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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Rea, Geo. N.fromKuentzel, F. J.188288:103
Read, A. J.toFee, Lucretia187669:531
Read, A. J.fromFee, Thomas W.187669:530
Read, Abbie W.fromWebster, B. H.187874:242
Read, H. A.toDroegemeyer, Wilhelmena187978:438
Read, Henry A.fromHomung, George187976:130
Read, J. M.fromRead, Moses187463:238
Read, James G. (Heirs)toRandall, Mary J.186962:288
Read, James M.toBeasley, Edmund187461:344
Read, James M.toBohn, Benjamin E.187772:345
Read, James M.toFlick, Clara Belle188079:459
Read, James M.toPhelp's, Abbie W.187271:499
Read, James M.toRauch, Abraham J.187361:267
Read, James M.toSchmidt, Frederick187359:441
Read, James M.fromSheriff187873:197
Read, James M.toSmith, Annie A.187873:98
Read, James M.fromSmith, William187873:101
Read, James M.toWebster, Benjamin H.187873:458
Read, Jas. M.toRead, Jas. M. Jr.188598:140
Read, Jas. M.toTessier, Yoes.188081:459
Read, Jas. M.fromVanHorn, John187772:353
Read, Jas. M. Jr.fromRead, Jas. M.188598:140
Read, MaryfromRandall, F. P.188496:288
Read, Mary E.fromSteevens, Eleanor188495:544
Read, MosestoRead, J. M.187463:238
Read, Thomas L.toSmith, William A.188080:147
Read, Thos. L.fromMcLaughlin, Mary187771:119
Read, Thos. L.fromMcLaughlin, Michael187771:119
Reading, Anna (Et al.)toHake, Frank188390:547
Ready, IsabellatoWedderstrand, Theodore187566:337
Ready, Isabelle (Et al.)toWesemann, Wm.187976:550
Ream, Jos. G.toKnepper, Margaret188183:155
Ream, Joseph G.fromHunt, Charles E.187876:144
Rear, MargaretfromNinde, J. W. (Et al.)188598:560
Rear, MargaretfromSwayne, S. F. (Et al.)188598:560
Rear, MargaretfromVesey, Wm. J. (Coms.)188393:44
Rear, NicholastoSwayne, S. F. & M. C.188597:578
Rearick, PaulinafromParks, Joseph187463:580
Rearick, PaulinafromReed, Enos187098:575
Rearick, ReubentoMaxwell, G. W.188598:576
Reaser, MaryfromCommissioners by Partition188081:416
Reaser, MletoSharp, Lewis P.188082:86
Rebber, G. H. F.fromHartzell, Mary (Et al.)188183:450
Rebber, G. H. F.fromNull, Susan (Et al.)188183:450
Rebber, G. H. F.fromShilling, Jennie (Et al.)188183:450
Rebber, HenryfromBurgess, Henry188183:93
Rechenberger, R.fromPickard, Thos. R.187379:401
Rechenberger, RudolphtoSchmidt, Jno. C. F. W.188079:430
Reckard, Laura J.toSpangler, Nancy187772:61
Reckard, Laura J.fromSpangler, Nancy187773:218
Reckard, LauyatoSpangler, Nancy187773:348
Recter, D.fromKraft, M. (Et al.)188286:000
Reddin, D. L. D.toReddin, F. M.187472:200
Reddin, F. M.fromReddin, D. L. D.187472:200
Reddin, IsaiahfromReddin, W. T.188390:371
Reddin, IsaiahtoSchoonover, Wm.188286:584
Reddin, IsaiotfromReddin, Wm. J.187669:43
Reddin, IsaiottoReddin, Wm. J.187669:44
Reddin, MadisontoReddin, Wm. J.187360:332
Reddin, S. Q.toJackson, J. H.187976:330
Reddin, W. T.toReddin, Isaiah188390:371
Reddin, Wm. J.fromJackson, Elizabeth J.187669:45
Reddin, Wm. J.toJackson, Elizabeth J.187669:46
Reddin, Wm. J.fromReddin, Isaiot187669:44
Reddin, Wm. J.toReddin, Isaiot187669:43
Reddin, Wm. J.fromReddin, Madison187360:332
