailloz, CatherinefromCommissioner in Partition187696:494
Paine, J. D.fromBogert, J. F.188082:182
Paine, J. D.fromCraw, Maria R.187874:482
Paine, James D.toGeismur, A. & E. L.188080:167
Paine, James D.toNoel, Philip187667:519
Paine, James D.fromRandall, P. A.188182:560
Paine, James D.fromSheriff187772:267
Paine, James D.fromSheriff187873:50
Paine, James D.fromSheriff187875:209
Paine, Jas. D.toHart, Jonathan188082:191
Paine, Jas. D.toJones, Jasper W.188082:190
Paine, Jas. D.toMcGuire, Thos.188082:40
Paine, Jas. D.fromSheriff187667:534
Paine, Jas. D.fromSheriff187978:364
Paine, Jas. D.fromSheriff187983:329
Paine, Jas. D.fromSheriff187983:332
Paine, Jas. D.fromSheriff188080:580
Paine, L. C.fromAuditor188392:478
Paine, L. C.fromCity Clerk188598:261
Paine, L. C.fromCollins, Chas. 188080:339
Paine, L. C.fromCongdon, Joanna188495:295
Paine, L. C.toFremion, Jos.187977:313
Paine, L. C.fromHood, Wm. E.187772:224
Paine, L. C.toKoehler, Jno.188082:425
Paine, L. C.toNeeb, Anna & Louisa187872:480
Paine, L. C.fromSheriff187978:359
Paine, L. C.fromSheriff187978:361
Paine, L. C.fromSheriff188080:584
Paine, L. C. (Trustee)fromSheriff188080:578
Paine, Lemuel C.fromFay, Jos. A.187668:228
Paine, Lemuel C.fromFay, Jos. A.187668:381
Paine, Lemuel C.toFay, Julia P.187668:295
Paine, Lemuel C.fromPurman, Elizabeth E.187771:443
Paine, Lemuel C.fromSheriff187873:48
Paine, Lemuel C.fromSheriff187875:11
Paine, Lemuel C.fromSheriff187875:14
Paine, Lemuel C.fromSheriff187875:16
Paine, Lemuel C.fromSheriff187875:5
Paine, Lemuel C.fromSheriff187875:9
Painter, Nancy (Et al.)toBeghtle, Lydia187881:467
Painter, Nancy (Et al.)toDouglas, A. & G.187875:112
Palmer, AlbertfromEickhoff, Catharine188392:465
Palmer, IrenatoPalmer, Nathan185566:320
Palmer, JohntoHayden, Eliza H.187772:373
Palmer, L. C.fromBracy, D. W.188289:553
Palmer, NathanfromPalmer, Irena185566:320
Palvermiller, HenriettafromArmack, Dorothy187874:515
Pample, E. W.toSnyder, John187669:172
Pancake & CrabillfromAnthony, Abraham187359:131
Pancake, Geo.toBaker, S. F.187771:306
Pancake, Geo.toKrick, E.188081:358
Pancake, Geo.fromRandall, P. A.188081:360
Pancake, GeorgefromCrabill, David H.187464:494
Pancake, GeorgetoCrabill, David H.187464:499
Pancake, GeorgefromCrabill, David H.187977:25
Panie, L. C.fromLangohr, J. W.188082:179
Pantices, AbrahamfromChilcote, N.188183:499
Pantius, AbrahamfromChilcote, N.188183:499
Papa, Chas.toLahman, Geo.187360:600
Papa, Wm.toFrance, Elizabeth187976:524
Papa, Wm.fromFrance, Elizabeth187977:259
Papa, Wm.toMcDonald, P. (Et al.)187977:358
Pape, CarolinefromGarman, Adam W.187772:536
Pape, CharlesfromClark, Mary E.187770:227
Pape, CharlestoDawson, Emma R.187872:536
Pape, CharlesfromGarman, Adam D.187771:264
Pape, CharlestoGarman, Sophia187771:265
Pape, CharlestoGarmer, Sophia187771:63
Pape, CharlesfromMiller, Fredk. W.187565:358
Pape, Chas.toLaumann, Herman187772:207
Pape, Chas.toMiller, Wm.187360:417
Pape, Chas.toPeters Box & Lumber Co.188081:339
Pape, WilliamfromCity Treasurer187570:342
Pape, WilliamfromCoffelt, George187772:265
Pape, WilliamtoMcNulty, John188080:134
