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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Such, EmilfromBittinger, J. R.188287:487
Sucle, JnofromEvans, S. C.188393:86
Sudbring, Wm.toReiter, Frederick188392:229
Sudbring, Wm.toReiter, Fredk. Jr.187565:426
Sudbrink, Chas.toSudbrink, Wm.188184:415
Sudbrink, Wm.fromSudbrink, Chas.188184:415
Suders, EdwardfromStephens, John187669:
Sudhoff, HenryfromGumper, Sarah C.187360:414
Sudhoff, HenryfromScarlet, Chester188495:74
Sudhuff, HenrytoStouder, W. W. & J. A.188390:431
Suelzer, Jno.toWygralak, S. & L.188598:548
Suelzer, Jno. & C.fromStratton, Robt.188393:109
Sugnet, LaneyfromSugnet, Lewis187977:517
Sugnet, LewistoSugnet, Laney187977:517
Sugnet, LouistoAnistutz, M. & P.188213:535
Sugnet, LouisfromCoombs, Wm. H. (Coms.)187977:149
Sugnet, LouistoRiehl, Edward188598:324
Suguet, C. F.fromPickard, Thos. R.187976:412
Sukup, A.fromPickard, Thos. R.187469:365
Sukup, A. & M.fromDevaux, Felicia188079:67
Sullivan, E. O.fromSullivan, Jno. H.188080:261
Sullivan, EllenfromHausmann, Wm.188288:447
Sullivan, EllenfromRady, David188288:235
Sullivan, Jno. H.fromGreene, Geo. G.187668:422
Sullivan, Jno. H.toSullivan, E. O.188080:261
Sullivan, M. A.toLyne, R. W. & W.188087:468
Sullivan, M. A.toMarkey, E. J. (Et al.)188289:142
Sullivan, MaryfromO'Rourke, John C.187564:540
Sullivan, Mary A.toKallen, Peter188080:419
Sullivan, Mary A.toLyne, R. W. & Wm.187773:413
Sullivan, Mary A.fromLyne, Wm.187772:158
Sullivan, Mary D.fromCole, A. B.187672:111
Sullivan, MichaelfromGreene, Mary M.187565:600
Sullivan, MichaeltoRady, David188185:526
Sullivan, PetertoOBrien, Patrick187462:362
Sullivan, PeterfromO'Brien, Patrick187462:188
Sullivan, PeterfromUnited States183598:73
Sullivan, PeterfromUnited States183598:72
Sullivan, Wm. H.toThomas, Wm.187565:480
Sumbard & BondfromBarrett, J. M. (Et al.)188182:511
Sumers, M. A.fromWilkinson, H. W.187979:33
Sumers, M. A.toWilkinson, M. A.188190:354
Summer, ChristtoKlopfenstein, J. P.188393:119
Summer, ChristiantoMcKenzie, Francis & Jacob J.187565:132
Summer, ChristianfromMcKinzie, Francis187669:504
Summer, J. B.toMcCartney, Jas.188392:185
Summer, Jas. & C.fromBrackenridge, G. W.188287:163
Summerman, LydiafromBarkdall, Henry187773:457
Summers, F. C.fromBlotcamp, Anna188081:113
Summers, H.fromWhittern, Chas.188288:240
Summers, J. & A.fromMcDermot, Jas.188599:128
Summers, Jno.toMcDermot, Jas.188599:127
Summers, JohntoBrown, Mathew187565:490
Summers, JohnfromDavidson, Wm.184574:562
Summers, JohnfromKennan, Jno. M.187669:48
Summers, JohntoNinde, Lindley M.187670:356
Summers, MaryfromNinde, Lindley M.187669:211
Summers, Saml. B.fromTaylor, A. J.187361:276
Summit City Soap CofromMiller, Casper188496:100
Summit City Soap CofromORourke, L. (Et al.)188598:190
Summit City Soap Co. fromBouric, B. A.188496:100
Summit City Soap Co.fromBourie, B. A. (Et al.)188598:190
Sunderland, Benj.toHuguenard, A. F.188496:631
Sunderland, Benj.fromRudisill, M. E.188397:205
Sunderland, Benj.fromRudisill, Margaret E.188079:317
Sunderland, BenjaminfromWilliams, Charles L.187564:513
Sunderland, J. R.toRudisill, M. E.188397:204
Sunderland, John W.fromSunderland, Joseph R.187462:427
Sunderland, Joseph R.fromLehneke, Catharine187462:28
Sunderland, Joseph R.toLehneke, Catharine187462:201
Sunderland, Joseph R.toRudisil, Margaret E.187462:197
Sunderland, Joseph R.toSunderland, John W.187462:427
Sunderland, Joseph, R.toBass, John H.187564:527
Sunderland, MargarettoAckley, Western187464:50
Sunderland, R. A.toMcCurdy, C. A.187771:240
Sunderland, Rhoda A.fromAckley, Weston187670:354
Sunderman, HenryfromCummings, J. W. (Et al.)188394:90
Sunderman, HenryfromGiddings, F. S. (Et al.)188394:90
Sunders, Katherine (Et al.)toRonssean, R. D.187874:389
