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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Riblet, John P. K.fromKenan, Alvin187876:128
Rice, B. F.fromByers, Jonathan188081:338
Rice, B. F.fromByers, Thomas J.187668:483
Rice, B. F.fromCameron, Malinda188183:388
Rice, B. F.fromCameron, Malinda188183:388
Rice, B. F.fromEdsall, Simon188184:462
Rice, B. F.fromHickman, Joseph187667:473
Rice, B. F. & M.fromEvans, B. B.188599:35
Rice, Geo. W.fromBell, Robt. C. Comr.187565:83
Rice, Geo. W.fromKeller, J. L.187978:329
Rice, HarveyfromRice, Russell187568:270
Rice, Hiram S.toGrove, David187461:493
Rice, JoanatoAustin, Louisa187771:362
Rice, MaryfromHickox, W. S. (Et al.)187279:540
Rice, MaryfromMowry, I. N. (Et al.)187279:540
Rice, RusselltoRice, Harvey187568:270
Rice, Wm. P.toPeckham, A.187977:197
Rice, Wm. P.toPeckham, A.187977:198
Rice, Wm. P.fromPeckham, Joseph187468:75
Rice, Wm. P.fromSheriff187771:396
Rich, Benj.fromAndrews, T. M.187166:36
Rich, ByromfromReed, N. C.187979:36
Rich, EdiomtoWalker, Leonard S.188081:526
Rich, EdwinfromRich, Sanford188080:202
Rich, Jos.fromKelsey, J. T.187463:200
Rich, Jos.fromKelsey, J. T.187463:202
Rich, JosephtoKelsey, Eliza187669:183
Rich, JosephfromSheriff186669:185
Rich, S. & Wm.fromSwayne, S. F. (Coms.)187976:527
Rich, SanfordtoAustin, Chas. B.187669:505
Rich, SanfordtoHanson, Joseph188080:434
Rich, SanfordfromMiller, Charlotte187873:475
Rich, SanfordtoRich, Edwin188080:202
Rich, SanfordfromRich, Wm.187977:226
Rich, Wm.fromArnold, A. W.188081:315
Rich, Wm.toRich, Sanford187977:226
Rich, Wm.toSwayne, S. F.188081:316
Richa, SilastoRicha, Wm/ H.187463:359
Richa, Wm/ H.fromRicha, Silas187463:359
Richard, A. P.fromDiebold, Henry188079:360
Richard, C. E.fromRichard, Henry L.187976:389
Richard, Chas. E.toBotteron, F. L.187976:388
Richard, DavidfromPickard, Thos. R.187360:520
Richard, ElifromRichard, Elizabeth (et al.) 187772:454
Richard, Eli.fromSavoit, Hannah (et al.)187772:454
Richard, ElizabethtoGirardot, Louis Sr.188079:428
Richard, Elizabeth (et al.) toRichard, Eli187772:454
Richard, ElyfromAlderman, Frank188391:452
Richard, Henry L.toRichard, C. E.187976:389
Richard, J. L.fromDaunenfelser, C.188287:386
Richard, Jno.fromRichards, Jno. M.188182:474
Richard, JohnfromJamey, Francis187360:421
Richards, Allen & AlfredfromRichards, Jno.188079:272
Richards, Allen & AlfredfromRichards, Mary J.187179:271
Richards, Allen & AlfredfromRichards, Smith186879:270
Richards, C. & Waggmer, A. E.fromMethley, John188080:188
Richards, DavidtoMiller, M. H.187669:114
Richards, E.fromEmenhiser, Stephen188288:405
Richards, ElizabethfromLadig, Nicholas186360:480
Richards, Henry & ElifromAmmons, Barbary187461:516
Richards, James L.fromBurgess, Henry187568:185
Richards, Jno.toRichards, Allen & Alfred188079:272
Richards, Jno. M.toRichard, Jno.188182:474
Richards, Mary J.toRichards, Allen & Alfred187179:271
Richards, SmithfromDresback, Isaac187875:376
Richards, SmithtoRichards, Allen & Alfred186879:270
Richards, Sophia B.fromBullard, Geo.187873:527
Richards, Sophia B.fromBullard, Geo.187873:527
