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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
St. John & NortonfromWolcott, Fred M.187567:22
St. John, Wm.toEsmond, Geo.187669:252
St. Johns E. L. Ch. Lake Tp. (Trustees)fromHorz, Jno.188288:239
St. Joseph HospitaltoZoller, Valentine187360:110
St. Peters ChurchfromMoran, Peter (Estate)187982:45
Stack, CatherinefromJustus, L. S.188080:149
Stack, Catherine (Et al.)fromSmith, E. J.187875:67
Staerhime, MichaelfromScarr, Adam187362:41
Stafford, MartinfromBruebach, Geo. T. 188287:455
Stahe, Geo. M.toHunter, Wm. T.187873:272
Stahl, BarbaryfromPaine, Jas. D.188392:367
Stahl, ChristianfromMeyers, F. C.188184:113
Stahl, FrederickfromRandall, P. A.188081:210
Stahl, FredericktoRandall, P. A.188081:211
Stahl, Geo. M.fromRoss, James P.187568:233
Stahl, Jno.fromFairfield, C. K.187463:343
Stahl, JohntoJerman, Dorcas F.187669:501
Stahl, R. H.toKnox, Wm.187976:341
Stahl, R. H.fromKnox, Wm.187976:346
Stahl, R. H. (Adm.)toSchieffer, C.188081:248
Stahl, SimontoHarvy, James187669:
Stahl, SimonfromHerrington, Wm.187669:421
Stahleker, Mary E.fromDehne, Mena188393:356
Stahlhut, Chas.fromStirling, Wilson R.187566:222
Stahlhut, ElisefromMoellering, Wm.188599:212
Stahlhut, FredtoWischmeier, H.188182:270
Stairhime, C.fromHoward, Wm. P.187980:172
Stairhime, CathrinefromStairhime, Jno.188083:272
Stairhime, Jno.toStairhime, Cathrine188083:272
Stairkime, CatherinefromAurand, Daniel188393:159
Staldar, ChristiantoYoder, Anna187875:187
Staley, Mary A.fromRemmel, A. C.187779:477
Stall, HenryfromMisner, Amanda A.187873:238
Stall, Wm. L.toBaker, Oliver187361:201
Stands, Levi H.fromKeel, Aurora C.187360:222
Stands, Levi H.toKeel, Mary G.187360:601
Staneky, MaryfromLangheinrich, F.188088:497
Stanffer, RhodafromGrate, Harriet (Et al.)187975:430
Stanley & BieberfromEdgerton, Joseph K.187465:311
Stanley, Thomas J.fromTaylor, Robt. S. (Guard) 187463:587
Stapleford, Augusta A.toLawson, B. W.187772:252
Stapleford, Augusta A.fromWhite, Edward E.187772:251
Stapleford, C. E.fromBush, Sarah188082:524
Stapleford, C. E.toSchrader, Geo. H.187770:195
Stapleford, C. E. (Guard)toBaker, Killian188081:366
Stapleford, C. E. (Guard)toBaker, Killian188081:368
Stapleford, Caroline E.fromOrff, Esther A.187772:166
Stapleford, Caroline E.fromStudabaker, John187361:87
Stapleford, Caroline E.fromTompkins, Eliab H.187361:207
Stapleford, Caroline E.toTompkins, Eliab X.187361:217
Stapleford, Chas E.toBaker, Mary J.187567:189
Stapleford, Chas. E.toPowers, E. M.187566:123
Stapleford, Chas. E.toPowers, Volney187566:122
Stapleford, Chas. E.fromPowers, Volney187566:564
Stapleford, Chas. R.toCartwright, Nancy E.187779:550
Stapleford, Chas. R.toEbright, Jos. H. & Mary187771:223
Stapleford, F. A.toChallenger, J. W.188183:297
Stapleford, Julia M.fromBaker, Mary J.187567:190
Stapleford, Julia M.toBaker, Mary J.187770:53
Stapleford, Julia M.toConrad, Catharine187771:8
Stapleford, Julia M.toDykes, Agnes187566:535
Stapleford, Julia M.fromMetcalfe, Daniel F.187566:557
Stapleford, Julia M.toPowers, Hellen M.187669:168
Stapleford, Julia M.fromSnow, Isaac B.187670:52
Stapleford, LaviniatoCody, John H.187359:449
Stapleford, Lucien P. (et al.)toMayer & Graffe187463:48
Stapleford, Mary J.fromBaker, Henry (est.)187565:580
Stapleford, Mary J.toPowers, Jessie C.187770:162
Stapleford, Mary J.toSnow, Isaac B.187667:468
Stapleton, J.& A.fromBond, L. A.187978:84
Stapleton, JoshuatoClopenstine, Rebecca187976:267
Stapleton, JoshuatoGoeglein, John Jr.187667:272
Stapleton, JoshuafromKell, Solomon187771:150
Stapleton, JoshuafromSchlatter, R.187669:216
Stapleton, JoshuafromSlaughter, Rebecca187669:216
Starhime, JohntoStarhime, Michael187669:
Starhime, MichaelfromStarhime, John187669:
Stark, ErasmusfromAmey, Anna188183:348
Stark, JotoStrack, Edward W.187462:502
Stark, Jos.fromStrack, Edward187566:20
Stark, JosephfromRogers, Lamont M.187359:463
Stark, JosephfromStoneman, Harvey D.187360:123
Starke, Chas.fromOlds, S. E.188288:169
Starke, ChristianfromNhrwold, Conrad188288:142
Starkey, H. A.toCompton, S. H.188080:510
Starkey, Hannah A.fromWard, Saml. D. (Receiver)188080:363
Starkey, Hannah A.toWard, Samuel R. (Receiver)187772:350
Starkey, O. L.fromCompton, S. H.188080:511
