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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Roach, Jno. fromFrench, C. G.188184:303
Rob, Mary A.fromSixbey, Sally187874:41
Robart, JacobtoKelsey, John187362:284
Robb, M. M.fromRobb, M. T.187883:127
Robb, M. M.toWalker, Leonard188183:127
Robb, M. T.toMellott, M.187977:67
Robb, M. T.toRobb, M. M.187883:127
Robb, Milo T.fromFairfield, Cyrus K.187462:541
Robbe, A. F. & Nobble, Thos.fromCrane, Geo. D.187979:589
Robbe, A. F. & Noble, F. fromAuditor1879A:168
Robbe, A. F. (Et al.)fromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188183:492
Robbe, A. F. (Et al.)fromCity Treasurer Ft. Wayne 188183:482
Robbins, A. L.toLewis, Sarah J. (et al.)187566:146
Robbins, A. L. (Adm.)toPurman, Samuel187566:120
Robbins, Chas. G.fromSkinner, B. D.187359:573
Robbins, J. E. & E.fromBittinger, J. R.187983:377
Robbins, Jno. E.toPierr, Peter188183:382
Robbins, SarahtoPurman, David C.187771:100
Roberson, A. W.fromKeller & Kann188081:440
Roberson, A. W.toMcNear, Thos. N.188082:11
Roberson, U. M.fromSheriff187880:290
Roberson, U. M.toSwander, A.188080:526
Roberson, U. M.fromSwander, Anthony188080:293
Roberson, U. M.fromWiseman, Rachel187980:292
Roberts, CortlandfromHollopeter, C.187681:408
Roberts, E. A.fromBarnhart, John186867:506
Roberts, EdwardfromBrown, John188393:120
Roberts, Edward toMills, Saml.188083:9
Roberts, EdwardfromRoberts, Geo. W.187463:79
Roberts, ElizabethfromReichelderfer, Louis187360:405
Roberts, ElizabethtoSnyder, George R.187565:571
Roberts, ElizabethfromTodd, John W.187770:360
Roberts, Elizabeth A.toRoe, Adam187669:190
Roberts, FranklintoAnderson, Richard187361:619
Roberts, Geo. (Estate)fromSpooner, B. J. (Coms.)187874:64
Roberts, Geo. W.toRoberts, Edward187463:79
Roberts, George W.toHerrick, Degroff N.187464:508
Roberts, HiramfromBillman, Enoch187365:259
Roberts, JosiahfromHollopeter, C.187667:228
Roberts, JosiahtoHollopeter, Calista187667:398
Roberts, Wm.fromBird, Ochmig (et al.)187565:40
Roberts, Wm.fromMcDowell, James A.187361:190
Roberts, Wm.toNahrwold, Ernst188183:36
Roberts. C. F.fromBartlett, A. A.188186:232
Robertson, Huston (et al.)fromRobertson, Wm. H.187469:157
Robertson, Jno.fromPhillips, Jno. T.188081:392
Robertson, JohnfromBowen, Catharine187565:473
Robertson, JohnfromBowen, Catharine187567:213
Robertson, JohntoBranstator, William187976:447
Robertson, R. S.toFarnan, O. & M.188183:472
Robertson, R. S.toGruber, E. & J. A.188079:538
Robertson, R. S.toPressler, Jno. & A.188183:435
Robertson, R. S.fromSheriff187876:105
Robertson, R. S.fromSheriff187978:542
Robertson, R. S.fromSheriff188081:587
Robertson, R. S.toVanBuskirk, Rebecca187362:303
Robertson, R. S. (Com.)toBirkner, Chas. B.187873:144
Robertson, R. S. (Com.)toSutermeuter, Arnold187873:144
Robertson, R. S. (Comr.)toBrudi & Gothe187564:463
Robertson, R. S. (Comr.)toEagy, Wm.187361:478
Robertson, R. S. (Comr.)toEdward, H. (Creditor)187365:20
Robertson, R. S. (Comr.)toGarver, Charles187372:383
Robertson, R. S. (Et al.)toStrasser, Rupert187874:523
Robertson, Robert S.fromAdams, Henry W.187465:163
Robertson, Robert S.toLincoln, Margaret A.187565:164
Robertson, Robt. S.fromKuhne & Kmegar188082:224
Robertson, StewartfromRalya, John J.187361:79
Robertson, StewarttoRigdon, Mary O.187772:286
Robertson, StewartfromWestlake, Geo.187361:79
Robertson, Wm. H.toRobertson, Huston (et al.)187469:157
Robertson, Wm. H. (Will of)to187469:157
Robinett, Jas.fromCrawford, G. L.188186:47
Robinett, Jas.fromCrawford, G. L. (Guard)188186:46
Robins, MariafromTeuse, William187565:288
Robins, MariatoYerks, Franklin187565:448
Robinson, A. J.fromKeller, E. F.188082:8
Robinson, A. S.fromAuditor188495:72
Robinson, AmasatoRobinson, Sarah Jane187976:444
Robinson, Annasa S.fromSheriff187876:442
Robinson, CarolinefromCommissioners by Partition188081:39
Robinson, CarolinefromDinkel, Jno. C.188394:420
Robinson, D. A.fromSnyder, John188599:153
Robinson, D. C.toHanley, Jno.187566:159
Robinson, Daniel C.fromSheriff187463:165
Robinson, David A.fromRather, Henry187770:388
Robinson, David A.fromRobinson, Jno. A.187669:63
Robinson, ElizabethfromPurman, Samuel187473:185
Robinson, ElizabethtoPutman, Rosanna187773:184
