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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Plain, Mills W.fromMcDonald, John G.187565:487
Plank, M. G. (Et al.)fromCommissioner in Partition188184:65
Plank, M. G. (Et al.)toCook, Jno. H.188185:227
Plank, M. G. (Et al.)toDreyer, Chas.188288:542
Plank, M. G. (Et al.)toKehnert, August188287:576
Plank, M. M.fromOpliger, Geo. W.188597:633
Plank, PhillipfromRondot, Chas. A. (Et al.)188393:53
Plants, Isaac S.fromSutton, E. J.188392:564
Plants, Nancy A.toSutton, E. J.188392:563
Plat of A. A. Purmans Add. Sub. Div. of O. L. 5, Lassells A.to187463:303
Plat of A. F. Siemon's Sub. Div. of N/2 Lot 10to188080:599
Plat of Abbots Out Lots nos from 82 to 116 inclusiveto188080:280
Plat of Abbotts Add. Continued Lots 46 to 67 inclusiveto188079:185
Plat of Abbotts Out Lotsto187978:303
Plat of Academieto187462:38
Plat of Archers Add. to Fort Wayneto186565:380
Plat of Balres Koenig & Wagner's add.to187895:262
Plat of Bond & Lumbards Amended Sub. to188183:512
Plat of Bond & Lumbards Sub.to83:3691881
Plat of Bond and Barretts Sub.to188496:515
Plat of Bond and Lumbard's 2d Add.to188393:590
Plat of Bonds 3rd Add.to187358:441
Plat of Bonds and Lumbards 2d Add.to188392:130
Plat of Boure Reserve & report of salesto184469:331
Plat of Bouries Reserveto187670:58
Plat of Branstraters Estate (Parition)to187978:206
Plat of Broadway Additionto188597:638
Plat of Burgess Zollinger & Kamms Add.to187564:388
Plat of Burgess, A.to187358:480
Plat of by Commissioners Sub. Lot 105 B. & H. Add.to187260:570
Plat of C. D. Bonds Sub of Fairfield O on Lot 14to187463:607
Plat of Cassady's Addition To Monroevilleto187569:135
Plat of Cedar Creek Cemetery (in Hamilton)to187978:510
Plat of Certia Add.to187463:505
Plat of Chas. Hannas Lot 4 H. Add.to187361:30
Plat of Chas. McCulloch Add to the city of Fort Wayneto187568:182
Plat of City Park Add. to Fort Wayneto187566:570
Plat of Col. Reeds Add.to187358:396
Plat of Colerickburgto187360:391
Plat of Cours Sub. Lots 10 & 13 Barnetts O. L.to187465:342
Plat of Dawson, J. W. Add. to Ft. Wayneto187360:66
Plat of Devilbiss Add. To Hoagland 8 pt. W. 1/2to187770:534
Plat of Didier Sub. of Lots 9-8-7 & pt. 6, Lagro Sec.to187464:172
Plat of Diffendarfers Partition Platto187976:325
Plat of Dunfree (by S. B. Kelsey)to188391:73
Plat of Dykes W. 1/2 N. E. 1/4 O. L.to187463:254
Plat of Eckart Continuation Add.to187567:36
Plat of Edsalls Out Lotsto187463:298
Plat of Edsalls Out Lotsto187463:187
Plat of Edsalls Out Lots, Amended to187565:172
Plat of Eliza Hanna Sr. Add. to Fort Wayneto187360:262
Plat of Eliza Hanna Sr. Sub. lot 12 & E. *0 A. Of No. 11 Hanna's Plat C.to187360:264
Plat of Eliza Hanna Sr. Sub. lot 13 Hanna's Plat A.to187360:266
Plat of Eliza Hanna Sr. Sub. Tract of land between Duck Alley & St. Marys Riverto187360:260
Plat of Eliza Hanna Sr. Sub. W. pt. Sec. 25 & E. pt. Sec. 26to187360:258
Plat of Elizabeth Iba Sub. of 37-38-39 C. & P. Add.to187461:444
Plat of Engles Addition to the Town of Monroevilleto187462:2
Plat of Evans Add. to Fort Wayneto187462:30
Plat of Evans Placeto188495:145
Plat of F. J. Beck Sub. O. L. 9 Ewings Sub. into187461:519
Plat of Fairfield Add.to187358:553
Plat of Fairfields 2nd Add. to South Wayneto187772:422
Plat of Fairfields Additionto187358:353
Plat of Fairfields Amended Add. to Fort Wayneto187462:127
Plat of Fairfields Continuatim Add. To Fort Wayne Lot 78to187464:228
Plat of Fletchers Add.to187261:285
Plat of Forbings 2d Sub. Divto188598:552
Plat of Frederick Eckarts Add. to Ft. Wayneto187462:334
