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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Seabold, C.fromWilliams, E. P.187875:211
Seabold, C. & G.toFlinn, C. M. & M. E.188183:253
Seabold, ChristfromEvans, Edwin188183:515
Seabold, ChristtoSeabold, Geo.188079:481
Seabold, ChristianfromDwyer, M. A.188185:489
Seabold, ChristianfromHanna, M. E.188393:152
Seabold, ChristianfromHutchinson, M. A.188599:37
Seabold, Geo.fromSeabold, Christ188079:481
Seabold, Geo. H.fromHermler, Henry187461:492
Seabold, George H.toGouty, James M.187565:252
Seabold, HenryfromBeck, F. J.187566:47
Seabold, J. G.toEckart, Fred187977:138
Seabold, J. G.fromEckart, Frederick187977:135
Seabold, JacobfromGable, Christian188496:275
Seagwick, Jno.fromBrackenridge, Jos. & G. W.187977:384
Seaman, HenryfromJustus, Lewis S.187566:551
Seaman, Wm. H.toWeaver, Conrad187668:496
Seamore, Calvin A.fromTaylor, Andrew J.187365:254
Seaton, RoberttoShepler, Franklin P.187462:18
Seaton, Robt.toMiddaugh, A. J.187461:364
Seaver, M. S.fromMeegan, Thos.188081:307
Seaver, Mary F.fromBond, Lavina A.188081:134
Seavey, A. O.fromMcDonald, E. H.187771:364
Seavey, Amy C.fromSchock, Wm. H.188080:529
Seavey, G. W.fromAuditor188287:281
Seavey, G. W.fromAuditor188287:282
Seavey, G. W.fromAuditor188497:604
Seavey, G. W.fromAuditor188497:607
Seavey, G. W.fromBleke, Wm.187975:556
Seavey, G. W.toCarter, R. A.188080:472
Seavey, G. W.fromCity Clerk (Ft. Wayne)188496:369
Seavey, G. W.fromCrow, J. A. (Et al.)188391:30
Seavey, G. W.fromEwing, Eliza188079:440
Seavey, G. W.toFry, Absolom188080:238
Seavey, G. W.fromJames, John H.187976:511
Seavey, G. W.fromJustus, L. S.187980:378
Seavey, G. W.fromLocke, Josiah188294:155
Seavey, G. W.fromLuther, Israel187977:375
Seavey, G. W.fromMeyers, Lizzie188080:377
Seavey, G. W.fromMorris, S. L.187977:15
Seavey, G. W.fromSheriff188080:234
Seavey, G. W.fromSheriff188080:236
Seavey, G. W.fromSheriff188080:300
Seavey, G. W.toSmith, E. J.188079:441
Seavey, G. W. (Assignee)fromHayden, J. W. (Register)187875:496
Seavey, G. W. (Assignee)toNoyer, Charles188183:429
Seavey, Gideon W.toBlessing, Peter187978:493
Seavey, Gideon W.fromHorz, John188080:182
Seavey, Gideon W.toPens, Ernest Conrd187875:83
Seavey, Gideon W.fromSheriff187875:80
Seavey, Gideon W.fromSheriff188182:335
Seavey, Gideon W. (assignee)fromHayden, J. W. (Register)187875:460
Seavy, G. W.fromKesler, Comelius B.187873:190
Seavy, Gideon W.fromPens, Maria E.187875:133
Seawey, Gideon W. (Comr.)toJustus, Lewis S.187772:56
Sebastian, JacobfromHayden, Eliza H.187463:28
Sebits, HenrytoKlopfenstine, John S.187564:427
Sebold, ChristianfromDean, Elvira W.188079:421
Sebold, Geo.fromKeefer, Frederick188287:95
Seckler, Jacob (by will)toHidr, Isaac187567:326
Secor, JamesfromSheriff188080:6
Secor, Jas.toKelsey, Aden188183:399
Sedgwick, JohnfromKamm, Jacob J.187266:469
Sedgwick, JohnfromKamm, Jacob J.187266:472
Seed, ElizafromSeeds, Thos. A.187462:67
Seeds, ElizafromSeeds, Perry187470:171
Seeds, PerrytoSeeds, Eliza187470:171
Seeds, Perry & AlicefromSeeds, Thomas187462:533
Seeds, ThomastoSeeds, Perry & Alice187462:533
Seeds, Thos. A.toSeed, Eliza187462:67
Seeger, AdamfromHolustiner, J. M.188082:37
Seeger, AdamfromKeanley, F. (Et al.)188289:23
Seeger, AdamfromOverly, Elizabeth (Heirs)187365:26
Seeger, FredfromFletcher, J. F.188390:309
Seekup, A. & M.fromMeegan, C. E.187669:366
Seelig, HenryfromHarter, Philip188182:399
Seely, Albert J.fromSaunders, Mary A.187359:343
Seemann, Chas.fromWiegmann, Augusta187359:334
Seibert, DorethafromDawson, E. R.188183:208
Seibert, F. M.toSeibert, H. W.188081:83
Seibert, Francis M.fromFry, George187465:150
Seibert, H. W.fromSeibert, F. M.188081:83
