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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Peabody, Jas. B. (Et al.)toRassatt, S. A.188182:280
Peabody, M. & P.toZuber, Frederick188082:330
Peabody, S. J.toHafner, Wilhelmena187669:95
Peabody, S. J.toShaff, Francis M.187875:139
Peabody, S. J. (Et al.)toShaff, C. W.188082:102
Peabody, Simon J.toCohnan, Mary187576:258
Peake, RudolphfromLumbard, S. C. (Et al.)188496:529
Pealer, W. F.fromHayes, H. F.188495:339
Pearse, A. V.fromBowser, Jacob C.187669:232
Pearse, A. V.toPearse, F. M.187784:291
Pearse, F. M.fromBowen, William188289:268
Pearse, F. M.fromPearse, A. V.187784:291
Pearse, Jas. W.fromCrabbs, Elizabeth188494:147
Pearse, Jas. W.toFrancis, S. A. & A.188495:314
Pearse, Jas. W.fromLewis, Jos. D.188495:161
Pearson, A. P.fromPearson, J. S.188494:131
Pearson, A. P.toPearson, J. S.188494:132
Pearson, AbbertfromEdgerton, Jos. K.187679:223
Pearson, AlberttoPearson, Jas. S.188081:197
Pearson, C. H.fromBoehm, C. F.188289:566
Pearson, C. H.fromBoehm, C. F.188290:61
Pearson, C. H.fromBond, S. B.188081:37
Pearson, C. H.fromSheriff188390:311
Pearson, C. H.toWeisenberger, Geo.188289:523
Pearson, Chas. H.fromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188392:546
Pearson, Chas. H.toKleine, Wilhelmena187771:221
Pearson, Chas. H.toKleine, Wilhelmenia188079:105
Pearson, Chas. H.toPearson, N. B.188598:485
Pearson, Chas. H.toRondot, C. & J.188495:132
Pearson, Chas. H.toSmaltz, F. M. & John187975:589
Pearson, Chas. H.toSmith, M. I. E.188598:484
Pearson, E. A.fromFrisby, D. M.187077:71
Pearson, E. A.toSmith, Jacob187776:56
Pearson, J. L.fromFoote, J. G.188187:491
Pearson, J. S.fromPearson, A. P.188494:132
Pearson, J. S.toPearson, A. P.188494:131
Pearson, J. S. & A. P.fromPearson, Phylena188494:137
Pearson, J. S. (Et al.)toPearson, Phylena188494:133
Pearson, JamesfromLangham, Jepe187464:277
Pearson, James S.toBurier, Adam Sr.187876:118
Pearson, Jas. S.fromPearson, Albert188081:197
Pearson, Jas. S.toWalker, C. W. & E.188494:625
Pearson, Jas. S.toYerks, Franklin188390:592
Pearson, N. B.fromPearson, Chas. H.188598:485
Pearson, P. (Et al.)toUmstead, A. B. (Et al.)188290:310
Pearson, PeterfromBird, Ochmig185469:173
Pearson, PhylenatoPearson, J. S. & A. P.188494:137
Pearson, PhylenafromPearson, J. S. (Et al.)188494:133
Pearson, SampsontoCordevy, Peter187669:430
Pearson, SampsontoRubey, Thos. D.187669:108
Pearson, Thos.fromFilley, Benj.188081:324
Pease, AdamtoGallmeyer, D.187375:573
Peck, A. R.fromBiddle, H. S.188291:589
Peck, A. R.toGragg, Robt. H.188494:559
Peck, HeinrichfromRodenbeck, Wm.187566:121c
Peckham & SmithtoHough, John187567:206
Peckham, A.fromRice, Wm. P.187977:197
Peckham, A.fromRice, Wm. P.187977:198
Peckham, C. T.fromSteele, William188392:591
Peckham, Chas.fromEakin, Ella188496:427
Peckham, Cora A.fromPeckham, Rebecca188496:130
Peckham, JosephtoRice, Wm. P.187468:75