Redding, Geo.toRedding, J. S.188494:615
Redding, GeorgetoRedding, Jos. S.187979:461
Redding, J. F.toWallick, Henry188182:403
Redding, J. S.fromRedding, Geo.188494:615
Redding, Jos. S.fromRedding, George187979:461
Redeker, Chas. D.toBlaisdell, P. O.187462:319
Redeloheimer, D. S.fromHemphill, Ann M.188082:396
Redeloheiner, D. S.fromBrandeberry, Geo. W.188182:397
Redelscheimer, D. S.toMcGovern, S.188498:420
Redelsheimer, D. S.fromBrock, R. C. H.188495:316
Redelsheimer, D. S.toBrooks, Henry188494:354
Redelsheimer, D. S.fromBrooks, Henry188598:537
Redelsheimer, D. S.fromFort Wayne Nat. Bank188286:555
Redelsheimer, D. S.toPratt, B.187874:401
Redelsheimer, D. S.fromScar, Adam188184:101
Redelsheimer, D. S.fromShank, H. A. (Et al.)188395:310
Redelsheimer, D. S.fromStults, C. E. (Et al.)188288:94
Redelsheimer, D. S.fromWalker, J. (Et al.)188288:94
Redelsheimer, D. S. (Er al.)fromStruthers, Jno.188182:295
Redelsheimer, D. T.fromHoffman, Christian188184:102
Redelshermer, D. S.toMonroe Tp.188599:41
Redelshimer, D. S.fromBall, Saml. L.188391:313
Reder, HariettoZoller, Valentine188494:173
Redetzke, JohannfromPickard, Thomas R.187672:374
Redilsheimer, David S.fromBoltz, Ferdinand T.187461:424
Reed, A. E.toThompson, H. F.188599:105
Reed, Chas. O.fromDoup, E. R.186972:94
Reed, Daniel (et al.)toFleming, Wm.186670:216
Reed, EnostoRearick, Paulina187098:575
Reed, FredtoDeck, Jno.188287:121
Reed, Geo. W.toJacoby, Lewis H.187363:508
Reed, Geo. W. (Et al.)toDobbins, H. J.188598:524
Reed, H. & B.toMiller, E. V.188083:484
Reed, H. B.fromBierbaum, Wm. 188599:214
Reed, H. B.toBierbaum, Wm.188599:214
Reed, H. B.fromBrunner, Comelius187377:282
Reed, H. B.toBundy, Joseph188494:425
Reed, H. B.toDouglass, Urcilla187569:15
Reed, H. B.toHarding, Fredrich187465:143
Reed, H. B.toHessert, Bernhard187473:354
Reed, H. B.fromLocke, Josiah188399:24
Reed, H. B.toMaddax, Geo.187683:262
Reed, H. B.toMaddax, W. A.187491:420
Reed, H. B.toRandall, Mary J.188495:194
Reed, H. B.toRoy, Adile187572:201
Reed, H. B.fromSheriff188184:481
Reed, H. B.fromSheriff188597:523
Reed, H. B.fromShunk, Mary M.188495:533
Reed, Hugh B.toBarber, Mary187471:342
Reed, Hugh B.toBass, John H.187364:369
Reed, Hugh B.toBrunner, Cornelius187360:237
Reed, Hugh B.toBrunner, Cornelius187360:46
Reed, Hugh B.toCarray, B. A.187367:261
Reed, Hugh B.toCorcoran, Thos.187360:7
Reed, Hugh B.toDeVaux, Louis187361:39
Reed, Hugh B.toDiether, Wm. A.188393:242
Reed, Hugh B.toGerlach, Jacob187358:396
Reed, Hugh B.toHessert, Bernhard187980:602
Reed, Hugh B.toHoffman, A. E. & W. H.187978:446
Reed, Hugh B.fromLindenwood Cemetry186177:489
Reed, Hugh B.toMiller, Ernst188080:230
Reed, Hugh B.toMorris, John187071:40
Reed, Hugh B.toPohlman, Christian187358:403
Reed, Hugh B.toPurcell, E. A.187360:546
Reed, Hugh B.toShunk, Mary M.187668:105
Reed, Hugh B.fromThompson, Bryon S.187349:420
Reed, J. E.fromWhan, Jos.188392:265
Reed, J. M.fromTaylor, I N.188393:217
Reed, Jas. M.fromBohn, B. E.187881:458
Reed, JenniefromCary, Melunethon188191:19