Robinson, F. C. (Et al.)toMuson, Chas. A.187873:490
Robinson, Frank A.fromRobinson, Warren187773:145
Robinson, Geo.toRobinson, Sarah187771:332
Robinson, Geo.fromSweet, Hannah & (Guard)186961:175
Robinson, Geo. W.fromCommissioners by Partition188081:39
Robinson, Henry H.fromMorgan, Jas. (Et al.)188079:274
Robinson, Henry H.fromMorgan, Jas. (Et al.)188079:276
Robinson, Henry H.fromNichol, Jno. (Et al.)188079:274
Robinson, Henry H.fromNichol, Jno. (Et al.)188079:276
Robinson, J. b. (Trustee P. Tp.)fromFerguson, Jno.188390:475
Robinson, J. H.fromDennis, R. H.187566:114
Robinson, J. L.toFrance, Christ187873:335
Robinson, J. M.fromSaylor Bros. (Assignment)188390:351
Robinson, JamestoColter, Jacob187771:402
Robinson, JamesfromCrouse, Henson187463:628
Robinson, JamestoDiffenderfer, H. C.187771:285
Robinson, JamestoSmith, R. W.187771:402
Robinson, James H.fromBrown, John & Mary187565:408
Robinson, James H.toDennis, P. H. & Esmond, Geo.187566:354
Robinson, James H.toErvin, John187568:148
Robinson, Jas. H.fromErvin, Jno.187566:113
Robinson, Jas. H.fromEsmond, Geo.187566:114
Robinson, Jas. H.toThe City of Fort Wayne187566:117
Robinson, Jas. M.fromEhrman, Mary188494:580
Robinson, Jno. A.toRobinson, David A.187669:63
Robinson, JonathantoCarpenter & Anderson187365:271
Robinson, JonathantoLehew, Moses S.187671:328
Robinson, JonathantoMelester & Penrose187358:362
Robinson, JonathantoRobinson, Sarah187667:284
Robinson, JonathanfromSheriff187670:189
Robinson, Jos. L.fromBrown, Nathaniel P.187873:306
Robinson, Joseph L.fromShaffer, Wm. (Admr.)187363:487
Robinson, M. F.toFairfield, C. W.188081:92
Robinson, MaryfromCommissioners by Partition188081:39
Robinson, MaryfromFairfield, C. W.188081:246
Robinson, Mary A.fromEaton, Charles187464:173
Robinson, Mary A.toVanbuskirk, A. E.187465:269
Robinson, Mary A.toVanbuskirk, A. E.187566:293
Robinson, MorrisfromWhite, Jas. B.187874:245
Robinson, P. J.fromKann, J. & Keller, J.188081:568
Robinson, R. D.fromBittinger, Geo. L.187565:422
Robinson, R. D.toColyar, Jno.187568:153
Robinson, R. D.toMarkley, C.187463:280
Robinson, R. D.fromMarkley, David & wife187463:121
Robinson, R. D.toSmyser, P. D. & S. E.188183:238
Robinson, R. D.fromSmyser, S. E.188183:286
Robinson, Reuben D.toBittinger, George L.187566:305
Robinson, Reuben, D.toBittinger, Geo. L.187564:434
Robinson, S. J.fromAllen Circuit Court188191:246
Robinson, SarahtoCordaway, Peter187873:280
Robinson, SarahfromCrouse, Henson187463:627
Robinson, SarahfromRobinson, Geo.187771:332
Robinson, SarahfromRobinson, Jonathan187667:284
Robinson, Sarah JanefromRobinson, Amasa187976:444
Robinson, W. & S. E.fromFeighner, Jacob188393:77
Robinson, WarrenfromPhillips, John T.187361:101
Robinson, WarrentoRobinson, Frank A.187773:145
Robinson, William L.fromBottenberg, Daniel187173:380
Robinson, William S.fromAustin, Louisa187776:334
Robinson, Wm.toLehew, M. S.187272:521
Robinson, Wm. S.fromAustin, Louisa187776:332
Robinson, Wm. S.fromFields, F. B.187978:463
Robison, A. S.fromRobison, J.187567:234
Robison, David A.fromAuditor187361:392
Robison, J.toRobison, A. S.187567:234
Robison, JamestoRobison, James B.187464:40
Robison, James B.fromRobison, James187464:40
Robison, Jas. B.fromEllison, F. E. (Coms.)188183:509
Robison, John A.fromBennett, Marvin187566:322
Robison, LewisfromDeal, Mary187363:487
Robison, W. S.fromEllison, F. E. (Coms.)188183:508
Rocht, Jos.toKeyser, Mary H.188080:337
Rocht, JosephtoKeyser, Mary H.187361:32
Rock, F. F.toRock, Jos. R.187873:203
Rock, Jos. R.fromRock, F. F.187873:203
Rock, Joseph G.fromEvans, S. Cary187359:554
Rock, Joseph G.toKlotz, David187361:125
Rock, Joseph G.toRock, Theadore F.187772:9
Rock, M. J.fromSmall, Robert (Guard)187772:122
Rock, Mary J.fromRundell, Charles187566:459
Rock, MichaelfromO'Harra, Hugh187465:468
Rock, Michael J.fromSommers, Emiline187668:353
Rock, Sarah J.toEvans, S. Cary187359:531
Rock, Theadore F.fromRock, Joseph G.187772:9
Rockhill, Ann MariatoFlemimg, Thos. H.187469:314
Rockhill, Ann MariafromRockhill, Est.187462:600
Rockhill, EmilyfromAbbott, Rosetta B.188080:287
Rockhill, EmilyfromHartman, Nancy A.187461:572
Rockhill, EmilyfromHull, V. C.188286:477
Rockhill, EmilyfromSheriff187872:445