Starkey, T. E.fromThreewits, John F. & J. K.187670:546
Starr, GilberttoPeters, John187265:58
Starr, S. C. (Et al.)toHedges, Thos. J.187981:564
Stasscliff, James M.toEdwards, Daniel187564:556
State Bank of Ind. (Assignee)fromTrustees W. & E. Canal185383:422
State of IndianatoBailey, Wm. (Assignee)184681:76
State of IndianatoBallard, Lucy184680:306
State of IndianatoBallard, Lucy184680:307
State of IndianatoBallard, Lucy184680:308
State of IndianatoBarry, E. & J.183979:202
State of IndianatoBarry, E. & J.183979:536
State of IndianatoBayless, L. S. (Assignee)184581:77
State of IndianatoBullard, Lucy184679:114
State of IndianatoBurgess, Ebben183679:559
State of IndianatoBurgess, Ebben183679:560
State of IndianatoCalman, Daniel184579:472
State of IndianatoCardel, Patrick183676:63
State of IndianatoColes, Stephen185774:270
State of IndianatoColes, Stephen185774:271
State of IndianatoFobing, J. M.184671:372
State of IndianatoGrosh, Jno.184678:59
State of IndianatoHamilton, A.184669:
State of IndianatoHamilton, A. (asi.)184169:
State of IndianatoHamilton, A. (asi.)184669:
State of IndianatoHamilton, Allen184669:
State of IndianatoHedekin, Michael184160:165
State of IndianatoHedekin, Michael184160:167
State of IndianatoHedekin, Michael184160:168
State of IndianatoMallett, Daniel184470:509
State of IndianatoMiller, Abraham (Assignee)184181:25
State of IndianatoMiller, Abraham (Assignee)184181:26
State of IndianatoPettit, Adam183568:120
State of IndianatoPugh, Henry184379:42
State of IndianatoScott, Elias183679:103
State of IndianatoScott, Elias183679:104
State of IndianatoTaber, Cyrus184669:
State of IndianatoTaber, Cyrus184674:271
State of IndianatoThompson & McGaw187361:336
State of IndianatoWeisheit, Peter184262:280
State of IndianatoWeldon, James183980:272
Stater, JohnfromArcher, Anna M.187874:229
Statter, ChristianfromRauhaus, Herman187564:360
Staub, Sarah J.fromHenderson, Mary E.187771:541
Staubs, Sarah J.toSmith, Rosanna187874:507
Staudacher, Geo.fromBurger, Ludwig188495:289
Stauffer, A.fromDoty, Joseph186975:418
Stauffer, DavidfromHale, D. P.188187:289
Stauffer, G. & F.fromBrackenridge, Geo. W. (Guard)188495:204
Stauffer, RhodafromTimbrook, Elizabeth (et al.)187975:430
Stauffer, RhodefromHarnish, Susan (Et al.) 187975:430
Stauffer, Rhode (Et al.)toBehm, Mary187975:429
Stauffer, Rhode (Et al.)toBogar, Rebecca187975:432
Stauffer, Rhode (Et al.)toGrate, Harriet187975:427
Stauffer, Rhode (Et al.)toHasmioh, Susan187975:426
Stauffer, Rhode (Et al.)toTimbrook, Abigal187975:431
Stauffer, Rhode (Et al.)toTimbrook, Elisabeth187975:428
Stauffer, Rhode (Et al.)toTimbrook, James187975:425
Stead, Jas. & Ferrall J. D.fromMessler, Thos. D.188079:456
Stead, Jos (Et al.)toNahrwald, C.188082:27
Stead, Jos (Et al.)toRippe, Christian188080:114
Stead, Jos. (Et al.)toBerghorn, Henry188079:493
Stead, Jos. (Et al.)toDarrow, Jas. R.188080:255
Stead, Jos. (Et al.)toHabbert, J. H.188079:494
Stead, Jos. (Et al.)toLindenberg, C.188079:492
Stead, Jos. (Et al.)toRoth, Frederick188183:72
Steadman, LurenafromEmenhiser, Stephen187362:395
Stearns, Henry E.toDeHaas, A.187565:458
Stearns, MinatoKlopfenstein, Michael187566:248
Stearns, Wm. L.toLawrence, Wm. J.188183:247
Stearns, Wm. L.fromMackey, James188183:246
Stearns, Wm. L.toWillington, R. S.188183:274
Stearus, W. L.fromMackey, Jas.188081:186
Stedman, LurenatoEdgington & Lutz187462:396
Steefel, SimonfromBrunson, Reuben188391:338
Steel, Albert & MaryfromSteel, Levi187771:234
Steel, AlmiratoBlack, Wm.187565:363
Steel, DavidfromDepew, Wm.187571:22
Steel, DavidfromViberg, Conrad H.187279:125
Steel, DavidtoViberg, Conrad H.187568:243
Steel, LevifromSheriff187671:232
Steel, LevitoSteel, Albert & Mary187771:234
Steele, DavidtoSteevick, Wm. C.187772:172
Steele, DavidtoViberg, Conrad H.187979:126
Steele, DavidtoZeigler, Harriet187772:534
Steele, Jas. M.toKrick, Malinda187982:78
Steele, MalindafromGrubb, J. L.188089:559
Steele, MalindatoGrubb, James L.188079:121
Steele, MalindafromViberg, C. H.187979:5
Steele, Mary E.toYoung, Lydia J.187772:207
Steevens, EllenorfromSheriff187772:41
Steevick, JacobtoBurke, Samuel187772:330
Steevick, JacobfromStevick, Wm. W.187670:278
Steevick, Wm.fromMeyers, J. T.187774:581
