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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Snearly, Jno.fromDennis, Isaac187669:269
Snell, AnglestoGreene, Mary M.187461:265
Snell, Angles Jr.fromHanna, Samuel T.187361:98
Snell, Angles Jr.fromHanna, Samuel T.187361:104
Snellenberger, M. & D. B.fromVince, Margaret187976:111
Snellenberger, M. J.toVince, M. & J.187988:3
Snider, A. B. M. A. & L. M.fromSnider, Lois M.187772:89
Snider, AlfredtoDeardorff, George W.187565:353
Snider, AlfredtoRose, Maurice F.187772:356
Snider, AndrewfromSnider, J. E.188390:524
Snider, Benj.fromCadwallander, M. A.188081:102
Snider, Benj.fromSeibert, Geo. D.188390:457
Snider, ChristianfromBeck, Francis J.187564:385
Snider, DanieltoCrabill, David186376:472
Snider, DanielfromUnited States184075:470
Snider, DanielfromUnited States184075:471
Snider, EvantoMcLain, Elizabeth187566:125
Snider, EvantoWalter, Euphenia C.187565:405
Snider, EvanfromWalter, Wm. B.187360:455
Snider, EvanfromWalter, Wm. B.187359:508
Snider, Geo. W.toRose, Maurice F.187772:358
Snider, J. E.toSnider, Andrew188390:524
Snider, Jacob W.toMiller, Jos.188597:406
Snider, James M.toRose, Maurice F.187772:356
Snider, Jno. W.fromFackshaber, Jno. L.188079:490
Snider, JohnfromAbbott, R. B.187978:324
Snider, JohnfromAbbott, R. B.187978:302
Snider, JohntoKelsey, I. H.188185:139
Snider, JohnfromKelsey, Isaac H.187976:461
Snider, John R.toRose, Maurice F.187772:357
Snider, KatefromGreen, Mary M.187359:52
Snider, LoisfromMcLain, Elizabeth187566:125
Snider, Lois M.toLeonard, Nelson187771:71
Snider, Lois M.fromMiller, Jno. M.187985:488
Snider, Lois M.toSnider, A. B. M. A. & L. M.187772:89
Snider, Lois M.toWalter, E. C.187668:378
Snider, Lois M.toWalter, Euphemia C.187669:533
Snider, Louis F.toGowen, Henry187261:365
Snider, MariettefromSnyder, Daniel187979:252
Snider, PhilipfromBeardsley, C. W.187469:59
Snider, PrestonfromSmith, Marion188392:112
Snider, S. Jr.fromCody, Bridget, (Et al.)188496:300
Snider, Sarah A.fromBreese, Saml. E.188597:262
Snider, SolomonfromLipes, D. H.188082:68
Snider, SolomonfromRobbe, A. A. (Et al.)188496:300
Snider, William A.toRose, Maurice F.187976:137
Sniger, GeorgetoStephenson, John D.187464:292
Snodgrass, M. E.fromFerris, E. M.188596:635
Snodgrass, M. E.toFerris, E. M.188596:553
Snodgrass, Margaret E.toMiller, Frederick187463:511
Snow, H. F.fromAnderson, Hugh (Et al.)188392:414
Snow, H. F.fromAnderson, Jacob (Et al.)188392:489
Snow, H. F.fromAnderson, Jno.188497:120
Snow, H. F.fromAnderson, Jos. L.188392:416
Snow, H. F.fromAnderson, Wm.188392:489
Snow, H. F.fromBrooks, B. E. (Et al.)188392:414
Snow, H. F.toCrates, Levi188597:16
Snow, H. F.fromHoaglin, Mary188392:416
Snow, H. F.fromHull, W. R.188392:418
Snow, H. F.fromKinney, E. A. (Et al.)188392:414
Snow, H. F.fromRandall, P. A. (Et al.)188392:416
Snow, I. B.toSmith, W. S.188598:424
Snow, I. B. (assignee)toShurick, Gertrude187778:234
Snow, Isaac B.fromArcher, David R.187565:527
Snow, Isaac B.toArcher, David R.187565:546
Snow, Isaac B.toEaton, James E.187360:396
Snow, Isaac B.fromEaton, James E.187463:179
Snow, Isaac B.toFletcher, Mary E.187566:207
Snow, Isaac B.toKnight, S. F.187669:50
snow, Isaac B.toNeiman, Beille187773:473
