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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Ruan, LawrencefromBrown, J. P.187977:571
Ruan, LawrencefromBrown, Jno. T.188189:49
Rubey, Thomas D.toDiffenderfer, H. C.187872:484
Rubey, Thos. D.fromPearson, Sampson187669:108
Rubin, EdwardfromWhite, Maria & J. B.187771:336
Rubin, ElizafromCasso, Frank188494:316
Ruby, A. M.fromRuby, Edward187874:504
Ruby, A. M.fromSpringer, F.188286:290
Ruby, A. M.toVizards, J. & A.188182:211
Ruby, EdwardtoRuby, A. M.187874:504
Ruch, B. C.fromMiller, Silas M.187771:94
Ruch, CatharinetoFalls, Jos.188289:190
Ruch, Geo.fromAdams, Earl187977:261
Ruch, GeorgefromSheriff188080:37
Ruch, JoshuafromStratton, Robt.188496:278
Ruch, LewisfromLopshire, Catharine187464:39
Ruch, LewisfromLopshire, Catharine187466:137
Ruch, Saml.fromCraig, Jno.188596:612
Ruchel, Wm.fromGriebel, Mary (Et al.)188079:506
Ruchel, Wm.fromStenps, Henry (Et al.)188079:506
Ruckaway, Wm.toSchaffer, Wm.187565:332
Ruder, C.fromBrocking, Chas.188498:117
Rudert, Geo. fromSnow, Jeannie M.188598:220
Rudisil, Margaret E.fromSunderland, Joseph R.187462:197
Rudisill, A. Melis L. Est.toFreeman, Julia C.187463:29
Rudisill, A. Melis L. Est.toFrench, Maria C.187463:29
Rudisill, A. Melis L. Est.toHoagland, Harriet E.187463:29
Rudisill, A. Melis L. Est.toRudisill, Eliza C.187463:29
Rudisill, A. Melis L. Est.toSturgis, Mary187463:29
Rudisill, A. Melis L. Est.toWithers, Martha187463:29
Rudisill, AdamfromRaab, Christina188082:58
Rudisill, AdamfromSheriff188290:37
Rudisill, E. E.toPhelps, Martha B.187462:339
Rudisill, E. E.toYoung, Stephen187463:174
Rudisill, E. E. & H. J.fromBarnett, Abraham G.187463:478
Rudisill, E. E. & H. J.toBaxter, Phoebe187465:231
Rudisill, E. E. & H. J.toMoellering, Wm.187564:282
Rudisill, E. E. & H. J.toRudisill, Elizabeth Sr.187567:64
Rudisill, E. E. & H. J.fromYoung, Stephen186464:285
Rudisill, Eliza C.fromRudisill, A. Melis L. Est.187463:29
Rudisill, ElizabethtoOrmiston, Alex & Lewis187566:519
Rudisill, ElizabethtoOrmiston, Alex & Louis187564:315
Rudisill, ElizabethtoRudisill, Henry J.187564:335
Rudisill, ElizabethfromRudisill, Henry J. (et ux.)187564:344
Rudisill, ElizabethtoSavage, John H.187361:20
Rudisill, Elizabeth E.toBrokew, Sarah J.187362:9
Rudisill, Elizabeth E.toHill, Eliza Jane187565:585
Rudisill, Elizabeth E.toSiemon, Rudolph187463:34
Rudisill, Elizabeth E.toWilmot, James C.187361:349
Rudisill, Elizabeth E.toWilson, Geo. H.187360:452
Rudisill, Elizabeth Sr.fromRudisill, E. E. & H. J.187567:64
Rudisill, EmanueltoLeah, John T.187360:50
Rudisill, H. J.toKuntz, Peter186288:479
Rudisill, Henry J.toBaxter, James187570:158
Rudisill, Henry J.toCentlivre, Chas. L.187463:480
Rudisill, Henry J.toHill, John E. Jr.187567:94
Rudisill, Henry J.toHood, Alfred187566:208
Rudisill, Henry J.toMoellering, Wm.187564:360
Rudisill, Henry J.fromPeters, Jacob187567:63
Rudisill, Henry J.fromRudisill, Elizabeth187564:335
Rudisill, Henry J. (et ux.)toBurgess, H. Zollinger, C. & Kamm, J. J.187564:336
Rudisill, Henry J. (et ux.)toRudisill, Elizabeth187564:344
Rudisill, Jno. A.fromMyers, Jno. F.187668:262