Steevick, Wm.toMyers, J. T.187568:419
Steevick, Wm. C.fromBowser, Alex187572:173
Steevick, Wm. C.fromSteele, David187772:172
Stefan, HenrytoStephan, Henry187668:528
Stege, AugustfromRathert, Christ188494:362
Stegemeir, Wm.toAxt, Meontz187879:43
Steger, DavidfromArcher, John H.187359:219
Steger, DavidfromArcher, John H.187359:220
Steger, DavidtoRacine, August187363:531
Steger, JohannafromBaals, Barbara188081:420
Stegner, Chas. A.fromSheriff188599:159
Steiger, DavidtoFritz, Reuben187360:77
Steiger, DavidtoHudson, Hamilton187668:335
Steiger, DavidtoMiller, Julia187462:16
Stein, AnnafromWhite, James B.187566:480
Stein, AnnatoWhite, Jas. B.187875:76
Stein, CatharinefromStein, Peter187566:153
Stein, Chas.fromGable, Phillip188391:80
Stein, Fred W.toThorp, Caroline197358:518
Stein, JohnfromHoke, Geo. W.187566:110
Stein, Joseph W.toJacoby & Wiegand187462:398
Stein, P. N.fromLauer, Catharine (Et al.)187873:505
Stein, P. N.fromLauer, M. H.188391:380
Stein, P. N.fromLauer, Michael188183:202
Stein, PetertoDoenges, S.188599:182
Stein, PeterfromHeidbrink, Fred188289:139
Stein, PetertoSeipel, Adam187565:613
Stein, PetertoStein, Catharine187566:153
Stein, R. J.fromPeters, Jno. C. 188598:257
Stein, WilhelminafromBushmann, Christopher187668:416
Steinaker, F.fromFry, Jacob188081:286
Steinan, J. & C.fromAhnemann, Henry188185:221
Steinbach, Christian F.fromWhite, James B.187359:539
Steinbacher, MichaelfromChristinan, John188182:321
Steinbacher, MichaelfromChristinan, John188182:323
Steinbarger, EllafromTrustees of Wayne Lodge No. 25187976:223
Steinberger, EllatoFleming, O. E.188080:245
Steinborn, Jno.fromBlotcamp, Anna188288:560
Steinbrunner, Robt.fromKoenig, Edward187873:242
Steiner, Geo.toDwenger, Jos.188081:6
Steiner, Geo. (Will of)to188081:6
Steinert, MichaelfromNelson, Wm. R.187360:550
steinhauser, MaryfromRhine, Lavinia187360:335
Steinke, E.fromFleming, Wm.187463:389
Steinman, AdamfromFinan, Edward187564:578
Steinman, AdamtoJones, Jno. A.187977:125
Steinman, AdamtoLewis, Joseph188083:138
Steinman, AdamtoNeff, Alice187772:426
Steinman, AdamfromNeff, Daniel W.187772:504
Steinman, AdamfromSausser, Lewis187772:323
Steinman, AdamfromWiedelman, Wm.187565:32
Steinman, AdamfromWyer, Mary (et al.)187365:2
Steinman, Jno.fromDonart, Jane188185:105
Steir, Henry A.toHarber, M. & T.187772:23
Steis, AdolphtoPichon, F. A. & F. J.188081:509
Stelhorn, HenryfromPiepenbrink, Chas. 187361:375
Stellhorn, CarlfromHeine, Frederick186272:401
Stellhorn, F.toAllen County (Coms.)187874:492
Stellhorn, F.fromWatson, C. F.187772:217
Stellhorn, F. W.toFerguson, John187667:542
Stellhorn, F. W.fromFerguson, John187667:545
Stellhorn, F. W.fromMason, Joseph S.187667:545
Stellhorn, Fred K. W.fromEwing, Geo. W. (est.)187462:103
Stellhorn, FredericktoGerke, Hanry F. A.187872:501
Stellhorn, FrederickfromGerke, Henry F. A.187872:500
Stellhorn, FredericktoMeyer, J. F. W.187772:54
Stellhorn, Fredk.toAllen Co.187461:615
Stellhorn, Fredk. W.toKnowlton, Albert187464:58
Stellhorn, H. F. C.fromPiepenbrink, Christian187770:126
Stellhorn, J. A.fromMeyer, Bryan188286:318
Stellwagon, Jos.toCummings, J. L.187775:74
Stemberg, Phebe A.toNoll, Geo. W.187462:82
Stemen, D. A.fromMcNall, S. E.188287:452
Stemler, FrancistoMeyer, John187360:125
Stemler, PhilopenetoKettler, William187770:314
Stenner, E. P.fromPhillips, C. W.188598:582
Stenp, H. A.fromAuditor188185:387
Stenp, H. A. (Adm.)toSchmidt, C.188080:482
Stenps, Henry (Et al.)toRuchel, Wm.188079:506
Stephan, E.fromBitler, S. D.188494:488
Stephan, EmilefromMetzger, Henry M.188079:57
Stephan, EmiliefromCrance, Pritchard188288:556
Stephan, EmiliefromMannuel, Francis U.188289:182
Stephan, EmiliefromNickel, J. F.188289:261
Stephan, EmiliefromPhilley, E. S.188079:57
Stephan, F. A.fromChase, S. W.188393:524
Stephan, Geo. P.toWesttphal, Frederick188079:86
Stephan, H. & Co.fromFletcher, Jennie188287:515
Stephan, HenryfromStefan, Henry187668:528
Stephan, Henry Jr.fromStephan, Henry Sr.187462:292
Stephan, Henry Sr.toStephan, Henry Jr.187462:292
Stephen, Henry fromWhite, James B.187771:404
Stephen, JuliusfromSchmidt, Fredk.187360:568
Stephen, MargeryfromBaker, Belinda187976:448
Stephens, JamesfromEdgerton, Jos. K.187359:491
