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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Pocock, ElihutoAmbler, David187771:117
Pocock, ElihufromAmbler, David187771:238
Pocock, ElihufromKelsey, Aaron G.185592:389
Pocock, ElihutoKright, Conrad188392:389
Pocock, ElihutoWright, Maria187565:477
Pocock, ElihufromWright, Nathaniel187565:198
Poehler, CharlesfromForbing, John187872:456
Poehler, CharlesfromForbing, Peter187872:523
Poehlier, CharlestoSchaffer, Frederick W. 187873:59
Poeppel, H. D. F.toMeyer, Jno.188598:379
Poeppel, H. D. F.toYoung, Henry188183:10
Poetsch, F.fromHill, H.187463:301
Poetsch, F.fromKraft, C.187463:301
Poff, C. R.fromCommissioner in Partition188598:585
Pohl, Jno. Geo.fromPaine, L. C.188195:90
Pohle, E. & C.fromKeefer, Christian188183:266
Pohle, E. & C.toWeil, Geo.188183:299
Pohle, GustenafromPohle, Michael187772:457
Pohle, GustinafromGimpel, Henry188184:25
Pohle, JustintoBuhr, Fred188191:289
Pohle, MichaeltoPohle, Gustena187772:457
Pohlinz, JohnfromWhite, James B.187462:425
Pohlman, ChristianfromReed, Hugh B.187358:403
Pohlmeyer, LouisafromKammeyer, N.188391:540
Poinsett, I. A.fromScarlet, Wm. V.188081:389
Poinsett, I. A. (Et al.)fromScarlet, Wm. V.188081:389
Poinsett, J. S.fromHolmes, Wm.188286:364
Poinsett, Jno. (Et al.)toScarlet, Wm. V.188081:388
Poinsett, Jno. S.fromSchele, Frank188495:374
Poinsett, JohnfromPierce, Asa W.187873:370
Poinsett, JosephtoRockhill, Wm.185971:107
Poinsett, WilliamfromPierce, Asa W.187873:369
Poirson & BarrandfromAuditor187461:488
Poirson, F. & A. F.fromRomy, R. L.188288:535
Poirson, John B.fromBarrand, Peter F.187462:428
Poirson, John B.fromBarrand, Peter F.187462:429
Poirson, John B.toBarrand, Peter F.187462:429
Poirson, John B.toBarrand, Peter F.187462:430
Poirson, M. E. (Adm.)toRose, Anthony188288:288
Poiry, MaryfromFederspiel, Balser Jr.188394:63
Poley, Mary F.toMartin, F. C.187977:372
Poley, Mary FrancistoMorris, Margarett187772:425
Poley, Mary FrancistoSordlet, Louisa187772:425
Polhamus, A. H.fromHerr, B. W.187978:281
Polhamus, A. H.fromHerr, B. W.188391:242
Polhamus, A. H. fromJohnson, Mary E.187669:228
Polhamus, A. H.toMarcy, Julia188085:457
Polhamus, A. H.toRapp, C. G.188392:553
Polhamus, A. H.toSine, Amos188081:154
Polhamus, A. H.toSine, Amos188391:353
Polhamus, A. H.toSine, Amos188393:457
Polhamus, A. H.toSmith, Chas.188080:546
Polhamus, Albert H.fromCarver, Kahn K.187359:505
Polk, Wm.toFry, George188079:318
Pollard, R. B.fromBowen, Wm.187976:501
Pollard, R. B.toWolke, F. H.187976:502
Pollard, RobertfromUnited States183870:68
Pollitz, D. & M.fromSchonefeld, H. (Et al.)188390:416
Pollitz, D. & M. fromSprandel, H.188390:416
Pollitz, F. & A.fromSchonefeld, Henry188390:323
Pollitz, FritztoSchonefeld, Henry188597:146
Pollock, ElizabethtoWyatt, Mandana187772:490
Polsen, MichaelfromTrentman, A. C.188088:443
Polsin, MartinfromAldrich, C. H. (Et al.)188288:440
Polsin, MartinfromBarrett, J. M. (Et al.)188288:440
Pomfrey, M. E.fromKowiansky, Max.188289:482
Pompey, M. E.fromBittinger, Geo. L.188289:481
Pompey, M. E.fromChase, S. W.188290:106
Pompey, M. E.fromKreigh, Saml.188598:213
Pompey, MaryfromLutz, Jacob S.188393:186