Peckham, PeterfromEagy, Geo.188187:178
Peckham, PetertoEagy, George187676:536
Peckham, RebeccafromEagy, George187676:537
Peckham, RebeccatoPeckham, Cora A.188496:130
Peckham, W. T.toShaffer, L. E.188289:207
Peckham, W. T. & C. A.fromNickell, J. F.188186:64
Peckham, Wm.fromClark, James187873:579
Peckham, Wm.fromPurdy, Sarah A.187566:157
Peckham, Wm. S.toBaker, Killian187567:51
Pefferman, Susan C.toTaber, Stephen C.187771:69
Pefferman, Susan C.fromWilson, Wm. T. (Coms)187771:65
Peltier, CatharinetoBell, C. A.188288:227
Peltier, CatharinefromBloomhuff, C. E.188188:562
Peltier, CatherinefromEdsall, Simon188185:244
Peltier, CatherinefromEdsall, Simon188288:144
Peltier, MarytoWilliams, Mary H.188495:394
Peltier, Mary & LouisfromBensit, Julian188081:494
Pelties, CatharinetoWhite, Jas. B.188290:143
Pelton, Ebenezer H.toMyers, Nelson187463:546
Pelton, Ebenezer H.fromPelton, Josiah P.187463:545
Pelton, Ebenezer H.toStephens, Thos M.187669:150
Pelton, Josiah P.toPelton, Ebenezer H.187463:545
Pence, Wm. H.fromFisher, Wm. B.187668:308
Pence, Wm. H.toNickell, Jno. F.187668:309
Pendleton, E. H.toGaylord, Thos. G.188293:507
Penfiel, Wm. L.fromMyers, Jno. W.188496:604
Penfield, W. L.fromMyers, Jno. W.188496:169
Penfield, Wm. L. (Et al.)toSower, David188496:605
Penke, RudolphfromBond, Chas. E. (Et al.)188496:529
Pens, ConradfromBurns, Wm. E.187566:279
Pens, ConradfromColerick, Thos. W. Comr.187671:98
Pens, E. C.toMunson, C. A.187976:328
Pens, Ernest ConradfromMunson, Chas. A.187976:244
Pens, Ernest ConrdfromSeavey, Gideon W.187875:83
Pens, Ernst ConradtoMunson, Chas. A.187976:245
Pens, MargaretfromJantz, Charles187359:372
Pens, Maria E.toSeavy, Gideon W.187875:133
Penwell, Geo. R.toPenwell, Wm. R.187770:304
Penwell, Wm. R.fromPenwell, Geo. R.187770:304
Peoples, Alexander J.toFuchshuber, J. F.187772:402
Peoppel, John (Will & Testment of Decd.)to187363:226
Pepe, A. (Et al.)toPepe, Albert188496:149
Pepe, AlbertfromGriffith, E. (Et al.)188496:149
Pepe, AlbertfromGriffith, Jno.188496:190
Pepe, AlbertfromOddon, A. M. (Et al.)188496:149
Pepe, AlbertfromPepe, A. (Et al.)188496:149
Pepe, AlbertfromPepe, Alphonse188599:42
Pepe, Albert & AlfredfromPepe, Francis188288:499
Pepe, AlphonsetoPepe, Albert188599:42
Pepe, Alphonse (Et Al.)fromPepe, Francis188288:500
Pepe, Alphonse (Et ux.)toHursh, Newton188391:410
Pepe, AugusttoDoucot & Favier187565:548
Pepe, AugustfromPepe, Mark187461:345
Pepe, E. & P.fromPepe, Francis188288:501
Pepe, EdwardtoDuodick, Aug.188286:367
Pepe, EdwardtoHuguenard, V. A.188597:346
Pepe, EdwardtoPepe, Paul187772:311
Pepe, EdwardfromPepe, Paul188286:226
Pepe, FrancesfromBird, Elmyra188079:134
Pepe, FrancisfromBowser, Samuel188182:189
Pepe, FrancistoDicke, F.188288:342
Pepe, FrancistoIsrael, Henry187873:408
Pepe, FrancisfromJahn, Edward187872:471
Pepe, FrancistoJahn, Edward187872:471
Pepe, FrancistoOddon, A. M.188288:498