Stephens, JohntoSuders, Edward187669:
Stephens, M. J.toMyers, Nathan188081:259
Stephens, Maria J.toHyman, Joseph187462:332
Stephens, MariefromMcDougall, Robert187873:13
Stephens, MariefromWilliams, Benj. L.187873:13
Stephens, Thomas M.fromMyers, Nelson187668:451
Stephens, Thomas M.toMyers, Nelson187669:
Stephens, Thos M.fromPelton, Ebenezer H.187669:150
Stephens, Thos. M.fromBittinger, Geo. L.187567:183
Stephens, Thos. M.fromBittinger, Geo. L.187567:184
Stephens, Thos. M.fromChappell, P.187668:98
Stephens, Thos. M.toJenness, Chas.187668:292
Stephens, Thos. M.toKressler, Maggie187668:441
Stephens, Thos. M.fromMyers, Nelson187668:440
Stephens, Thos. M.toSnyder, Susan E.187160:196
Stephens, Thos. M.toWilliamson, J. D.187668:254
Stephens, Thos. M. & ManiefromKressler, Maggie187673:166
Stephenson, E.fromStephenson, J. E.187977:102
Stephenson, J. E.toStephenson, E.187977:102
Stephenson, JohntoHollopeter, Henry J.187567:370
Stephenson, JohnfromUlery, Levi187370:263
Stephenson, John D.toKrensch, Peter187565:173
Stephenson, John D.toLaughlin, James187464:242
Stephenson, John D.toLesh, Isaac187359:301
Stephenson, John D.toNeed, Eli187261:466
Stephenson, John D.fromSniger, George187464:292
Stephenson, John D.fromVanhorn, John s.187464:290
Stephenson, John D.toWorden, Seymour & John B.187464:564
Stephenson, Jos.fromKreusch, Jno. P.187669:110
Stephenson, T. L.fromBaker, W. D.188392:183
Stepheson, Jno. D. (et al.)toDegue, E. D.187566:52
Stepheson, Jno. D. (et al.)toHeller, Thos S.187566:52
Stephison, J. D.fromMyton, Robert187771:554
Steppens, Thomas M.toDunten, Paul G. & H. E.187673:165
Sterling, AlexanderfromMetcalf, Vachel187166:501
Sterling, H. (Et al.)toHare, Alva187977:164
Sternman, AdamtoMiller, Daniel188081:423
Stetts, Sarah C.toAnthony, Abraham187349:418
Stetzel, Christina (Et al.)toSchroder, Edward187977:45
Stetzer, MargaretfromTonne, Elizabeth187463:350
Steup, Henry A.fromWilkening, Gottleib186462:453
Steup, Henry A. (Adm.)toRopa, Sophia187979:187
Stevens, EmilytoHartman, Elizabeth187667:367
Stevens, EmilyfromHartman, Jno. F.187679:282
Stevens, EmilyfromHaverly, Elizabeth187667:365
Stevens, EmilyfromWorthington, W. W.187667:383
Stevens, G. L.toNeiman, Theodore188081:82
Stevens, Geo. L.fromSheriff187875:280
Stevens, Gilbert L.toWhite, James B.187464:109
Stevens, M. E. & A. E.fromKune, Julius187881:150
Stevens, MarytoDaniels, S. S.187667:445
Stevens, MarytoDudenhoefer, G. P.187667:445
Stevens, MarytoHamilton, Jno. C.187667:370
Stevens, MarytoKane, Julian187874:272
Stevens, MaryfromLowry, Robt. (Coms.)187774:377
Stevens, MarytoOlds, Henry G. (Trustee)187360:13
Stevens, MarytoSmith, E. C.187667:445
Stevens, MaryfromWitters, W. H. (Comr.)187679:283
Stevens, Mary (et al.)toTigar, Caroline187771:516
Stevens, Robt. J. & H. W.fromRaver, Christian187873:220
Stevens, Rufus L.toMcCracken, J. K.187874:346
Stevens, ThomastoRieman, Sylvester D.187359:513
Stevens, W. H.fromFairfield, C. K.188392:166
Stevens, WilliamfromCorvell, John187875:354
Stevens, Wm. & EphraimfromMiller, Wm.187364:37
Stevens, Wm. & EphraimtoPurmann, A. A.187464:38
Stevenson, John D.fromMiley, John187772:387
Stevenson, Wm.fromCowell, Jno.187985:448
Stevic, Wm.fromGrosh, Samuel187886:125
Stevick, Lydia A.fromMuller, Harman188598:164
Stevick, W. C.fromCotton, Jno.187787:425
Stevick, W. C.fromHill, C. A.187787:424
Stevick, Wm.fromSnyder, Mary186979:337
Stevick, Wm. C.fromCotton, John188083:229
Stevick, Wm. C.fromKryder, Jno. L.188394:503
Stevick, Wm. C.fromOpdyke, Henry C.187372:171
Stevick, Wm. W.fromMyers, Jacob T.187259:391
Stevick, Wm. W.toSteevick, Jacob187670:278
Steward, J. N.fromGarrett, Jno.188187:114
Steward, Jasper N.fromKeck, Wm. H.188392:239
Steward, LucettafromBowman, Henry187978:31
Stewart, A. C.fromReed, John187978:465
Stewart, A. G. (Et al.)toHitchcock, Amanda187875:119
Stewart, Alvin J.fromWorthington, Wm. W.187463:428
Stewart, C. J.fromNelson, W. R.187497:520
Stewart, D. B.fromFisher, Wm. B.187567:379
Stewart, D. B.toLawrence, Alex187776:491
Stewart, E.fromDollarhite, E.187577:397
Stewart, ElisabethtoDennis, M. E.188183:206
Stewart, H.toKocher & Lucas187875:574
Stewart, JacobfromWells, Chas.188081:472
Stewart, Thos.fromBarrows, F. R.188596:584