Rockhill, EmilyfromTaylor, R. S. (guard.)186774:292
Rockhill, EmilyfromTaylor, Robert S. (Guard)187164:154
Rockhill, Est.toRockhill, Ann Maria187462:600
Rockhill, Est.toRockhill, Howell C.187462:600
Rockhill, Est.toRockhill, Howell C.187462:600
Rockhill, Est.toRockhill, Hugh M.187462:600
Rockhill, Est.toRockhill, Jesse D. B.187462:600
Rockhill, Est.toRockhill, Wm W.187462:600
Rockhill, Est.toRockhill, Wm. W.187462:600
Rockhill, H. C.fromAuditor188599:223
Rockhill, H. C.toBlase, Louis187883:436
Rockhill, H. C.toBlase, Louis188083:437
Rockhill, H. C.fromCommissioners by Partition188081:38
Rockhill, H. C.toCraw, Edward L.187770:49
Rockhill, H. C.fromCraw, M. R. (Et al.)188294:278
Rockhill, H. C.fromCraw, Maria R.188598:487
Rockhill, H. C.toFledderman, J. G.187771:469
Rockhill, H. C.toFledderman, J. G.187975:400
Rockhill, H. C.fromFults, M. J.188288:302
Rockhill, H. C.toLumbard, S. C.188182:521
Rockhill, H. C.toMcKee, Thos. L.187770:103
Rockhill, H. C.toMoran, Peter187771:466
Rockhill, H. C.fromMorss, Samuel E.187771:347
Rockhill, H. C.toPeters Box & Lumber Co.187771:1
Rockhill, H. C.toPeters Box & Lumber Co.187873:211
Rockhill, H. C.fromRockhill, H. M.187771:345
Rockhill, H. C.fromRockhill, J. D. B.187879:304
Rockhill, H. C.fromRockhill, Jesse D. B.187771:345
Rockhill, H. C.fromSheriff187873:406
Rockhill, H. C.fromSheriff188183:24
Rockhill, H. C.fromTaylor, R. S.188080:602
Rockhill, H. C.toWood, Hester A.187873:334
Rockhill, H. M.fromCommissioners by Partition188081:38
Rockhill, H. M.toCraw, Edward L.187770:49
Rockhill, H. M.toFledderman, J. G.187771:469
Rockhill, H. M.toHays, Clara M.187770:179
Rockhill, H. M.toMcKee, Thos. L.187770:103
Rockhill, H. M.fromMorss, Samuel E.187771:347
Rockhill, H. M.toPeters Box & Lumber Co.187873:211
Rockhill, H. M.toRockhill, H. C.187771:345
Rockhill, H. M.toSmyser, Sarah E.187566:49
Rockhill, H. M.toWood, Hester A.187873:334
Rockhill, H. M. (et al.)toMorehouse, H. B.187669:27
Rockhill, H. M. J. D. B. & H. C.fromCraw, Maria R.187668:225
Rockhill, HowelltoFortreide, Louis187873:574
Rockhill, Howell C.toFleddermsn, Jno. G.187872:452
Rockhill, Howell C.toGilbert, John187976:205
Rockhill, Howell C.toGillett, Dwight D.187771:235
Rockhill, Howell C.toHoffman, A. E. & Wm. X.187771:542
Rockhill, Howell C.toMcMahon, John187875:279
Rockhill, Howell C.fromRockhill, Est.187462:600
Rockhill, Howell C.fromRockhill, Est.187462:600
Rockhill, Howell C.fromSheriff187770:568
Rockhill, Howell, C.toRohrs, Henry187772:295
Rockhill, Hugh M.toGillett, Dwight D.187771:235
Rockhill, Hugh M.toKing, J. D.187770:280
Rockhill, Hugh M.toPeters Box & Lumber Co.187771:1
Rockhill, Hugh M.fromRockhill, Est.187462:600
Rockhill, Hugh M.toRohrs, Henry187772:295
Rockhill, Hugh M. J. D. B. H. C. toCraw, Maria R.187568:224
Rockhill, Hugh M. J. D. B. H. C. toCraw, Maria R.187568:226
Rockhill, J. B.toPeters Box & Lumber Co.187771:1
Rockhill, J. B.toPeters Box & Lumber Co.187873:211
Rockhill, J. B.toSweet, E. R.187772:112
Rockhill, J. D. B.toCraw, Edward L.187770:49
Rockhill, J. D. B.toFledderman, J. G.187771:469
Rockhill, J. D. B.toGillett, Dwight D.187771:235
Rockhill, J. D. B.toMcKee, Thos. L.187770:103
Rockhill, J. D. B.fromMorss, Smuel E.187771:347
Rockhill, J. D. B.toRockhill, H. C.187879:304
Rockhill, J. D. B.toSmyser, Sarah E.187566:49
Rockhill, J. D. B.toVan Voorhis, F. & C.187772:20
Rockhill, J. D. B.toWood, Hester A.187873:334
Rockhill, J. D. B. & H. M.toLang, A. J.187668:476
Rockhill, Jesse D. B.fromRockhill, Est.187462:600
Rockhill, Jesse D. B.toRockhill, H. C.187771:345
Rockhill, Jesse D. B.toRohrs, Henry187772:295
Rockhill, Jesse D. B.toTaylor, Robert S.187772:307
Rockhill, Jesse D. B.toTaylor, Robert S.187772:307
Rockhill, JosephfromHire, Elias187567:394
Rockhill, JosephfromRockhill, Reecca187158:406
Rockhill, JosephtoRockhill, Wm.187567:395
Rockhill, JosephfromRockhill, Wm.187667:417
Rockhill, JosephtoWesner, Augustus187349:404
Rockhill, ReeccatoRockhill, Joseph187158:406
Rockhill, W. W. (et al.)toUnger, Barbara187772:277
Rockhill, WilliamtoFry, Jacob186380:146
Rockhill, WilliamtoFry, Jacob186480:145
Rockhill, Wm W.fromRockhill, Est.187462:600
Rockhill, Wm.fromBotsford, A. E. (Et al.)188288:26
