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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Smail, James (et al.)toNesbit, Mary187463:87
Smail, Jno.toNesbit, Mary187463:85
Smails (Heirs)toNesbit, Mary187463:88
Small, A. E.fromGrover, Samuel188598:320
Small, D. L.fromTodd, Almira188294:223
Small, F. P.fromGreen, E. W.188287:226
Small, F. P.fromMiller, C. A.188289:443
Small, F. P.toRyan, John188080:3
Small, Francis P.toSmall, Perington187975:403
Small, Francis P.fromSmall, Perington187975:404
Small, IsaactoGrover, Saml.188287:443
Small, IsaactoGrover, Samuel188598:300
Small, IsaacfromSmall, Perington187975:411
Small, IsaactoSmall, Perington187975:410
Small, IsaactoSmall, Perington188184:3
Small, Jane A.fromSkinner, T. H. & B. D.187463:188
Small, Jno.toBaker, Jacob188391:311
Small, Jno.fromBrown, Eliza188391:190
Small, Jno.toBrown, Jno. W.188397:201
Small, Jno.toBrown, Jno. W.188397:189
Small, Jno.fromEckles, N. P. (Et al.)187977:387
Small, Jno.toLunon, Wm. P.188188:223
Small, Jno.fromMitchell, Geo. W. (Et al.)187977:387
Small, Jno.fromWhite, Jas. B.188289:88
Small, JohnfromBlackburn, Henry187565:165
Small, JohntoDollarhite, E.187875:200
Small, JohnfromEckles, Jas. A.187874:451
Small, JohnfromEdgerton, Jos. K.187567:172
Small, JohnfromEmery, John187872:506
Small, JohnfromGreen, E. W.187873:121
Small, JohntoGreen, Elisha W.187873:120
Small, JohntoHamilton, B. S.187668:126
Small, JohnfromHamilton, Benjamin187565:619
Small, JohnfromMcLain, Benoni O.185792:434
Small, JohnfromMitchell, Geo. W.188081:516
Small, Lucy C.toSchnitker, Charles187873:153
Small, M. f.fromDevilbiss, W. F.188390:503
Small, P.toWells, Jno.187463:297
Small, PeringtontoLangardnir, Joseph187770:574
Small, PeringtontoSmall, Francis P.187975:404
Small, PeringtonfromSmall, Francis P.187975:403
Small, PeringtontoSmall, Isaac187975:411
Small, PeringtonfromSmall, Isaac187975:410
Small, PeringtonfromSmall, Isaac188184:3
Small, PurringtontoHartman & Rodenbeck187462:473
Small, Robert (Guard)toRock, M. J.187772:122
Smallhouse, M. A.toRosenthal, Emma187568:93
Smalts, Geo.fromBundy, Chas.188495:532
Smalts, Geo.toBundy, M. E.188496:304
Smaltz, F. M. & J.fromMiller, John H.188391:198
Smaltz, F. M. & JohnfromPearson, Chas. H.187975:589
Smaltz, Jno. & F. M.fromTaylor, R. S.188185:591
Smaltz, Olios A. (Et al.)toLarimore, Jno.188393:26
Smalyz, F. M. & Jno.fromMetzger, H. M.188393:335
Smalyz, JohnfromTaylor, R. S. (Guard)187365:32
Smart, A. J.toColter, Jacob (Et al.)188392:373
Smart, A. J.fromWelsheimer, David188392:176
Smart, J. H.toOlds, Emma187463:184
Smart, Mary H.toMiller, Jno. M.188496:271
Smead, AlbertfromKing, Chas. A. & F. J.187364:50
Smead, Thos. H.fromBenton, Charlie187873:299
Smead, Thos. H.toKanger, Samuel187874:366
Smead, Thos. H. (Comr.)toSovine, Frederick187978:499
Smenner, DanielfromWhite, Jas. B.187463:252
Smenners, DanieltoFt. W. Ger. B. L. & S. A. No. 7187565:526
Smick, M. A.fromWhite, Jas. B.188184:249
Smick, M. M.fromHowes, David187978:277
Smick, M. M.toWhite, Maria188184:204