Snow, Isaac B.toRemmel, A. C.187565:457
Snow, Isaac B.toSisby, Sally187565:456
Snow, Isaac B.toStapleford, Julia M.187670:52
Snow, Isaac B.fromStapleford, Mary J.187667:468
Snow, Isaac B.fromWalter, C. W.187566:31
Snow, Isaac B.toWalter, Chas. W.187461:452
Snow, Isaac B.fromWalter, Wm. B.187461:445
Snow, Isaac B.toWorthington, Lillie P.187670:79
Snow, Isaac B.fromWorthington, W. W.187667:471
Snow, Isaac B.fromYoung, Nathaniel187359:475
Snow, Isac B.toPrescott, E. W.187568:201
Snow, Jeannie M.toRudert, Geo. 188598:220
Snow, Jeannie M.fromSimon, Dorra187770:578
Snow, JenniefromTyger, Louisa187980:548
Snow, Jennie M.fromFletcher, Mary E. & C.187566:205
Snow, Jennie M.toHarrod, M.187566:50
Snow, Jennie M.toSchroeder, Wm.188183:18
Snow, Jennie M.toTyger, Louisa187876:394
Snow, Jennie M.fromWalter, E. A. (et al.)187566:30
Snowden, H. M.toMilburn, B. F.187884:390
Snowden, HannahfromSnowden, Wm.187884:389
Snowden, Wm.toFilley, Benj.188081:323
Snowden, Wm.fromMeans, Wm.186381:322
Snowden, Wm.toSnowden, Hannah187884:389
Snudhoff, HenrytoKiel, W. & W.188080:148
Snyder & PamplefromWakefield, Chas.187668:516
Snyder, A. E.fromMapes, Lovina (Et al.)188081:131
Snyder, A. E.fromSnyder, Susan I. (Et al.)188081:131
Snyder, Anna E.fromDeitrick, J. M. (Et al.)188081:131
Snyder, Anna E. (Et al.)toSnyder, S. I.188081:129
Snyder, Anna M.toDay, Eli H.188080:144
Snyder, AnthonyfromSnyder, Ferdinand (Et al.)188080:50
Snyder, Anthony (Et al.)toSnyder, Ferdinand188080:49
Snyder, Benj.fromMiller, Abbie188597:70
Snyder, CatherinefromBrudi, Carl187978:287
Snyder, CatherinetoBrundi, Carl188287:440
Snyder, ChristianfromBanda, Frederick187669:18
Snyder, ChristianfromSnyder, John187464:372
Snyder, D. C.toMiner, L. R.187463:115
Snyder, DanieltoCameron, Jas.188394:8
Snyder, DanieltoSnider, Mariette187979:252
Snyder, David C.fromGreene, Mary M.187360:43
Snyder, David W.toOberholzer, Anna187361:406
Snyder, E. A.toOlds, C. M.188288:289
Snyder, ElitoSnyder, Jno. A.188186:458
Snyder, ElizafromDiffendarfer, Homer (Et al.)187875:289
Snyder, ElizafromGeiger, Augusta (Et al.)187875:289
Snyder, ElizafromGray, Susan (Et al.)187875:289
Snyder, ElizafromLeitch, Daniel (Et al.)187875:289
Snyder, ElizafromSmith, Barbara (Et al.)187875:289
Snyder, ElizabethfromKing, Valentine187567:121
Snyder, ElizabethtoKranter, Geo F.188494:60
Snyder, F. T.fromGrice, Jesse Q.188080:158
Snyder, F. T.toGrice, Jesse V.188081:397
Snyder, F. T.toJames, Geo. T.188185:342
Snyder, F. T.fromReichelderfer, Elihue187976:547
Snyder, F. T.toReichelderfer, L.188082:250
Snyder, F. T. (Et al.)toDresback, L.188182:297
Snyder, FerdinandfromSnyder, Anthony (Et al.)188080:49
Snyder, Ferdinand (Et al.)toSnyder, Anthony188080:50
Snyder, Ferdinand (Et al.)toSnyder, Safare188080:51
Snyder, FranklinfromSwaidner, Mary E.187571:514
Snyder, Geo.toMayer, Theo.188081:219
Snyder, Geo.toN.Y.C. & St. L. Ry. Co.188186:1
Snyder, Geo.toSnyder, Saml.187360:599
Snyder, Geo. (Et al.)toGeiger, Augusta187874:511
Snyder, Geo. D.toAlderman, F.188182:260
Snyder, Geo. L.fromSnyder, John G.187464:267
Snyder, Geo. R.fromCopenhaver, M. E.188193:169
Snyder, GeorgefromHenschen, F.187567:210
Snyder, GeorgetoMayer, Theodore188081:524
Snyder, GeorgefromShipman, N.187566:40