Rockhill, Wm.fromHaire, Augustus187565:182
Rockhill, Wm.toMcCormick, Wm.185378:28
Rockhill, Wm.toMeiser, Jno. & Geo. Ritz185478:191
Rockhill, Wm.fromPoinsett, Joseph185971:107
Rockhill, Wm.fromRockhill, Joseph187567:395
Rockhill, Wm.toRockhill, Joseph187667:417
Rockhill, Wm.toWaters, Minerva185871:254
Rockhill, Wm.toWheeler, Mary186171:485
Rockhill, Wm.fromWork, Sarah Jane187873:253
Rockhill, Wm. (Heirs)toNeireiter, Eve A.187565:472
Rockhill, Wm. W.toAlbrecht, John187358:554
Rockhill, Wm. W.toAlbrecht, Peter187358:554
Rockhill, Wm. W.toBrandriff, A. D.187359:304
Rockhill, Wm. W.toBrandriff, A. D.187362:90
Rockhill, Wm. W.toCody, Maurice187565:452
Rockhill, Wm. W.toEvans, S. Cary187359:530
Rockhill, Wm. W.fromFord, Chas.187462:578
Rockhill, Wm. W.toHartman, Homer C.187464:1
Rockhill, Wm. W.toPeters, John C.187463:603
Rockhill, Wm. W.toPeters, John C.187463:603
Rockhill, Wm. W.fromRockhill, Est.187462:600
Rockhill, Wm. W.toRohrs, Henry187772:295
Rocky, HenryfromSheriff188183:365
Rococker, LevifromBowmaster, Solomon (heirs)187358:343
Rodabaugh, Jno. F.fromCertia, Peter188598:340
Rodeheaver, Wm. H.toCraig, Thomas187465:27
Rodeheaver, Wm. H.toLincoln, C. B.188183:501
Rodeheaver, Wm. H.fromPurman, A. A.187471:497
Rodeheaver, Wm. H.fromRastetter, Louis187771:477
Rodemacher, JosephfromEvans, Regina187668:409
Rodemann, J. W.toMiller, Lissette187770:417
Rodemann, Jno. W.fromMiller, John Christian187669:316
Rodemann, Wm.fromHollenbeck, August W.187567:70
Rodemann, Wm.toMiller, Henrietta187569:197
Rodenbeck, C.fromErick, Geo.188495:394
Rodenbeck, D.fromAnderson, Wm.188288:62
Rodenbeck, D.fromBurgess, Gideon187461:523
Rodenbeck, ErnstfromOhneck, Adam187567:65
Rodenbeck, FredfromReed, Margaret187771:231
Rodenbeck, FrederickfromAuditor1879A:140
Rodenbeck, FrederickfromAuditor1879A:140
Rodenbeck, FrederickfromReed, Margaret187668:415
Rodenbeck, Fredk.fromSheriff187873:162
Rodenbeck, Henry (Et al.)toHartman, John187975:515
Rodenbeck, SophiatoSchroeder, Edmund187669:261
Rodenbeck, Wm.toPeck, Heinrich187566:120
Rodenbeck, Wm.fromTaylor, Elizabeth187359:379
Rodenberg, B.fromEggart, Tobias187469:217
Rodgers, RacheltoLincoln, Mary E.187770:266
Rodocker, LevitoGladieux, Celestin188079:197
Rodocker, LevitoGrammon, Frank188081:402
Rodocker, LevifromPowermaster, S.187878:264
Roe, AdamfromAdams, Earl188391:314
Roe, AdamfromNickerson, Susan (et al.)187669:191
Roe, AdamfromRoberts, Elizabeth A.187669:190
Roe, AdamfromTodd, John W. (guard.)187776:151
Roe, JosephfromUnited States183574:193
Roebel, EmmatoHays, Chas. A.188182:198
Roehm, ChristiantoRoehm, Phillip (et al.)187361:79
Roehm, Phillip (et al.)fromRoehm, Christian187361:79
Roembke, AugustfromHough, John187360:160
Roembke, AugustfromHough, John187361:206
Roesner, ChristiantoBell, Charles187565:537
Roesner, ChristianfromMarshall, John W.187464:139
Roesner, ChristiantoPaul, Henry187564:302
Roesner, ChristianfromPaul, Henry187564:303
Roesner, Christian F. E.toRoesner, Phebe187566:409
Roesner, D.fromCochrane, Geo. G.187463:333
Roesner, DetrichtoRoesner, F. E.187566:348
Roesner, F. E.fromRoesner, Detrich187566:348
Roesner, PhebefromRoesner, Christian F. E.187566:409
Rogers, E. H.fromStover, Louisa187977:536
Rogers, H. N.fromWells, Almira (Et al.)187978:55
Rogers, Harriet N. & Willie S.fromBrown, John187463:635
Rogers, JohnfromUnited States183571:572
Rogers, JohnfromUnited States183571:573
Rogers, John H.toHemphell & Ashworth186570:504
Rogers, L. M.fromTinkham, John P.187462:376
Rogers, L. M.fromTinkham, John P.187564:502
Rogers, LamontfromSpencer, M. V. B. (Comr.)187360:352
Rogers, Lamont M.toLee, Edward187464:430
Rogers, Lamont M.toLee, Edward187464:432
Rogers, Lamont M.fromSheriff187358:475
Rogers, Lamont M.toStark, Joseph187359:463
Rogers, Lemont M.toBrown, John187464:25
Rogers, Lemont M.toBrown, John187464:26
Rogers, M. E.fromCity of Fort Wayne188185:119
Rogers, RachelfromEgolf, Samuel & Nancy187464:120
Rogers, S. L.fromFarnan, Owen187463:215
Rogers, Samuel J.toPurman, Andrew A.187463:474
Rogge, ErnsttoBierbaum, Wilhelm187770:91
Rogge, FredfromPlogsterth, J. A.188183:96
Rogge, FredericktoPlogsterth, Jno. A.188081:95
Rogge, Fredk.fromVordermark, Ernst187463:469