Reed, JennietoMiller, W. H.188393:116
Reed, Jennie E.toMonahan, Michael188496:157
Reed, Jno.toDeventer, Louisa187993:343
Reed, Jno. J. & A.fromVangier, Xavier188393:420
Reed, JohnfromSheriff187360:230
Reed, JohntoStewart, A. C.187978:465
Reed, Laura V.toGreek, Wm. T.187891:68
Reed, Laura V. (Et al.)toGreek, Wm. T.187991:70
Reed, MargarettoJames, W. & M.188287:387
Reed, MargarettoRodenbeck, Fred187771:231
Reed, MargarettoRodenbeck, Frederick187668:415
Reed, Mary M.fromHasty, Clara187772:141
Reed, MatildafromSargent, John187770:468
Reed, N. C.toRich, Byrom187979:36
Reed, S. IrwinfromNeed, Catharine187772:507
Reed, SarahtoErizson, Wm. H.187882:17
Reed, Sylvanus D.toBrindle, Daniel187358:493
Reed, Sylvanus D.toBrindle, Daniel187462:183
Reed, Sylvanus D.fromBrindle, Daniel187464:455
Reed, Sylvanus D.fromFoulks, Milton C.187365:55
Reed, Sylvanus D.toSmith, Finley187564:456
Reed, Thos. L.fromReed, Wm. B.188495:230
Reed, V. R.toReed, Wm. B.188495:229
Reed, Violett R.fromBrackenridge, J. (Et al.)188080:135
Reed, Violett R.fromZollar, Allen (Et al.)188080:135
Reed, W. B. (Adm.)toBoeuf, Octova187976:71
Reed, WesleytoWatters, Mary A.187565:50
Reed, WilliamfromBrackenridge, Joseph187772:272
Reed, Wm. B.toBlessing, Peter187265:60
Reed, Wm. B.toBrackenridge, Jos.187772:532
Reed, Wm. B.toHofmeyer, Caroline187564:468
Reed, Wm. B.toReed, Thos. L.188495:230
Reed, Wm. B.fromReed, V. R.188495:229
Reed, Wm. B.toZollars, Allen187772:532
Reed, Wm. B. (Ex.)toBeckman, Edward188082:194
Reedeloheimer, DavidfromSheriff188082:393
Reeder, Jno.toWoodruff, Ellen188495:450
Reeder, JohnfromHoover, Margaret188391:89
Reeder, William I.toKeplinger, A. M.187278:99
Reeds, O. L.fromPlat of Rau's sub. Div.187995:114
Reehling, ConradfromForbing, Jno.188597:528
Reehling, J. J.fromReehling, P. J.188287:115
Reehling, P. J.toReehling, J. J.188287:115
Reehling, Philipp J.toReehling, Sophie188289:254
Reehling, SophietoGlaser, E. F.188289:212
Reehling, SophiefromRapp, C. F.188288:46
Reehling, SophiefromReehling, Philipp J.188289:254
Reemer, EmmafromCollins, L. D.187874:73
Reeps, Chas. F.fromBond, Chas. E. (Et al.)188496:328
Rees, JacobfromWarner, Jno.187668:253
Rees, JacobtoWarner, John187979:135
Reese, D.toLesh, J.187363:235
Reese, DavidtoStraughan, C. J.186274:429
Reffelt, MaryfromJacoby, Geo.187566:112
Reffelt, MaryfromLangard, Joseph187361:412
Reffelt, MaryfromWiegand, S.187566:112
Reffelt, Mary & Wm. R.toJacoby & Wiegand187564:521
Regedanz, ChastoRowe, Melissa187977:23
Regedanz, Chas.fromGriebet, Lewis188392:149
Regedanz, Chas.fromKoenig, Helena188391:324
Regedanz, Chas.toWinter, Fred188392:266
Regedanz, ChristianfromWilliams, E. P.187669:32
Rehling, ErnstfromDasler, Henry188496:272
Rehling, ErnstfromRehling, Henry188185:590
Rehling, ErnsttoSchwehn, Jno.188183:33
Rehling, HenrytoRehling, Ernst188185:590
Rehling, J. H.toKoepf, C.188082:555
Rehling, TheresafromHayden, F. J.188287:146
Rehm, ChristianfromRockhill, Wm.185296:101
Rehm, DanielfromBuhr, Henry Sr.188081:145
Rehm, HermanfromSwinney, Rhesa. (Ex.)188495:460