Pepe, FrancisfromPatton, Bridget & Chas.185566:394
Pepe, FrancistoPepe, Albert & Alfred188288:499
Pepe, FrancistoPepe, Alphonse (Et Al.)188288:500
Pepe, FrancistoPepe, E. & P.188288:501
Pepe, FrancistoRoy, Louis187771:425
Pepe, FrancisfromRoy, Louis187975:392
Pepe, FrancistoSordelet, Antoine187770:226
Pepe, FrancistoSordelet, Antoine187975:514
Pepe, FrancisfromWill, B. E.187976:514
Pepe, JulestoPepe, Victor187462:478
Pepe, JulesfromPepe, Victor187462:477
Pepe, LouisfromNonnan, Josephine187875:114
Pepe, LouisfromNoonan, Josephine187464:133
Pepe, LouisfromParks, Volney188183:549
Pepe, LouisfromPepe, Victor187566:76
Pepe, LouisfromUrbine, J. D. (Et al.)187979:16
Pepe, Louis & J. D. UrbinfromDelagrange, C. (Et al.)187979:15
Pepe, Louis & J. D. UrbinfromJuif, Paul (Et al.)187979:15
Pepe, Louis & J. D. UrbinfromJuif, Victor (Et al.)187979:16
Pepe, Louis & J. D. UrbinfromRoy, Florentine (Et al.)187979:15
Pepe, M. M.fromOrndorf, Geo.188599:93
Pepe, MarktoBoitet, Sarah187461:428
Pepe, MarktoPepe, August187461:345
Pepe, MelissafromHursh, Newton188391:456
Pepe, Melissa (Et al.)fromMonroe, Phoebe188391:409
Pepe, PaultoDondeck, August187873:243
Pepe, PaultoDunn, Elizabeth187976:150
Pepe, PaulfromDunn, Elizabeth188080:62
Pepe, PaultoDuodick, Aug188186:366
Pepe, PaulfromDuodick, Augusr187975:532
Pepe, PaultoDuodick, August188080:451
Pepe, PaulfromPepe, Edward187772:311
Pepe, PaultoPepe, Edward188286:226
Pepe, VictorfromHumbert, Alex (et al.)187667:524
Pepe, VictortoPepe, Jules187462:477
Pepe, VictorfromPepe, Jules187462:478
Pepe, VictortoPepe, Louis187566:76
Pepe, VictorfromUrbine, Francis187566:79
Pepe, VictortoUrbine, Joseph187667:397
Pepp, LouisfromEvans, S. Cary187359:448
Pepple, JamestoLose, C. J.188289:334
Pepple, JamesfromPepple, Wm. R.187989:333
Pepple, Wm. R.toPepple, James187989:333
Pepple, Wm. R.fromStoghs, S. W.187789:333
Pequegnot, C. F.toCour, Eugene188183:527
Pequenot, JosephfromHough, John187471:49
Pequignot, A. C.toPequignot, C. C.188598:245
Pequignot, A. C.fromPequignot, C. C.188598:246
Pequignot, C. C.toPequignot, A. C.188598:246
Pequignot, C. C.fromPequignot, A. C.188598:245
Pequignot, C. F.toCour, Frank188187:467
Pequignot, C. F.toGetty, G. & A.188187:477
Pequignot, C. J.fromRoss, Jas. P. (Guard)187169:378
Pequignot, Chas. C. & A. C.fromPequignot, Claude J.187359:310
Pequignot, Claude J.toBothe, Henry187462:459
Pequignot, Claude J.fromJuif, Francis187462:498
Pequignot, Claude J.toPequignot, Chas. C. & A. C.187359:310
Pequignot, Claude J.toPequignot, Franklin187565:154
Pequignot, FranklinfromPequignot, Claude J.187565:154
Pequignot, Jos. (Et al.)toAnderson, Peter187978:90
Pequignot, Jos. (Et al.)fromSarazin, Augustus187998:30
Perignet, FelixfromOudot, J. F.187781:582
Periquey, FelixfromMollering, Wm.187667:526
Periquey, PetertoWoebbeking, Conrad188494:466
Perkens, M. A. (Et al.)toCamaham, W. L. (Et al.)188289:558
