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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Saalfrank, J. H.fromLutz, Jacob188080:282
Sack, HenryfromSack, Jacob187669:137
Sack, JacobtoKramer, Margaret187669:514
Sack, JacobtoSack, Henry187669:137
Sack, JacobfromSheriff187669:
Sack, Jacob (Trustee)fromHockemeyer, Anton188394:318
Safford, G. W. T.fromBurchfield, H.187874:445
Sager, D. B.fromKrueger, A. C.187977:407
Sager, D. B.fromKuhne, F. A.187977:407
Sager, D. B.fromSheriff187977:404
Sahmer, MarcusfromConcordia Collage188293:366
Sahner, MarcusfromBirkner, C. B. (Et al.)188184:151
Sahner, MarcusfromLauer, H. G. (Et al.)188184:151
Sahner, MarcusfromNiemann, J. H. (Et al.)188184:151
Sahner, MarcusfromPaul, H. c. (Et al.)188184:151
Saiaizin, Frank & MaryfromValdenaire, Mary T.187976:2
Sale, J. W.fromCase, W. W.188184:309
Sale, Jno. W.fromBrown, F. I.188496:332
Salking, ConradfromBrouwer, Johanna (Et al.)188494:163
Salking, ConradfromFranke, Henry (Et al.)188494:163
Sallier, FrancisfromKillen, Anna M.187772:62
Sallier, FrancistoKillen, Wm.187772:40
Sallier, FrancisfromPaul, Henry C.187564:306
Sallier, FrancisfromSallier, John C.187565:261
Sallier, J. C.fromCattez, Joseph187566:124
Sallier, John C.fromCattez, Joseph187772:259
Sallier, John C.toSallier, Francis187565:261
Sallier, JustinfromCattez, Julia188497:90
Sallot, B.fromEdgerton, Jos. K.187565:545
Sallot, B.fromEdgerton, Jos. K.187567:159
Sallot, BathelamytoRoudot, John A.187669:22
Salomon, Chas.fromColton, Sarah A. (Et al.)188291:561
Salomon, Chas.fromCrane, Ervin (Guard)188291:564
Salomon, Chas.fromGill, J. W. (Et al.)188291:561
Salomon, Chas.fromGriswold, R. J. (Et al.)188291:561
Salomon, Chas.fromLudwick, C. W. (Guard)188391:566
Salomon, Chas.fromLudwick, M. W. (Et al.)188291:561
Salone, CharlesfromRichardson, Jno. H. (et al.)187667:391
Salter, Luey A. (Et al.)toGolden, Wm.187983:455
Salter, Wm. (Et al.)toGolden, Elizabeth188083:135
Salway, Chas. (Et al.)fromWhittern, Charles187873:168
Salway, JohnfromAuditor187461:224
Salway, JohnfromAuditor187461:225
Salway, JohntoWhittim, Charles187873:168
Salzmann, Wm.fromPloor, Ellen188287:474
Samse, CarolinefromBrown, M. E. (Et al.)188287:588
Samse, CarolinefromBrown, Martha E.187667:412
Samse, CarolinefromNussman, Jno. (Et al.)188287:588
Sander, EarnestfromEpple, Gottlieb187977:199
Sander, ElizabethfromSander, Jacob187874:268
Sander, JacobfromPaff, Geo. W.188183:115
Sander, JacobtoSander, Elizabeth187874:268
Sander, JacobtoSander, Jonas187876:574
Sander, JacobtoZhendner, Jacob188081:305
Sander, John H.fromFisher, Jobst.188393:5
Sander, JonasfromSander, Jacob187876:574
Sander, Jos.fromHenderson, Addie188288:133
Sander, Jos.fromHenderson, J. A. (Et al.)188288:131
Sander, Jos.fromHenderson, J. M. (Et al.)188288:131
Sander, Jos.fromHenderson, M. L.188288:133
Sander, Jos.fromMcNamara, J. A.188288:133
Sander, Jos.fromRoller, J. R. (Et al.)188288:130
Sander, JosephfromYoder, Joseph187977:127
Sander, SophronatoGreenwald, Samantha187771:212
Sander, W. F.fromCorbin, Gerolina188392:410
Sanders, Chas. W.fromBarrett, Jas. M.188495:541
Sanders, FranklinfromCreager, Jno. P.187567:205
Sanders, LevifromSowers, Benj.188082:147
Sanders, WilliamfromSpooner, B. J. (Coms.)187978:354
Sanerbier, W. A. & D. M.fromGriffith, Levi188392:398
Saners, J. A.fromErtel, Valentine188290:316