Seibold, C. J. W.toErickson, John188080:329
Seibold, Chas. J. W.fromFairfield, Cyrus K.187360:559
Seibold, Chas. J. W.toFairfield, Cyrus K.187462:635
Seibold, Chas. W.fromFairfield, Cyrus K.187462:129
Seibold, DavidtoCertia & Rankert187567:94
Seibold, DavidfromFigel, Charles G.187361:55
Seibold, DavidtoFrederickson, John P.187566:384
Seibold, GeorgetoCoverdale, Henry187269:36
Seibold, JacobfromDrebert, H. J.188597:480
Seibold, Jno. J.toWeibel, F. & L.188182:429
Seibold, JohntoSeibold, John J.187976:386
Seibold, John J.fromSeibold, John187976:386
Seibold, MargaretfromFredrickson, John P.187566:385
Seidel, EdwardfromBattenberg, Jacob188495:4
Seidel, EdwardfromBusch, John187462:293
Seidel, EdwardtoBusch, Lesette187462:294
Seidel, EdwardfromHallaner, David187464:55
Seidel, EdwardfromHedekin, E. C.188598:546
Seidel, EdwardtoHelling, Fredk.187361:101
Seidel, EdwardtoHelmke, F. W. E.188183:51
Seidel, EdwardfromJohnson, Huldah187463:96
Seidel, EdwardfromRiedley, Anton188081:309
Seidel, EdwardfromSwart, C. F. M.187978:82
Seiler, BarbarafromMasbaurn, A. (Et al.)188186:185
Seiler, FrankfromHoffman, Mary187683:158
Seiler, FrankfromMasbaurn, A. (Et al.)188186:184
Seiler, Jno. (Adm.)fromSheriff188081:114
Seiler, JohnfromMark, John C.187976:180
Seiler, PeterfromFarrell, Chas. C.187977:529
Seiler, PetertoGroman, Andrew188182:218
Seiler, PeterfromMasbaurn, A. (Et al.)188186:183
Seimon, A. F.toNuttman, J. D. Jr.188081:98
Seimon, RudolphfromKemp, Edgar188182:390
Seip, MaryfromKindel, E.188391:459
Seipel, AdamfromStein, Peter187565:613
Selking, ChristianfromMeyer, Christian188182:391
Sellemeyer, A. H.fromDoyle, Lena188186:126
Selover, N. H.fromKeyser, Jacob M.188288:568
Selover, NelsonfromKeyser, Jacob M.188288:568
Selpat, MaryfromFarrell, Edward187976:421
Selps, MarytoFarrell, C. C.187976:422
Semann, Chas.fromFahlsing, Conrad188185:588
Sengacher, PeterfromSchmucker, John187566:178
Senk, P. J.fromBieber, E.187586:44
Senk, PhilipfromMuldoon, Jane188184:438
Senk, Phillip, Jr.fromBieber, Elizabeth187565:183
Senker, HermanfromBegue, John188079:98
Senker, HermantoFelger, Jno.188183:226
Senker, MargaretfromHebbison, Isabelle188597:593
Sensiney, WillistoJones, J. F.187566:7
Sensiney, WillistoKnapp, W. S.187566:7
Sepler, F. P.fromBowman, Eliza188288:143
Serferd, G. H. & A.fromMoynihan, Martin188495:338
Sesler, ElizabethtoKegg, Wm.187566:22
Sesseman, DavidtoMcCormick, W. H.188082:534
Sesseman, Wm.fromFairfield, W. A.188186:151
Sessler, PeterfromGreene, Mary M.187359:553
Setdelmeyer, H. R.fromGerke, J. H. L.188185:490
Sevallier, EmmafromNelson, Wm. R.187360:384
Sevick, Jacob (Guard)toSchlatter, Christian J.187465:31
Seville, MelissatoDickerson, Geo. W.187873:99
Sevils, HenryfromBair, Adam187466:522
Sewell, JamestoWilson & Felts186561:168
Sewell, Jno. W.fromCrabb, J. M.188288:463
Sewell, Jno. W.fromWalker, Sarah A.187978:190
Sewell, John W.fromKyle, Wm. B.187361:57
Sewell, John W.fromPiatt, William S.187772:367
Sewell, Lawrence (Et al.)toGaskill, Michael187978:40
Sewell, Lawrence (Et al.)toMcCoy, Thomas187978:159
Sewwt, WarrenfromDevilbiss, W. F. (Et al.)188188:222
Seybold, JohntoSeybold, John G.187771:470
Seybold, John G.fromSeybold, John187771:470
Seybold, John G.toSeybold, Oplona187771:471
Seybold, OplonafromSeybold, John G.187771:471
Seymore, C. A.fromDalman, Wm.187875:162
Seymour, C. A.fromGibson, David (Ex.)188081:71
Seymour, Calvin A.fromHazzard, Anna187875:37
Seymour, Calvin A.fromJustus, Lewis S.187464:573
Seymour, Calvin A.toJustus, Lewis S.187465:255
Seymoure, C. A.fromDalman, Wm.188187:122
Seymoure, Calvin A.toMackall, Montraville187566:460

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