Perkins, B. (Et al.)toBoulton, Henry187988:181
Perkins, D. (Et al.)toBeninghoff, Benj.188289:106
Perkins, Geo W.toPerkins, John187462:94
Perkins, Geo. W.fromForney, Jeremiah187668:424
Perkins, Geo. W.fromPerkins, Wm. (et al.)187358:510
Perkins, James A.toForsyth, Sarah A.188494:540
Perkins, Jas. A.fromClawson, M. A.188393:514
Perkins, JohnfromBell, Robt. C. Comr.187464:445
Perkins, JohntoKees, Wm.187465:111
Perkins, JohnfromPerkins, Geo W.187462:94
Perkins, JohntoPrice, Moses B.187873:177
Perkins, JohntoThomas, Isum187367:91
Perkins, JohntoThomas, Melissa J.187267:90
Perkins, John Jr.fromThomas, Melissa J.187260:555
Perkins, L. (Et al.)toWrenn, Jno.188290:43
Perkins, L. B.fromPeterson, E. E.188494:360
Perkins, LafayettefromCoppin, Sarah M.188286:554
Perkins, LewisfromZeimer, Geo.188081:410
Perkins, LewistoZeimmer, Geo.187977:258
Perkins, LewisfromZeimmer, George187874:306
Perkins, Lewis (Et al.)toBoger, D. D.187977:155
Perkins, Lewis (Et al.)toRenn, John188292:243
Perkins, Mary M.fromZeimmer, George187874:307
Perkins, RuthfromCummins, C. E.188599:173
Perkins, Sarah A.fromFomey, Jos.188088:533
Perkins, Sarah A.fromWillbur, Geo. W. (Adm.)188079:76
Perkins, Sarah AnnfromCommissioners by Partition187977:246
Perkins, Thomas B.fromTrier, Henry187566:377
Perkins, Thos. B.toTagmier, David187668:128
Perkins, Wm. (et al.)toPerkins, Geo. W.187358:510
Perney, Jos. toLong, H. F.188184:506
Perney, JosephfromMetty, Frederick187669:381
Pernoel, AlaxandertoChampion, Chas.187359:321
Pernot, ConstantfromNoel, Henry187566:276
Pernot, Constant (Adm.)toCayot, M. C.188496:64
Perrey, E. R.fromFair, D. W.188290:209
Perrignay, PetertoPiepenbrink, Christian187360:497
Perrignay, PeterfromPiepenbrink, Christian187772:269
Perrigney, PetertoPiepenbrink, Christian187567:148
Perrigney, PetertoWoebbeking, Conrad187669:127
Perriguary, PetertoSchele, Conrad187976:378
Perriguay, PetertoHartmann, Anna188081:280
Perrin, A. C.toMorris, J. & T. J.188286:420
Perrin, EllafromBayless, W. C.188185:1
Perry TownshipfromBowser, George187980:86
Perry, E. J.fromMorris, L. W.188287:313
Perry, E. J. (Et al.)toAber, D. J. & S.188289:215
Perry, E. R. (Et al.)toRundles, Jno. J.188291:355
Perry, FrenchfromSimon, Charles187770:554
Perry, IsaactoYoquelet, Alfred188184:194
Perry, J. F.fromPerry, Mary (Dec.)187698:202
Perry, J. F. (Et al.)toRundles, Jno. J.188081:452
Perry, J. T.fromFairfield, C. K.188392:374
Perry, MaryfromBecker, John J.187461:337
Perry, Mary (Dec.)toPerry, J. F.187698:202
Perry, Mary (Dec.)toWhan, I. J. (Et al.)187698:202
Peteers, John C.toPeters Box & Lumber Co.187362:244
Peteerson, Robt. S.fromWorden, J. B. & Seymour18769:232
Petegniey, PeterfromRepe, Mary & Petegniey, T187463:582
Peter, ElizabethfromJones, L. M.188289:343
Peter, ElizabethfromSchmitz, Christian187668:460
Peter, Fred RudolphfromMeyer, John F. W.188080:64
Peter, JacobfromRosenthal, J. M.187668:461
