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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Swaidner, JacobfromPlatter, Geo. J.187464:223
Swaidner, JehutoMcKinzie, Wm.187669:
Swaidner, JohnfromClippinger, Daniel187669:223
Swaidner, JohnfromHogg, N. B.187669:222
Swaidner, JohnfromWann, George187772:212
Swaidner, M. E.fromSheriff188083:149
Swaidner, Mary E.toSnyder, Franklin187571:514
Swaidner, Mary E.fromWillbur, Geo. W. (Adm.)187979:121
Swaidner, Mary E. & JacobtoPlatter, Geo. J.187464:233
Swain, CharlottefromBonter, Geo. W. P.188184:292
Swain, CharlottefromBonter, W. F. C. (Et al.)188184:292
Swain, CharlottefromQuider, N. K.188184:300
Swain, Jas. W. S.fromLocke, Josiah188297:468
Swair, MichaelfromMollering, Wm. & Chas.187362:65
Swander, A.fromRoberson, U. M.188080:526
Swander, AnthonyfromHosler, Jno. D.187984:370
Swander, AnthonytoRoberson, U. M.188080:293
Swander, JamesfromBeasley, Anthony187772:110
Swanderr, A.fromHossler, Jno. D.187978:57
Swanderr, A.fromHossler, Peter P.187978:56
Swanders, JameatoBeasley, Anthony187565:232
Swaney, S. J.fromDague, Jacob (Et al.)187975:534
Swank, AlexfromDague, Catharine187160:210
Swank, AlextoDoyle, John187360:211
Swank, ChristtoChristman, Jno.187463:107
Swank, ChristianfromPrough, George187466:259
Swank, DanielfromLudlow, R. (Et al.)188183:71
Swank, DanielfromWaters, J. A. (Et al.)188183:71
Swank, Thomas & ChristiantoTaylor & Austin187463:12
Swank, Thos. & christianfromTaylor, Andrew J.187372:12
Swann, HenriettatoOrff, Esther A.187872:518
Swann, HenriettafromPotter, P. L.187670:51
Swann, J. W. S.fromAlderman, Wm. F.187873:518
Swann, James W. S.toAlderman, Wm. F.187567:123
Swann, JW. S.fromAlderman, Wm. F.187873:518
Swart, C. F. M.toHathaway, John Sr.187770:22
Swart, C. F. M.fromHathaway, John Sr.187770:23
Swart, C. F. M.toSeidel, Edward187978:82
Swart, Margaret E.fromFairfield, Cyrus K.187359:533
Swart, Marietta & Amos M.toFairfield, Cyrus K.187565:492
Swart, MeinhardfromFrench, Chas. G.187362:65
Swartwout, John H.toSwartwout, Robert187564:311
Swartwout, RobertfromSwartwout, John H.187564:311
Swartz, BenewelltoHartzel, Paul187567:341
Swartz, ClintonfromHerrick, Mary188289:529
Swartz, ElizabethtoCoats, Rebecca (Et al.)187773:259
Swartz, ElizabethtoZimmerman, Jackson187478:511
Swartz, Elizabeth & Geo.toZimmerman, Emeline187463:53
Swartz, HenrytoFogel, Phillip187361:605
Swartz, HenryfromPotter, James187349:424
Swartz, Jno.fromBlack, C. M.186885:33
Swartz, WilliamfromBousher, Oliver187464:306
Swayne, M.fromLong, Geo. W.188393:80
Swayne, M. C.fromArnold, A. W.188291:286
Swayne, M. C.fromBowen, Wm.188597:593
Swayne, M. C.fromBrokaw, S. J.188395:491
Swayne, M. C.fromGolden, Patrick188081:236
Swayne, M. C.fromMcCreary, Jos.188081:237
Swayne, M. C. (Et al.)toMason, J. S.188183:437
Swayne, M. J.fromCurry, John188391:553
Swayne, M. J.fromSheriff188182:371
Swayne, Mary C.fromBrokaw, S. J. & R.188289:504
Swayne, Mary C.fromCurry, Michael187772:372
Swayne, Mary C.toGolden, Bridget E.188081:28
Swayne, Mary C.fromHaines, Franklin187771:294
Swayne, Mary C.fromKretzer, Jeremiah188080:498
Swayne, Mary C.fromPhelps, Martha B.187566:197
Swayne, Mary C.fromRandall, P. A.188183:94
Swayne, R. N.fromSwayne, S. F.188082:151
