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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Pfeeder, JacobtoFrank, Mendel188494:543
Pfeider, J. & C.toWhite, Jas. B.187976:381
Pfeidner, A. & M.fromFerguson, Sarah J.188495:122
Pfeifer, Chas. G.toPfeiffer, C. F.187773:187
Pfeiffer, AbigailfromWilliams, Chas. L.187462:511
Pfeiffer, AbigailtoWilliams, Chas. L.187462:512
Pfeiffer, AbigailtoWilliams, Chas. L.187566:302
Pfeiffer, C. F.toBoyles, R. D.187978:508
Pfeiffer, C. F.toEberly, A. M.188495:515
Pfeiffer, C. F.fromEberly, Danl.187495:514
Pfeiffer, C. F.toFiegle, Catherine188494:346
Pfeiffer, C. F.toFt. Wayne & Jackson R. R.188597:554
Pfeiffer, C. F.fromMcQuiston, A. P.188390:533
Pfeiffer, C. F.toPeters Box & Lumber Co.188599:36
Pfeiffer, C. F.fromPfeifer, Chas. G.187773:187
Pfeiffer, C. F.toPfeiffer, C. G.187772:216
Pfeiffer, C. F.fromPfeiffer, Jno. C.187976:238
Pfeiffer, C. F.toStone, E. E.188288:525
Pfeiffer, C. F. (Et al.)toDewald, Catherine188185:543
Pfeiffer, C. G.toBuecker, F. W.188082:53
Pfeiffer, C. G.toBuecker, Fred188184:20
Pfeiffer, C. G.fromPfeiffer, C. F.187772:216
Pfeiffer, C. G.fromSheriff187874:38
Pfeiffer, CarolinefromCromwell, Jos. C.188097:636
Pfeiffer, Charles G.fromDykes, Agnes187874:578
Pfeiffer, Charles G.fromSchwader, George H.187770:372
Pfeiffer, Chas. A.fromGolden, L. A. (Adm.)188598:256
Pfeiffer, Chas. A.fromPfeiffer, Jno. C.188082:56
Pfeiffer, Chas. F.fromPfeiffer, Jno. C.187668:269
Pfeiffer, Chas. F.fromPfeiffer, John C.187770:78
Pfeiffer, Chas. F.fromSheriff187976:88
Pfeiffer, Chas. G.toErtel, C. G.188495:399
Pfeiffer, Chas. G.toFt. W. J. & S. R. R. Co.187463:551
Pfeiffer, Christian F.toMomer, Mary Ann187461:600
Pfeiffer, Christian F.fromSheriff188082:123
Pfeiffer, Geo. L.fromPfeiffer, Jno. C.188082:55
Pfeiffer, HenryfromWoedelman, Wm. & Sophia187359:602
Pfeiffer, J. C.fromSheriff187772:178
Pfeiffer, J. C. (Et al.)toHayden, F. J.187776:563
Pfeiffer, Jno. C.toArcher, C. C.188083:166
Pfeiffer, Jno. C.fromArcher, David L.188081:425
Pfeiffer, Jno. C.toArcher, Jno.188083:383
Pfeiffer, Jno. C.fromFleming, Wm.188597:431
Pfeiffer, Jno. C.toPfeiffer, C. F.187976:238
Pfeiffer, Jno. C.toPfeiffer, Chas. A.188082:56
Pfeiffer, Jno. C.toPfeiffer, Chas. F.187668:269
Pfeiffer, Jno. C.toPfeiffer, Geo. L.188082:55
Pfeiffer, Jno. C.fromSheriff187874:327
Pfeiffer, Jno. C.fromSheriff188599:218
Pfeiffer, Jno. C.fromSheriff188599:215
Pfeiffer, Jno. C.toWeller, Louisa187875:21
Pfeiffer, John C.fromHudson, Hamilton187669:327
Pfeiffer, John C.toPfeiffer, Chas. F.187770:78
Pfeiffer, John C.fromSheriff187771:414
Pfeiffer, John C.fromSheriff187874:586
Pfeiffer, John C.toWilliams, Chas. L.187976:290
Pfeiffer, Joseph & EvafromHowenstein, John & (heirs)197360:458
Pfeiffer, LouuisfromHunter, Wm. S.187566:111
Pfeiffer, MargaretfromKode, John M.187770:480
Pfeiffer, PhiltoKoch, John M.187770:479
Pfeiffer, PhillipfromKessens, Christian187360:83
Pfeiffer, Thos.fromSwayne, M. C.188185:333
Pfeitner, AdamtoPalmer, L. C.188291:283
Pfiermann, Z.toBetz, Samuel188392:123
Pflederer, JacobfromBoerger, Wm. H.187358:423
Pfleider, JacobtoEyson, Jno. A.188290:269
Pfleiderer, J. & C.fromWhite, James B.187872:542
Pfleiderer, J. & C.fromWhite, Jas. B.187976:379
Pfleiderer, J. (Et al.)toSchmitz, Chas.188183:223
Pfleiderer, JacobfromPrange, Ferdinand188183:412
Pfleidner, AdamfromBaer, Geo. W.188391:509
Pfleidner, MaryfromBaker, Kilian188391:478
Pfliger, Jos. & A.fromVanVoorhis, Frank188288:474
Pflightner, AdamfromGrats, David187874:337
Pflydrer, MarytoHenline, W. D. (Et al.)188597:280
Pflydrer, MaryfromSeabold, C.188286:581

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