Pape, Wm.fromBoyle, Mary187978:449
Pape, Wm.fromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188287:123
Pape, Wm.fromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188287:125
Pape, Wm.fromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188287:128
Pape, Wm.fromHarber, Valentine188183:161
Parent, Elida J.fromCommissioners by Partition187977:241
Parent, Elizabeth A.fromCommissioners by Partition187977:241
Parent, H. J.toBeach, H. L.188079:188
Parent, H. J.toHayes, W. I.187677:134
Parent, Hiram J.toReichelderfer, John D.187359:555
Parent, Jno.fromCommissioners by Partition187977:241
Parent, JohnfromCoomer, Lafayette187463:466
Parent, JohnfromCope, Adam187260:463
Parent, John (Guard)toEby, Daniel187873:465
Parent, John (Guard)toKline, Jno.187873:465
Parent, MatildafromCommissioners by Partition187977:241
Pariot, PetertoWagner, Phillipine187359:567
Parker, A. (Et al.)toParker, Jas. D.187978:67
Parker, A. J.toWagner, Martin187361:410
Parker, AbrahamfromMadden, Catherine (Et al.)187978:68
Parker, AbrahamfromParker, J. D. (Et al.)187978:68
Parker, Abraham (Et al.)toParker, Catherine187979:417
Parker, Abraham (Et al.)toParker, Wm.187978:69
Parker, AllentoSmith, Jonas187669:2
Parker, C. (guard)fromMaden, Mary Ann187567:389
Parker, CatherinefromParker, Abraham (Et al.)187979:417
Parker, ChristianfromAlbright, Belle187669:378
Parker, ChristianfromKlinger, Andrew J.187670:75
Parker, ChristianfromKlinger, Geo. W.187169:377
Parker, ChristianfromKlinger, Oliver P.186770:76
Parker, ChristiantoLomas, Elizabeth187669:464
Parker, ChristianfromLomas, Elizabeth187669:473
Parker, ChristiantoMaden, Mary A.186565:373
Parker, ChristianfromSheriff187874:394
Parker, DanfordfromPurman, E. E. & A. A.187978:509
Parker, Daniel E.toParker, Margaret187876:281
Parker, Daniel E.fromParker, Nathaniel187876:280
Parker, E. H. & L.fromGaus, Jno. c.188288:107
Parker, EllifromFoneka, Chas. S.187873:352
Parker, George W.toSmith, Jonas187359:373
Parker, H. C.fromGreene, M. M.187463:296
Parker, H. C.fromMiller, Wm. H.187463:408
Parker, J. D.fromMadden, Catherine (Et al.)187978:67
Parker, J. D.fromParker, Jno.188182:366
Parker, J. D. (Et al.)toParker, Abraham187978:68
Parker, Jas. D.fromParker, A. (Et al.)187978:67
Parker, Jno.toParker, J. D.188182:366
Parker, John R.toHite, Henry187672:513
Parker, John R.fromLong, Tobias A.187770:415
Parker, John R.fromLuckey, Geo. W.187565:615
Parker, John R.toWilliams, Clark187259:561
Parker, L. J.toVolkert, Saml.187673:260
Parker, L. J. (Et al.)toWarmer, Geo. W.188082:439
Parker, MargaretfromGolden, L. A.188597:558
Parker, MargaretfromGolden, L. A. (Adm.)188598:192
Parker, MargaretfromParker, Daniel E.187876:281
Parker, NathanielfromBaker, Francis M.187467:203
Parker, NathanieltoDush, J. B.187568:145
Parker, NathanielfromHart, Jonathan187349:427
Parker, NathanieltoParker, Daniel E.187876:280
Parker, NathanieltoSorg, Joseph L.187361:117
Parker, NelsontoSmith, Finley187360:242
Parker, NelsontoSmith, Tinley187360:367
Parker, WilliamfromMadden, Catherine (Et al.)187978:69
Parker, Wm.fromParker, Abraham (Et al.)187978:69