Rogge, WilhelmenatoPlogsterth, J. A.188183:96
Rogge, WilhelminafromPlogsterth, Jno. A.188081:96
Rohan, J. H.fromBond, S. B.188081:317
Rohrbach, JohnfromMilliard, John D.187565:112
Rohrbach, JohntoRohrbach, Magnus187565:114
Rohrbach, M.fromGriebel, Geo.188290:524
Rohrbach, MagnusfromRohrbach, John187565:114
Rohrback, Jno.toMunch, Frank188183:475
Rohrbeck, MagonnusfromGriebel, William188182:375
Rohrs, HenryfromCraw, E. L. & M. R. (et al.)187772:295
Rohrs, HenryfromLanfranz, Heinrich187772:21
Rohrs, HenryfromRockhill, Howell, C.187772:295
Rohrs, HenryfromRockhill, Hugh M.187772:295
Rohrs, HenryfromRockhill, Jesse D. B.187772:295
Rohrs, HenryfromRockhill, Wm. W.187772:295
Rohrs, Henry (Et al.)toRoussean, R. D.187874:389
Rohs, HenryfromBigelow, I. S. Coms.187875:337
Rohs, HenrytoORourke, Edward187873:289
Rohs, SophiafromWhite, Jas. B.187977:526
Rohs, SophiafromWhite, Maria187977:11
Rohyans, GesinafromEvens, Regina187566:577
Rohyans, GesuiatoEvans, Regina187874:36
Rolape, AngelafromDriftmeier, Ernst188183:264
Rolestone, R. G. & Clark, B. F.fromFishback, Wm. P. Master187979:203
Rolf, MaryfromBrase, F. C.188391:258
Roller, James R.fromAuditor186762:75
Roller, JohnfromNonamaker, Lizzie187669:167
Roller, Margaret J.fromGlock, Frederick187874:303
Roller, Margaret J.toTrustee of the United Brethern Christ187874:524
Rollins, C. W.toArgo, Martin E.187567:6
Rollins, C. W.toCoverdale, E. G.18769:373
Rollins, C. W.toMiddleton, A. E.187874:468
Rollins, C. W. by E. G. CoverdaletoArgo, Martin E.187771:331
Rollins, Charles W.fromArgo, Martin E.187566:528
Rollins, Chas. toCoverdale, E. G.187669:311
Rollins, Chas. W.fromMiddleton, A. E.187670:353
Rollins, Chas. W.fromRaifsnider, Solomon187565:368
Rollins, Chas. W.fromRaifsnider, Solomon187669:311
Rollins, L. S.fromCoverdale, E. G.187669:369
Rollins, L. S.toHarrod, I187873:567
Rollins, L. S.fromHarrod, Isaac187873:572
Rollins, L. S.fromMaloy, Thos.188182:287
Rollins, L. S.toRieulle, J. 187977:197
Rollins, L. S.toWhittern, C.187977:197
Rollman, E.toMunson, C. A.187977:216
Rolston, AnnafromWhite, James B.187463:153
Rolston, R. G. (Et al.)toFt. Wayne & Jackson R. R. Co.188079:207
Roman, Mary E.fromAuditor187873:254
Romary, AugustfromWykes, Joseph187463:470
Romary, Jos.fromBeach, Fred (Admr.)187875:407
Romary, Jos.toColson, N. & M.188081:421
Romary, JosephtoBeach, Frederick187976:498
Romary, JosephfromColson, Nicholas188081:421
Rombke, H.fromTower, B. H.188182:482
Romery, A.fromMiller, John188081:554
Romery, AugusttoMasson, Jno.188082:54
Romey, FrederickfromBuergel, M. J.188288:420
Romey, Robert L.fromMenges, Jonathan187464:329
Romey, Robt. L.fromFletcher, Chas. N.188079:226
Romick, J. W. & J.fromClifford, J. (Et al.)188392:212
Romke, ErnstfromHoffer, Andrew187667:359
Romy, BerthatoMuishead, Jno. W.187876:64
Romy, BerthafromVoss, Louis187461:542
Romy, C. A.toErvin, R. A.187977:480
Romy, C. A.fromErvin, R. A.187978:291
Romy, C. A. & R. L.toMiller, Julia187978:527
Romy, CatharinetoBiggs, J. W.187566:170
Romy, CatharinefromGodfrey, Henrietta187771:297
Romy, Catharine A.toAke, Zedekiah188079:97
Romy, Catharine A. toAmstutz, Jacob187772:334
Romy, Catharine A.toConway, David M.187876:589
Romy, Catharine A.fromMcBride, Absalom187771:382
Romy, Catharine A.fromMiddleton, George A.187872:502
Romy, Catharine A.toPorter, Hiram187165:226
Romy, Catharine A.fromWait, George W.187770:538
Romy, Catherine A.fromKeller, Jacob187979:222
Romy, Chas. toBuhr, Jacob187358:530
Romy, Chas.fromMcCulloch, Hugh187361:360
Romy, Chas.toVoss, Louis187461:542
Romy, FrederickfromHopple, A. M.188183:151
Romy, K. A.fromSheriff187977:395
Romy, R. C.toMoehring, J. C.187463:132
Romy, R. L.fromEdsall, Simon188185:361
Romy, R. L.toFletcher, Chas. N.188079:247
Romy, R. L.fromGorrell, S. R.188290:171
Romy, R. L.toHalsey, Jacob W.187669:387
Romy, R. L.toMajors, J. B. & M. E.187978:467
Romy, R. L.toRinehart, Andrew187779:544
Romy, R. L.fromShirely, Maria187669:
Romy, R. L.fromWhite, Jas. B.187977:482
Romy, R. L. & C. A.fromEhle, Wm.188288:12
Romy, R. L. & C. A.fromWhite, Jas. B.187978:453
Romy, Robert L.fromHalsey, Jacob W.187671:298
Romy, Robert L.toMorrison, Jas. F.187874:407
Romy, Robt. L.fromBenton, L. H.188598:432
