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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Sibert, SamuelfromNoel, Smallwood185087:332
Sible, WilliamfromShoaff, John F.188182:381
Sible, Wm.toShoaff, J. F.188081:205
Sible, Wm.fromWaterson, J. A. & S. K.187977:411
Sickler, E. H. & Jacob (Ex.)toBair, David M.187772:144
Sickler, EveretfromHarrison, J. T.188598:558
Sickler, EverettfromArnold, Albert187772:255
Sickler, JeffersontoHolmes, Jno. W.188598:114
Siders, M. J.toHedges, Thos. Jr.188186:304
Siebert, DorothafromCrau, Edward L.187464:551
Siebold, C. (Et al.)toSwayne, M. C.188184:33
Siebold, C. F.fromHamilton Nat. Bank188184:33
Siebold, H. L.toJones, L. M.188495:552
Siebold, H. L.fromJoslin, W. H.188392:362
Siebold, HenrytoBeck, Anna M.187978:300
Siebold, L. (Et al.)toKammyer, F.188184:54
Siebold, MargarettoFiegel, Fred188184:475
Siebold, MargaretfromFiegel, Fred188184:478
Siebolt, ChristianfromNelson, Helen E.187362:149
Siegmund, H & J.fromEdsall, Simon188079:312
Siemon, A. F.toBlotcamp, F.188081:187
Siemon, A. F.toBowser, S. F.188390:488
Siemon, A. F.toBrokaw, S. J.188184:98
Siemon, A. F.toCrance, M. E.188289:104
Siemon, A. F.fromFabker, G. H.186272:74
Siemon, A. F.fromJabker, G. H.186272:74
Siemon, A. F.toKlipper, Carl188393:45
Siemon, A. F.toKnox, Mary J.188290:169
Siemon, A. F.toRandall, Perry A.188391:346
Siemon, A. F.toSiemon, A. W.188598:525
Siemon, A. F.toSiemon, H. C. R.188391:256
Siemon, A. F.toSiemon, R.188185:357
Siemon, A. F.fromSiemon, R.188185:358
Siemon, A. F.toSiemon, T. G. H.188391:156
Siemon, A. F. & R.fromSheriff188185:133
Siemon, A. W.fromSiemon, A. F.188598:525
Siemon, August F.toMeyer, Frederick W.188081:330
Siemon, H. C. R.fromSiemon, A. F.188391:256
Siemon, H. R. & H. T.fromMcWhinney, Frank188599:8
Siemon, R.toSiemon, A. F.188185:358
Siemon, R.fromSiemon, A. F.188185:357
Siemon, R. (Et al.)toAbbott, R. B.188183:37
Siemon, R. (Et al.)toComer, Winafred188183:104
Siemon, R. (Et al.)fromKrueger, A. C.188288:488
Siemon, R. (Et al.)toRomy, R. L.188288:483
Siemon, Rud.fromKahn, F. W.187464:357
Siemon, Rud.toKuhne, F. W.187464:358
Siemon, Rud.toKuhne, F. W.187564:359
Siemon, Rud.toNorthrop,J. L.188496:263
Siemon, RudolphfromAuditor187464:345
Siemon, RudolphfromAuditor187464:347
Siemon, RudolphfromGasser, Agata188599:195
Siemon, RudolphfromHanna, Chas.187463:95
Siemon, RudolphfromHanna, Jas. T.187770:186
Siemon, RudolphfromHayden, Jno. W.188391:348
Siemon, RudolphtoHayden, Jno. W.188391:353
Siemon, RudolphfromHenderson, G. H.187977:449
Siemon, RudolphfromHickman, Mary N.188599:211
Siemon, RudolphtoHumphrey, Lucina W.187977:460
Siemon, RudolphfromKuhne, F. W. & E.188393:25
Siemon, RudolphfromLinsky, Hannah188494:215
Siemon, RudolphtoLinsky, Hannah188494:227
Siemon, RudolphfromLinsky, Hannah (Guard)188494:216
Siemon, RudolphtoMark & Peterson187566:297
Siemon, RudolphfromNorthrop, F. F.188496:262
Siemon, RudolphfromRudisill, Elizabeth E.187463:34
Siemon, RudolphfromSheriff187361:107
Siemon, RudolphtoTresselt, August187564:512
Siemon, RudolphfromTresselt, Charles187564:458
Siemon, RudolphfromWhite, James B.187360:93