Parkison, Johnston S.toFuller, Amos M.187668:371
Parkison, Johnston S.fromHess, Elisha O.187567:349
Parkison, W. J.fromBeckman, Jno. C.188494:317
Parks, Jos.toAckley, Ezra187877:2
Parks, JosephfromMaxwell, Geo. W.187566:105
Parks, JosephtoRearick, Paulina187463:580
Parks, Mary J.toMcClure, Sarah A.187977:237
Parks, VohreytoORourke, P. S.187977:459
Parks, VolneytoAdkins, A. W.187978:219
Parks, VolneyfromAdkins, A. W.187984:219
Parks, VolneytoBass, John H.187359:587
Parks, VolneytoBeaver, A. C.187772:297
Parks, VolneyfromBeaver, A. C.187979:176
Parks, VolneyfromBeaver, Augustus C.187366:401
Parks, VolneytoBeaver, Mary E.187982:241
Parks, VolneyfromBeavers, A. C.187464:469
Parks, VolneytoBoyle, R. D.188081:548
Parks, VolneyfromCommissioners by Partition188081:100
Parks, VolneytoEsmond, George187669:259
Parks, VolneytoHogarth, Dessie A.187771:557
Parks, VolneyfromMiller, Isael187566:427
Parks, VolneytoMiller, Israel187566:430
Parks, VolneytoMiller, Isreal187668:300
Parks, VolneyfromMiller, Mathias187461:435
Parks, VolneytoMiller, Mathias187462:324
Parks, VolneytoPatton, W. S.188081:542
Parks, VolneytoRabel, Catharine187667:390
Parks, VolneytoSchoonover, Wm.187360:455
Parks, VolneyfromSheriff187979:384
Parks, VolneytoSnyder, Valentine188079:168
Parks, VolneytoWelch, P. T. & H. M.188079:88
Parma, EugenefromDelagrange, Justin188496:309
Parnet, HiramtoBusse, Chas.187461:245
Parnin, AugustfromParnin, Gabriel187667:360
Parnin, AugustfromSheriff188081:479
Parnin, AugustefromEme, Josephine187566:373
Parnin, AugustetoHoneck, Henry185566:374
Parnin, AugustefromParnin, Louis187566:37
Parnin, FrancisfromWoy, George187667:206
Parnin, GabrieltoParnin, August187667:360
Parnin, LouistoParnin, Auguste187566:37
Parrant, F. E.fromAllen Co. Cir. Court188494:426
Parrant, F. E.fromCir Court (Allen Co.)188494:426
Parrant, H. E.fromFletcher, C. F. (Heirs)188494:426
Parrot, P. F.toLaurent, Jno.187877:171
Parrot, PeterfromWagner, Rupert187669:33
Parrot, Peter F.toEme, Claude F.187873:137
Parrot, Peter F.fromLaurent, John187359:351
Pars, Jos.fromGriffin, Martin188393:132
Partner, HenrytoTrustee Wayne Tp.187874:130
Partner, LevifromAuditor1881A:176
Pasnior, EugenefromBowser, Francis188597:331
Passino, Jos.fromWilliams, M. H.187977:480
Passino, PeterfromMcNally, John187266:108
Paterson, Wm.toKline, Wm. E.187977:305
Patrick, Jno. W.toTimmons, J. B.187668:449
Pattee, ElizabethfromRuppert, Elias187565:579
Pattee, MaryfromCosgrove, F. K.188599:151
Pattee, T. D.fromDresback, Levi188393:158
Pattel, E. J.toRuppert, Elias187670:146
Patten, BridgetfromDwenger, Joseph187565:162
Patten, BridgetfromHagan, Jno.188184:232
Patten, TheodorefromOber, Geo. W.187558:487
Patten, W. S.fromHays, R. M.188183:360
Patter, Theodore A.fromMarquit, Alfred187980:137
Patterson, AlmirafromDerr, Rebecca188289:318
Patterson, S. L.toMcDonald, Jno.188081:165
Patterson, Stephen L.fromPursell, Amanda L.187565:159
Patterson, Thos. R.fromBates, Jno. F. (Et al.)188182:509
Patterson, Thos. R.fromMadden, M. (Et al.)188182:509
Patterson, Wm.toTaylor, A. J.187373:439
Patterson, Wm.toTaylor, A. J.187373:447
