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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Soest, CatharinetoKollmerten, Wm.187576:107
Soest, ErnstfromSoest, Frederick187874:577
Soest, FredericfromAke, Ann L. (Et al.)187874:567
Soest, FredericfromAke, Ann L. (Et al.)187874:567
Soest, FredericfromPetgen, Elizabeth (Et al.)187874:567
Soest, FredericfromTraye, Jane (et al.)187874:567
Soest, FredericfromWavada, Mary (Et al.)187874:567
Soest, FrederickfromKollmerten, Wm.187566:390
Soest, FredericktoSoest, Ernst187874:577
Soest, Fredk.fromSoest, Wm.187360:451
Soest, FredricfromMuldoon, Margaret (Et al.)187874:567
Soest, LewisfromMeyer, Valentine187567:146
Soest, WilliamtoShopman, Diedinck187874:277
Soest, Wm.fromDevilbiss, Allen187771:424
Soest, Wm.toMeyer & Miller187565:61
Soest, Wm.fromSchopman, Deidrick187771:381
Soest, Wm.toSoest, Fredk.187360:451
Soliday, Ann E.fromStrong, Cleveland187771:316
Soliday, John A.toStrong, Cleveland187771:315
Solon, Jno.fromColes, J. K. P.188390:353
Somer, L. & S. A.fromCarles, H. W.188495:154
Somers, Jos.fromCommissioner in Partition188391:177
Somers, Jos.toRushman, C. S.188182:528
Somers, JosephfromDevilbiss, Thos. D.188394:407
Somers, JosephfromDevilbiss, Thos. D.188394:408
Somers, S. A.fromChapman, Preston188495:112
Somers, ThomastoLee, Edward187568:221
Somers, Wm.toStoppenhagen, Ernst187566:336
Sommer, ChristiantoYoder, Jos.187978:49
Sommer, ElizabethfromCommissioner in Partition188598:315
Sommer, FrederickfromBuchfink, John186571:213
Sommers, ChristiantoSommers, Jos. B.187771:458
Sommers, EmilinetoRock, Michael J.187668:353
Sommers, FrederickfromLachenmeier, D.186571:213
Sommers, JohntoBrown, Bridget187669:79
Sommers, JohnfromKenan, Jno. M.187669:5
Sommers, Jos. B.fromSommers, Christian187771:458
Sommers, Wm.toDeel, James M.187462:296
Sonnenberg, M.fromBiedenwey, G.188496:79
Soome, Mary AnnfromBarthold, A. H. (Et al.)188079:25
Sorander, H. & S.fromEidner, C. G.188288:253
Sordelet, AntoinetoMasson, J. B.187770:225
Sordelet, AntoinefromPepe, Francis187770:226
Sordelet, AntoinefromPepe, Francis187975:514
Sordelet, AugusttoMartin, F. C.187977:371
Sordelet, AugustfromWaters, Stephen187463:142
Sordelet, E. M.fromCommissioner in Partition187696:494
Sordelet, Emma M.fromCommissioner in Partition187696:493
Sordelet, JacquetoMonrey, Paul188183:71
Sordelet, P. C.toBobay, Jno. A.187977:568
Sordelet, Peter J.toMasson, Peter & Mary E.187462:586
Sordlet, A. J. (Et al.)toChaffin, R. B.187977:332
Sordlet, LouisafromPoley, Mary Francis187772:425
Sorg, IsidorefromStrasser, Melissa187565:136
Sorg, J. M.fromSheriff187979:2
Sorg, Jno. Geo.fromSorg, Jno. M.187772:279
Sorg, Jno. M.toSorg, Jno. Geo.187772:279
Sorg, Jno. MichaelfromKlug, Martin187872:526
Sorg, JohnfromKlug, Martin (Et al.)187473:347
Sorg, JohnfromLang, Margaret (Et al.)187473:347
Sorg, John M.toBastus, Christina187360:141
Sorg, John M.fromRandall, Strother187360:469
Sorg, John MichaelfromSheriff187771:242
Sorg, John MichaelfromSheriff187773:390
Sorg, Jos.fromColerick, J. A.188185:239
Sorg, JosephtoHaiber, Nicholas187565:362
Sorg, JosephtoMcIntosh, John187771:45
Sorg, JosephfromSchoppman, Wm.187565:365
Sorg, Joseph L.fromParker, Nathaniel187361:117
Sorg, PetertoSchram, Francis187463:129
Sorg, Peter Jr.toGresley, Peter M.187462:270
Sorg, Peter Sr.toCramer, Augusta187564:390
Sorg, RebeccafromWithers, W. H. (Coms.)187874:158
Sorvers, BenjaminfromAldrich, C. H. (Et al.)187975:463
Souder, Dan'l W.fromBoyles, Robt. D.187359:446
Souder, FranklintoBarber, Edwin L.187770:269
Souder, JosephfromShanebeck, Daniel187464:190
Souser, J. O.toHalsey, J. W.187977:586
Soutchi, D. S.fromDeardorff, Magdalina188183:168
Soutchi, Jno.fromEmuck, Caroline188495:628
Sovine, F.fromMcKee, Thos. L.187977:481
Sovine, FredericktoRissing, J. H.187977:470
Sovine, FrederickfromSmead, Thos. H. (Comr.)187978:499
Sovine, Mary A.fromCretzer, H. B. (Et al.)188079:25
Sovine, Mary AnntoAlexander, Eva188079:26
Sovine, Mary AnnfromHolzwarth, S. A. (Et al.)188079:25
Sowders, BenjaminfromWhite, James B.187358:550
Sower, BenjaminfromWentworth, Sarah (Ex.)187668:359
Sowers ChristianfromJump, Manah187462:314
Sowers, Benj.toSanders, Levi188082:147
Sowers, BenjaminfromAldrich, C. H. (Et al.)187975:463
Sowers, BenjaminfromBarrett, J. M. ( Et al.)187975:463
Sowers, ChristianfromBenninghoff, Wm.187462:314
Sowers, ChristiantoDile, Anna187670:543
Sowers, ChristiantoDile, Anna187976:409
Sowers, ChristiantoSowers, M. & Borden, Geo.187976:24
Sowers, ChristianfromVolkart, Fredk. Jr.187462:314
Sowers, ChristianfromVolkart, Samuel187566:568
Sowers, ChristianfromWithers, W. H. (Comr.)187875:348
Sowers, DanielfromJump, Lorenzo D.187669:38
Sowers, DavidfromBorden, Geo. (Et al.)188185:281
Sowers, Henry M. (Comr.)toAlbert, Henry F.187980:124
Sowers, M. & Borden, Geo.fromSowers, Christian187976:24
Sowers, MartinfromShriner, Charles187874:125

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