Swayne, Rhoda N.toSwayne, Saml. F.187672:506
Swayne, Rhoda N.fromTaylor, R. S. (Guard)186758:439
Swayne, S. F.fromAuditor188598:564
Swayne, S. F.toBaltzell, P. & M. F.188081:232
Swayne, S. F.fromBaltzell, Peter188287:288
Swayne, S. F.fromBiemer, Geo.188286:346
Swayne, S. F.fromBowers, A. (Et al.)188291:384
Swayne, S. F.fromBrown, D. M.188291:384
Swayne, S. F.fromCartwright, L. F.188082:140
Swayne, S. F.fromCartwright, Mary P.188082:141
Swayne, S. F.fromHays, Chas. A. (Coms.)188186:205
Swayne, S. F.fromHutchinson, Chas. W.188598:141
Swayne, S. F.fromLillie, H. (Et al.)188597:417
Swayne, S. F.fromLopshire, H. B. (Et al.)188291:384
Swayne, S. F.fromMapes, R. S. (Et al.)188494:469
Swayne, S. F.fromMiller, W. H.188286:488
Swayne, S. F.fromNinde, L. M.188291:286
Swayne, S. F.fromNuttman, J. D. Jr.187979:1
Swayne, S. F.toNuttman, J. D. Jr.188079:4
Swayne, S. F.fromRich, Wm.188081:316
Swayne, S. F.fromSheriff187875:282
Swayne, S. F.toSwayne, R. N.188082:151
Swayne, S. F. & M. C.fromGouty, W. H.188290:20
Swayne, S. F. (Coms.)toRich, S. & Wm.187976:527
Swayne, S. F. (Coms.)toScarlet, Chester187776:424
Swayne, Saml. F.toArnold, A. W.187667:246
Swayne, Saml. F.fromDille, Jos. H.187667:332
Swayne, Saml. F.toDille, Joseph H.187669:
Swayne, Saml. F.fromNave, Mary R.188598:556
Swayne, Saml. F.fromSwayne, Rhoda N.187672:506
Swayne, SamuelfromScott, George187770:555
Swayne, Samuel F.fromForbush, Joel F.187771:259
Sweany, Jacob & Pool, Sam'lfromPoole, Florence & Thos. D.187464:287
Sweeney, AbrahamfromMorgan, O. P.188185:199
Sweeney, Lucy I. (Et al.)toRotick, John K.187978:94
Sweeny, Lucy I.fromRorick, Wm. J.187978:95
Sweet, E. R.fromRockhill, J. B.187772:112
Sweet, Edward R.toLangohr, Andrew H.187873:169
Sweet, FrancistoColeman, Mary M.187572:380
Sweet, FrancistoGaylord, E. J.187977:530
Sweet, FrancisfromGrayless, Chas. W.188290:33
Sweet, Francis (Adm.)toWaugh, Milton187874:543
Sweet, H. (Et al.)toRassat, S. A.188182:280
Sweet, H. (Guard)toRassat, S. A.188082:280
Sweet, HannafromDavis, W. T.187873:494
Sweet, Hannah & (Guard)toRobinson, Geo.186961:175
Sweet, Hannah & FrancistoShaff, Francis M.187875:138
Sweet, Hannah & G.toCrouse, Hanson187258:547
Sweet, Hannah (Guard)toHaffner, Wilhelmena187669:95
Sweet, Hannah (Guard)toManning, Mary187258:342
Sweet, Hannah (Guard)toShaff, C. W.188082:101
Sweet, Hannah (Guard)toShaff, Francis M.187875:138
Sweet, HenrytoColeman, Lucinda187359:455
Sweet, HenryfromHoover, James187061:485
Sweet, HenrytoPiatt, Mary A.187567:331
Sweet, HenrytoPratt, Mary187462:99
Sweet, HenrytoSimonton, H. J.187667:175
Sweet, HenrytoSweet, John187670:124
Sweet, HenrytoSweet, Joseph187670:123
Sweet, I. N.toShaffer, Sturgis C.186366:154
Sweet, JohnfromPiatt, Mary A.187669:188
Sweet, JohnfromSweet, Henry187670:124
Sweet, JosephfromSweet, Henry187670:123
Sweet, N. J.fromEngle, Ammiel187581:258
Sweet, N. S.fromDelevan, J. H.188093:49
Sweet, Nancy J.toChoddock, Lydia A.187773:141
Sweet, Nancy J.toDelavan, Jno. H.188081:446
Sweet, Nancy J.toEngle, A.187566:436
Sweet, Nancy J.toMagner, S.187977:547
Sweet, Nancy J.toSweet, Warren187772:553
Sweet, Nancy J. (et al.)toMartz, Phillip S.187872:499
Sweet, Nancy JanetoAber, David J.187771:502
Sweet, S. B.fromCary, Hiram S.187668:284