Stewart, Wm.toBirbeck, Wm.187976:567
Stewert, ElizabethfromDollarhite, Emsley187264:73
Stier, CatherinefromPaulus, F. D.188288:41
Stier, FrankfromEdsall, E. F.188392:533
Stier, Jacob J.fromMoran, R. (Et al.)188184:215
Stier, TheresafromHannum, M. A.188288:219
Stiger, DavidfromArcher, John H.187361:21
Stiger, DavidtoZimmerman, Geo. J.187359:479
Still, LizziefromWhite, James B.187771:407
Still, LizzietoWhite, Jas. B.187976:525
Stillwagon, GeorgetoCourdway, John187361:220
Stilts, AdelaidefromBauer, K. J.188288:216
Stim, Polycarp, N.fromLauer, Catharine188598:366
Stineman, AmiliafromHelms, Chas. W.188597:548
Stiner, E. B.toHarrod, L.188080:348
Stiner, E. B.fromHarrod, Lucinda188079:471
Stinger, Ellen R.toFairbank, Clark188080:70
Stinman, AdamfromPool, Thos. D.187463:401
Stinmon, AdamtoWiedelman, Wm.187565:33
Stippich & shorrtoJohn, Anthony187463:441
Stirk, S. W.fromAbbott, R. B.188082:138
Stirk, Saml. M.fromBoschet, Jno.188079:317
Stirk, Wm.toKochelle, Richard188081:543
Stirlen, AlextoMetcalf, M. V.188183:30
Stirlen, AlexfromVanzile, Thos.188082:116
Stirlen, Alex (Guard)toEly, Edward187978:372
Stirlen, AlexanderfromDuly, Wm. F.187669:263
Stirlen, Harriet L.fromGolden, Wm.187669:101
Stirling, Wilson R.fromRyder, Jesse & Aaron187361:94
Stirling, Wilson R.toStahlhut, Chas.187566:222
Stites, AlmirafromEdington, James187873:207
Stites, AlmirafromHess, Jacob187771:60
Stites, AlmiratoJohnston, Esther M.187980:316
Stites, AlmirafromMiller, Lewis D.187976:196
Stites, AlmiratoMiller, Louis D.187976:196
Stites, AlmirafromWhite, James B.187873:114
Stites, ElmirafromBarkley, Levi187874:335
Stites, JohnfromWilliams, Jesse L.187260:306
Stites, JohntoWilliams, Jesse L.187873:502
Stiver, Jacob N.toFansler, Isaiah187780:43
Stiver, S. J.fromCoombs, Wm. H. (Coms.)187977:586
Stiver, S. J.fromHalsey, J. W.188082:364
Stiver, S. J.fromHeadley, E.188495:220
Stiver, WilliamfromCosgrove, Franklin K.187873:113
Stiver, Wm.toCorbett, Wm. W.187873:484
Stiver, Wm.fromLocke, Josiah188290:228
Stock, F.fromHartman, August187363:221
Stock, GeorgetoMiller, Christian187874:284
Stock, GeorgetoMiller, Louis187565:43
Stock, GeorgefromMiller, Louis187874:283
Stockert, Mary (Et al.)toWilliams, Nancy187883:132
Stockman, MaryfromFort Wayne Nat. Bank188496:84
Stockman, MaryfromJones, Wm. H.187977:436
Stocks, Wm.fromRiethmiller, August188393:487
Stocks, Wm. & MargaretfromRiethmiller, August188393:488
Stokes, CatharinetoShine, Daniel187462:424
Stoll, FredfromKramer, Charles188391:505
Stoll, HenrytoHoch, Wm.187359:576
Stoll, HenrytoMisner, A. A.187883:281
Stoll, J. P.toGoldsmith, Jos.188079:301
Stolz, ChristianfromStolz, George M.187462:394
Stolz, George M.toStolz, Christian187462:394
Stone, A. C.toStone, Solon Sr.187770:156
Stone, Alba C.fromMiller, Mary C.187565:357
Stone, Alba C.toStone, Solon Sr.187770:248
Stone, Alba C.fromWestcott, Philander G. (Guard)187565:348
Stone, AlbacfromLawrence, Isabella187465:347
Stone, Alva C.fromIry, John A.187463:440
Stone, Alva C.toStone, Solon Jr.187566:433
Stone, AnsontoBenninghoff, David187564:570
Stone, AnsontoBrouson, Mary187566:160
Stone, E. E.fromKammeier, C.188185:155
Stone, E. E.fromLindenwood Cemetery188286:246
Stone, E. E.fromNuttman, J. D. Jr.188185:113
Stone, E. E.fromNuttman, J. D. Jr.188185:68
Stone, E. E.fromPfeiffer, C. F.188288:525
Stone, ElizabethtoJames, Mary A.187978:132
Stone, Emma E.toAnderson, T. P.188082:373
Stone, Emma E.fromBuckles, Jas. P.188185:61
Stone, Emma E.fromMiller, Seraph188290:168
Stone, Mary A.toStone, Solon Jr.187875:63
Stone, Richard L.fromHaney, Jno. C.187670:399
Stone, SolonfromFoster, Mary E.188287:546
Stone, SolonfromMiller, Isaac J.187770:524
Stone, SolonfromNull, L. S.188494:328
Stone, Solon Jr.fromStone, Alva C.187566:433
Stone, Solon Jr.fromStone, Mary A.187875:63
Stone, Solon Sr.fromStone, A. C.187770:156
Stone, Solon Sr.fromStone, Alba C.187770:248
Stone, T. B.toBotteron, F. Jr.187874:494
Stone, Wm. H.fromBronson, Wm. S.187976:146
Stone, Wm. H.toBurrier, Adam Jr.187979:407
Stonebrook, M. A.fromJustus, Lewis S.187670:101
Stonebrook, Mary A.toJustus, L. S.187671:238
Stoneburne, EliasfromCour, C. J. A.187565:400
Stoneburner, R. J.fromHogarth, D. A.188392:122