Patterson, Wm.fromTaylor, Andrew J.187373:446
Patton, Bridget & Chas.toPepe, Francis185566:394
Patton, W. S.fromParks, Volney188081:542
Patton, Wm. S.fromBrackenridge, G. W.188082:149
Patty, TheodoretoChorpenning, James187361:347
Paul, CarolinefromPeters, John C.187565:538
Paul, Ferdinand (et al.)toHarris, John187566:225
Paul, H. C.toAldrich, C. H.187977:345
Paul, H. C.fromAllen, C. W.187978:200
Paul, H. C.fromBegue, Maria188496:385
Paul, H. C.fromBohn. Wm. A.188495:609
Paul, H. C.fromBranstator, Wm.188080:547
Paul, H. C.fromBraunan, Julia187771:409
Paul, H. C.fromGross, C. C. (Et al.)188184:391
Paul, H. C.fromGross, W. F.188391:83
Paul, H. C.fromHamilton Nat. Bank188082:181
Paul, H. C.fromHamilton Nat. Bank188182:492
Paul, H. C.toHattersley, Alfred187978:466
Paul, H. C.toHoffmann, D.187978:467
Paul, H. C.toHorstmann, W. & A.188183:474
Paul, H. C.toLeeuw, E. V. D.188082:148
Paul, H. C.toMetker, Mary188082:194
Paul, H. C.fromRekeway, D.187667:375
Paul, H. C.toRekeway, D.187667:376
Paul, H. C.fromUpmeyer, F.187566:38
Paul, H. C. (Et al.)fromAldrich, C. H. (Et al.)188398:183
Paul, H. C. (Et al.)fromBarrett, Jas. K. (Et al.)188398:183
Paul, H. C. (Et al.)toKoehler, John188082:223
Paul, H. C. (Et al.)toSchack, Lena188183:486
Paul, H. C. (Et ux.)fromAnderson, Rebecca188495:594
Paul, HenryfromMcNamara, W.187565:620
Paul, HenrytoMcNamara, Washington187565:622
Paul, HenryfromPeters, John C.187464:301
Paul, HenryfromRoesner, Christian187564:302
Paul, HenrytoRoesner, Christian187564:303
Paul, Henry C.toAdrich, Chas. H.188080:184
Paul, Henry C.fromAldrich, Chas. H.187979:89
Paul, Henry C.fromBeck, Francis J.187463:16
Paul, Henry C.toCartwright, John M.187566:282
Paul, Henry C.toCordery, Thos. P.187567:421
Paul, Henry C.toCrau, Maria187668:527
Paul, Henry C.fromCraw, Maria R.187668:495
Paul, Henry C.fromMollering, Wm.187566:300
Paul, Henry C.fromMollering, Wm.187771:124
Paul, Henry C.toMollering, Wm.187771:125
Paul, Henry C.toSallier, Francis187564:306
Paul, Henry C.fromSheriff188079:501
Paul, Henry C.fromTower, Hattie B.188082:186
Paul, Henry C.toUpmeyer, F.187567:47
Paul, Henry C.fromVonderan, Jacob187976:307
Paul, Henry C.toVonderaw, Peter187976:279
Paul, Henry C.fromWhite, James B.187463:17
Paul, Wm.fromSheriff187462:190
Paulen, MathiasfromViberg, Conrad H.187360:219
Paulins, RachelfromDever, Jno.186793:364
Paulus & KaoughfromSheriff187976:246
Paulus, F. D.fromBowser, Isaiah188184:16
Paulus, F. D.toBowser, Isiah188183:513
Paulus, F. D.fromMcCracken, J. K.188081:375
Paulus, F. D. (Et al.)fromBond, J. D.188393:153
Paulus, Frank D. (Et al.)toRichardson, T. B. & Samantha187976:450
Paune, H. C. L.fromLandre, M. S. D.187778:224
Payne, ElizabethfromPayne, John H.187464:192
Payne, John H.toPayne, Elizabeth187464:192
Payne, O. H. (et al.)toCody, John H.187462:621
Payne, Sallie E.fromPayne, W. B.188080:600
Payne, W. B.toJones, L. M.187670:105
Payne, W. B.toPayne, Sallie E.188080:600
Payne, Wilson B.fromMeegan, C. E.187772:59
Payne, Wilson B.fromMeegan, Caroline E.187668:488

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