Smith & Ward Treas. & TrusteefromHaines, Francis E.187566:405
Smith & Ward, Treas. & TrusteesfromBaldwin, A. S. & E. A.187566:406
Smith & Ward, Treas. & TrusteesfromBaldwin, Betsy & Evaline C.187566:404
Smith & Ward, Treas. & TrusteesfromBaldwin, L. N. & A. D.187566:403
Smith & Ward, Treas. & TrusteesfromBallinger, Lucy H.187566:405
Smith, A.fromCartwright, J. W.188090:478
Smith, A. J.fromSmith, Robt. (by will)187780:518
Smith, A. R. (Et al.)fromSmith, C. P. (Dec.)187985:149
Smith, Alice E.toWentworth, A. H. & C. E.188286:372
Smith, AlmedafromBiggs, Eleazar187772:120
Smith, AlmedatoGresley, S. A.188289:258
Smith, AlmedatoHall, Sarah A.188289:544
Smith, AndrewfromHuffman, S. N.187978:482
Smith, AndrewtoMitchell, Geo. W.188183:76
Smith, Andrew J.toMarion Township187361:538
Smith, Andrew J.fromSmith, Caroline F.188082:129
Smith, Ann J.toSmith, Wm.187463:388
Smith, Annie A.fromRead, James M.187873:98
Smith, Annie E.fromCordrey, Thomas P.187363:52
Smith, AnsontoReiter, Geo.188287:324
Smith, ArnoldfromPotts, Thomas185566:360
Smith, B. F.toWhite, Jas. B.187771:545
Smith, BarbarafromDiffendarfer, Homer (Et al.)187875:290
Smith, BarbarafromGeiger, Augusta (Et al.)187875:290
Smith, BarbarafromGray, Susan (Et al.)187875:290
Smith, BarbarafromLeitch, Daniel (Et al.)187875:290
Smith, BarbaratoLeitch, Mary187874:511
Smith, BarbarafromSnyder, George (Et al.)187875:290
Smith, Barbara (Et al.)toSnyder, Eliza187875:289
Smith, Benjamin F.toPowers, A. V. (Et al.)188079:467
Smith, C.toSmith, Thos.188289:44
Smith, C. A.toMayer and Eichhold188391:574
Smith, C. A. (Et al.)toMettert, M.188185:460
Smith, C. A. (Et al.)toMettert, Martin188193:297
Smith, C. A. (Et al.)fromRoss, A. B. (Ex.)188394:225
Smith, C. G.toMetzger, H. M.188498:210
Smith, C. G. & T. L.fromMichael, Herman188289:122
Smith, C. H.toMcBride, A. A.188393:296
Smith, C. P. (Dec. Will of)to187985:149
Smith, C. P. (Dec.)toSmith, A. R. (Et al.)187985:149
Smith, C. W.toLong, M. C.187983:304
Smith, Calvin P.fromSheriff187976:32
Smith, Calvin P.fromSheriff187976:35
Smith, CarolinefromAuditor1879A:159
Smith, Caroline F.toSmith, Andrew J.188082:129
Smith, Caroline F.toSmith, Geo. M.188082:118
Smith, Casper A.fromDoriot, Julius187566:358
Smith, CatharinefromSmith, J. H. C.188184:328
Smith, CatharinetoSmith, Kelley187463:130
Smith, CharlestoSpitler, John M.187978:353
Smith, Charles H.toHollister, Adoniram J.188392:423
Smith, Charles W.toWilliams, John187566:465
Smith, Chas.fromPolhamus, A. H.188080:546
Smith, Chas.fromWyre, David187362:176
Smith, Chas. H.toEpple, Gottlieb188392:150
Smith, Chas. H.fromScringer, Lusina188081:194
Smith, Chas. H.fromSeibold, Amy A.188183:525
Smith, Chas. H.fromSeibold, Amy A.188183:524
Smith, Chas. W.fromWilliams, John187669:318
Smith, Chas. W.toWilliams, M. M.187770:473
Smith, Chas. W.fromWilliams, M. M.187777:532
Smith, ChristianfromAnman, Elias188082:32
Smith, ChristopherfromLachemeyer, Mariah D.187667:336
Smith, Christopher (et al.)toBufink, John M.187770:369
Smith, Clarence G.fromWhite, James B.187462:552