Siemon, RudolphtoWolf, Paul & Maria188080:589
Siemon, RudolphtoWood, Wm.187462:612
Siemon, T. G. H.fromSiemon, A. F.188391:156
Sigel, M. (Et al.)toMiller, Wm.188392:72
Sigl, Jos. (Et al.)toLuitz, Delia187977:409
Sigler, ElizabethtoSmith, M. S.187978:185
Sigler, ElizabethtoSmith, M. S.187990:238
Sigler, J. & F. A.fromSpansburgh, J. R.188290:138
Sigmund, E. J.toOsenbach, Isaac187978:217
Sihler, ChristianfromVanderan, Casper J.187564:510
Sihler, ChristiantoVanderan, Casper J. & Charlotte187564:511
Sihler, SusannafromThieme, J. G.188185:368
Sihler, SusannatoVonder Aue, Jacob188496:186
Silvers, ElizabethfromCommissioner in Partition188393:175
Simeington, FrankfromGragg, R. H.188597:392
Simerman, LydiafromBarkdall, Henry187566:32
Simerman, LydiafromGouty, Jas. M.188183:87
Simmerman, LydiafromBarkdall, Henry187773:457
Simmers, CalvinfromMounie, Alex188290:438
Simmers, W. C.toAnderson, J. M.188395:10
Simmers, W. C.fromClem, Noah188082:571
Simmers, Wm. C.toClem, Pheba187996:574
Simmers, Wm. C.fromDevore, David G.187571:351
Simmons, EliastoMumma, Geo. W.188393:589
Simmons, EliasfromShaffer, W. B. (Et al.)188080:415
Simmons, EliasfromWormcastle, Jane (Et al.)188080:415
Simmons, R. M. (Et al.)fromMcCurdy, Mc.188188:381
Simmons, R. R.fromEley, Jno. H.187876:227
Simmons, Randall M.fromGruber, Jno. J.187568:382
Simon, AlberttoBeck, F. J.187771:253
Simon, AlbertfromBeck, Francis J.187771:220
Simon, C. C.toRomy, Robt. L.187463:391
Simon, CharlesfromJules, Simon187874:185
Simon, CharlestoPerry, French187770:554
Simon, CharlestoSimon, Jules187874:186
Simon, DorafromLodzeisky, Harris187770:53
Simon, DorratoSnow, Jeannie M.187770:578
Simon, EugenetoLampe, Diedrick187360:178
Simon, EugenefromSimon, Francis X.187360:177
Simon, Francis X.toSimon, Eugene187360:177
Simon, GeorgetoSimon, Solomon185178:502
Simon, JonathantoBowman, Lycurgus187462:13
Simon, JulesfromHumphrey, Jno. M.188289:68
Simon, JulesfromSimon, Charles187874:186
Simon, MosestoLodzeisky, Harris187669:160
Simon, MosesfromNelson, Wm. R.187361:354
Simon, MosesfromWilks, N.187463:334
Simon, SinktoSink, Elizabeth187462:70
Simon, SolomonfromSimon, George185178:502
Simons, A. O.fromWilson, Jno.187363:413
Simons, Anna MaryfromGorham, Charles E.187464:210
Simons, O A. (Et al.)toJenney Electric Light & Power Co.188394:257
Simons, O. A.toBinkley, Rebecca187463:83
Simons, O. A.toBlock, J. F. A.188392:98
Simons, O. A.fromBloomhuff, C.188288:99
Simons, O. A.fromEvans, B. B.188598:606
Simons, O. A.fromHayden, J. W. (Coms.)188496:89
Simons, O. A.toMaines, C. C.188495:547
Simons, O. A.fromMerz, Peter188082:453
Simons, O. A.toN.Y.C. & St. L. Ry. Co.188186:14
Simons, O. A.fromRandall, P. A.188184:334
Simons, O. A.fromSheriff187885:266
Simons, O. A.toTam, Silas187874:95
Simons, O. A.fromTam, Silas188183:147
Simons, O. A.fromTrustees 1st Baptist Church188184:213
Simons, O. A.toWilson, Jno.188495:56
Simons, O. A. (Et al.)toHoward, W. B. (Trustee)188188:431
Simons, O. A. (Et al.)toHoward, W. B. (Trustee)188188:430
Simons, O. A. (Et al.)toNickell, A. J.188496:348
Simons, O. A. (Plat of)to187874:77
Simons, Oct.toDammeier, Wm.188392:541