Santchi, AnnafromConrad, D. J.186195:606
Sanvery, FrancistoKrimmel, Traugott187358:381
Sapp, AbsalomfromLauferty, Max J.187360:427
Sapp, AbsalomfromSapp, Levi188081:551
Sapp, AbsalomtoShaffer, Rachel M.187365:51
Sapp, LevitoSapp, Absalom188081:551
Sapp, LevifromTounsend, Jno.188081:549
Sapp, LeviefromMajors, J. B. & M. E.187978:468
Sapp, M. A.fromLovett, Wm. O.188287:565
Sapp, Martha A.fromNoll, Geo. W.188598:628
Sappington, GeorgefromSappington, Jacob187976:330
Sappington, JacobfromEvard, John187873:188
Sappington, JacobtoKoester, Christian Jr.188079:476
Sappington, JacobtoSappington, George187976:330
Sappington, JacobfromSappington, Jas Adew.188082:57
Sappington, JacobtoSappington, Wm.187362:139
Sappington, JacobfromSchneider, Anna M.187873:395
Sappington, JacobtoSchneider, Anna M.187875:492
Sappington, JacobtoTaylor, Wm. C.188083:97
Sappington, JacobfromZollinger, Charles A.187364:154
Sappington, Jas Adew.toSappington, Jacob188082:57
Sappington, Wm.toHanschild, H.188079:300
Sappington, Wm.fromSappington, Jacob187362:139
Sarazi, AugustusfromSarazin, Mary187873:155
Sarazin, AniltoSarazin, Francis187981:437
Sarazin, AugusttoMeyer, Frederick A.188079:100
Sarazin, AugustfromWestenfeld, Conrad188079:106
Sarazin, AugustusfromSarazin, Francis187977:343
Sarazin, FrancisfromSarazin, Anil187981:437
Sarazin, FrancistoSarazin, Augustus187977:343
Sarazin, FrancisfromSarazin, Mary187873:155
Sarazin, GeorgefromSarazin, Mary187873:155
Sarazin, LouisefromSarazin, Mary187873:155
Sarazin, MarytoBerresnet, Josephine U.187873:155
Sarazin, MarytoBobay, Mary N.187873:155
Sarazin, MarytoManet, Adaline187873:155
Sarazin, MarytoPillyard, Philomin187873:155
Sarazin, MarytoSarazi, Augustus187873:155
Sarazin, MarytoSarazin, Francis187873:155
Sarazin, MarytoSarazin, George187873:155
Sarazin, MarytoSarazin, Louise187873:155
Sarazin, MarytoSarazin, Mary C.187873:155
Sarazin, MarytoSarazin, Rosaly187873:155
Sarazin, MarytoSarzin, Emil187873:155
Sarazin, Mary C.fromSarazin, Mary187873:155
Sarazin, RosalyfromSarazin, Mary187873:155
Sargeant, A. & T.fromLomont, M.188287:473
Sargeant, Wm. Jr.fromBenner, Wm. (Et al.)188392:35
Sargeant, Wm. Jr.toSargeant, Wm. Sr.187978:407
Sargeant, Wm. Jr. & D.fromHazzard, Lewis (Et al.)188392:35
Sargeant, Wm. Sr.fromLomont, M.188287:473
Sargeant, Wm. Sr.fromMajor, D. H.188184:270
Sargeant, Wm. Sr.fromSargeant, Wm. Jr.187978:407
Sargent, CharlotttoPillars, John E.187771:278
Sargent, CharlotttoTrue, H. T.187672:505
Sargent, charlottetoGarter, James B.187669:506
Sargent, CharlottetoRyan, John W.187565:53
Sargent, CharlottetoRyan, John W.187565:54
Sargent, CharlottetoShorts, N. W.188082:374
Sargent, Charlotte & JohntoDrage, Lilly F.187564:428
Sargent, Charlotte & JohntoGarton, James B.187564:507
Sargent, Charlotte & JohntoKreigh, Samuel187564:506
Sargent, Charlotte & JohntoRickard, Laura J.187565:445
Sargent, Charlotte & JohntoSpangler, Nancy187564:430
Sargent, Charlotte & Wm.toSpang, Phillip G.187564:571
Sargent, Chas.toDevilbiss, Allen187361:291
Sargent, JohntoReed, Matilda187770:468
Sargent, JohntoSpangler, M.187472:114
Sargent, ThomasfromSargent, Wm. Jr.187771:450
Sargent, Thos.fromBundy, Chas. (et al.)187669:113
Sargent, Thos. toSargent, Wm. J.187874:528
Sargent, Thos.toSargent, Wm. J. & Dora187976:320