Pompey, Mary E.toCarson, Hattie188494:578
Pompey, Mary E.toLopshire, Wm. H.188498:23
Pontius, AbrahamtoLesh, E. (Et al.)188288:200
Pontius, E. J.toToensend, W. S.188289:322
Pool, Emery O.toSweringer, Hiram V.187566:214
Pool, FlorencetoSwift, Isabella B.187359:559
Pool, H. D. & M. J.fromBallinger, C. H.187980:168
Pool, J. O.fromAurand, N. A.188288:258
Pool, J. O.fromMaxhimer, M.188290:200
Pool, J. O.toMaxhimer, Wm.188290:201
Pool, J. T.toAlbaugh, Eli188495:536
Pool, J. T.toKimmel, Jno.187680:374
Pool, J. T.toSavio, Rosania187771:531
Pool, J. T. (Adm.)toScar, John187977:545
Pool, James T.toPool, Wm. G & Mary187464:186
Pool, James T.fromPool, Wm. G.187464:187
Pool, Jas. O.toAurand, Daniel188288:259
Pool, Jas. T.fromCrow, Julian J.188496:267
Pool, Joseph fromSheriff187770:296
Pool, M. M.fromMiller, Lydia188288:375
Pool, Maria T.fromSweringen, Hiram V.187566:215
Pool, Saml.toBender, Jno. H.187770:112
Pool, Saml.toDoggett, A. J.187788:162
Pool, SamuelfromBender, John H.187770:536
Pool, SamueltoRaver, Christian187669:98
Pool, SamueltoShade, Elizabeth186793:534
Pool, SamueltoWeiler, James186565:370
Pool, SamueltoWeiler, James187165:370
Pool, SamueltoWilson, W. T.186961:241
Pool, SamueltoWright, A. S.187565:80
Pool, Thomas D.fromSwift, Bayless187359:560
Pool, Thos. D.toStinman, Adam187463:401
Pool, Thos. D.toSwift, Alphens187568:267
Pool, Wm. G & MaryfromPool, James T.187464:186
Pool, Wm. G.fromKimmel, Jacob H.187463:94
Pool, Wm. G.toKimmel, Jacob H.187462:364
Pool, Wm. G.toPool, James T.187464:187
Poole, FlorencetoBarnes, Sagishmeal187462:503
Poole, FlorencetoDustman, H. A.187463:597
Poole, FlorencetoFletcher, Chas. N.188079:156
Poole, FlorencefromSwift, Alpheus187570:445
Poole, Florence & Thos. D.toArgo, M. E. (Trustees) Christ Ch.187464:287
Poole, Florence & Thos. D.toHartzell, Joseph187565:556
Poole, Florence & Thos. D.toSweany, Jacob & Pool, Sam'l187464:287
Poole, Florence & Thos. D.toWyckoff, J. S. & Cassady, Jacob187464:287
Poole, MarthafromMeyer, Henry187569:115
Poole, SamueltoLuce, Rosa187669:89
Poole, Thos. D.toBeugnot, J. F.187463:277
Pooley, EmmatoCoonrad, Peter187669:466
Poor Hand Maids Jesus ChristfromEhrman, C. (Et al.)188287:418
Poor Hand Maids Jesus ChristfromGriebel, E.188287:418
Poor Hand Maids Jesus ChristfromLangohr, A. (Et al.)188287:418
Poor Hand Maids Jesus ChristfromLangohr, A. J. (Guard)188288:127
Poor Hand Maids Jesus ChristfromMotz, Geo. (Guard)188288:127
Poor Hand Maids Jesus ChristfromSommers, E. (Et al.)188287:418
Poor Hand Maids Jesus ChristfromSpitz, Jno. Geo.188391:393
Poor Hand Maids of Jesus ChristfromBurns, Catharine188391:88
Poor Hand Maids of Jesus ChristfromDeininger, U.187874:403
Poor Hand Maids of Jesus Christ toDenahy, Michael188391:90
Poor Hand Maids of Jesus ChristfromDwenger, Joseph187873:523
Poor Hand Maids of Jesus ChristfromDwenger, Joseph187873:524
Poor Hand Maids of Jesus Christ toYoung, S. & C.188392:315
Poor Hand Maids of Jesus Christ (Et al.)toDrew, S. A.188286:491
Poor Hand Maids of Jesus Christ (Et al.)toHugnenard, V. A.188390:433
Poor Hand Maids of Jesus Christ (Et al.)toOrr, Susan188185:8
Poor Handmaids Jesus ChristfromHibbelen, Theo.188496:523