Rehm, Jno. (By will)toRehm, Sophia188184:554
Rehm, John (Dec. Will of)to188184:554
Rehm, SamueltoMiller, Lydia188184:77
Rehm, SophiafromRehm, Jno. (By will)188184:554
Rehnen, M. A.fromRehnen, Urich (by will)187476:545
Rehnen, Urich (by will)toRehnen, M. A.187476:545
Rehner, B.toDiedier, Victorine188079:296
Rehner, BernardfromDidier, V. & J. C.188079:241
Rehorst, FredfromHayden, E. H.188391:334
Rehorst, FrederickfromKoepf, Jacob187771:363
Rehorst, Fredk.toWenter, Christian187360:129
Rehrer, HarrietfromWentworth, Oliver M.187771:276
Rehrer, Thos.fromBond, H. R. (Et al.)188289:228
Rehrer, Thos.fromEquitable Trust Co. (Et al.)188289:228
Reich, StanfordfromFairfield, James M.187565:404
Reichard, A. P.toDiebold, Jos.188184:532
Reichard, A. P.fromKramer, Barbara (Et al.)187873:153
Reichard, A. P.fromMettler, Catherine (Et al.)187873:153
Reichard, A. P.fromShilling, Elizabeth (Et al.)187873:153
Reichard, A. P.fromWike, Theressa (Et al.)187873:153
Reichard, A. P. (Et al.)toSchuhler, John187873:216
Reichard, Andrew P.fromDiebold, Joseph (Et al.)187873:153
Reichards, CatharinefromHanna, Henry C.187465:507
Reichelder, Chas.toHenderson, James A.187362:63
Reichelderfer, A.fromPattee, T. A.188084:473
Reichelderfer, ArontoCummins, J. D.188290:268
Reichelderfer, C. & W. A.fromWhite, James B.187770:352
Reichelderfer, CharlestoReichelderfer, John D.187565:267
Reichelderfer, Chas.fromGoldsmith, James187462:156
Reichelderfer, Chas.toHarding, Jno. H.188082:501
Reichelderfer, Chas.toHood, Thomas187361:179
Reichelderfer, Chas.toHood, Thomas187462:229
Reichelderfer, Chas.toRupe, Emanuel186561:271
Reichelderfer, Chas.toSkellinger, Celia187362:100
Reichelderfer, Chas.toWait, Hester187979:65
Reichelderfer, E.toGrice, J. V. and Snyder, F. T.187873:513
Reichelderfer, ElihuetoGrice, J. V.187976:547
Reichelderfer, ElihuetoSnyder, F. T.187976:547
Reichelderfer, J. D.toShutt, Daniel188393:222
Reichelderfer, J. D. (Et al.)toMarkel, E.185088:157
Reichelderfer, John D.fromCosgrove, F. K.187360:254
Reichelderfer, John D.fromElson, Wm. H.187461:548
Reichelderfer, John D.fromParent, Hiram J.187359:555
Reichelderfer, John D.fromReichelderfer, Charles187565:267
Reichelderfer, John D.toWiddefield, Mordecai187359:580
Reichelderfer, L.fromSnyder, F. T.188082:250
Reichelderfer, LewistoCosgrove, F. K.185576:65
Reichelderfer, LewistoEckles, Nathan P.187780:180
Reichelderfer, LewistoElliott, Almira187463:429
Reichelderfer, LewistoPlatter, Geo. J.187463:313
Reichelderfer, LewistoReichelderfer, W. A.188494:548
Reichelderfer, LewistoWeaver, James G.187469:251
Reichelderfer, LouistoKerns, Jno. H.188495:493
Reichelderfer, LouistoPreston, Ann N.187359:357
Reichelderfer, LouistoRoberts, Elizabeth187360:405
Reichelderfer, W. A. toGrice, J. V. and Snyder, F. T.187873:513
Reichelderfer, W. A.fromReichelderfer, Lewis188494:548
Reicheldfer, L.fromGrice, Jesse (Et al.)188082:250
Reid, Adam D.fromDidier, Thiebaut187566:350
Reid, Adam D.toEdgerton, Joseph K.187564:520
Reid, JohnfromHanna, Charles187462:217