Peter, JacobtoSchmitz, Christian187668:459
Peters Box & Lumber Co.fromBleekman, E. S.187976:482
Peters Box & Lumber Co.toDawson, Emma R.187874:119
Peters Box & Lumber Co.fromDever, Jno.188292:151
Peters Box & Lumber Co.fromGroezinger, Christian188185:531
Peters Box & Lumber Co.fromHeldt, Jno. M.188182:550
Peters Box & Lumber Co.fromKeen, J. M.188287:317
Peters Box & Lumber Co.fromKensill, Louisa188598:533
Peters Box & Lumber Co.toMartin, M. E. E.188183:227
Peters Box & Lumber Co.fromMartin, M. E. E.188286:465
Peters Box & Lumber Co.fromMcCulloch, Hugh187977:141
Peters Box & Lumber Co.fromMcKinzie, Wm.188184:116
Peters Box & Lumber Co.fromPape, Chas.188081:339
Peters Box & Lumber Co.fromPeteers, John C.187362:244
Peters Box & Lumber Co.fromPfeiffer, C. F.188599:36
Peters Box & Lumber Co.fromRockhill, H. C.187771:1
Peters Box & Lumber Co.fromRockhill, H. C.187873:211
Peters Box & Lumber Co.fromRockhill, H. M.187873:211
Peters Box & Lumber Co.fromRockhill, Hugh M.187771:1
Peters Box & Lumber Co.fromRockhill, J. B.187771:1
Peters Box & Lumber Co.fromRockhill, J. B.187873:211
Peters Box & Lumber Co.fromStaley, Mary A.188084:242
Peters Box and Lumber Co.toEckels, W. J.188288:505
Peters Box and Lumber Co.toFleming Mfg. Co.188390:389
Peters Box and Lumber Co.toKirn, Jno. M.188185:532
Peters Box and Lumber Co.toKloppenstine, Jacob188495:256
Peters Box and Lumber Co.toRosslot, Catharina188185:540
Peters, BenedicttoSchuck, Many187669:383
Peters, E. R. & E. H.toBeerbaurn, Fred188081:300
Peters, E. R. & E. H.fromYoung, Stephen188081:303
Peters, ElizabethfromSchuck, Mary187669:
Peters, EphriamfromWilliamson, Alex187367:523
Peters, F. H.fromSeiferd, G. H.188495:312
Peters, J. C.fromAuditor188290:110
Peters, J. C.toConrad, E. B.187770:507
Peters, J. C.fromRekers, C. A.188083:355
Peters, J. C. & M.fromDonley, S. A.188495:224
Peters, J. C. & M.fromMygrant, Isaac188390:575
Peters, JacobfromArcher, John H.187364:316
Peters, JacobtoRudisill, Henry J.187567:63
Peters, Jno. C.toBackofen, Julius188598:161
Peters, Jno. C.fromFahlsing, Conrad188391:369
Peters, Jno. C.fromFry, Jacob (Et al.)188289:503
Peters, Jno. C.fromHatmeyer, E. C.188496:8
Peters, Jno. C.toHorton, Theo.188496:22
Peters, Jno. C.fromRumsey, Philo.188079:366
Peters, Jno. C. toStein, R. J.188598:257
Peters, Jno. C. & M.fromRumsey, Philo188393:468
Peters, JohnfromStarr, Gilbert187265:58
Peters, John C.toBrackenridge, Geo. W.187564:340
Peters, John C.toBurhann, Edward A.187670:463
Peters, John C.toCartwright, John M.187566:439
Peters, John C.fromFry, Jacob187464:212
Peters, John C.toFry, Jacob187464:198
Peters, John C.toFt.W. Jackson & S. R. R. Co.187464:364
Peters, John C.toGoeglein, John & Co.187464:139
Peters, John C.fromGoeglein, John & Co.187464:142
Peters, John C.toMeyer, Wm.187573:218
Peters, John C.fromNelson, Wm. R.187464:211
Peters, John C.toNelson, Wm. R.187465:517