Rudisill, John A.toMyers, John A.187670:2
Rudisill, M. E.toSunderland, Benj.188397:205
Rudisill, M. E.fromSunderland, J. R.188397:204
Rudisill, Margaret E.fromSmitley, Geo. N.187669:
Rudisill, Margaret E.toSunderland, Benj.188079:317
Rudkin, Jas.toBoswell, J. & M.188186:445
Rudkin, Jas.fromKeller, Jno.188186:445
Rudolph, CharlesfromArcher, John187365:37
Rudolph, FranktoMahut, Conrad187667:482
Rudolph, Hermantomeyer, Jno. C.187874:258
Rudolph, SophiafromMakrt, Conrad187667:539
Rudolph, Wm.toBritcher, Edward187359:518
Rudolph, Wm.fromCrock, John187771:2
Rudolph, Wm.toKauder, Valentine187566:201
Rueck, AdamfromCheveron, Xavier188184:296
Ruen, LawrencefromBrown, Michael188392:562
Ruess, C. A.toHeit, Christian187874:142
Ruess, Katie H.fromWhite, Jno. W.188081:16
Ruff, SarahfromBrown, Carrie188393:470
Ruff, SarahtoLudwick, Chas. W.188393:471
Ruff, SarahfromMelliron, Mary (Et al.)188393:470
Ruffing, MartinfromRandall, G. (Et al. Exrs.)188495:616
Ruffing, MartinfromRandall, P. A.188390:402
Ruffing, PeterfromEdgerton, Jos. K.187477:196
Ruffug, MartinfromLocke, Josiah188495:577
Ruge, Jno. G.fromBowser, Jacob C.187669:141
Ruge, Jno. G.toFleming, Wm.188185:261
Ruge, John G.toGrady, John E.187770:362
Ruge, John G.fromGrady, John E.187874:60
Ruggaber, Jos.fromBushman, J. A. (Ex.)188288:12
Ruhl, Almira (Et al.)toHarrod, Isaac188287:184
Ruhl, B. A. fromDougherty, E. E.188294:602
Ruhl, C. R.fromRuhl, M. L.188294:603
Ruhl, M. L.toRuhl, C. R.188294:603
Ruhl, M. L.fromSeymoure, C. A.188287:370
Ruhl, Mary L.fromHuss, M. a. 188394:109
Ruhl, Mary L.fromShookman, Jno.188183:531
Ruhl, Wm. D.fromHuss, E. O.188287:371
Ruhl, Wm. D. (Et al.)toDaugherty, E.188288:412
Ruhle, Mary L.toShookman, Catharine188194:601
Ruhling, ConradfromMeegan, Caroline E.187669:29
Ruhling, TheresatoMiller, Samantha187873:236
Ruiggenberg, P. & C.fromBlubaugh, F.187674:351
Ruley, Thomas D.fromDiffendarger, Henry C.187566:266
Rulo, J. A.fromLucey, Jeremiah188286:479
Rulo, Jno.toSchmidt, Geo. Jr.188186:115
Rulo, JohnfromBartholomew, Hiram B.187462:494
Rulo, JohnfromBurgess, Henry186666:86
Rulo, JohntoHammond, John187462:90
Rulo, JohntoKline, James186666:85
Rulo, Julia A.toMeyers, Henry188393:106
Rumbboldt, J. G. (Dec.)toRumboldt, Helena188292:43
Rumboldt, HelenafromRumbboldt, J. G. (Dec.)188292:43
Rumboldt, John G. (Dec. Will of)to188292:43
Rummell, A.toHays, W. S.187463:365
Rummell, A.fromHays, W. S.187463:366
Rummell, AlberttoGable, J. & C.188391:333
Rummell, AlberttoGerke, H. F. A.187873:344
Rummell, AlbertfromGerke, H. F. A.187873:346
Rump, Ernest F.fromFricke, Wm.187461:541
Rump, Ernst F.toRump, Harman187461:589
Rump, Frank F.toRump, Herman F.187360:226
Rump, FrederickfromConrad, George187564:462
Rump, H. F.toDrebert, H. J.188186:162
Rump, HarmanfromRump, Ernst F.187461:589
Rump, Herman F.fromRump, Frank F.187360:226
Rumsey, H. B.toN.Y.C. & St. L. Rw. Co.188186:397
Rumsey, PhilotoHoffman, Wm. H.187567:163
Rumsey, PhilotoPeters, Jno. C. & M.188393:468
Rumsey, PhilotoRockhill, H. C.188294:278
Rumsey, PhilotoTyler, W. R.188091:415
Rumsey, Philo (et al.)toUnger, Barbara187772:277