Reid, MargaretfromGass, Joseph P.187164:334
Reid, Rodantha J.fromDidier, Thiebaut187566:349
Reid, Sylvanus D.fromMoynihan, John187360:402
Reidel, Geo.fromMeyer, Chas.187360:587
Reidel, Geo.fromReidel, John187360:587
Reidel, Geo.toStrasser, Robert187771:504
Reidel, Geo. (Et al.)toReidel, John187383:203
Reidel, Jno.fromMeyer, Chas. (Et al.)187383:203
Reidel, JohntoReidel, Geo.187360:587
Reidel, JohnfromReidel, Geo. (Et al.)187383:203
Reidmiller, J. M.fromBrackenridge, Jos.187669:293
Reidmiller, J. M.toHommerly, C.187669:189
Reidmiller, J. W.toLahmeyer, J. C.187770:17
Reidmiller, Jno. M.toKeefer, Geo. & Christian187565:259
Reidmiller, Jno. M. (Adm.)toLindenberg, Fred188495:90
Reidmiller, John M.fromBrackenridge, Jos.187669:166
Reidt, John H.toMonning, Henry187359:436
Reieman, Sylvester D.fromCreditor, Edward H.187465:16
Reier, ConradfromSpooner, B. J. (Coms.)187977:366
Reihling, P. J.toHildebrandt, F.188184:5
Reiler, Geo.toLewis, Jonathan188289:402
Reiling, A. W. (et al.)toKoehlinger, Philip187669:58
Reilley, Jno. E.fromComelius, Jno.188496:350
Reilly, PeterfromBeegan, Eliza188494:617
Reilly, PetertoEdwards, Frank188598:623
Reiman, Jennie A.toAntrup, F. W.187772:32
Reiman, Sylvester D.fromSheriff187465:22
Reinehart, SarahtoHalsey, Jacob W.187565:462
Reineke, F. J.toGould, Jas. P.188183:233
Reineke, F. J.fromGraham, J. E. (Assignee)187883:232
Reineke, F. J. (Et al.)fromHutchins, Thos. J.188598:71
Reinewald, J. M.fromReinewald, Wm.188598:494
Reinewald, Jno. M.toReinewald, Wm. & L.188598:516
Reinewald, Wm.toReinewald, J. M.188598:494
Reinewald, Wm. & L.fromReinewald, Jno. M.188598:516
Reinhard, MathiasfromHaarselhorst, H. G.187873:22
Reinhardt, M.toJones, C. C.188289:578
Reinhold, GeorgefromMyers, Saloma L.187772:337
Reinhold, Wm.fromBeasley, Wm.187565:200
Reiniche, F.toGerard, Felicia187874:43
Reinicke, FrancesfromSheriff187771:138
Reinkensmeier, C.toBeverferden, Johanna188079:572
Reinkensmeier, C.fromBeverforden, August187977:252
Reinkig, E. G.fromStauffer, Gottlieb188494:582
Reinking, CarolinetoAhrens, Henry188597:241
Reinking, ConradfromHanna, Thomas J.187359:595
Reinking, ConradfromPickard, Thos. R.187359:596
Reinking, ConradtoReinking, E. Y.187976:556
Reinking, Conrad F.toKonig, E. A. & A. S. H. O.187565:611
Reinking, E. Y.fromReinking, Conrad187976:556
Reinking, F.fromPoston, E. W.187566:166
Reinking, F.toTigges, E. W.188081:271
Reinking, FerdinandfromWhite, James B.187360:347
Reinking, FredtoNeimann, G. (Et al.)188290:22
Reinking, FrederickfromWallew, C. E.187667:298
Reinking, Wm. (Et al.)fromAhrens, Henry188597:292
Reis, Philip A.fromKing, Chas. A. (et al.)187669:20
Reisdon, AlthatoMathias, D. W.187564:531
Reitcha, SamueltoHood, Thomas187565:130
Reiter, ChristinatoBrocking, Chas.188494:424
Reiter, ChristinatoBrocking, Chas.188498:117
Reiter, D.fromBrockmeyer, Wm. (Et al.)188286:564
Reiter, D.fromSchoppman, E. (Et al.)188286:564
Reiter, D. (Et al.)toHeitzman, Fred188182:418
Reiter, F. (Et al.)toMoellering, Wm.188390:590
Reiter, F. W.fromHuestis, A. C.188288:538