Peters, John C.toNelson, Wm. R.187565:518
Peters, John C.fromNelson, Wm. R.187564:310
Peters, John C.toPaul, Caroline187565:538
Peters, John C.toPaul, Henry187464:301
Peters, John C.fromRockhill, Wm. W.187463:603
Peters, John C.fromRockhill, Wm. W.187463:603
Peters, John C.fromSheriff188082:130
Peters, John C.toVollride, Christian187772:426
Peters, John C.toVollrider, Christian187567:39
Peters, John C.toVouderan, Jacob187771:505
Peters, John G.toEmmerick, Charles G.187565:384
Peters, Mary & J. C.toMudge, Ellen B.187771:105
Peters, S. J.fromBond, C. E. (Et al.)188184:211
Peters, S. J.fromLunbard, S. C.188184:211
Peters, Saml.fromSordelet, Louis188597:372
Peters, SamuelfromBeugnot, Jno. R.187668:63
Peters, Sarah E.toComewell, O. P.188495:571
Peterson, Chas.fromFairfield, Cyrus K.187462:136
Peterson, Chas.toNorthrop, Jas. L.188496:261
Peterson, E. E.toPerkins, L. B.188494:360
Peterson, HenrytoMark, J. C.187770:199
Peterson, R. S. (Coms.)toOssing, Albert188599:142
Peterson, Robert S.toWorden, John B.187670:409
Petgen, A. M.fromPetgen, M. E.188286:591
Petgen, Elizabeth (Et al.)toSoest, Frederic187874:567
Petgen, FrancistoKillen, Daniel186465:381
Petgen, M. E.toPetgen, A. M.188286:591
Petgen, Mary E.fromSallier, Francis188185:73
Petgen, NicholasfromMarkey, R. L.188185:144
Petgen, NicholastoOetting, Wm.188287:398
Petgen, NickolasfromMichael, Herman188496:404
Petigniey, TimothytoMeyer, John187565:592
Petitjean, Jaqueto188496:408
Petkins, F. E.fromFisher, D. c. (Et al.)188290:146
Petkins, F. E.fromHough, S. D. (Et al.)188290:146
Petkins, F. E.fromSwift, Alpheus (Guard)188290:222
Petkins, F. E.fromSwift, Alpheus (Guard)188290:223
Pettier, Jas. C.fromMcCulloch, Chas.188598:197
Pettier, MarytoBenoit, Julian188081:493
Pettit, AdamfromState of Indiana183568:120
Pettit, AdamfromStrong, Cleveland187667:315
Pettit, AdamfromWithers, W. H. (Com.)187772:154
Pettit, Adam (By will)toPettit, Ann Mariah187989:442
Pettit, Ann MariahfromPettit, Adam (By will)187989:442
Pettit, D. L. (Ex.)toMonn, V. & E.188391:12
Pettit, D. L. (Ex.)toPettit, Wm.188391:241
Pettit, David L.fromWilliams, Chas. L.187976:114
Pettit, E. J.fromPowell, Osias188599:36
Pettit, E. S.toPettit, Wm.188289:500
Pettit, JamestoWilliamson, Alex187058:382
Pettit, S. J.fromLee, Geo. H.188184:189
Pettit, W. L.fromAuditor1881A:178
Pettit, W. L.toYoquelet, L. L.188182:506
Pettit, Wm.fromPettit, D. L. (Ex.)188391:241
Pettit, Wm.fromPettit, E. S.188289:500
Pettit, Wm.fromPettit, Wm. L. (Et al.)188182:224
Pettit, Wm. L.fromCaton, S. L.187977:584
Pettit, Wm. L. (Et al.)toPettit, Wm.188182:224
Pettit, Wm. L. (Et al.)fromPhelps, Alfred188495:592
Pettits, AdamtoZitzman, Peter187462:14
Petton, E. H.fromMyers, Nelson187467:392
Petz, Pauline & AugustfromMiller, Chas. H.187564:478
Peus, E. C.toHarter, Philip188183:195

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