Richards, WilliamfromPotter, James187770:345
Richardson, Jno. H. (et al.)toSalone, Charles187667:391
Richardson, MarthafromSmith, J. McNutt187778:202
Richardson, T. A. & SamanthafromKaough, William187976:450
Richardson, T. B. & SamanthafromPaulus, Frank D. (Et al.)187976:450
Richardson, Thos. A.toHubler, M. M.188081:181
Richart & DalmanfromBarrett, James (heirs)186962:505
Richer, C. (Et al.)toSchwartz, Jno.188183:3
Richey, AmosfromArcher, J. H.187463:111
Richey, LemueltoGeiger, Wm. A.187770:178
Richey, LemueltoGeiger, Wm. A.187772:4
Richey, LemuelfromSine, Amos187771:299
Richey, Lemuel & LaviniafromSine, Amos & Elizabeth187464:202
Richey, Lemuel & S.toSine, Amos & Elizabeth187464:203
Richey, Mary E.toLindsey, Chas. W.187876:500
Richey, Mary E.fromSpratt, Wm. W.187776:499
Richhart, JosephfromDawson, J. Wallace187771:533
Richling, ConradfromVordermark, Ernst187360:448
Richling,Phillip J.fromVordermark, Ernst187360:447
Richmond, Dewitt C.toZollars, Enoch187065:505
Rickard, Laura J.fromDeel, James M.187771:279
Rickard, Laura J.fromSargent, Charlotte & John187565:445
Rickart, C. B.toHendry, Wm.187262:506
Ricke, Jos.fromFrederickson, C.188183:57
Ricker, M. P.toHatch, T. J.187568:184
Ricket, George E.toMalcom, Emily S.187879:229
Ricket, Isaac R.fromBeardsley, James O.187162:224
Rickett, G. E.fromRickett, M. P.187078:392
Rickett, G. E.fromRickett, Mary187978:393
Rickett, Isaac R.fromRickett, Mary187262:225
Rickett, JanetoFarrand, Delilah187770:279
Rickett, M. P.toRickett, G. E.187078:392
Rickett, MarytoRickett, G. E.187978:393
Rickett, MarytoRickett, Isaac R.187262:225
Rickmann, HenrytoHitzerman, Geo.188183:91
Rico, B. F.toCameron, J. & M.188183:403
Ridemour, L. (Et al. Trustee)fromYouse, C. (Et al. Trustee)187978:187
Ridenons, L. (Et al. Trustees)fromBrown, J. H. (Et al. Trustees)187978:187
Ridenour, A. P.toTrustees M. E. Church (E. L.)187875:190
Ridenour, Adam P.fromRidenour, Lewis187772:317
Ridenour, CatharinefromCommissioner in Partition188184:59
Ridenour, EphraimfromCommissioner in Partition188184:59
Ridenour, EstherfromCommissioner in Partition188184:59
Ridenour, LewisfromClem, A. J. (Et al.)187976:474
Ridenour, LewisfromClem, Pheaby187976:517
Ridenour, LewisfromKefer, Sarah A. (Et al.)187976:474
Ridenour, LewisfromMartin, Malinda (Et al.)187976:474
Ridenour, LewistoRidenour, Adam P.187772:317
Ridenour, LouistoNiezer, Louis187565:393
Ridenour, SarahfromCommissioner in Partition188184:59
Ridgway, M. (Et al.)toCity of Fort Wayne for school purposes188183:395
Ridgway, M. (Et al.)toLinz, Earnest188183:388
Riedel, John & Geo.toMeyer, Charles187360:103
Rieder, RosanahfromCommissioner in Partition188289:536
Riedle, GeorgetoFt. W. Gen. B. L. & S. Assc. No. 7187771:522
Riedley, AntontoSeidel, Edward188081:309
Riedley, HenriettafromScidel, Edward188081:310
Riehle, MaytoFacks, Francis A.187463:23
Rieman, Sylvester D.fromStevens, Thomas187359:513
Rieter, Wm.toFricke, Caroline187566:194
Rieter, Wm.fromFricke, Wm.187566:193
Rieulle, J. fromRollins, L. S.187977:197
Riffel, Jas. K.fromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188288:328
