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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Public for Street and AlleyfromLumbard, S. C.188393:591
Pudda, HermanfromSchmidt, Fred S.187668:510
Puff, Chas. Robt.fromDeWald, R. W. T.188496:34
Pugh, Eli F.fromEdgerton, J. K.187360:62
Pugh, Eli F.toWoodcock, B. B.187774:529
Pugh, HenryfromState of Indiana184379:42
Pugh, Jas. M.toChrist, Wm.188183:171
Pugh, Jas. M.fromMurphy, Wm.188083:169
Pugh, Lucinda C.toLucas, Thos. D.187976:462
Pukownick, JohntoPhillips, Nathaniel187361:208
Pullan, Eliza P.fromWorthington, Wm. W.187359:514
Pulver, J. M.toDunten, H. C.188496:373
Pulver, Louisa N. (Et al.)toDunten, P. G.186074:388
Pulver, ShermantoDemten, H. C. & A.187670:304
Pulver, Thos. E.toDunten, H. C.188496:374
Pulvermiller, H.toStrasser, Rypert187874:512
Pulvermiller, WennettafromArmack, Dorothy187874:515
Puntney, Wm.fromMurchland, M. A.188494:437
Puntney, Wm.fromMurchland, Wm.188494:437
Puntney, Wm.toMurchland, Wm.188494:440
Purcell, Amanda L.toOrff, Esther A.187873:73
Purcell, Amanda L.fromWhite, James B.187770:61
Purcell, E. A.fromReed, Hugh B.187360:546
Purdy, Sarah A.fromHillegass, Josiah D.187349:402
Purdy, Sarah A.toPeckham, Wm.187566:157
Purdy, Sarah A.toRandall, Perry A.187565:235
Purdy, Sarah A.fromVanbuskirk, James187360:360
Purkypile, J. M.fromPierce, Geo. W.188391:532
Purman, A. A.fromBrooks, W. H.187463:63
Purman, A. A.toBrooks, Wm. H. Jr.187668:231
Purman, A. A.toClem, A. J.188289:367
Purman, A. A.fromClem, A. J.188289:489
Purman, A. A.fromClem, A. J. & S. A.188289:366
Purman, A. A.toClem, Sarah A.188289:490
Purman, A. A.toJenkinson, Isaac188079:431
Purman, A. A.toOlds, H. G.187669:52
Purman, A. A.toOlds, Henry G.187465:116
Purman, A. A.toOrk, Matilda188598:616
Purman, A. A.fromOrt, Wm.188598:612
Purman, A. A.toRodeheaver, Wm. H.187471:497
Purman, A. A. & E. E.toNuttman, J. D. Jr.188081:61
Purman, A. A. & E. E.fromSkinner, Thomasetta H.187461:429
Purman, A. A. (Comr.)toOlds, Henry G.187770:469
Purman, A. A. (Et al.)toBrokeing, M. S.187786:273
Purman, AdalinefromAllegear, D. (Et al.)188086:535
Purman, AdalinefromPurman, S. (Et al.)188086:535
Purman, AddiefromSavies, Lewis188192:148
Purman, AndrewfromOrmiston, Alex187463:572
Purman, Andrew A.toJacobs, John H.187771:37
Purman, Andrew A.fromRogers, Samuel J.187463:474
Purman, Andrew A.toRyan, Bridget187667:235
Purman, D. C.toArgo, M. E.188289:70
Purman, D. C.toDague, E. D.187874:190
Purman, D. C.toNeeller, Thos.187874:190
Purman, D. C.fromPurman, Saml.187567:173
Purman, D. C.fromWhittern, Charles187668:334
Purman, David C.fromPurman, Saml.187567:156
Purman, David C.fromRobbins, Sarah187771:100
Purman, E. E.toEdsall, Emma F.188079:381
Purman, E. E.toHanna, Alice, Jesse E., Saml. D., Horace W., Chas. H. 187772:68
Purman, E. E.toHunt, A. H.187770:411
Purman, E. E.fromWalter, Wm. B.187462:628
Purman, E. E. & A. A.toParker, Danford187978:509
Purman, Elizabeth E.fromHanna, Eliza Sr.187360:526
Purman, Elizabeth E.fromHanna, Saml. (Heirs)187360:515
Purman, Elizabeth E.fromHanna, Saml. T. (trustee)187462:180
Purman, Elizabeth E.fromHartman, Homer C.187360:542
Purman, Elizabeth E.fromHayden, Eliza187461:545
Purman, Elizabeth E.toPaine, Lemuel C.187771:443
Purman, R.fromWhittern, Chas.187667:179
Purman, RosannafromGoulds Mfg. Co.187667:409
Purman, RosannafromWilliamson, Alexander187465:417
Purman, S. & D. (Et al.)fromNuttman, J. D. Jr.187983:393
Purman, S. (Et al.)toPurman, Adaline188086:535
Purman, Saml.toArgo, M. E.187567:171
Purman, Saml.toPurman, D. C.187567:173
Purman, Saml.toPurman, David C.187567:156
Purman, SamuelfromAllegear, David188289:578
Purman, SamueltoFry, John187770:519
Purman, SamueltoGuillot, Jno.187463:100
Purman, SamueltoMarquardt, Jacob187267:274
Purman, SamuelfromRobbins, A. L. (Adm.)187566:120
Purman, SamueltoRobinson, Elizabeth187473:185
Purman, SamuelfromSmith, Wm. H.187567:41
Purman, SamuelfromSmith, Wm. H.187567:41
Purman, SamuelfromWard, Joseph G.187670:518
Purman, SamuelfromWard, L. S.187567:41
Purman, SamuelfromWilliamson, Alexander187567:92
Purmann, A. A.fromStevens, Wm. & Ephraim187464:38
Purmon, AddiefromNorris, Julia A188293:12
Pursell, Amanda L.fromClutter, Ryan187464:30
Pursell, Amanda L.toPatterson, Stephen L.187565:159
Pursell, Amanda L.toRoss, James P.187667:340
Pursell, E. A.toClutter, Riam187463:611
Puterbaugh, Geo.fromState of Indiana184486:53
Puterbaugh, Geo. fromState of Indiana184494:286
Puterbaugh, Geo.fromState of Indiana184487:318
Puterbaugh, Geo.fromState of Indiana184488:307
Putman, RosannafromRobinson, Elizabeth187773:184
Putt, ElizabethfromHartman, Isaac188497:8
Putt, Wm.toWinters, Peter188597:460
Putz, JacobfromBalow, Jno.188288:445

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