Romy, Robt. L.toCanel, Alfred A.187360:594
Romy, Robt. L.toCoonrad, J. C.187667:301
Romy, Robt. L.fromDehue, Henry W.188496:418
Romy, Robt. L.toEpple, Gottlieb187976:533
Romy, Robt. L.toFark, Frederick187361:612
Romy, Robt. L.fromFitzpatrick, M. E.188598:272
Romy, Robt. L.fromHalsey, Jacob187669:507
Romy, Robt. L.fromHood, Henry G.187566:537
Romy, Robt. L.fromMeyer, Frederick C.187976:138
Romy, Robt. L.toRansom, A. S.187565:25
Romy, Robt. L.fromRansom, Adlo S.187670:260
Romy, Robt. L.fromSimon, C. C.187463:391
Romy, Robt. L.fromSnyder, Jonathan187670:258
Romy, Robt. L.toThimlar, Jno.187566:114
Romy, Robt. L.toVan-Camp, A.187669:508
Ronan, Mary E.fromAuditor187873:254
Rondor, John A.fromBierlein, George187360:154
Rondot, Chas. A.fromRondot, John A.188079:196
Rondot, J. E. & M. F.fromBelot, J. F.188286:496
Rondot, John A.toRondot, Chas. A.188079:196
Ronssean, R. D.fromSunders, Katherine (Et al.)187874:389
Roosevelt, James A.fromIselin, Adrian187875:251
Roosevelt, James A.fromSheriff188080:442
Roosevelt, James A.fromSpooner, Sam. H (Comr.)188080:366
Roosevelt, James A.fromSpooner, Sam. H. (Comr.)188080:365
Root, C. E. (Et al.)fromCarry, E. F.188289:506
Root, Clara E.toBrosius, Aaron188079:376
Root, L. B.fromCarry, E. F. (Et al.)188287:176
Root, L. B.fromEwing, M. C. (Et al.)188289:508
Root, L. B. (Et al.)fromHettler, c. F. (Adm.)188287:176
Ropa, SophiatoKamphues, M. C.187977:410
Ropa, SophiatoKeel, Mary G.187977:219
Ropa, SophiafromKeel, Mary G.187977:392
Ropa, SophiafromSteup, Henry A. (Adm.)187979:187
Ropa, Wm.toGoebel, Frederick187667:347
Ropp, TenatoYoggy, David187260:443
Roppa, SophiafromHarnesdarfer, Geo. A.187667:470
Roppa, Wm.toEckert, Frederick187667:257
Roppa, Wm.toHarmsdarfer, Geo.187667:258
Rorick, Jno. K.toRorick, William J.187978:95
Rorick, John K.fromDroz, Hannah E. (Et al.)187978:94
Rorick, John K.fromRorick, William J. (Et al.)187978:94
Rorick, W. J. & J. K.toSkinner, B. D.187461:581
Rorick, W. J. & John K.fromSkinner, B. D.187360:155
Rorick, William J.fromRorick, Jno. K.187978:95
Rorick, William J. (Et al.)toRorick, John K.187978:94
Rorick, Wm. J.toSweeny, Lucy I.187978:95
Rorrick, W. J. & J. K.fromSkinner, B. D.187461:577
Rose, A. F.fromBleke, L. M. (Et al.)188182:208
Rose, A. F.fromDroste, Elisa (Et al.)188182:208
Rose, A. F.fromKramer, Sophia (Et al.)188182:208
Rose, A. F.fromRose, Chas. W.188081:104
Rose, A. F.fromRose, Lena (Et al.)188182:208
Rose, A. L.fromShimp, William187564:568
Rose, Anthony F.fromRose, Charles187668:401
Rose, C. F.fromDreplain, Catherine (Et al.)188079:179
Rose, C. F.fromRosselot, P. F. (Et al.)188079:179
Rose, CerydontoSchlink, Geo. P. (heirs)187359:331
Rose, CharlestoRose, Anthony F.187668:401
Rose, CharlestoRose, Chas. Jr.187668:400
Rose, Chas. Jr.fromRose, Charles187668:400
Rose, Chas. W.toRose, A. F.188081:104
Rose, Chas. W. Jr.fromDothage, Sophia187797:141
Rose, Chas. W., Sr.fromDolhage, Sophia187168:399
Rose, Christian F.toRahdert, Fredk. C.187259:520
Rose, CorydonfromFeatherspiel, Michael185959:337
Rose, Henry A.fromGeerken, Henry188183:555
Rose, JohnfromDorsey, Jonathan187667:494
Rose, JohnfromDorsey, Mary Jane187667:493
Rose, JohnfromShell, P. J.187668:448
Rose, Lena (Et al.)toRose, A. F.188182:208
Rose, MathiasfromDonahue, Susan187565:402
Rose, MathiasfromWelling, John187360:517
Rose, Maurice F.fromSnider, Alfred187772:356
Rose, Maurice F.fromSnider, Geo. W.187772:358
Rose, Maurice F.fromSnider, James M.187772:356
Rose, Maurice F.fromSnider, John R.187772:357
Rose, Maurice F.fromSnider, William A.187976:137
Rose, MelceniafromBreniser, Wm.188290:204
Rose, MilcenafromYoung, Lydia J.187875:241
Rose, Wm.fromBaker, Jacob188286:482
Rosenberger, C.fromDaegan, Catharine188286:500
Rosenberger, Chas.toHogan, Margaret188080:364
Rosenberger, DinatoWeik, Adam187461:580
Rosener, Christian F.fromMarshall, John W.187463:561
Rosenthal, A. L.toEichelsdoerfer, Wm.188081:170
Rosenthal, A. L.fromEichelsdoerfer, Wm.188287:268
Rosenthal, A. L.fromSchmalhouse, M. A.188080:212
Rosenthal, AlberttoEichelsdoerfer, Wm.188081:168
Rosenthal, AlberttoSchmalhoue, Mary A.187771:244
Rosenthal, AlberttoSchmalhouse, Frederick187771:245