Plat of Fry's Additionto188392:455
Plat of Gar Creek Union Cemeteryto188496:518
Plat of Gerke's Add. to Fort Wayneto187462:517
Plat of Greenes Add. to Fort Wayneto187358:432
Plat of Greenes Sub. Hannas, O. L. No. 4to187358:534
Plat of Greenes Sub. of Hanna, O. L. 6 Plat A, Amendedto187358:388
Plat of Greens Sub. N1/2 O. L. 11 Hannas Plat Ato187358:379
Plat of H. M. Williams Add. to Ft. Wayne (South Calhoun Add.)to187463:120
Plat of Hageman's Sub. Div.to188290:117
Plat of Hamiltons 4th Additionto187669:397
Plat of Hamiltons 5th Additionto187669:399
Plat of Hamiltons Heirs Additionto187669:401
Plat of Hannas Parkto187358:680
Plat of Harriet Streetto188184:326
Plat of Herricks add. Ft. Wayneto188494:161
Plat of Hockemeyer Estate (Partition)to187978:210
Plat of Hoods Sub. Lots 25 & pt. 26-27, Maysvilleto187464:125
Plat of Houghs Sub. Lots 38-39 Comparets Add.to187361:28
Plat of Huestis Add.to187461:228
Plat of Isaac Fishers Sub. of lot 1 Butchers A.to187667:501
Plat of J. B. White 5th Additionto188079:145
Plat of J. B. Whites 4th Add.to187360:466
Plat of J. B. Whites 5th Add. Sub.to187977:280
Plat of J. McDonalds Add. Monroeville pt. N.W. 1/4 S. W. 1/4to187462:1&2
Plat of J. T. Hannas Sub. O. L. 11to187358:352
Plat of James M. Fairfield Add. To South Wayneto187463:514
Plat of Jas. B. Ross Add to Wallento187668:174
Plat of Jas. T. Hanna Sub. Hanna O. L. 12to188080:432
Plat of Jno. DeLaCamp to Ft. Wayne Sub. O. L. 4 H Add.to187463:138
Plat of John D. Gerke (Heirs) Sub. of W. 1/2 N.E. 1/4 & E. 1/2 W. 1/2 S.E. 1/4to187461:556
Plat of John Millers (Heirs) pt. of Sec. 20 & 21to187566:428
Plat of John W. Smith Add. to Fort Wayneto187361:395
Plat of Joseph Brackenridges Addition Pt. S. W. frl. 1/4to187670:113
Plat of L. M. Jones Sub. Out Lot 1 in Com. Add. To Lasselleville W. 1/2 N. E. 1/4to187772:18
Plat of L. M. Rodgers Sub. Lots 19-20to187358:344
Plat of Langohrs, J. W. to188182:445
Plat of Lewis S. Justice Sub of the lot A. West Sheldonto185566:402
Plat of Lillies Add. to Ft. Wayneto187361:77
Plat of M. E. Trentmans Et al. Sub Div. to188080:537
Plat of Maples 1st A. to Maplesto187358:509
Plat of Maples 2nd A. to Maplesto187358:509
Plat of Martins Sub. Div.to188598:142
Plat of Meegan & Koenig Add. To Ft. Wayneto187464:396
Plat of Monroe Cemetery in S. W. cor. Lot 5 McDonalds Add. in N. W. 1/4 S. W. 1/4to187567:27
Plat of Moran Sub. O. L. 5 into187565:318
Plat of Nelsons Add.to187358:508
Plat of O.E. Hills Addition Sub. O. 4-6 Lassellevilleto187770:107
Plat of Odd Fellows Cemetery, New Havento187565:302
Plat of Partition of Sob. Bonewitz Estateto188079:44
Plat of Peter Morans Sub.div. H. O. L. 18 & 19to187882:45
Plat of Purmans 1st Add. to Fort Wayneto187463:548
Plat of Rau's sub. Div.toReeds, O. L.187995:114
Plat of Rau's Sub. Div. of Out Lots 38-40 Lillies, O. L.to187668:466
Plat of Reeds Add. to Fort Wayneto187358:428
Plat of Riedle's Sub. Lotsto188597:591
Plat of Rockhills (Heirs) Additionto187463:460
Plat of Rockhills (Heirs) Additionto187462:600
Plat of Rockhills Heirs Add.to187565:516
Plat of Rudisills, E. E. of Wells Pre Emp.to187361:136
Plat of S. B. Bonds Sub. Div. of Fairfields O. L. 22to188081:22
Plat of S. C. Evans Amended Plat Sub of lots 4-5 sub of lot 18 Ewings, O. L.to187567:127
Plat of Samuel Bards Sub. Div.to188080:577
Plat of Sargents, A. to Williamsportto187463:639
Plat of Schuckman Administration Sub. of Lot 28 & pt. 27to188182:344
Plat of Spencers 2nd Add.to187565:337
Plat of Steins, Peter Add. to Fort Wayneto187566:16