Snyder, George (Et al.)toDiffendarfer, John187875:293
Snyder, George (Et al.)toGray, susan187874:301
Snyder, George (Et al.)toSmith, Barbara187875:290
Snyder, George (Et al.)toSmith, Mary A.187875:292
Snyder, George R.fromKeesler, Howey187270:464
Snyder, George R.fromKeesler, William F.187370:465
Snyder, George R.fromRoberts, Elizabeth187565:571
Snyder, George R.fromSnyder, William A.187670:466
Snyder, H. S.toDannenfelser, C.188288:452
Snyder, HarrisonfromHensinger, N.188185:100
Snyder, I. L.toFrench, R. E.187772:219
Snyder, J.toMitchell, J. T.187463:204
Snyder, J. H.fromPratt, Benj.188391:304
Snyder, J. L.fromMcNamara, Washington187667:157
Snyder, J. W.fromFuchshuber, J. S.188082:118
Snyder, Jacob M.toSnyder, Wm. A.187462:101
Snyder, Jno.fromAbbott, R. B.188183:38
Snyder, Jno.toHess, Charlotte187875:86
Snyder, Jno. A.toGillett, C. M.188289:472
Snyder, Jno. A.fromSnyder, Eli188186:458
Snyder, Jno. A. (Et al.)fromNelson, Jno. W.188086:459
Snyder, JohnfromPample, E. W.187669:172
Snyder, JohntoRobinson, D. A.188599:153
Snyder, JohntoSnyder, Christian187464:372
Snyder, John G.toSnyder, Geo. L.187464:267
Snyder, JonathanfromRansom, A.187667:556
Snyder, JonathantoRomy, Robt. L.187670:258
Snyder, LewistoHirschy, Jacob188391:476
Snyder, LewisfromZimmerman, John186267:150
Snyder, LucindafromCruse, A. B.187875:66
Snyder, Marietta (Et al.)toSurfus, Geo.188079:368
Snyder, MariettetoBarrett, Geo. W.187873:437
Snyder, MaryfromBird, Ochmig (atty.)187770:141
Snyder, MarytoCatlett, Hannah187667:495
Snyder, MarytoKlanke, C. & F.188390:514
Snyder, MaryfromMcDowell, Jas. A.188494:497
Snyder, MarytoMiddleton, A. E.188286:524
Snyder, MaryfromMiddleton, A. E.188286:523
Snyder, MarytoSpringer, Geo. M.187360:24
Snyder, MarytoStevick, Wm.186979:337
Snyder, Mary (Et al.)toCoonrad, Peter188287:158
Snyder, NicholastoSchlosger, Michael187566:438
Snyder, NicholasfromSchlosger, Michael187566:140
Snyder, R.fromMiner, L. R.187463:116
Snyder, RowenafromCarroll, Elias188391:418
Snyder, S. (Et al.)toBeninghoff, Benj.188289:106
Snyder, S. I.fromSnyder, Anna E. (Et al.)188081:129
Snyder, Safara (Et al.)toRenn, John188292:242
Snyder, SafarefromSnyder, Ferdinand (Et al.)188080:51
Snyder, SafarefromSpitler, Henry188289:426
Snyder, Safare (Et al.)toWrenn, Jno.188290:43
Snyder, Saml.fromSnyder, Geo.187360:599
Snyder, SamueltoHenschen, Frederick187564:286
Snyder, SamuelfromShaffer, Jacob188080:151
Snyder, SimontoBechtold, Lewis188290:236
Snyder, SimontoDidier, Frank187978:195
Snyder, SimonfromDidier, Frank188080:65
Snyder, SimonfromMuirhead, Jno. W.188079:58
Snyder, Susan E.toCosgrove, F. K. Sr.187360:197
Snyder, Susan E.fromStephens, Thos. M.187160:196
Snyder, Susan I.fromDeitrick, D. F. (Et al.)188081:129
Snyder, Susan I.fromMapes, Lovina (Et al.)188081:129
Snyder, Susan I. (Et al.)toDeitrick, D. F.188081:130
Snyder, Susan I. (Et al.)toDeitrick, J. M.188081:132
Snyder, Susan I. (Et al.)toMapes, Lovina188081:133
Snyder, Susan I. (Et al.)toSnyder, A. E.188081:131
Snyder, ValentinefromParks, Volney188079:168
Snyder, ValentinefromParks, Volney188391:430
Snyder, William A.toSnyder, George R.187670:466
Snyder, Wm. A.fromSnyder, Jacob M.187462:101

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