Smith, Clarence G.toWhite, James B.187566:534
Smith, Clarence G.fromWhite, James B.187567:29
Smith, Cornelius S.toEnright, John188079:285
Smith, D. E. toEdington, James187875:212
Smith, D. P.fromAlderman, Frank188287:412
Smith, D. P.toByers, F. K.188498:458
Smith, D. P.toByers, R. & E.188290:186
Smith, D. P.toSpencer, L. L.188291:223
Smith, DavidtoBeckman, H. W.188494:183
Smith, DavidtoBowser, Jacob C.187565:530
Smith, DavidtoBowser, Jacob C. (et al.)187466:63
Smith, DavidfromGreen, Isaac187978:322
Smith, David E.toGreen, Isaac187772:39
Smith, David E.fromKreigh, Elias187670:73
Smith, David E.fromMyers, David C.187770:421
Smith, DorathatoBufink, John M.186270:367
Smith, E. B. (Et al.)toMunson, Chas. A.187873:490
Smith, E. B. (Et al.)toSkelton, B. W.188193:97
Smith, E. C.fromStevens, Mary187667:445
Smith, E. C. (Et al.)toBlessing, Peter188494:248
Smith, E. J.fromSeavey, G. W.188079:441
Smith, E. J.fromSithens, Stephen187875:412
Smith, E. J.toStack, Catherine (Et al.)187875:67
Smith, E. J.fromTagmeier, Wm.188286:211
Smith, E. S.toCarson, Chas. A.187986:443
Smith, EdwardfromPhillabaum, Wm.188394:10
Smith, Eli J.toFinan, Edward188186:81
Smith, EliastoGarman, B. F.188184:169
Smith, Elisha J.fromKnuger, A. C.187977:31
Smith, Elisha J.fromKuhne, F. W. (Et al.)187977:31
Smith, ElizabethfromDaniels, Albert H. (Et al.)187375:199
Smith, ElizabethfromErick, Wm. H. (Et al.)187375:199
Smith, ElizabethfromHerrick, Horace N. (Et al.)187375:199
Smith, Elizabeth (et al.)toDaniels, Margaret S. E.187372:436
Smith, EllafromBurrett, Diana188392:240
Smith, ElliottoUnderhill, Francis W.187461:413
Smith, ElliottfromHartman, Homer C.187360:213
Smith, ElliotttoPhillips, John187361:270
Smith, ElliottfromSheriff187360:278
Smith, EnochtoJustus, L. S.187792:82
Smith, EsterfromHickman, Daniel187387:274
Smith, EstherfromSmith, James188494:207
Smith, EstherfromSmith, Samuel188495:326
Smith, F. (Et al.)toBeninghoff, Benj.188289:106
Smith, FanneyfromGorrell, Isaac N.187668:102
Smith, FeronicatoEhinger, Carl187669:289
Smith, FinleyfromCreighton, Alex P.187565:436
Smith, FinleyfromParker, Nelson187360:242
Smith, FinleyfromReed, Sylvanus D.187564:456
Smith, FinleyfromSmith, Jonas187979:269
Smith, FinleyfromSmith, O. C.188392:28
Smith, FinleytoSmith, O. C.188392:29
Smith, ForrestfromBeeching, Geo. E.187377:338
Smith, Frances (et al.)toHeath, Stephen187772:331
Smith, FrancisfromCope, Abram. (Coms.)187876:83
Smith, FrancistoWalker, John187876:84
Smith, Francis (et al.)toHeath, Stephen187770:403
Smith, Fred (Et al.)toWrenn, Jno.188290:43
Smith, Geo.toErtel, V. & C.188291:423
Smith, Geo.fromNuttman, J. D.188290:63
Smith, Geo. M.fromSmith, Caroline F.188082:118
Smith, Geo. M.fromSmith, Robt. (by will)187780:518
Smith, Geo. O.fromGrosh, Wilhelmina187462:368
Smith, GeorgefromColerick, Maria A.187565:449
Smith, H. & M.fromHunting, Hannah A.188080:391
Smith, H. & N. A.fromKnouse, M. B.188082:472
Smith, H. & N. A.fromKnouse, M. B.188598:173
Smith, H. P. & B. F.toKegelmann, Julius188081:5&6
Smith, H. P. & B. F. & Sarrah A.toEsmond, Geo.187669:257