Rigdon, Mary O.fromRobertson, Stewart187772:286
Right, NathanielfromCraig, Wm.186670:289
Rike, J. C.toEgline, Mary L.187669:363
Riley, JessefromEmenhiser, Stephen187174:485
Riley, JessetoVan Buskirk, E.187475:92
Riley, JohnfromMarquardt, Jacob187977:483
Riley, SarahfromCrance, Wm.187667:512
Rillie, RoberttoLillie, James187771:452
Rillie, Robt.fromEckart, F. & H. E. Linker187668:477
Rimsnider, HenryfromDustman, Henry C.187463:618
Rindhold, HenryfromDunten, Washington (Et al.)187873:110
Rinehart, AndrewfromRomy, R. L.187779:544
Rinehold, Geo.fromWarner, George E.187978:521
Rinehold, HenryfromBallon, Jas. E.187977:309
Rinehold, Wm.toCruthers, Franklin187979:297
Ring, Jno.fromOBrien, N. & D.188081:225
Ring, Jno.toSheridan, Jas.187668:314
Ring, Jno.fromSheridan, Michael187976:85
Ring, Jno. (Coms.)toMuldoon, Henry187876:327
Ring, Jno. (Trustee)fromBender, Louis188598:367
Ring, JohntoHaiber, Nicholas187567:135
Ring, JohnfromJustus, Lewis S.187874:79
Ring, JohntoMiller, Frank J.188080:1
Ring, JohnfromSheridan, James187668:288
Ring, JohnfromSmith, Nathan S.187359:546
Ringwalt, CatharinetoRingwalt, Wm. H.187464:413
Ringwalt, ElifromHeath, Ann A.187669:236
Ringwalt, ElifromHeath, Stephen A.187669:235
Ringwalt, Wm. H.fromRingwalt, Catharine187464:413
Rink, J. C.fromMcCloud, John L. & M. C.187465:469
Riny, BridgettoCrow, Mary A.187770:267
Riny, JohnfromCrow, Mary A.187668:499
Rippa, Christian Sr.fromHathaway, John187461:368
Rippe, C. H.toRippe, Christian187668:96
Rippe, ChristianfromFerrall, Jos. D. (Et al.)188080:114
Rippe, ChristianfromHough, John187360:174
Rippe, ChristiantoPrange & Meyer187462:203
Rippe, ChristianfromRippe, C. H.187668:96
Rippe, ChristiantoRippe, Christian H.187668:95
Rippe, ChristianfromStead, Jos (Et al.)188080:114
Rippe, Christian H.fromRippe, Christian187668:95
Rippe, F. & A. M.fromBowen, Geo. W.188183:52
Rippe, F. W. Jr.fromRippe, Frederick Sr.187463:222
Rippe, FrederickfromLahmeyer, Henry187461:303
Rippe, Frederick Sr.toRippe, F. W. Jr.187463:222
Rippe, WilhelmenafromBerghorn, Henry188287:216
Rippe, WilhelminatoHilker, Charles & Caroline187565:567
Rippe, WilhelminafromRathert, Henry187564:298
Ripple, LewisfromLeoh, Gabriel B.188082:398
Ripple, LewisfromLesh, Gabriel B.188082:41
Rissing, J. H.fromSovine, Frederick187977:470
Rissing, R. J.fromCook, F. C.188097:602
Rissing, Rebecca J. & AugusttoWalter, Henrietta187465:216
Ritcha, ElizabethfromCarrington, E. C.188083:174
Ritcha, SilasfromHood, Samuel187261:396
Ritter, B. F.fromMcDowell, Jas A.187669:104
Ritter, Benj. F.toMcDowell, Jas. A.187671:505
Ritter, Benjamin F.toFisher, Jobst188079:142
Ritter, ElizabethtoAhlschwede, Nahrwald & Schapenburg187462:69
Ritter, JacobfromDewald, Sophia A.187362:536
Ritter, JacobfromGasser, Nicholas187262:537
Ritter, JacobfromMeegan, Caroline E.187669:214
Ritter, Jacob & AnnafromMiller, Peter187566:191
Ritz, Geo.toMeiser, Jno.185578:192
Rivers, Chas.fromNelson, Wm. R.187463:77
Rivers, Chas.fromNelson, Wm. R.187569:28

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