Plat of Stoops Add. to Ft. Wayneto187360:74
Plat of Sub.to187977:185
Plat of Swinney's add.to188495:332
Plat of Taylor Sub. Lots 386-387 H. Add. & 28 Tabers A.to187566:267
Plat of the Amended Plat of Mowery & Hickox Add. To Sheldon E.1/2 S. W. 1/4to187770:214
Plat of the College Second Addition in S. E. 1/4to187669:432
Plat of the Vacation alley between Lafayette & Clay Sts.to187978:472
Plat of the Vacation of Alley to188186:43
Plat of the Vacation of Alley to188186:237
Plat of the vacation of the alley in Blk. 1 E. Ad.to187976:396
Plat of the Widening of Washington Street by J. B. Whiteto187463:427
Plat of Trentman & Monning Sub.to188496:168
Plat of Vacation of alley bet. Clay and Lafayette St.to188187:453
Plat of Vacation of alley between Clay and Monroe st.to188286:330
Plat of vacation of alley from St. Mattius to Buchanato188393:576
Plat of Vacaton of the alley between Lafayette & Clay Sts.to187976:367
Plat of Van Voorhis Sub. Lot 10 of Hannas Plat A.to187358:442
Plat of Vavation of Alley between Clay and Lafayette St.to188294:295
Plat of Volner Parks Add. to Ft. Wayne N. 1/2 N. W. 1/4to187667:372
Plat of Volney Parks, Sub Division of Lillies, O. L.to188079:9
Plat of W. A. Ewing Exr. Sub. of Lot 2to187461:433
Plat of West Sheldonto187358:472
Plat of Williams add.to188496:321
Plat of Williams Add. to Fort Wayne Lots from 132 to 140to187463:515
Plat of Wilts 3rd Addition to the city of Fort Wayne, Ind.to188182:217
Plat of Winchs add.to188495:396
Plat of Withers Sub. Div.to188496:88
Plat ofJerome Bleekmans Sub. Div.to187977:8&9
Plater, Geo. W.fromBarnreiter, John187567:270
Platter, ElizabethfromPlatter, G. W.187978:92
Platter, ElizabethtoPlatter, M. Jr.188183:410
Platter, Franklin K.fromPlatter, Lemuel187667:554
Platter, G. W.toPlatter, Elizabeth187978:92
Platter, Geo. J.fromReichelderfer, Lewis187463:313
Platter, Geo. J.toSwaidner, Jacob187464:223
Platter, Geo. J.fromSwaidner, Mary E. & Jacob187464:233
Platter, Geo. J.toTemme, Mary Sr.188185:576
Platter, Geo. J.toTemme, Mary Sr.188392:184
Platter, Geo. J. & E.fromCramer, David188496:337
Platter, LemuelfromAyers, Chas.187566:83
Platter, LemueltoBowers, Mary Ann187669:438
Platter, LemueltoMcBride, A.187667:555
Platter, LemueltoPlatter, Franklin K.187667:554
Platter, M. Jr.fromPlatter, Elizabeth188183:410
Platter, Martha J.fromCommissioner in Partition188193:12
Playfair, JamestoChiene, Margaret187771:173
Playfair, JamesfromMcLachlan, Neil187669:250
Playfair, Jas.toBauer, K. J.187978:128
Playfair, Jas.fromBauer, K. J.187978:126
Playfair, Jas.fromChiene, Margaret187978:127
Playfair, Jas.toLudlow, Wm. & R.188183:177
Plenge, Geo. C.fromHolt, A. H.188598:518
Plenge, Geo. C.toSwineheart, W.188290:92
Plenze, Geo. C.fromBackus, E. H. (Et al.)188598:517
Plet, Chas.fromOlds, S. E.188287:222
Pleuge, Geo.fromHerr, J. P.188286:377
Plogsterth, J. A.toRogge, Fred188183:96
Plogsterth, J. A.fromRogge, Wilhelmena188183:96
Plogsterth, Jno. A.fromRogge, Frederick188081:95
Plogsterth, Jno. A.toRogge, Wilhelmina188081:96
Ploor, ChristianfromHeitwinkel, H.187359:451
Ploor, ChristiantoHeitwinkel, Henry187359:452
Ploor, ChristianfromPloor, Ellen188287:475
Ploor, ChristianfromWithers, W. H. (Comr.)187358:419
Ploor, EllentoKaiser, Ernst188287:475
Ploor, EllentoPloor, Christian188287:475
Ploor, EllentoSalzmann, Wm.188287:474
Ploor, EllenfromWithers, W. H. (Com.)187387:555
Plugge, HenricatoLiedtke, John187873:284
Plymouth, K. & P. R. R. Co.toHanna, S. T. & H. T.187258:365

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