Smith, H. W.toEakin, Ellie188494:74
Smith, H. W.fromFelling, Jno. H.188182:257
Smith, H. W.fromFrank, Andrew187873:239
Smith, H. W.fromGocke, Anthony187464:255
Smith, H. W.fromHarsh, H. j.188288:195
Smith, H. W.fromHixson, C. A. (Et al.)188288:195
Smith, H. W.fromHouk, H. (Et al.)188288:195
Smith, H. W.fromSprague, A. M. (Et al.)188288:195
Smith, H. W.toSteel, Wm.188289:350
Smith, HenrytoKeller & Miller187566:321
Smith, HenryfromThompson, Byron S.187260:590
Smith, Henry C.fromHuggins, Edward E.187358:349
Smith, Henry C.toMontgomery, Louise187361:99
Smith, Henry Jr.fromPierce, Wm. Y. B. (Guard)187565:464
Smith, Henry Jr.toStraus, F. W. (Et al.)188182:358
Smith, Hiram P.toWhite, Jas. B.187771:545
Smith, Hiram W.toSmith, Jno. M.188494:61
Smith, I. A.todIsay, A. L.187874:70
Smith, IsaacfromHuguenard, V. A.188288:482
Smith, Ithiel A.fromWhicker, Clarissa A.187566:547
Smith, J. & S.fromColerick, Thos. W.187794:150
Smith, J. A. & E. D.toBemiss, H. P.188184:235
Smith, J. F.fromSchneider, A. E.188290:234
Smith, J. H. C.toSmith, Catharine188184:328
Smith, J. J.toBa*er, Mary187673:580
Smith, J. L.fromAkey, C. F.188288:312
Smith, J. L.fromGibson, I.188288:313
Smith, J. L.fromMcConaghy, Stephen188288:312
Smith, J. L.fromMcConaughy, Alex188288:379
Smith, J. L.fromMcCurdy, A. R. (Guard)188289:271
Smith, J. L.fromPhipps, R. V.188494:604
Smith, J. L.fromShookman, Jacob188795:534
Smith, J. L.toShookman, Jane188295:535
Smith, J. LeonfromMyer, J. F. W.187566:546
Smith, J. M.fromEvans, S. C.188394:480
Smith, J. M.fromGiggy, Chas. W.188186:548
Smith, J. Mc.fromHilgermann, F.187772:51
Smith, J. McNuttfromMeyer, Henry187569:115
Smith, J. McNutttoRichardson, Martha187778:202
Smith, J. SiontoMosshamer, John187567:33
Smith, J. W.toSmith, W. F.188186:358
Smith, J. W.fromWhite, J. B.187360:319
Smith, Jackson (Et al.)toGruber, J. M.187875:64
Smith, JacobfromDeal, Jno. K.188083:250
Smith, JacobtoFerrel, J. W.185384:515
Smith, JacobfromPearson, E. A.187776:56
Smith, JacobtoSmith, Jonas187380:85
Smith, JacobtoTrustees Church of God188183:201
Smith, JamesfromGocke, Frank A.187359:420
Smith, JamestoHitzman, Geo.187359:504
Smith, JamestoSmith, Esther188494:207
Smith, JamestoSmith, William187463:256
Smith, JamesfromTresch, Geo. L.188392:447
Smith, James H.toSpringer, Jacob187362:531
Smith, Jas.toTresch, Geo. L.188081:57
Smith, Jas. C.fromCour, C. J. A.187565:504
Smith, Jas. W.fromKrensch, E.188288:116
Smith, Jno.toBenka, Carle184791:449
Smith, Jno. M.toBeckman, Ellen188288:394
Smith, Jno. M.fromBrames, Christopher187668:289
Smith, Jno. M.toGearin, Cornelius & L. A.188495:264
Smith, Jno. M.fromSmith, Hiram W.188494:61
Smith, Jno. M.fromVanHorn, Wm.187986:101
Smith, Jno. W.toAlderman, Frank188187:438
Smith, Jno. W.toFoust, Jno.188185:567
Smith, JohanatoBufink, John M.186070:368
Smith, JohnfromCotter, Jacob (Et al.)187876:25
Smith, JohnfromJones, Silas C.187463:553
Smith, JohntoKoenig E. & Michael Baltes (et al.)187463:55
Smith, JohntoRandall, Perry A.188289:456
Smith, JohnfromSheriff188184:449