Reiter, FrederickfromCrawford, W.188392:228
Reiter, FredericktoEllison, T. E.188392:231
Reiter, FrederickfromEllison, Thos. E.188392:231
Reiter, FrederickfromSudbring, Wm.188392:229
Reiter, Fredk. Jr.fromSudbring, Wm.187565:426
Reiter, Geo.fromBrown, Jane188289:401
Reiter, Geo.fromCarr, Lucy188287:238
Reiter, Geo.fromHolbrook, E.188287:325
Reiter, Geo.toLehman, J. Sr.188287:239
Reiter, Geo.fromSmith, Anson188287:324
Reiter, Jno.toReiter, Wm.188495:469
Reiter, Jno. & SophiafromReiter, Wm.188495:470
Reiter, Jno. F.fromOlds, Henry G.188393:570
Reiter, JohntoPisana, Sophia187361:54
Reiter, JohnfromPisano, Martin187361:53
Reiter, MagdalenefromLang, Joseph187670:383
Reiter, MaryfromAllen County188392:209
Reiter, MaryfromCounty Commissioners Allen Co.188392:209
Reiter, MaryfromRawles, F. W. (Coms.)188392:230
Reiter, W. S.fromEquitable Trust Co.188597:376
Reiter, Wm.fromReiter, Jno.188495:469
Reiter, Wm.toReiter, Jno. & Sophia188495:470
Reiter, Wm.fromSwinney, Rhesa (Ex.)188496:160
Reiter, Wm. (Et al.)toHitzeman, Fred187595:205
Reiter, Wm. Rippe, ChristiantoHitzman, Frederick187565:508
Reithmiller, Aug.toStocks, Margaret188597:278
Reithmiller, AugustfromStocks, Wm.188597:278
Reithmiller, G. Sr. (Et al.)fromScheiman, E. (Et al.)188393:144
Reithmiller, Gay (Et al.)fromHelmkamp, H. (Et al.)188393:144
Reithmiller, Geo. Sr. (Et al.)fromGlass, Emery (Et al.)188393:144
Reitze, GertrudefromReitze, Wm. F.188080:327
Reitze, GertrudefromZoller, Geo. 187362:322
Reitze, TobiasfromHelmkamp, Henry187360:387
Reitze, TobiastoReitze, Wm. F.187463:272
Reitze, TobiastoReitze, Wm. T.187669:97
Reitze, TobiastoZoller, Geo.187462:321
Reitze, Wm. F.toBond, L. A.188080:595
Reitze, Wm. F.fromCoombs, Ann187874:117
Reitze, Wm. F.toReitze, Gertrude188080:327
Reitze, Wm. F.fromReitze, Tobias187463:272
Reitze, Wm. F.fromSithens, Stephen187874:117
Reitze, Wm. T.fromReitze, Tobias187669:97
Rekers, B. J.toSchrwants, Adella188392:96
Rekers, B. Jno.fromRekers, Maria185298:169
Rekers, Bernard J.toCook, Margaret M.187360:309
Rekers, C. A Sr.toRekers, F. H. M.188291:178
Rekers, C. A.fromChristen, B. (Et al.)188083:354
Rekers, C. A.fromChristen, B. (Et al.)188083:354
Rekers, C. A.fromGlutting, E. F. (Et al.)188083:354
Rekers, C. A.fromJocquel, P. (Et al.)188083:354
Rekers, C. A.toMcCartney, Jno.188392:260
Rekers, C. A.toMeyer, Diedrich188289:257
Rekers, C. A.toPeters, J. C.188083:355
Rekers, C. A.toRekers, H. B.188185:45
Rekers, C. A. & M. M.fromRekers, H. B.188185:46
Rekers, F. H. M.fromRekers, C. A Sr.188291:178
Rekers, F. H. M.toRekers, Mary M.188291:178
Rekers, H. B.fromRekers, C. A.188185:45
Rekers, H. B.toRekers, C. A. & M. M.188185:46
Rekers, MariatoRekers, B. Jno.185298:169
Rekers, Mary M.fromRekers, F. H. M.188291:178
Rekeway, D.toPaul, H. C.187667:375
Rekeway, D.fromPaul, H. C.187667:376
Rekeway, DiederickfromKing, C. A. & F. J.187361:134
Rekeway, Wm.toMeyer, Dorette187287:566
Rekeweg, D.fromVandefan, C. J.188289:579
Rekeweg, Wm.fromSchafer, Wm.187978:125
Rekewey, D.toRowan, J. & B. A.188390:556