Simons, Oscar A.fromCrummings, Mary I.187875:94
Simons, Oscar A.toMayer, Julia188182:456
Simons, Oscar A.fromMcKinnie, Henry188598:364
Simons, Oscar A.toORourke, Patrick S.187566:490
Simons, Oscar A.fromSheriff187772:427
Simons, Oscar A.toWilson, Jno.187567:461
Simons, Oscar A.toWilson, John187361:588
Simons, Oscar A.fromWilt, Jno. M.187569:363
Simons, T. G. V.toRandall, P. A.188184:333
Simonson, J. H. & M. E.fromWilliams, E. P.187977:471
Simonson, Jas. H.fromClark, John H. (Trustee)187771:521
Simonton, E. & J.toMunson, C. A.188080:213
Simonton, Ellen (Et al.)toRolland, Fred188496:460
Simonton, H. J.fromFleming, Wm.188392:255
Simonton, H. J.fromSweet, Henry187667:175
Simonton, H. J.toThompson, W. L.188392:257
Simonton, HelentoLynch, Sarah188286:388
Simonton, Hiram J.fromSheriff187565:604
Simonton, JamestoFulls, Wm. J.186749:421
Simonton, JamestoMcBride, Strawder187568:124
Simonton, Richard H.toWallace, John P.185549:408
Simpson, A. L.toNichter, J. G.188390:380
Simpson, E. V.fromThreewits, John F. & J. K.187670:546
Simpson, J. V. I.toJohnson, J. W. & H.188288:570
Simpson, J. V. I.fromNuttman, J. D. Jr.188184:403
Simpson, J. V. I. & T. W.toKelley, M. M. & A. E.188183:424
Simpson, MarcustoAdam, O. L.188496:501
Simpson, MarcusfromBreen, W. P. (Coms.)188290:227
Simpson, MarcusfromThreewits, John F. & J. K.187670:546
Simpson, SarahfromMiller, C. A.188287:569
Sims, BanetfromHite, John D.187161:324
Sims, BarnettoReynolds, Levi187463:11
Sims, G. D.toSlatery, Michael187977:534
Sims, G. D. & M.fromJohnson, Jno. A.187977:476
Sims, G. D. & MaryfromClutter, P. A. (Et al.)187978:272
Sims, G. D. & MaryfromOtto, Matthias187978:454
Sims, G. D. & MaryfromOtto, Matthias187978:394
Sims, G. D. & MaryfromTaylor, Wm.187977:583
Sims, G. D. (Et al.)toOtto, M. & E.187979:415
Sinciney, WillisfromMaskel, James186964:440
Sinclair, F. C.toBauer, K. J.188182:212
Sinclair, S. E.toEckart, J. C. & R. A.187977:370
Sinclair, S. E.fromEckart, R. E.187977:369
Sinclair, S. E.fromKiser, Peter188080:99
Sinclair, S. E.toMcLane, J. P. (Et al.)188183:578
Sinclair, S. E.toSutton, Catharine187874:570
Sinclair, S. E.fromSutton, John187874:569
Sinclair, S. E. (Adm.)toFitzgerld, Bridget188080:101
Sinclair, S. E. (Comr.)toHough, John187360:578
Sinclair, S. E. (Comr.)toShaffer, Christian187770:50
Sinclair, Saml.toWarren, J. H.187463:279
Sinclair, Saml. E.toOrff, E. A.187463:341
Sinclair, Saml. E. (Comr.)toFalkenburg, Eli187461:576
Sinclair, Saml. E. (Comr.)toMiller, Joseph A & Rebecca187463:471
Sinclair, Saml. E. (Comr.)toSchulz, Frederick187771:569
Sinclair, Samuel E.toBittinger, A. M.187771:19
Sinclair, Samuel E.fromBittinger, Geo. L. & A. M.187771:20
Sinclair, Samuel E.toGeary, Wm. Jr.187462:47
Sinclair, Samuel E.toKeck, Alfred187462:271
Sinclair, Samuel E.toKiser, Rebecca188080:115
Sinclair, Samuel E.toMaier, Amelia C.187360:504
Sinclair, ThomastoHild, Henry188080:29
Sinclair, Thos.fromBeaver, A. C.188495:42
Sinclair, Thos.toHattersley, Alfred188495:41
Sine, AmosfromPolhamus, A. H.188081:154
Sine, AmosfromPolhamus, A. H.188391:353
Sine, AmosfromPolhamus, A. H.188393:457
Sine, AmostoRapp, C. G.188392:554
Sine, AmostoRichey, Lemuel187771:299