Smith, JohnfromSmith, O. W. (Et al.)187876:25
Smith, JohnfromUnited States185063:563
Smith, JohntoWoods, Samuel187463:565
Smith, John W.toCarson, Ambrose187361:76
Smith, John W.toGrameyer, John187770:429
Smith, John W.toMilliman, H. J.187976:541
Smith, John W.toMills, Samuel187360:554
Smith, John W.toTroyer, John187365:596
Smith, John WilsontoConway, David M.188079:237
Smith, John WilsontoFritzcha, C & J.187472:498
Smith, John WilsontoHood, Henry G.187372:548
Smith, John wilsontoSpittler, L. & J.187772:341
Smith, John WilsontoWilbur, Geo. W.187472:88
Smith, John WilsontoWorden, Ezra187475:383
Smith, JonasfromFerrell, J. W.188184:516
Smith, JonasfromParker, Allen187669:2
Smith, JonasfromParker, George W.187359:373
Smith, JonasfromShadle, Arminta (et al.)187358:360
Smith, JonastoSmith, Finley187979:269
Smith, JonasfromSmith, Jacob187380:85
Smith, Jos.toSmith, Wm.187463:92
Smith, Jos. J.toNunimaker, John187261:52
Smith, Jos. L.fromBarlo, Samuel H.188289:206
Smith, JosephtoFrederickson, Jno.186667:490
Smith, K. P.fromFitch, N. H.188495:437
Smith, KelleytoLake, Jno. N.187463:131
Smith, KelleyfromSmith, Catharine187463:130
Smith, KitiefromKalinarisky, Bamat187976:399
Smith, KittietoYounge, J. W.187976:577
Smith, L. D.toLunon, Wm. P.188288:224
Smith, Lillie D.fromBrown, Samantha J.187978:165
Smith, LucindatoDirkson, John187875:469
Smith, M. (Et al.)fromColerick, Thos. W.187794:150
Smith, M. A. (Et al.)toStraus, F. (Et al.)188081:523
Smith, M. F.fromLew, Jacob188291:429
Smith, M. F.fromMygrant, Isaac188082:547
Smith, M. I. E.fromPearson, Chas. H.188598:484
Smith, M. J.toMeyer, Geo. M.187977:69
Smith, M. S.fromDwenger, Jos.188599:130
Smith, M. S.fromFisher, E. G.188598:50
Smith, M. S.fromFrost, Jno. F.188184:166
Smith, M. S.fromSigler, Elizabeth187978:185
Smith, M. S.fromSigler, Elizabeth187990:238
Smith, Mahlon F.toBrown, J. E. & H. M.188392:463
Smith, ManningfromMiller, W. H. H.188496:204
Smith, MargarettoColerick, Thos. W.187794:149
Smith, MargarettoHood, I. T.188290:396
Smith, MargaretfromJones, L. M.188287:580
Smith, MargaretfromPrezinger, J. R.188394:514
Smith, MargaretfromSmith, Wm.187794:148
Smith, MargarettoSwinney, Rhesa187515:614
Smith, MargaretfromSwinney, Rhesa (Ex.)188184:165
Smith, Margaret S.fromPowers, E. M.187977:419
Smith, Margaret S.fromSmith, S. R.188184:165
Smith, MariontoSnider, Preston188392:112
Smith, MarionfromSomers, Jos.188391:390
Smith, MarionfromTurner, Wm. W.187670:237
Smith, MarytoBetz, Joel188287:374
Smith, MaryfromSlocum, A.188184:68
Smith, Mary (Et al.)toRandall, P. A.188183:588
Smith, Mary A.toDiffendanfer, H.187874:511
Smith, Mary A.toDiffendanfer, Sarah & J. M.187874:511
Smith, Mary A.fromDiffendarfer, Homer (Et al.)187875:292
Smith, Mary A.fromGeiger, Augusta (Et al.)187875:292
Smith, Mary A.fromGiggy, Chas. W.188184:500
Smith, Mary A.fromGray, Susan (Et al.)187875:292
Smith, Mary A.fromHanna, Henry C.187362:327
Smith, Mary A.toHanna, Henry C.187565:598
Smith, Mary A.fromLeitch, Daniel (Et al.)187875:292
Smith, Mary A.toMayer, Theo.188081:217