Remer, Emma (Et al.)toKelsey, J. H.187977:132
Remers, JohnfromTagtmeyer, Christian188079:313
Remerss, Jno.toTagtmeyer, Henrietta188082:108
Remington, E. H.fromEveringham, J. J.187771:170
Remington, E. H.toEveringham, L. A.187773:271
Remmel, A. C.toBleekman, H.188185:191
Remmel, A. C.fromBlyler, Daniel187358:545
Remmel, A. C.fromBurgess, Henry187358:556
Remmel, A. C.toEmpie, Wm. B.187975:505
Remmel, A. C.toFletcher, C. C.187770:98
Remmel, A. C.fromHanna, Chas.187358:555
Remmel, A. C.toKnoche, Peter188185:369
Remmel, A. C.toMencke, J. H.187771:263
Remmel, A. C.fromNewberger, Louis187465:547
Remmel, A. C.fromSnow, Isaac B.187565:457
Remmel, A. C.toStaley, Mary A.187779:477
Remmel, A. C. & H. L.fromBittinger, George L.187669:459
Remmel, A. C. & H. L.fromCraw, Edward L.187669:483
Remmel, A. C. & H. L.fromCraw, Edward L.187669:482
Remmel, A. C. & H. L.toEmpie, Wm. B.187975:504
Remmel, A. C. & H. L.fromHoke, Geo. W.187669:459
Remmel, A. E.toRoth, Fred188080:471
Remmel, Ada E.fromCunningham, John C.188080:251
Remmel, Aug. C.toFrederickson, Genora M.187772:421
Remmel, AugustfromJenkinson, Emma187667:370
Remmel, Augustus C.toEmoire, Wm. B.187360:147
Remmel, Augustus C.toRemmel, Caleb L.187360:205
Remmel, Augustus C.toRemmel, Harmon L.187360:205
Remmel, Augustus C.fromTrustees St. Luthern Ch.187360:146
Remmel, Augustus C. (Et al.)toHamlin, Danl. W.187874:414
Remmel, Augustus C. (Et al.)toPacker, John C.187874:415
Remmel, C. L.toHirsch, L.188597:147
Remmel, C. L.toRemmel, G. L.188494:564
Remmel, Caleb L.fromRemmel, Augustus C.187360:205
Remmel, G. L.fromBleekman, H. & J.188494:565
Remmel, G. L.fromRemmel, C. L.188494:564
Remmel, H. L.toEmpie, Wm. B.187975:503
Remmel, H. L.fromFrederickson, John187668:362
Remmel, H. L.toMencke, J. H.187771:263
Remmel, Harmon L.toEmpire, Louisa R.187360:233
Remmel, Harmon L.fromJenkinson, Emma187668:370
Remmel, Harmon L.fromRemmel, Augustus C.187360:205
Remmell, Harmon L.fromCummings, T. J. T.187359:571
Remmert, C. M. (Et al.)toKoester, Jno.188496:485
Remmert, Caroline M.fromKoester, John187873:132
Remmert, H.fromSpellman, E. B.187566:163
Remmert, HermanfromSheriff187976:236
Remschneider, HenryfromBurton, Horatio A.187349:430
Remus, JuliusfromLopes, C. H.185599:61
Remus, JuliustoMoellering, Wm.188499:186
Remus, JuliusfromPaul, H. C.188495:11
Remus, JuliusfromSheriff188184:317
Remy, Hedges & WalterfromHolland, Mary A.187566:264
Renfen, Robt. G.fromGass, Joseph P.187361:148
Renfrew, R. G.toFuchshuber, J. S. (Et al.)188290:226
Rengeth, MichaelfromBurgess, Henry187566:204
Renille, PhilomenetoWhittern, Nelson188494:56
Renn, Jno.fromBenninghoff, B. (Et al.)188290:46
Renn, Jno.fromBoger, Lydia A.188497:101
Renn, JohnfromBoger, Samuel (Et al.)188292:243
Renn, JohnfromBoger, Wm. F.188292:245
Renn, JohnfromFriese, Amos (Et al.)188292:243
Renn, JohnfromJulian, Susannah (Et al.)188392:245
Renn, JohnfromPerkins, Lewis (Et al.)188292:243
Renn, JohnfromSnyder, Safara (Et al.)188292:242
Renn, JohnfromWebb, James (Et al.)188292:240
Renn, Mary A.toLemon, John S.187770:59