Rosenthal, AlberttoSchmalhouse, M. A.187873:583
Rosenthal, EmmafromSchmalhaus, F.187268:94
Rosenthal, EmmafromSmallhouse, M. A.187568:93
Rosenthal, EmmafromTrustees Ch. of Christ187360:126
Rosenthal, Emma (Will of Decd.)to187771:168
Rosenthal, I. N.fromAuditor188287:154
Rosenthal, Isaac M.fromAuer, Conrad187359:342
Rosenthal, J. M.toPeter, Jacob187668:461
Rosevelt, J. A.fromBigelow, I. S. (Com.)188080:209
Ross, AlfredtoBlood, John187567:143
Ross, AlfredfromRoss, Wm.187360:194
Ross, BenjamintoErwin, John187565:36
Ross, BenjamintoWheeler, Sarah J.187262:177
Ross, CarolinetoTrentman, H. J. & Mary J. O.187464:417
Ross, Caroline & Wm. GtoTrentman, Henry J. & Mary J. O.187360:286
Ross, J. B.fromJackson, P. W.187874:400
Ross, J. B.toJackson, P. W.187978:523
Ross, J. G. (Et al.)toWacker, F. H.187977:39
Ross, James P.toKimball, Eliza M.187668:467
Ross, James P.toKimball, Fred M.187668:468
Ross, James P.fromPursell, Amanda L.187667:340
Ross, James P.toStahl, Geo. M.187568:233
Ross, James, P.fromEdgerton, Joseph K.187669:499
Ross, Jas. P.fromOpliger, Geo. W. (Guard)187173:423
Ross, Jas. P. (Guard)toPequignot, C. J.187169:378
Ross, Jno. B.fromWyatt, Nathan187978:535
Ross, JohntoBass, Jno. H.187574:536
Ross, JohntoRoss, Wm.196765:512
Ross, John B.fromPaige, Elbridges G.187462:546
Ross, John B.toWamer, Elizabeth187775:44
Ross, John B.fromWarner, Elizabeth187775:43
Ross, John B.toWyatt, Nathan187679:419
Ross, John R.toSine, Lewis187361:390
Ross, MariettafromVandewater, Wm. C.187860:365
Ross, RachelfromJeffries, Susannah187361:128
Ross, RacheltoJeffris, Susanna187461:449
Ross, Robt. M.fromFreeman, Jos.187667:454
Ross, Robt. M.toTrentman, Henry J.187677:492
Ross, W. A.fromArcher, C. C.188495:209
Ross, Wm.fromDiffendarfer, Samuel187160:195
Ross, Wm.toJeffries, Adam186962:133
Ross, Wm.fromJeffries, Susannah186962:132
Ross, Wm.toRhodes, Fredk.187360:489
Ross, Wm.toRoss, Alfred187360:194
Ross, Wm.fromRoss, John196765:512
Ross, Wm. (Heirs)fromKeller & Kann188082:478
Ross, Wm. G.toTrentman, N. J.187682:200
Rosse, JosephtoBernard, Caroline187771:201
Rossean, ReubenfromHammon, M. A.187669:143
Rosseau, ResttoMcCormick, James187362:153
Rosselot, J. A.fromRosselot. L. G. (Et al.)188183:290
Rosselot, P. F. (Et al.)toRose, C. F.188079:179
Rosselot, Peter F.toBobay, John B.188080:166
Rosselot. L. G. (Et al.)toRosselot, J. A.188183:290
Rossier, C. B.toSchwartz, J. B.187978:337
Rossington, JuliafromRossington, Mary186972:132
Rossington, MarytoRossington, Julia186972:132
Rossner, JuliustoBittinger, George L.187566:306
Rossner, JuliusfromEdsall, Simon187566:555
Rossner, JuliustoFisk, Wm. W.187566:277
Rossner, JuliustoFroehlich, Carl187669:176
Rostetter, Louis (et al.)fromSheriff187567:153
Roth, BenedictfromBowser, L. M.187358:393
Roth, BenedicttoHirschy, Jacob188080:362
Roth, BenedictfromWitmer, Peter (heirs)187564:448
Roth, DavidfromGoldsmith, Jacob188392:135
Roth, FredfromJones, Bridget188081:406
Roth, FredfromRemmel, A. E.188080:471
Roth, FrederickfromFerrall, J. D. (Et al.)188183:72
Roth, FrederickfromKeller, Sebastian187566:341
Roth, FredericktoKeller, Sebastian187566:342
Roth, FrederickfromStead, Jos. (Et al.)188183:72
Roth, Fredk.fromKellar, Sebastian187359:536
Roth, Fredk.toKeller, Sebastian187359:534
Roth, Geo. & CarolinefromGorrell, S. R.188495:101
Roth, J. G. & K.fromBrown, R. J.188495:632
Rothenbeck, C.fromErick, Geo.188288:191
Rothenberger, GeorgetoMorgan, Ann E.187566:463
Rothenberger, GeorgefromMorgan, Ann E.187566:513
Rothgeb, Amos & ElifromRothgeb, Geo.187873:468
Rothgeb, Geo.toRothgeb, Amos & Eli187873:468
Rothgeb, GeorgefromRottmiller, Adam187874:282
Rothgeb, GeorgefromRottmiller, Adam187976:80
Rothgeb, HenryfromP. Ft. W. & Chicago R. W. Co.186679:91
Rothgeb, HezekiahtoBixler, Margaret187872:533
Rothgeb, JessefromFelger, G. & L.188598:172
Rothgeb, JessefromHageman, C.188286:166
Rothgeb, Margaret (Et al.)fromCommissioners by Partition188082:21
Rothgeb, Wm.fromBerweiler, Peter188496:211
Rothgeb, Wm.fromCommissioners by Partition188082:21
Rothger, H. & Wm.fromHanley, John (Ex.)187474:36
Rothmann, PeterfromBlessing, Jno. Geo.187978:286
Rothschild, Benj.toBrandt, Dietrich187358:557
Rothschild, BenjaminfromSheriff187975:397