Sunders, SusantoSaunders, James187364:57
Suoneker, FredtoFry, Jacob188081:267
Superior Court A. Co.toLocke, Josiah188496:439
Superior Court AllentoLocke, Josiah188494:410
Suren, John G.toBittinger, Geo. L. & A. M.187976:186
Suren, John G.toHeitroinkel, Henry187976:386
Surfice, AndrewfromChappell, Philmon187565:560
Surfus, Geo.fromBarrett, Geo. W.188079:511
Surfus, Geo.fromByers, Rosetta188289:475
Surfus, Geo.fromHarvey, Harriett (Et al.)188079:368
Surfus, Geo.fromHarwood, Louisa (Et al.)188079:368
Surfus, Geo.fromSnyder, Marietta (Et al.)188079:368
Surfus, Geo.fromSpencer, Sarah (Et al.)188079:368
Surfus, Geo.fromSquiers, Sarah (Et al.)188079:368
Surfus, Geo.fromWarner, Julia A.188079:368
Surfus, Geo.fromWyatt, Maudana (Et al.)188079:368
Surfus, GeorgefromBigelow, Adah (Et al.)188079:368
Surfus, GeorgefromByers, Rosetta188079:357
Surfus, GeorgefromByers, Rosetta (Et al.)188079:368
Surfus, GeorgefromGreen, Maria (Et al.)188079:388
Surfus, J. A.toSomers, Jos.188191:290
Surfus, Jno.toSurfus, Jno. Jr.188292:211
Surfus, Jno.toSurfus, Samuel188288:64
Surfus, Jno. Jr.fromSurfus, Jno.188292:211
Surfus, SamuelfromSurfus, Jno.188288:64
Suter, CharlesfromJustus, Lewis S.187365:286
Suter, DeliahtoMaxheimer, Wm.187462:193
Suter, DelilahtoShowers, Milbre188079:541
Suter, EdwardfromEllison, Jane187771:527
Suter, EdwardfromEllison, John T.187771:527
Suter, EdwardfromEllison, LeRoy187771:527
Suter, EdwardfromEllison, Phoebe187771:527
Suter, EdwardfromEllison, Richard187771:527
Suter, EdwardtoFeighner, S. R.188289:530
Suter, EdwardfromJustus, Lewis S.187365:287
Suter, EdwardtoMiller, Jacob187461:591
Suter, EdwardfromMiller, Jacob187772:392
Suter, EdwardfromMoorhead, Daniel187771:528
Suter, EdwardfromNonemaker, Jno.188598:421
Suter, EdwardfromSheriff187874:433
Suter, EdwardfromSheriff187874:435
Suter, EdwardfromWright, Elizabeth187771:527
Suter, JacobtoLipp, Jno.188290:464
Suter, JacobfromLipp. Jno.188290:463
Sutermeister, A. (et al.)toBrucker, Jacob187667:442
Sutermeister, A. (et al.)fromTaylor, John187567:165
Sutermeister, ArnoldtoBarrows, F. R.188290:301
Sutermeister, ArnoldfromBicker, Christian187773:143
Sutermeister, ArnoldfromBirkner, Chas. B.187977:191
Sutermeister, ArnoldfromBrucker, Jacob187977:153
Sutermeister, ArnoldtoFahlsing, Fred188391:59
Sutermeister, ArnoldtoWishart, Maggie S.188080:150
Sutermeister, Arnold (et al.)toLyon, Daniel A.187667:242
Sutermeister, Arnold (et al.)toLyon, Daniel A.187667:243
Sutermeister, Arnold (et al.)fromNinde, L. M.187667:300
Sutermeuter, ArnoldfromRobertson, R. S. (Com.)187873:144
Suters, EdwardtoBower, J. F.188184:377
Sutter, Chas.toMiller, Louisa M.188185:352
Sutter, JacobfromJones, John187670:392
Suttin, P. M.fromBeecher, C. M. (Et al.)188183:385
Sutton, CatharinetoCertia, Peter187667:484
Sutton, CatharinetoDavis, S. T.188184:474
Sutton, CatharinetoLordier, August187667:484
Sutton, CatharinefromSinclair, S. E.187874:570
Sutton, CatharinefromWoulfe, Michael187876:53
Sutton, E. J.toPlants, Isaac S.188392:564
Sutton, E. J.fromPlants, Nancy A.188392:563
Sutton, E. J.fromTaylor, R. S.188186:113
Sutton, HarveyfromWhite, Jas. B.188095:238
Sutton, HaweytoKeever, Elisabeth188289:404
Sutton, JohntoSinclair, S. E.187874:569
Sutton, JohntoWoulfe, Micheal187875:146
Sutton, P. M.fromBeecher, C. M.187771:427
Sutton, P. M.fromHargrave, A. (Et al.)188183:385
Sutton, P. M.fromLalone, Elizabeth187771:457
Sutton, P. M.toSwayne, Mary C.188289:519
Sutton, P. M.toTresselt, Christ188184:401
Sutton, Preston M.fromPhelps, Martha B.187772:384
Sutton, W. S.fromCartwright, J. L.188598:77
Sutton, W. S. (assignee)fromCartwright, Chas.188599:64
Sutzer, AdolphfromBolsy, Marshall188598:187

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