Smith, Mary A.fromSnyder, George (Et al.)187875:292
Smith, Mary C.fromMartin, Jacob187261:582
Smith, Mary C.fromNonemaker, Jno.187368:267
Smith, Mary C.fromWilson, John187261:583
Smith, Mary E.toDavis, Samuel T.187566:571
Smith, MelvillefromHough, John187261:367
Smith, MichaelfromEhinger, Robert187872:565
Smith, MichaeltoEhniger, Cash188080:198
Smith, N. A. & W. L.fromStein, G. E.188188:178
Smith, Nancy A.toWhitney, M. P.188393:341
Smith, NathanfromBart, N. O.188392:527
Smith, NathantoBart, N. O.188390:437
Smith, NathantoGray, Susan187874:301
Smith, Nathan S.toRing, John187359:546
Smith, O.fromRundl, Charles187668:316
Smith, O. B.toKoch, J. & D.188495:623
Smith, O. C.fromCrighton, E.188286:433
Smith, O. C.toSmith, Finley188392:28
Smith, O. C.fromSmith, Finley188392:29
Smith, O. W. (Et al.)toSmith, John187876:25
Smith, Oella (Et al.)toDenney, Rolanders188494:528
Smith, Oella (Et al.)toDenney, Walter188392:508
Smith, OrsontoRundel, Chas.187462:558
Smith, Orson (Et al.)toHobson, J. E.188494:64
Smith, Otis B.fromFisk, Wm. W.187975:483
Smith, P. W.toColter, Jacob187876:181
Smith, P. W. & Colter, JacobfromMcPherson, Samuel187462:179
Smith, P. W. (Etal.)toClifford, J. (Et al.)188287:394
Smith, P. W. (Etal.)toFritz, Michael188597:5
Smith, PeterfromGlass, J. J. W.188087:526
Smith, PetertoSchleiner, Philip Jr.188183:193
Smith, R. R.toGeake, Wm.188291:162
Smith, R. W.fromRobinson, James187771:402
Smith, R. W. (Et al.)toBlessing, Geo. L.187975:537
Smith, R. W. (Et al.)toDavidso, Thos.188496:290
Smith, RhodafromWoods, Samuel187463:564
Smith, Robt. (by will)toSmith, A. J.187780:518
Smith, Robt. (by will)toSmith, Geo. M.187780:518
Smith, Robt. (et al.)fromKirk, Wm (et al.)187670:26
Smith, Robt. (Will of)to187780:518
Smith, RosannafromHenderson, Mary E.187894:64
Smith, RosannafromStaubs, Sarah J.187874:507
Smith, Roxey A.toTaylor, John M.187473:38
Smith, S. F.toSmith, W. S.188495:391
Smith, S. J.toFink, Jno. J.188081:239
Smith, S. J.fromRobinson, Caroline188494:563
Smith, S. R.fromNational Exchange Bank (Tiffin, O.)188183:493
Smith, S. R.toSmith, Margaret S.188184:165
Smith, S. S.toFleming, Wm.188095:202
Smith, Saml. D.toSmith, Wm.187667:219
Smith, SamueltoSmith, Esther188495:326
Smith, Samuel T.fromFletcher, Mary E.187772:360
Smith, Sanuel (Dec. Will of)to188495:326
Smith, SarahtoBrown, M187360:221
Smith, SarahfromKinnan, John M.187360:411
Smith, SarahfromMyers, Elizabeth187573:300
Smith, SarahtoWilliams, Mary E.187773:301
Smith, Sarah A.fromCotton, John187362:15
Smith, Sarah A.toHoverstock, Wm.187567:44
Smith, Sarah A.toKegelmann, Julius188080:603
Smith, Sarah A.toWhite, Jas. B.187771:545
Smith, Sarah J.fromAshley, E. D.187066:46
Smith, T. L.toHayes, R. M. & E. C.188287:575
Smith, Thamah L.fromWhite, M. H.188185:15
Smith, ThomasfromSheriff187875:60
Smith, Thomas G.toSmith, Thomas T.187461:435
Smith, Thomas G.fromWright, James187361:434
Smith, Thomas G.fromWright, Rebecca A.187361:433
Smith, Thomas T.fromSmith, Thomas G.187461:435
Smith, Thos.fromKillen, M. (Et al.)188289:44