Rumsey, Philo.toPeters, Jno. C.188079:366
Rumsey, R. R.toGreiner, Alvin188186:180
Rumsey, R. R.toHoffman, A. E. & W. H.188185:373
Rumsey, R. R.toHoffman. A. E. & W. H.188290:97
Rumsey, RebeccatoCourdevey, Louis188599:125
Rumsey, RebeccafromCraw, Maria R.188289:564
Rumsey, RebeccafromNelson, I. D. G. (Et al.)188289:564
Rumsey, RebeccafromRockhill, E. (Et al.)188289:564
Rumsey, RebeccafromWheeler, Nelson (Et al.)188289:564
Rumsey, Rebecca R.toFleming, O. E.188393:557
Rumsey, Rebecca R.fromNelson, Wm. R.187465:519
Rumsey, Rebecca R.toNelson, Wm. R.187465:519
Rundel, CharlestoAshley, Alacthen A.187565:330
Rundel, CharlesfromAshley, Philo H.187565:355
Rundel, CharlestoFledderman, John G.187566:483
Rundel, Chas.fromSmith, Orson187462:558
Rundel, Elizabeth A.toEckert, Rachel187874:509
Rundel, IsaactoRundel, Laura187465:279
Rundel, LaurafromRundel, Isaac187465:279
Rundel, LauratoRundel, Sarah187465:280
Rundel, MaryfromNiezer, Lewis188080:11
Rundel, SarahfromRundel, Laura187465:280
Rundell, CharlestoRock, Mary J.187566:459
Rundl, CharlestoSmith, O.187668:316
Rundle, Chas.fromKell, George187566:356
Rundles, Esther E. (Et al.)toRundles, John J.188079:224
Rundles, Jno. J.fromHalliday, E. E. (Et al.)188291:355
Rundles, Jno. J.fromKiracofe, A. R. (Et al.)188291:355
Rundles, Jno. J.fromKiracofe, C. H. (Et al.)188081:452
Rundles, Jno. J.fromPerry, E. R. (Et al.)188291:355
Rundles, Jno. J.fromPerry, J. F. (Et al.)188081:452
Rundles, John J.fromRundles, Esther E. (Et al.)188079:224
Rundles, John J.fromThomas, Jonathan187573:392
Rundles, John J.fromThomas, Sarah (Et al.)188079:224
Runke, Wm.fromDroegemeyer, Wilhelmina187978:292
Runn, JohnfromHouse, John (Et al.)188292:243
Runnion, E. S.fromFleming, Wm.188185:307
Runnion, HarriettfromCollier, Leonard188186:221
Runyan, L. H.toNegley, I.187771:277
Runyan, LevifromRunyan, William87771:196
Runyan, WilliamtoRunyan, Levi87771:196
Runyan, Wm.fromAldrich, Willard187566:317
Rupe, EmanueltoGrubb, Ira J.186561:272
Rupe, EmanuelfromReichelderfer, Chas.186561:271
Rupeert, IratoMiller, Martha187773:80
Rupert, A. A.toRupert, M.188286:480
Rupert, Comelias & CerillafromWiddifield, Mordacai187875:125
Rupert, F. & S.fromShaffer, Jno.188393:541
Rupert, IratoBowen, Geo. R.188597:127
Rupert, IratoDrake, James H.187566:198
Rupert, IratoFay, James A.187565:621
Rupert, IratoMiller, Martha188080:14
Rupert, IrafromMiller, Martha188287:292
Rupert, Ira (Adm.)toMeyer, Fred188391:308
Rupert, M.toFoote, J. G.188286:481
Rupert, M.fromRupert, A. A.188286:480
Rupert, ManassafromHutchinson, C. W.188289:364
Rupp, Jno.fromMonning, Henry188494:97
Rupp, JohnfromBoasa, Frederick187463:599
Rupp, JohnfromCoombs, Ann187874:92
Rupp, JohntoHeckler, George187874:94
Rupp, JohnfromSitheus, Stephen187874:93
Rupp, JohntoZimmerman, E.187566:145
Rupp, SophiafromWhite, Jas. B.188289:90
Ruppeert, F.fromRuppert, A. A. (Adm.)188495:601
Ruppel, JohntoLahrman, George187567:25
Ruppel, JohntoRowe, Melissa187772:256
Ruppel, JohnfromRowe, Melissa187975:490
Ruppel, M. (Et al.)toMoellering, C.188394:37
Ruppel, MargaretfromLahman, George187567:37