Stonecifer, B. F.fromHenscil, Dulcena188391:252
Stoneman, H. D.toHarres, John L.187463:76
Stoneman, H. D.toShatto, N.187463:313
Stoneman, Harvey D.toStark, Joseph187360:123
Stoneman, Jacob M.toHammomd, John187462:52
Stoneman, MargaretttoFunk, M. V. B.187677:462
Stoner, EmiliatoKell, George187978:306
Stoner, EmiliafromNoel, Phillip187770:114
Stoner, MineriatoYerks, Sophronia187463:442
Stonner, EmiliatoGarman, B. F.187771:319
Stoop, Saml. W. & M.toHolland, Mary A & R.187360:435
Stoops, M. M. & S. W.fromHolland, Mary A.187789:332
Stoops, Maria M.toBidwell, M. V.188183:217
Stoops, Saml. & wifetoColerick, Chas. F.187463:89
Stoops, Saml. W.toHaney, Alice187570:398
Stoops, Saml. W. & MariafromColerick, Chas. F.187360:437
Stoops, Saml. W. & MariafromHolland, M. A. & R.187360:437
Stoops, Samuel W.toBaughman, John W.187565:446
Stoops, Samuel W.fromColerick, Chas. F.187364:569
Stoops, Samuel W.toColerick, Jno. K. & Wm. H.187361:107
Stoops, Samuel W.toMcMeans & Trump187566:210
Stoops, Samuel W.toWaid, Simon T.187565:446
Stoops, Samuel W.toWaid, Simon T.187565:447
Stopber, SylvesterfromWillbur, Geo. W.187980:262
Stopher, J. D.toMurphy, A. P.188079:513
Stopher, Jno.fromHood, H. G.188291:464
Stopher, JohnfromMorris, Saml. L. Coms.187669:502
Stopher, Joseph D.fromFosnight, Solomon188080:136
Stopher, Joseph D.toHolopeter, Calista187462:223
Stopher, M. E.fromBoulton, Henry188394:134
Stopher, MaryfromGrice, Jesse Q.187980:163
Stophlet, Anna L.toKeefer, Christian187462:376
Stophlet, F. C. & J. W.toSpencer, M. V. B.187771:160
Stophlet, J. H.toEpple, Gottlieb187772:115
Stophlet, Mary (Guard)toHolt, Orrin & Andrew187567:492
Stophlet, Mary (Guard)toHolt, Orrin & Andrew187667:492
Stophlet, SamueltoMcMaken, E. V.185464:473
Stoppenhagen, Chas.fromLenz, Erust188183:1
Stoppenhagen, Chas.fromQuicksell, Peter188288:582
Stoppenhagen, ErnsttoJabker, Anna M.187874:583
Stoppenhagen, ErnstfromJabker, Anna M.187874:584
Stoppenhagen, ErnstfromSomers, Wm.187566:336
Stoppenhagen, ErnsttoStoppenhagen, F.187770:224
Stoppenhagen, F.fromStoppenhagen, Ernst187770:224
Storm, J. A. M. (Et al.)fromGillett, D. D.188597:156
Storm, Jos. A. M.fromBarrows, F. R.188596:582
Storm, Jos. A. M.fromGrotholtman, H. A.188598:56
Storm, JosephfromDegrattery, Ann187359:551
Storm, JosephtoDegrattery, James187359:525
Storm, Joseph A. M.toJourdain, Celestine187359:438
Storm, Joseph A. M.fromWhite, James B.187463:534
Storms, Joseph A. M.toWhite, Jas. B.187771:532
Storp, Saml. W.toColerick, Chas. F.187360:245
Story, HarrietfromFalls, Daniel M.187163:526
Stouder, A. H.fromCommissioners by Partition188081:123
Stouder, CatherinefromDoswell, Geo. W.188290:151
Stouder, ElmyrafromForbing, Jno.187975:584
Stouder, H. F.fromLindenwood Cemetery187358:488
Stouder, S. B.toStouder, W. W.188182:426
Stouder, Sarah A.fromBowman, Henry187978:48
Stouder, Sarah A.toDruley, James W.188079:72
Stouder, Simeon, W.toErwin, Richard K.187360:5
Stouder, Simon W.fromErwin, Richard K.187360:5
Stouder, Solomon B.fromLindenwood Cemetry187977:294
Stouder, W. W.fromStouder, S. B.188182:426
Stouder, Wm. M.fromSchele, John187461:533
Stouffer, RhodafromBogar, Rebecca187975:430
Stout, Eli T.fromJohnson, Francis H.187668:227
Stout, Geo. W.toKohn, Wm. J.187468:490
Stout, Geo. W.toKrick, E.187464:81
Stout, Geo. W.toKrick, E.187465:332
Stout, George W.toLong, Tobias187464:157
Stout, Mary A.toBake, Hendrika188183:254
Stover, JohnfromGuilford, Sarah M.187469:503
Stover, LouisafromGreene, Mary M.187462:130
Stover, LouisafromGreene, Mary M.187876:583
Stover, LouisatoRogers, E. H.187977:536
Stover, MinervatoMuhn, Wm.187670:544
Stover, MinervafromMuhn,wm.187678:46
Strack, EdwardtoStark, Jos.187566:20
Strack, Edward W.fromStark, Jo187462:502
Strack, ElizabethfromKoch, Chas.188597:203
Strack, JohntoHill, C. L.187566:314
Strasburg, C. & Wm.fromTompkins, Eliab H.187565:493
Strassburg Beer Brewing Co.fromGabbet, Chas.188080:372
Strasser, HermanfromFeck, John187359:347
Strasser, MelissatoFeck, John187359:346
Strasser, MelissatoSorg, Isidore187565:136
Strasser, RobertfromReidel, Geo.187771:504
Strasser, RupertfromKraut, Chas. & Henry187874:513
Strasser, RupertfromLowry, Robt. (Et al.)187874:523
Strasser, RupertfromORourke, Edward (Et al.)187874:523