Smith, Thos.fromKillen, Wm. (Guard)188495:113
Smith, Thos.fromLocke, Josiah188391:554
Smith, Thos.fromMcAfee, S. (Et al.)188289:44
Smith, Thos.fromSchramm, Phillip188081:140
Smith, Thos.fromSmith, C.188289:44
Smith, Thos.fromSwineheart, D. (Et al.)188289:44
Smith, Thos.fromSwineheart, W.188290:35
Smith, Thos.fromSwineheart, Wm.188288:96
Smith, Thos.fromWeichselfelder, R. (Et al.)188289:44
Smith, Thos. C.fromMurphy, Bridget188496:85
Smith, Thos. C.fromRomy, R. L.188597:624
Smith, TinleyfromParker, Nelson187360:367
Smith, Tos. J.toSmith, Wm.187463:234
Smith, W. C.toRabus, Jno. Sr.187874:510
Smith, W. F.fromSmith, J. W.188186:358
Smith, W. H. (Trustee Et al.)toWhittern, Chas.188394:53
Smith, W. R. & Mary C.toWilson, John187261:584
Smith, W. R. (Et al.)fromMadden, W. W. (Ex.)188499:191
Smith, W. S.fromSmith, S. F.188495:391
Smith, W. S.fromSnow, I. B.188598:424
Smith, W. S.toWeich, Patrick T.188598:453
Smith, W. W.fromFarrell, J. C.188288:80
Smith, Walter C.fromArcher, John H.187360:72
Smith, WilliamtoRead, James M.187873:101
Smith, WilliamfromSmith, James187463:256
Smith, William A.fromRead, Thomas L.188080:147
Smith, William A.toVaughn, Jas. M.188079:115
Smith, Wm.fromSmith, Ann J.187463:388
Smith, Wm.fromSmith, Jos.187463:92
Smith, Wm.toSmith, Margaret187794:148
Smith, Wm.fromSmith, Saml. D.187667:219
Smith, Wm.fromSmith, Tos. J.187463:234
Smith, Wm. A.fromBond, Chas. E. (Et al.)188393:4
Smith, Wm. A.fromLumbard, S. C. (Etal.)188393:4
Smith, Wm. A.fromVaughn, Mariah E.188079:115
Smith, Wm. H.toPurman, Samuel187567:41
Smith, Wm. H.toPurman, Samuel187567:41
Smith, Wm. H. (Trustee Et al.)fromSheriff188393:123
Smith, Wm. S.fromMorris, John186583:77
Smith, Wm. S. (Comr.)toLinden, George W.186669:174
Smith, Wm. T.toMiller, Wm.187876:342
Smith, Wm. W.fromChute, Jas. T.186394:331
Smith, Wm. W.toSomers, S. W.188393:415
Smithers, Julia A.toGrand Rapids & Ind. R. R.187070:427
Smitle, ElizabethtoHerrick, Mary E.187360:351
Smitley, AnnfromSmitley, Enos. C. (Et al.)187896:531
Smitley, AnnfromTodd, Uriah187896:531
Smitley, EnostoCartwright, James M.187360:488
Smitley, Enos C.fromLopshire, Elizabeth187468:316
Smitley, Enos. C.fromHecklar, Thos.187874:157
Smitley, Enos. C. (Et al.)toSmitley, Ann187896:531
Smitley, Geo.fromLopshire, Lewis188184:416
Smitley, Geo.fromLopshire, Lewis188288:254
Smitley, Geo. E.fromHeaton, Jesse187461:547
Smitley, Geo. E.fromHeaton, Jesse188495:339
Smitley, Geo. N.toRudisill, Margaret E.187669:
Smitley, George N.fromPickard, Thomas R.187564:378
Smitley, JacobtoJackson, A. A.188597:628
Smitley, JacobfromYerks, Franklin188598:62
Smittey, Enos C.toHeckeler, Thomas187874:58
Smittey, Enos C.fromLopshire, John187175:142
Smoker, TebortoKeinz, Phillip187360:128
Smuts, Jno. W.fromGaskill, M. H.188286:467
Smyser, P. D. & S. E.fromRobinson, R. D.188183:238
Smyser, S. E.toRobinson, R. D.188183:286
Smyser, Sarah E.fromRockhill, H. M.187566:49
Smyser, Sarah E.fromRockhill, J. D. B.187566:49
Smyser, Sarah E.fromTaylor, R. S. (guard)187670:177

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