Ruppel, PaulfromPratt, Wm. T.187361:49
Ruppert, A. A.fromCommissioner in Partition188495:88
Ruppert, A. A. (Adm.)toRuppeert, F.188495:601
Ruppert, ElitoFunk, L. J.188290:48
Ruppert, ElifromMills, Samuel188083:307
Ruppert, EliasfromCrimmins, Henry187670:145
Ruppert, EliastoCummins, C. E.187674:211
Ruppert, EliastoMiick, O. P.187771:526
Ruppert, EliastoOmo, J. H.187784:531
Ruppert, EliastoPattee, Elizabeth187565:579
Ruppert, EliasfromPattel, E. J.187670:146
Ruppert, EliasfromRuppert, Simon187772:17
Ruppert, EliastoRuppert, Simon187772:55
Ruppert, F. (Et al.)toRuppert, Manasse188082:26
Ruppert, M. (Et al.)toTraxler, Rosetta188085:363
Ruppert, MamassefromHettinger, Malinda (Et al.)188082:26
Ruppert, ManassefromRuppert, F. (Et al.)188082:26
Ruppert, ManassetoRuppert, Simon187669:194
Ruppert, ManassefromTraxler, R. (Et al.)188082:26
Ruppert, ManasseefromCummins, Martha188183:107
Ruppert, ManasseefromGrosh, Mary ( Et al.)188082:26
Ruppert, ManasseefromWonn, Salome188183:113
Ruppert, SimontoRuppert, Elias187772:17
Ruppert, SimonfromRuppert, Elias187772:55
Ruppert, SimonfromRuppert, Manasse187669:194
Ruppert, ZurillatoHom, J. P.188288:199
Rupple, JohnfromColeman, Jacob187461:379
Rupple, JohntoColeman, Mary187464:59
Rupple, JohntoColeman, Mary187464:497
Rupple, PaulfromBappit, Armand188495:389
Rurode, E. C.fromRoot, L. B.188287:175
Rurode, E. C. (Et al.)toRoot, L. B.188287:176
Rurode, Ernst C. & Emma P.fromShoaf, Saml. H.187461:590
Rurode, Ernst C. & Emma P.fromShoaf, Wade C.187462:17
Rush, HenryfromMann, Perri F.187464:222
Rush, HenryfromMcGrew, Wm.188289:57
Rush, HenryfromOtten, Johanna J.187565:317
Rush, HenrytoRush, Mary187667:524
Rush, MaryfromRush, Henry187667:524
Rushart, PhilliptoVeit, Phillip187463:524
Rushman, C. S.toRiehle, M. A.188391:468
Rushman, C. S.fromSomers, Jos.188182:528
Rushton, Mary M.fromRushton, Rebecca188597:557
Rushton, RebeccatoRushton, Mary M.188597:557
Russel, PeterfromMyers, E. F.188597:380
Russell, A. & P.fromSchmidt, Geo.187981:136
Russell, A. C.fromEvans, J. P. (Et al.)187976:101
Russell, A. C.fromMcDonald, A. T. (Et al.)187976:101
Russell, A. C.fromWebb, M. A. (Et al.)187976:101
Russell, CarolinetoWitz, George187359:336
Russell, PetertoBauer, K. J.188495:561
Russell, PetertoSchmidt, George187976:216
Russell, Wm.toRussell, Wm. J. (et al.)187771:474
Russell, Wm. J.fromBowser, S. F.188183:254
Russell, Wm. J.fromBowser, S. F. (Guard)187976:173
Russell, Wm. J.toMoore, M. J.188496:95
Russell, Wm. J. (et al.)fromRussell, Wm.187771:474
Rust, OscartoBenton, Charlie187772:248
Rust, OscarfromFrench, R. E.187772:169
Rust, OscarfromWhite, James B.187772:188
Ruston, Harriet G.toWells, Maria187360:564
Ruth, Eph.fromTryon, Jno. M.187668:191
Ruth, EphraimtoCox, J. D.188185:447
Ruth, Ephraim (Adm.)toGinther, G. E.188082:502
Ruthrauff, H. E.toWhitney, W. I. & M. P.188287:568
Ruthrauff, Henrietta E.fromDacheleiner, John W.187462:54
Ruttedge, ArthurtoRuttedge, Wm. & V.187464:175
Ruttedge, Wm. & V.fromRuttedge, Arthur187464:175
Ruttledge, Wm. A. C.fromDevore, David G.187570:458

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