Poor Handmaids of Jesus ChristfromNeff, Jacob J.187468:479
Popp, FredrichfromStapleton, Joshua188391:111
Porter, CrawfordtoPorter, Daniel188496:269
Porter, CrawfordfromPorter, Daniel188496:270
Porter, CrawfordfromPorter, Jas.188184:399
Porter, DanielfromPorter, Crawford188496:269
Porter, DanieltoPorter, Crawford188496:270
Porter, DanielfromPorter, Jas.188184:400
Porter, Danl. (Et al.)toPorter, J. & C.188191:214
Porter, Elizabeth (Et al.)toMalone, Peter188392:400
Porter, HiramtoArcher, H. C. & S. J.188291:21
Porter, HiramfromBush, Sarah188287:545
Porter, HiramfromBush, Sarah (Guard)188287:546
Porter, HiramtoMayhew, Jos.188289:416
Porter, HiramfromMorell, Henry & C.188287:544
Porter, HiramfromRomy, Catharine A.187165:226
Porter, HiramfromYerks, Andrew187265:223
Porter, HiramfromYerks, John (heirs)187165:224
Porter, HiramfromYerks, Nathaniel187165:226
Porter, HiramfromYerks, William187265:221
Porter, J. & C.fromPorter, Danl. (Et al.)188191:214
Porter, Jas.toPorter, Crawford188184:399
Porter, Jas.toPorter, Daniel188184:400
Porter, Jos.fromJacobs, Jno. H.188185:553
Porter, SamuelfromLong, Elizabeth187361:205
Post, B. L.fromRockhill, H. C.188496:257
Post, Geo. H.fromNommay, Philomane188495:545
Poston, E. W.toReinking, F.187566:166
Poston, Elisha W.toWallen, Charles E.187360:102
Potter, D. M.toMaddox, A. M.188183:510
Potter, Dorthy M.fromArnold, A. W.187771:204
Potter, ElizabethtoBond, C. E. (Et al.)188391:507
Potter, ElizabethfromEwing, Geo. W. (est.)187360:288
Potter, ElizabethtoShirk, H. J.187772:551
Potter, ElizabethtoStump, Jonathan187360:206
Potter, JamestoChurch of God187569:426
Potter, JamestoPotter, Silas S.187877:96
Potter, JamestoRichards, William187770:345
Potter, JamestoSwartz, Henry187349:424
Potter, JamestoVan Camp, Jas.188289:264
Potter, JamestoYoung, Elizabeth188494:614
Potter, Jas. toRichards, Wm.187887:353
Potter, JohnfromArcher, John H.187269:87
Potter, JohntoArnold, A. W.187771:203
Potter, Jos. L.toShirk, H. J.187772:551
Potter, Joseph L.todIsay, Alida L.187872:496
Potter, N. KarrtoBuck, Frederick187978:305
Potter, N. KarrfromGood, Caroline187978:304
Potter, O. E.toHuffman, Saml. M.187978:111
Potter, O. E.fromShulters, J. H.187978:110
Potter, O. J.fromCommissioner in Partition188598:585
Potter, P. L.fromCarman, Wm. O. (Et al.)188295:358
Potter, P. L.fromChurch, F. & A.188288:410
Potter, P. L.toSwann, Henrietta187670:51
Potter, P. L.toWolf, Abraham188288:411
Potter, P. L. (Coms.)toOglesby, Wm. (Et al.)188496:456
Potter, Philip L.toFrederickson, C.188495:359
Potter, Phillip L. (assg.)toRayhouser, Elizabeth J.187670:537
Potter, Silas S.fromPotter, James187877:96
Potter, ThomasfromArcher, Jno. H.187266:6
Potter, ThomastoArcher, John H.187565:482
Potter, ThomasfromArcher, John H.187565:483
Potter, Wm. H.toDille, J. H.187567:320
Potts, MalindatoSpindler, Wm. A.187772:84
Potts, ThomastoSmith, Arnold185566:360
Potts, Wm. A.fromEmenhiser, Stephen187364:181
Potts, Wm. A.toEmenhiser, Stephen187567:322
Potts, Wm. A.fromHarrod, Newton188183:569
Potts, Wm. A.fromMcIntosh, B. A.188288:93
Poulson, Sarah A.toDoty, W. P.188397:630
Poulson, Sarah A.toLillie, James & John Jr.187359:465