Strasser, RupertfromRobertson, R. S. (Et al.)187874:523
Strasser, RypertfromPulvermiller, H.187874:512
Stratton, A. D. (Et al.)fromMcDonald, E. H.188186:124
Stratton, J. Q.fromStratton, Robt.187667:489
Stratton, Jennie Q. & RobertfromBrundige, David187565:66
Stratton, John (et al.)toHamilton, Mary H.187669:52
Stratton, JosephtoStratton, Mary H.187668:256
Stratton, Mary H.fromHamilton, J. C.187668:257
Stratton, Mary H.fromStratton, Joseph187668:256
Stratton, Mary H.toTegeder, Henry187668:319
Stratton, R. F.fromManok, Kresengia187772:191
Stratton, RobertfromManok, K. (admr.)187873:28
Stratton, RobertfromSheriff187874:81
Stratton, Robt.fromArnold, M. A.188287:479
Stratton, Robt.fromArnold, M. A.188287:479
Stratton, Robt.fromBrokaw, S. J.188185:397
Stratton, Robt.fromBurton, A. W. B.188184:22
Stratton, Robt.fromCommissioner in Partition188288:522
Stratton, Robt.fromGomoll, Julius188495:50
Stratton, Robt.fromHandenschild, Jacob188496:157
Stratton, Robt.fromHillegass, Jeremiah188289:591
Stratton, Robt.fromHillegass, Jeremiah188393:321
Stratton, Robt.fromLindemann, E. W.188288:569
Stratton, Robt.fromMcDonald, E. H.188184:264
Stratton, Robt.fromMcDonald, N. E.188390:285
Stratton, Robt.fromMiller, Mathias Jr.188081:13
Stratton, Robt.fromRapp, Henry188184:329
Stratton, Robt.toStratton, J. Q.187667:489
Stratton, S. E.fromRockhill, H. Mc. (Et al.) 188390:430
Straugham, J. R.fromCity Treasure188599:43
Straughan, C. J.fromReese, David186274:429
Straughan, C. J.fromStraughan, Jesse R.185672:348
Straughan, Jesse R.fromMcElfatrick, Samuel185664:349
Straughan, Jesse R.toStraughan, C. J.185672:348
Straus, F. (Et al.)fromGeiger, A. (Et al.)188081:523
Straus, F. (Et al.)fromLeitch, M. A. (Et al.)188081:523
Straus, F. (Et al.)fromSmith, M. A. (Et al.)188081:523
Straus, F. W. (Et al.)fromDiffenderfer, S. J. (Et al.)188081:523
Straus, F. W. (Et al.)toKein, Daniel188182:361
Straus, F. W. (Et al.)fromMayer, Theo.188081:220
Straus, F. W. (Et al.)fromMayer, Theodore188081:525
Straus, F. W. (Et al.)fromSmith, Henry Jr.188182:358
Straus, JohnfromFrederickson, C.187873:482
Straus, MathiasfromSine, Lewis188081:522
Strauss, HenryfromHohenstein, Leonard188183:490
Streeter, BenjaminfromSpencer, Perry187465:470
Streeter, Mary J.toLindemuth, Jas. B.188080:499
Streiber, AnnafromStreiber, John187361:142
Streiber, JohntoStreiber, Anna187361:142
Strevy, LewisfromKelly, John187669:443
Strickland, Abby F.toGranger, Martha J.187462:457
Strimatter, M. A.toTaylor, John187772:138
Strine, PeterfromDennis, M. E.188185:79
Stringer, E. R.toRay, Mary187977:76
Stringer, E. R.fromRay, Mary & W. F. 187977:16
Stringer, Ellen R.fromBarton, C. M.187772:406
Stringer, Elza T.fromFairbank, Clark188080:71
Stringfellow, J. W.fromBrown, J. W.188288:306
Stringfellow, Jno. W.fromCoomer, Lafayette188394:154
Strodel, Anna B.fromBeck, Anna M.188184:254
Strodel, Geo.fromAuditor188288:414
Strodel, Geo.toVeith, Peter187771:271
Strodel, Geo.fromVeith, Peter187771:271
Strodel, GeorgefromColerick, W. G. Comr.187771:267
Strodel, GeorgefromFisher, Margaret & Anton187565:284
Strodel, J. G.fromBender, Louis188288:345
Strodel, Jno. Geo.fromHimbert, Michael188495:636
Strong, ClevelandfromBeck, Frances J.187359:575
Strong, ClevelandtoPettit, Adam187667:315
Strong, ClevelandtoSoliday, Ann E.187771:316
Strong, ClevelandfromSoliday, John A.187771:315
Strong, EzratoFleming, Wm.186470:219
Strong, L. PfromStrong, S. P.186470:218
Strong, L. P.fromCloud, Allen186470:221
Strong, L. P.toFleming, Wm.186470:222
Strong, L. P.fromStrong, R. K.186570:220
Strong, Melvin H.toAmes, Geo. W.187461:189
Strong, R. K.toStrong, L. P.186570:220
Strong, S. P.toStrong, L. P186470:218
Strong, SarahfromBeck, Frances J.187359:591
Strong, SarahfromBeck, Frances J.187359:592
Strong, SarahtoBeck, Francis J.187463:480
Strong, SethtoFleming, Wm.186470:222
Strope, LettafromPaine, Jas. D.188393:378
Strope, MaryfromLangohr, John W.187977:364
Strunz, ChristianfromCarson, Wm. W.188392:517
Strunz, ChristianfromKoch, John M.187669:244
Strunz, ChristiantoKoch, Margaret187669:246
Struthers, Jno.toRedelsheimer, D. S. (Er al.)188182:295
Struver, LouisafromHanna, Henry C.187875:24
Struver, LouisatoKiendt, Peter187979:485