Sargent, Thos. (Et al.)toSargent, W. Jr. & D.187978:507
Sargent, W. & D.fromBenner, Wm. (Et al.)187978:507
Sargent, W. & D.fromHazzard, L. (Et al.)187978:507
Sargent, W. Jr. & D.fromSargent, Thos. (Et al.)187978:507
Sargent, WilliamtoSargent, Wm. Jr.187771:201
Sargent, Wm. J.fromSargent, Thos. 187874:528
Sargent, Wm. J. & DorafromSargent, Thos.187976:320
Sargent, Wm. J. & DorafromWhite, J. B.187976:402
Sargent, Wm. Jr.toSargent, Thomas187771:450
Sargent, Wm. Jr.fromSargent, William187771:201
Sargent, Wm. Jr.fromScheffer, John187360:299
Sargent, Wm. Jr.fromWhite, James B.187874:448
Sargent, Wm. Jr. (Trustee)fromScheffer, John187360:300
Sarrazen, FrancisfromAubrey, Alfred (Et al.)187874:7
Sarrazen, FrancisfromAubrey, Alfred (Et al.)187874:7
Sarrazier, A. & P.fromBobay, Mary (Et al.)188189:339
Sarrazin, A. & P.fromAubry, Rosa (Et al.)188189:339
Sarrazin, AugustustoYoung, Julius187978:379
Sarrazin, FrancisfromBobay, Mary (et al.)187874:7
Sarrazin, FrancisfromBobay, Mary (Et al.)187874:7
Sarrazin, FrankfromRoy, John B. (Guard)187981:437
Sarrazin, JosephfromManot, J. Edward186472:276
Sarrazin, Mary (Et al.)toBoley, F. & P.187981:490
SarytoChapin, A. A.187977:106
Sarzin, EmilfromSarazin, Mary187873:155
Sassington, JacobtoTaylor, Jno.188182:170
Sauerbier, W. A. (Et al.)fromBitner, Jno. R.188496:146
Sauers, ElvinafromBatteron, Fred187979:353
Sauers, Martin & Borden, GeorgefromKern, Jacob J. (Adm.)187873:400
Saunders, JamesfromSunders, Susan187364:57
Saunders, Jos. B.toMetcalf, Samuel C.187771:122
Saunders, M. A.toWright, Frances187771:137
Saunders, Mary A.fromLoos, Henry187359:384
Saunders, Mary A.toSeely, Albert J.187359:343
Saunders, Mary E.fromEly, George W.188182:388
Saunders, Mary E.fromMetcalf, Samuel C.187771:405
Sauser, CatharinetoLordier, August187565:397
Sauser, CatherinefromLordier, August187669:6
Sauser, LouisfromBlair, D. (Trustee)188393:210
Sauser, LouistoG.187461:345
Sausette, Geo. E.fromMonnier, Alexis188494:124
Sausser, CatharinefromG.187461:475
Sausser, LewistoSteinman, Adam187772:323
Saussote, John B.fromDupeyron, Celestine187359:309
Sauvain, S. H.fromHolladay, L. H.188496:104
Savage, J. H.toLudwick, M.187463:278
Savage, Jno. N.fromMcCormick, Wm. R.187466:34
Savage, JohntoQuicksell, Peter187669:301
Savage, John H.toArcher, Catharine187569:
Savage, John H.fromRudisill, Elizabeth187361:20
Savageot, Nicholas (et al.)toKees, Frank & Polly187773:3
Savies, F. O.fromPhilocrane, D.188596:565
Savio, FrankfromFavoret, Venos188082:282
Savio, LewisfromSheriff187773:139
Savio, RosaniafromPool, J. T.187771:531
Saviot, RosinefromKrick, S. E. (Et al.)188495:558
Savoit, Hannah (et al.)toRichard, Eli.187772:454
Sawyer, GeorgetoSawyer, James187770:428
Sawyer, JamesfromSawyer, George187770:428
Sawyer, Julia A.fromHarris, L. F.187675:47
Saylor Bros. (Assignment)toRobinson, J. M.188390:351
Saylor, E. A. & D. E.fromHunter, Wm. T.188286:349
Saylor, ElizabethfromCommissioners by Partition188081:416
Saylor, JacobfromKentner,E. S.188182:203
Saylor, Jane A.fromDaniels, Jos L.188598:298
Saylor, JohnfromCrouse, Chas. F.187361:141
Saylor, MathiastoCone, Alvia Y.187875:181
Saylor, MathiastoCone, Alvin G.187773:329
Saylor, MathiasfromCone, Reuben187361:138
Saylor, MathiastoHillegss, Hezekiah187462:20
Sayres (Heirs)toVanDoran, John186169:144

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