Poulson, Sarah A.fromWhite, James B.187772:262
Poulson, Wm.fromLehr, Jno. G.187977:441
Powars, J. P. (Guard)toLampert, Caroline188185:216
Powel, JohntoJustus, Lewis S.187465:256
Powell, AarontoCrickmore, Henry188597:71
Powell, HarrietfromPowell, Rebecca187796:590
Powell, Isaac B. (Et al.)fromRhodes, Isaac187977:335
Powell, John M.toCrance, Wm.187567:101
Powell, John M.toSchoonover, Samuel E.187465:10
Powell, John M. & Sarah C.fromBonard, Donatus187462:265
Powell, OsiastoPettit, E. J.188599:36
Powell, RebeccatoCrance, A.187668:71
Powell, RebeccatoPowell, Harriet187796:590
Powell, SarahfromJustus, Lewis S.187565:407
Powell, SarahtoRhoades, Isaac187770:223
Powell, Sarah C.fromTodd, Jesse187360:163
Powell, Wm.fromRoberts, Chas. F.188598:306
Powermaster, S.toRodocker, Levi187878:264
Powers, A. V. (Et al.)fromAuditor188079:468
Powers, A. V. (Et al.)fromCommissioner in Partition188186:128
Powers, A. V. (Et al.)fromSheriff188082:69
Powers, A. V. (Et al.)fromSmith, Benjamin F.188079:467
Powers, Aretas & Saml.fromUnited States183571:33
Powers, AretustoWest, Samuel187770:288
Powers, E. M.toAngel, B. D.187977:439
Powers, E. M.fromAuditor1875A:75
Powers, E. M.fromAuditor (Wm. T. Abbott)1877A:94
Powers, E. M.fromBarnett, S. E.188288:117
Powers, E. M.fromBarnett, S. E.188390:499
Powers, E. M.fromBarrett, A. G.188391:102
Powers, E. M.fromShoaff, S. R. (Et al.)188390:498
Powers, E. M.toSmith, Margaret S.187977:419
Powers, E. M.fromStapleford, Chas. E.187566:123
Powers, E. M.fromWall, Watson (Et al.)188390:498
Powers, EmmetfromPowers, Volney187566:471
Powers, Emmet M.toBissell, Geo. P.187668:491
Powers, Ernest M.toAngell, B. D.187874:176
Powers, G. L.toMcDougal, T. F.188287:255
Powers, Helen (Et al.)toLake, Eli187874:348
Powers, Hellen M.fromStapleford, Julia M.187669:168
Powers, J. P.toLampert, C.188185:126
Powers, Jesse C. (Admr.)toDougall, Allan H.187981:495
Powers, Jessie C.fromStapleford, Mary J.187770:162
Powers, John A.toBaker, Wm. D.187360:204
Powers, NancyfromJustus, Lewis S.188392:442
Powers, ReubentoPowers, Saml.185392:276
Powers, ReubenfromTrustees W. & E. Canal 185392:262
Powers, Saml.fromPowers, Reuben185392:276
Powers, SamueltoBlackburn, Jacob186690:330
Powers, SamueltoUrbine, Frank187771:314
Powers, SarahfromBrooks, Jno.188288:489
Powers, SarahfromLinden, Geo. W.188288:496
Powers, Sybilla (Et al.)toLampert, C.188185:126
Powers, VolneyfromBaker, Mary J.187566:121d
Powers, VolneyfromDougall, Allan H.187565:160
Powers, VolneytoPowers, Emmet187566:471
Powers, VolneytoStapleford, Chas. E.187566:564
Powers, VolneyfromStapleford, Chas. E.187566:122
Powers, VolneytoWorthington, W. W.187566:200
Powes, EmmetfromOlmsted, A. A.188391:104
Poxley, Geo. W.fromScott, Moses H.188598:547
Poyneer, A. S.fromAuditor187874:28
Poyneer, A. S.fromAuditor187874:28
Poyneer, David H.toAmotutz, Jacob187978:492
Poyneer, David H.fromGriber, Henry187878:423
Poyneer, Geo. W. & S. A.toAmstutz, Jacob187978:526
Poysen, HiramfromHolzworth, Addison188184:315
Poyser, HiramtoHolzworth, Josephine188184:316
Poyser, X. J.fromSpinger, Loran188288:79

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