Sine, Amos & E.fromBurrington, C. L.188079:183
Sine, Amos & ElizabethtoRichey, Lemuel & Lavinia187464:202
Sine, Amos & ElizabethfromRichey, Lemuel & S.187464:203
Sine, LewistoGrayless, Nancy187673:20
Sine, LewisfromRoss, John R.187361:390
Sine, LewistoStraus, Mathias188081:522
Sinel, J. F.toFrame, Margaret & P.188494:195
Sinel, Jno. F.fromFrame, Margaret (Et al.)188494:195
Sines, A.A.fromBelson, Raburn188289:210
Sines, Wm. W.fromVesey, W. J. (Coms.)188288:323
Singer, EleanorfromTurner, Jane188184:368
Singer, Geo. M. (Et ux.)toTurner, Jane188290:446
Singer, Thomas J.fromJones, Thomas187365:181
Singleton, EllentoSingleton, Michael188294:172
Singleton, MichaelfromSingleton, Ellen188294:172
Singmaster, Jos. Sr.toTegtmeyer, Ernst187778:443
Singmaster, JosephfromWilliams, Jesse L.187366:343
Singmaster, Joseph Sr.fromTegtmeyer, Ernst187771:275
Sink, A. M.fromFox, Jehial187977:89
Sink, Elijah (Heirs)toKelsey, John187362:285
Sink, ElizabethtoClark, Sophia187983:140
Sink, ElizabethtoKelsey, John187462:287
Sink, ElizabethfromSimon, Sink187462:70
Sink, Elizabeth (Guard)toKelsey, John187364:231
Sink, Isaac (Et al.)toWhiting, A. M.188185:116
Sinks, Jno. & Julia A.fromNoll, B. R.188393:259
Sinnegen, JohnfromArens, Helena188081:518
Sipe, John B.toHyndman, John187362:8
Sipe, S.fromPringle, H.187463:336
Sipe, Wm. (Heirs)toHyndman, John187362:6
Sircle, E. J.fromBond, Chas. E.188495:188
Sircle, Emanuel J.toHunter, John C.187566:414
Sircle, Emanuel, J.fromHunter, Wm. S.187361:4
Sirus, G. D.toClutter, C. & P. A.187978:252
Sisby, SallyfromSnow, Isaac B.187565:456
Sister Mary of the AscensiontoDelagrange, Justin187361:165
Sisters of ProvidencefromHedeken, Michael187268:260
Sisthoff, Jos,fromBond, H. M. C.188599:155
Sites, DavidfromFairfield, C. K.188397:408
Sites, E. S.fromRamsay, Peter188496:249
Sites, F. B.toMarshall, Jno. (Et al.)188292:323
Sites, F. B.fromSturgis, M. C.188286:506
Sites, Henry CkayfromBrackenridge, Geo. W. (Guard)188393:214
Sites, Jos.fromSites, Malachi188598:300
Sites, MalachitoMcBride, Wm.188391:166
Sites, MalachitoSites, Jos.188598:300
Sites, MalachifromStump, Jonathan188499:123
Sites, MalachifromYoung, Samuel I.187669:449
Sites, MalochifromKelsey, A. G.185391:477
Sites, MiltonfromFairfield, C. K.188291:485
Sites, SarahfromLillie, John Jr. (Et al.)188081:518
Sites, SarahfromShoemaker, Jas. S. (Et al.)188081:518
Sites, Sarah S.toWagner, Geo.188288:398
Sith, A. J.fromDickson, Henry188599:25
Sith, EdwardfromHanna, Saml.184273:287
Sithens, StephentoReitze, Wm. F.187874:117
Sithens, StephentoSmith, E. J.187875:412
Sitheus, StephentoRupp, John187874:93
SixbeyfromGreek, Wm. W.187772:276
Sixbey, CharlesfromGreek, John187771:510
Sixbey, CharlestoGreek, William W.187772:93
Sixbey, CharlestoSixbey, Sally187771:511
Sixbey, Charlie C.fromMiller, Aggie F. F.187671:508
Sixbey, EdmeefromChristman, M.187983:53
Sixbey, EdmeetoHatfield, J. C.188393:203
Sixbey, SallietoMartin, A. J.187977:205
Sixbey, SallietoMartin, A. J.188494:260
Sixbey, SallytoRob, Mary A.187874:41
Sixbey, SallyfromSixbey, Charles187771:511

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