Struver, Wm.toHartmann, Christian187669:197
Stuart, J. C.fromWentworth, Jno. W.187978:405
Stuart, JacobtoYoung, S. & C.187977:403
Stuart, John C.fromDill, Anna187875:203
Stuck, L. A.fromMcCulloch, H.188495:249
Stucker, Mary (Et al.)toBear, Levi187874:519
Stucker, Mary (et al.)fromBear, Nancy M.187872:567
Stucker, Mary (et al.)fromBear, Nancy M.187872:567
Stuckey, JosephfromGoldsmith, Jos. (Et al.)188399:136
Studabaker & Bullard (Trustee)fromSheriff187872:465
Studabaker, D.fromSheriff187771:129
Studabaker, D. (Coms.)toDirkson, Henry187978:242
Studabaker, DavidfromChamper, C.188184:188
Studabaker, DavidtoEvans, D. E.187773:462
Studabaker, DavidtoEvans, Harriet187773:462
Studabaker, DavidtoEvans, Jno. K.187773:462
Studabaker, DavidtoEvans, Samuel187773:462
Studabaker, DavidtoStudabaker, Harriet187874:87
Studabaker, David (Comr.)toDirkson, Henry188080:409
Studabaker, David (Guard)toCrabbs, Elizabeth187874:590
Studabaker, David (Guard)toStudabaker, Harriet187874:89
Studabaker, David (Guard, Et al.)toCrabbs, Elizabeth187874:591
Studabaker, David (Trustee)fromCommissioners by Partition187572:438
Studabaker, David (Trustee)toEvans, Harriet T. (et al.)187668:348
Studabaker, H. (Et al.)toBullard, J. M.187880:297
Studabaker, H. (Et al.)toEvans, B. B. Estate187880:295
Studabaker, HarrietfromBullard, S. L. & J. M.187874:87
Studabaker, HarrietfromBullard, S. L. & J. M.187874:87
Studabaker, HarrietfromCommissioners by Partition187572:438
Studabaker, HarrietfromCrabbs, Elizabeth (Et al.)187874:87
Studabaker, HarrietfromEvans, Bennett B. (Et al.)187874:87
Studabaker, HarrietfromEvans, Delley (Et al.)187874:87
Studabaker, HarrietfromEvans, Elizabeth (Et al.)187874:87
Studabaker, HarrietfromEvans, Joseph K.187873:221
Studabaker, HarrietfromEvans, Robert (Et al.)187874:87
Studabaker, HarrietfromHenderson, Edgar & wife187873:222
Studabaker, HarrietfromStudabaker, David187874:87
Studabaker, HarrietfromStudabaker, David (Guard)187874:89
Studabaker, JohnfromHeller, Martha187359:469
Studabaker, JohntoStapleford, Caroline E.187361:87
Studabaker, N.fromBullard, J. W.188496:628
Studabker & BullardfromSheriff187668:513
Studebaker, P. E.toCotton, John187876:505
Stuky, J. P. (Et al.)toSchwartz, Jno.188183:4
Stull, ChristinafromBogart, John B.187873:138
Stulls, Henry A.fromWatkins, Mary187771:421
Stump, JohnfromBrackenridge, Jos. (Coms.)185374:106
Stump, JohnfromBrackenridge, Jos. (Coms.)185374:106
Stump, JonathanfromPotter, Elizabeth187360:206
Stump, SamueltoBolinger, Lavina187669:
Stump, SamueltoBowersock, Andrew187772:246
Stump, SamueltoHaffman, Jacob187875:238
Stump, SamueltoHuffman, Jacob187668:179
Stump, SamueltoHuffman, Jacob188079:128
Stumpp, L. & C.fromKuhne, P. F.188495:97
Sturgeon, A. T.toTrustees U. B. Church187669:307
Sturgis, C. M.toGerke, J. H. L.188080:507
Sturgis, C. M.fromMorris, Geo. W.188393:344
Sturgis, C. M.fromShoaff, Wm. W.187874:1
Sturgis, Edmund L.toSturgis, Louisa E.187065:196
Sturgis, LonisatoMyers, N. J.187977:467
Sturgis, LouisatoBittinger, G. L. & A. M.187977:479
Sturgis, Louisa E.toBass, Jno. H.187668:480
Sturgis, Louisa E.fromKiser, Peter187771:302
Sturgis, Louisa E.fromSturgis, Edmund L.187065:196
Sturgis, Louison E.toFehlsing, F. W.187873:515
Sturgis, M. C.fromFlemimg, Wm.188286:506
Sturgis, MaryfromRudisill, A. Melis L. Est.187463:29
Sturgis, Mary C.toMoore, Charles H.187567:514
Sturgis, Mary C.fromSheriff188183:163
Sturgis, Mary C.toSwisher, John188183:139
Sturgis, Stephan B.toJustus, Lewis S.187669:30
Sturm, C. P. & Andrew J.fromSturm, Margaret187566:309
Sturm, MargaretfromEckles, N. P.187976:327
Sturm, MargarettoFunk, Margaret187565:265
Sturm, MargarettoSturm, C. P. & Andrew J.187566:309
Sturm, WilliamfromUnited States183678:397
Sturm, Wm.fromUnited States183880:406
Sturmer, Augusta (Et al.)toManth, J. & J.187883:78
Stury, JohnfromWitmer, Jacob187876:592
Stutz, Jos.fromMiller, C. A.188288:77
Stutz, Jos.fromMiller, C. A.188392:86
Stutz, JosephfromHanley, John (Ex.)187468:282
Stutz, PeterfromBerger, Frank188494:374
Stutzenberger, FranktoStutzenberger, Michael187564:437
Stutzenberger, MichaelfromStutzenberger, Frank187564:437
Stutzensberger, J.fromKrackman, D.188185:461

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