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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Phelp's, Abbie W.fromRead, James M.187271:499
Phelps, AlfredfromBeaver, M. E.188287:564
Phelps, C. B.toBonham, G. W.187876:493
Phelps, C. B.fromSkink, H. J.187873:565
Phelps, John (Est.)toNoble, Hanna A.187360:38
Phelps, Martha B.fromRudisill, E. E.187462:339
Phelps, Martha B.toSutton, Preston M.187772:384
Phelps, Martha B.toSwayne, Mary C.187566:197
Philabaum, DavidfromWeyer, Martin187359:395
Philabaum, GeorgefromWeyer, Martin187359:408
Philabaurn, SarahfromChase, S. W. (Coms.)188097:612
Phillabaum, Adam J.fromHayden, Fredk. J.187565:589
Philley, Chas. H.fromBerr, Chas. W. (Guard)188392:598
Philley, Chas. H.fromBerry, Chas. W.188392:221
Philley, E. S.toStephan, Emilie188079:57
Philley, E. S. (Et al.)fromPhilley, M. S. (Guard)187879:56
Philley, E. S. (Et al.)fromPhilley, S. R. & F.187879:55
Philley, E. S. (Et al.)fromPhilley, Wm. H.187879:54
Philley, M. S.toLouer, Catherine187669:135
Philley, M. S.fromLouer, Geo.187669:134
Philley, M. S. (Guard)toPhilley, E. S. (Et al.)187879:56
Philley, MaryfromNinde, L. M. (Admr.)187179:53
Philley, MarytoPhilley, Wm. H.187358:524
Philley, S. R. & F.toPhilley, E. S. (Et al.)187879:55
Philley, Wm. H.toPhilley, E. S. (Et al.)187879:54
Philley, Wm. H.fromPhilley, Mary187358:524
Phillips & McCainfromHill, O. E.1879
Phillips, BarbaratoJames, William I.187463:147
Phillips, BarbarafromTreip, Osborne187462:613
Phillips, BarbarafromYoung, Martin L.187360:151
Phillips, C. W.fromFreese, O. & Chas.188080:478
Phillips, Cornelius B.fromColerick, Thos. F.187464:365
Phillips, Cornelius B.toSpencer, Decon E. A.187564:365
Phillips, DeborahfromPhillips, Nathaniel187464:144
Phillips, J. B. & J. H. McCainfromVan Voorhis, F.187978:335
Phillips, JacobfromHawk, Benj. F.187771:31
Phillips, JacobfromOber, Harriet B.188081:415
Phillips, JayfromTerry, Geo H.188079:403
Phillips, Jay (Et al.)toHoming, John187978:336
Phillips, Jno. T.fromMcNair, Sarah 188080:403
Phillips, Jno. T.toRobertson, Jno.188081:392
Phillips, JohntoLee, George D.187770:330
Phillips, JohnfromSmith, Elliott187361:270
Phillips, John F.toMartin, Wm.187259:315
Phillips, John T.toBloomhuff, Wm. D.187263:9
Phillips, John T.fromFairfield, James M.187060:111
Phillips, John T.fromHagens, Frank187461:510
Phillips, John T.toKay, Benjamin187360:493
Phillips, John T.fromKay, Benjamin187464:94
Phillips, John T.toRobinson, Warren187361:101
Phillips, NathanieltoPhillips, Deborah187464:144
Phillips, NathanielfromPukownick, John187361:208
Phillips, SarahtoBeams, Henry W.186962:80
Phipps, Jno.fromLutz, Jacob S.187569:119
Phipps, R. V.fromMiller, L. D.188080:514
Phoenix Mutual Life Ins. Co.fromGoodman, A. C.188089:447
Phole, Michael (Will)to187772:457

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