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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Slagle, A. P.fromCotton, Jno.188079:299
Slagle, Aaron P.toCotton, John188079:99
Slagle, Ann P.fromBlood, John187463:455
Slagle, Geo.fromUnited States183895:342
Slagle, Geo. B.fromDonaldson, Wm. S.187361:292
Slagle, Geo. B.toHeffelfinger, Jeremiah187571:495
Slagle, Geo. W.fromCrawford, Jos.187668:504
Slagle, Geo. W.toCrawford, Mary A.187669:10
Slagle, Julia L.toRoss, Martha M.188393:134
Slagle, Levi HarveyfromPickard, Thos. R.187567:549
Slammer, Mary A.toStout, Geo. W.186896:530
Slataker, D. LeefromBicknese, Fred188289:451
Slataker, D. LeefromEdsall, Simon188289:449
Slataper, D. L.toBence, Wm. C.188597:416
Slataper, D. L.fromBlum, Nicholas188599:134
Slataper, D. L.toFinan, Ed188597:97
Slataper, D. L.toHeine, Fred188599:122
Slataper, D. L.toKidd, Jno.188598:229
Slataper, D. L.toZurbuch, Frank188597:504
Slataper, D. LeetoBlum, Nicholas188599:134
Slataper, D. LeefromGrier, Jos. H. (Et al.)188289:453
Slataper, D. LeetoMcCarthy, Jno.188496:544
Slataper, D. LeetoMessler, Thos. D.188289:452
Slataper, D. LeefromSchel, Theresea188289:469
Slataper, D. Leo.fromRice, Benj. F. (Et al.)188289:453
Slater, AlexandertoBrameyer, Ernst186863:634
Slater, Christena W.fromDavison, C. W.187668:73
Slater, ChristianfromYoder, John B.187873:68
Slater, Geo. A.fromRichey, Susan188494:369
Slater, Isaac A.fromMiller, Abraham185880:204
Slater, Jno. fromGillett, D. D.188393:94
Slater, JohnfromArcher, Anna M.187874:229
Slater, JohnfromBaxter, James187462:221
Slater, JohnfromBaxter, James187770:159
Slater, JohnfromBaxter, Jas.187977:147
Slater, JohntoBaxter, Jas. & E.187977:148
Slater, JohntoFrank, Wilhelm188494:194
Slater, JohnfromGreen, Mary M.187566:45
Slater, JohnfromKinnaird, Robert187667:244
Slater, JohntoKinnaird, Robt.187667:245
Slater, JohnfromSheriff187874:227
Slater, Jos.fromDavidson, Wm.188184:11
Slater, Jos.fromHays, R. M.188287:591
Slater, JosephtoPietz, J. F.188288:44
Slater, S. T.toCarr, Thos.188391:54
Slatery, JamesfromSlatery, Michael187978:88
Slatery, JamestoSlatery, Rebecca187978:89
Slatery, MichaelfromSims, G. D.187977:534
Slatery, MichaeltoSlatery, James187978:88
Slatery, RebeccafromSlatery, James187978:89
Slatter, Mary J.fromHartman, Homer C.187564:495
Slatter, Mary J.toWolcott, Fred M.187565:329
Slattery, JamestoSlattery, Michael & R.188081:520
Slattery, JamesfromSlattery, Rebecca188081:519
Slattery, Jas.fromSlattery, Michael188183:433
Slattery, MichaeltoBaker, Sylvanus F.187977:437
Slattery, MichaelfromDevore, David G.186662:56
Slattery, MichaelfromDevore, David G.187566:70
Slattery, MichaeltoRatledge, Wm.188080:244
Slattery, MichaelfromRatlidge, Catherine (et al.)187668:350
Slattery, MichaeltoSlattery, Jas.188183:433
Slattery, Michael & R.fromSlattery, James188081:520
Slattery, RebeccatoSlattery, James188081:519
Slattery, Rebecca (et al.)toRatlidge, Catherine187668:458
Slattery, Rebecca (Et al.)toVizzard, Wm.187684:369
Slaughter, RebeccatoStapleton, Joshua187669:216
Slead, Jos (Et al.)toQuicksett, Peter188079:546
Sledd, S. D.fromVoltz, Christian188288:508
Slemmer, ElizabethtoScar, Adam187365:326
Slemmer, Geo. toShi, Adam187874:34
Slemmer, GeorgetoHuffman, Christian187469:195
Slemmer, GeorgetoLong, Sarah M.187772:206
Slemmer, GeorgetoTrustees of E. Luthern Zion Cong. U. A. C.187873:497
Slemmer, Heo. (Et al.)toLong, Sarah M.187778:386
Slemmer, PeterfromUnited States184073:579
Slemmer, PeterfromUnited States184074:579
Sleppy, M. N.toBurke, Julia A.188287:497
Sleugh, M.fromCommissioner in Partition188184:259
Slevin, John (et al.)toSlevin, John F. (et al.)187669:
Slevin, John F. (et al.)fromSlevin, John (et al.)187669:
Slevin, John F. (et al.)fromSlevin, Mary (et al.)187669:
Slevin, Mary (et al.)toSlevin, John F. (et al.)187669:
Slichter, MathiasfromSheehan, Edmund187462:150
Slichter, MathiastoSlichter, Wm. H.187475:302
Slichter, Wm. H.toLordies, J. E.188184:447
Slichter, Wm. H.fromSlichter, Mathias187475:302
Slinner, ThomasettafromHayden, Eliza H.188183:82
Sloane, Wm. D. (Assg.)toBaker, Edwin187464:174
Slocum, A.toSmith, Mary188184:68
Slocum, AureliatoFelger, Dorothy187975:587
Slocum, AureliatoKeegan, Jas. E.187975:531
Slocum, C. E.fromBaltes, Michael187565:622
Slocum, Clark E.toFairfield, Chas.187670:391
Slocum, Clark E.fromLink, Geo.187565:622
Sloffer, Rebecca (Et al.)toHeffelfinger, J.188393:393
Sluttery, R. (Et al.)toBottenberg, D.188185:356

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