Rothschild, HenryfromBecker, Mayer188496:37
Rothy, LevifromAgle, christian188597:330
Rotick, John K.fromSweeney, Lucy I. (Et al.)187978:94
Rottmiller, AdamtoRothgeb, George187874:282
Rottmiller, AdamtoRothgeb, George187976:80
Roudebush, JohntoChapman, John W.187770:559
Roudebush, Wm. A.fromEmenhiser, Stephen187361:266
Roudebush, Wm. A.toEmenhiser, Stephen187567:321
Roudot, John A.fromSallot, Bathelamy187669:22
Roundebush, JohnfromRoundebush, Tobias187569:461
Roundebush, Thos.fromEdington, James187978:35
Roundebush, TobiastoRoundebush, John187569:461
Rouner, AllestoColeman, Mary & Lizzie187976:573
Rouner, GeorgefromColerick, W. G. Comr.187566:312
Rouner, MarytoHeit, Christian187873:14
Rour, J. W.fromAuditor187772:208
Rouseau, R. D. toRouseau, Reuben187874:466
Rouseau, ReubenfromRouseau, R. D. 187874:466
Roussay, AugustfromMetcalf, Vachel (Et al.)188783:28
Roussean, R. D.fromRohrs, Henry (Et al.)187874:389
Rousseau, Francis M.fromCarson, Wm. W.187565:366
Rousseau, J. H.fromBarkdall, Henry187770:449
Rousseau, J. H.fromRousseau, Ruth187977:376
Rousseau, Jas, H.fromBroxon, Jno. T.187978:176
Rousseau, Jas. H.fromRousseau, Reuben187978:175
Rousseau, Jas. H.toRousseay, Reuben187978:174
Rousseau, M. J.fromCarson, Wm. W.188297:237
Rousseau, R. D.fromBarkdall, Henry187770:449
Rousseau, R. D.fromLa France, Anna187874:389
Rousseau, R. D. & James H.fromBarkdall, Henry187565:153
Rousseau, ReubentoForsythe, J. E.187874:464
Rousseau, ReubentoRousseau, Jas. H.187978:175
Rousseau, RuthtoRousseau, J. H.187977:376
Rousseay, ReubenfromRousseau, Jas. H.187978:174
Roussey, E.fromCoonrod, Peter188391:360
Roussey, ElizabethfromBecker, Jos. H.188289:589
Roussian, R. D.fromBond, L. A.188495:471
Rout, John W.fromSheriff187770:386
Rovo, Daniel A.toReynolds, Jane188182:387
Rovo, John A.toHayes, Daniel M.188081:558
Row, AdamfromRow, Cornelius W.186762:86
Row, AdamfromRow, John A.187669:315
Row, Cornelius W.toRow, Adam186762:86
Row, Daniel A.toMarquardt, John187158:401
Row, Daniel A.toMaxhammer, M.187875:118
Row, Daniel A.toMaxhammer, M.187875:308
Row, Daniel A.fromMaxhimer, Wm.187874:476
Row, Elenor B.fromHigh, Joseph D.187873:351
Row, FredericktoRow, John Adam187564:528
Row, John A.toCongleton, M. M.187669:310
Row, John A.toDague, E. D. & M. E.187875:296
Row, John A.toRow, Adam187669:315
Row, John AdamfromRow, Frederick187564:528
Rowan, B. A. & M. E.fromRowan, Stephan H.187772:327
Rowan, Jas. & B. A.fromJones, L. M.188081:260
Rowan, Mary E.toAbbott, Wm. T.187873:257
Rowan, Stephan H.toRowan, B. A. & M. E.187772:327
Rowe, James H.toLeach, Edward187359:419
Rowe, James H.toRowe, William Mrs.187464:196
Rowe, Jas. H.toPrince, Mary187566:161
Rowe, M.fromConley, Eliza187978:37
Rowe, MelissatoConely, Eliza187772:351
Rowe, MelissafromRegedanz, Chas187977:23
Rowe, MelissafromRuppel, John187772:256
Rowe, MelissatoRuppel, John187975:490
Rowe, William Mrs.fromRowe, James H.187464:196
Rowland, Jno.fromBoswell, J. & M.188286:446
Roy, AdilefromReed, H. B.187572:201
Roy, CharlestoRoy, Julian187360:101
Roy, Ferdinand Sr.toDiedrick & Pepe187359:564
Roy, FlorentinfromBouser, H. J.188080:398
Roy, FlorentinfromBowser, Saml.188081:348
Roy, FlorentinfromTernet, Francis187772:73
Roy, FlorentinefromBarrett, Jas. M. (Coms.)188394:66
Roy, Florentine (Et al.)toPepe, Louis & J. D. Urbin187979:15
Roy, FlortinfromGloyd, J. D. (Trustee Perry Tp.)187874:491
Roy, FlortinfromTrustee Perry Twp.187874:491
Roy, FrancesfromBengnot, Jno. B.188597:315
Roy, HenryfromRoy, Julian187360:486
Roy, HenrytoRoy, Julian187667:472
Roy, Jas. & Mary B.fromF???, Elizabeth187978:167
Roy, Jno. B.fromBegue, John187668:109
Roy, Jno. B.fromBond, Jared D. (Et al.)188598:513
Roy, Jno. B.fromSheriff187977:142
Roy, John B.toMiller, Catharine187360:325
Roy, John B.toValdemaier, Charles187360:319
Roy, John B. (Guard)toSarrazin, Frank187981:437
Roy, JuliantoMiller, Jos.187668:312
Roy, JulianfromRoy, Charles187360:101
Roy, JuliantoRoy, Henry187360:486
Roy, JulianfromRoy, Henry187667:472
Roy, LouisfromPepe, Francis187771:425
Roy, LouistoPepe, Francis187975:392
Roy, Mary AlicefromMiller, Joseph187669:313
Roy, SophiatoGuillianne, Jas.188081:177

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