Rentschler, DavidtoBashelier, Hennetta187873:208
Rentschler, HarrietfromBashelier, Hannetta187875:183
Renz, AdamtoHumphrey, Jno. M.187566:553
Renz, H. H. (Et al.)toColter, Jacob (Et al.)188494:105
Reosler, AgathafromHarber, Nicholas187873:479
Repe, Mary & Petegniey, TtoPetegniey, Peter187463:582
Repmeire, M. A.fromUnited States183787:369
Repp, PeterfromGruber, Henry187367:291
Repp, PetertoOberholtzer, S.187377:48
Repp, PeterfromZeis, Christopher186177:110
Reppa, ChristiantoReppa, Christian H.187564:391
Reppa, Christian H.fromReppa, Christian187564:391
Reppert, LouistoNestle, Harriet187165:232
Requa, A. C.toShaffer, Jno.187568:292
Reuffing, PeterfromEdgerton, Joseph K.187463:544
Reuille, AdolphusfromReuille, John C.187361:223
Reuille, John C.toReuille, Adolphus187361:223
Reuille, JosephfromBowser, Jacob C.187462:65
Reuille, Jospeh & CatharinefromMartin, Charles (et al.)187566:325
Reuille, JulesfromReuille, P.187873:590
Reuille, JulestoReuille, Philomena187772:449
Reuille, JulesfromReuille, Philomena187772:355
Reuille, Jules H.fromCentlivre, C. L.187463:349
Reuille, Jules H.fromLantz, Ellen, L.187872:524
Reuille, Jules H.fromReuille, Philomene187873:544
Reuille, Jules H.toReuille, Philomene187873:543
Reuille, Jules H.fromSweet, Warren187875:424
Reuille, Jules H.toWhittron, Charles187979:127
Reuille, P.toReuille, Jules187873:590
Reuille, PhilomenafromReuille, Jules187772:449
Reuille, PhilomenatoReuille, Jules187772:355
Reuille, PhilomenetoReuille, Jules H.187873:544
Reuille, PhilomenefromReuille, Jules H.187873:543
Reuss, J. B.fromLinker, Henry E.187566:503
Reuss, Jno. B.fromEckart, F. & wife187566:503
Revert, HenryfromFitzgerald, Mary B. (Et al.)188079:311
Revert, HenryfromHerbt, George (Et al.)188079:311
Revert, MarytoSchlatter, Jos.187978:456
Reville, Jules H.fromFinnon, Edward187669:165
Reynold, LevitoMathias, D. W.187566:86
Reynolds, F. B.toCharters, L. W.188082:354
Reynolds, F. B.fromCharters, L. W.188183:362
Reynolds, F. B.toKinsey, K. W. (Et al.)188183:364
Reynolds, F. B.fromMackey, Jas.188082:352
Reynolds, G. M.fromRidenour, Sarah188391:580
Reynolds, G. M.fromWickwire, Chas. W.188391:581
Reynolds, JanefromAug, Mary (Et al.)188184:436
Reynolds, JanetoMiller, N. H. Jr.188287:273
Reynolds, JanefromNesbst, Jas. M.187773:146
Reynolds, JanefromRovo, Daniel A.188182:387
Reynolds, LevitoMathias, D. W.187564:541
Reynolds, LevitoMcMurphy, Moses187361:155
Reynolds, LevifromReynolds, Wm.187361:158
Reynolds, LevifromSims, Barnet187463:11
Reynolds, NewtonfromJohnson, David A.187359:545
Reynolds, T. B.fromCharters, L. W.188183:362
Reynolds, T. B.fromHolcolm, Jas. E.187875:391
Reynolds, T. B.fromMackey, Jas.187983:345
Reynolds, Thomas B.toPittinger, Amanda187975:396
Reynolds, Thos. B.toBauer, Peter187875:353
Reynolds, Thos. B.fromDevoe, Elijah187875:352
Reynolds, Wm.toReynolds, Levi187361:158
Reynolds, Wm. & J.toBolyard, E. E.188185:65
Reynolds. John W.fromGodown, John M.187360:176
Reynor, J. L.toBorgert, Jno. B.187566:3

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