Sweet, S. B.toCary, Rebecca M.187668:278
Sweet, Saml. B.toMiller, John M.187975:379
Sweet, WarrenfromDevilbiss, W. F.188390:537
Sweet, WarrenfromDeVilbiss, W. F. (Et al.) 188290:551
Sweet, WarrentoFarrell, F. I.187977:336
Sweet, WarrenfromHayden, Keyiah187876:49
Sweet, WarrentoReuille, Jules H.187875:424
Sweet, WarrenfromRhodes, Jno.187983:59
Sweet, WarrenfromSweet, Nancy J.187772:553
Sweet, Winfield S.toAber, David J.187771:502
Sweetser, CarolinefromSweetzer, Edith A.186965:263
Sweetser, Edith A.fromEwing, Mary C.187977:227
Sweetser, Edith A.fromSweetzer, Madison186965:262
Sweetser, F. C.fromEwing, M. C. (Et al.)188289:507
Sweetser, F. C.fromRoot, C. E. (Et al.)188289:507
Sweetzer M. School Com.toLoffler, Haney184968:114
Sweetzer, C. E.fromLangohr, John W.187770:300
Sweetzer, Edith A.toSweetser, Caroline186965:263
Sweetzer, MadisontoSweetser, Edith A.186965:262
Sweringen, Geo. W.toSweringen, Lucinda187567:204
Sweringen, Hiram V.toPool, Maria T.187566:215
Sweringen, LucindafromSweringen, Geo. W.187567:204
Sweringer, Hiram V.fromPool, Emery O.187566:214
Swift, AlphenstoDagne, J. (Et al.)187182:84
Swift, AlphensfromPool, Thos. D.187568:267
Swift, AlpheusfromChenevert, Chas.187461:539
Swift, AlpheustoClem, A. J.187161:355
Swift, AlpheustoCoombs, W. H. & Fisher, D. C.(Ex.)187772:325
Swift, AlpheustoCoverdale, Harriet L.187163:522
Swift, AlpheustoDaque, Jacob E. D. & Rudolph187163:612
Swift, AlpheustoDoyle, John187361:24
Swift, AlpheustoDunn, Chas W.187770:352
Swift, AlpheusfromFisher, D. c. (Ex.)188290:144
Swift, AlpheusfromFoster, Thos. J.187360:592
Swift, AlpheustoIselin, Adarian187772:186
Swift, AlpheustoKinard, Jno. W.187160:467
Swift, AlpheustoLuce, Franklin187162:238
Swift, AlpheustoLyon, Austin187566:239
Swift, AlpheustoPoole, Florence187570:445
Swift, AlpheustoSwift, Bayless187669:
Swift, AlpheustoTrustees of School Scipio Tp.187573:330
Swift, AlpheustoWilson, Wm. F.187262:375
Swift, BaylesstoArgo, M. E.188079:173
Swift, BaylessfromBadger, Kate L.187873:493
Swift, BaylessfromBadger, Kate L.187873:493
Swift, BaylesstoBloomhuff, Amanda M.187566:74
Swift, BaylessfromBloomhuff, Sam H.187566:73
Swift, BaylessfromBrackenridge, G. W.188080:528
Swift, BaylesstoBrackenridge, M. D.188080:530
Swift, BaylesstoDunn, Charles W.187774:251
Swift, BaylessfromHartman, H. C.188290:263
Swift, BaylesstoPool, Thomas D.187359:560
Swift, BaylessfromSwift, Alpheus187669:
Swift, Bayless (Com.)toDeel, F. Marion187668:526
Swift, Bayless (Com.)toSpangler, Nancy187668:497
Swift, Bayless (Comr.)toClifford, Joseph187770:347
Swift, Bayless (Coms.)toMcMahon, Sylvester188082:15
Swift, ClarrencefromMarquet, Alfred188187:512
Swift, EverettfromDresback, Levi188391:196
Swift, FloerncefromShank, Daniel187260:257
Swift, I. B.toBarnhart, Harriet187771:478
Swift, Isabella B.toAntrup, F. W.187772:31
Swift, Isabella B.fromBrunson, Wm. L.187361:326
Swift, Isabella B.toFletcher, Chas. N.187772:30
Swift, Isabella B.toMcCulloch, Charles187771:62
Swift, Isabella B.fromPool, Florence187359:559
Swift, Isabella B.toShull, Henry C.187462:492
Swift, Isabelle B.fromLyon, Austin187770:295
Swift, J. B.fromAuditor187770:482
Swift, J. B.fromAuditor187770:483
Swift, J. F.fromTrustees W. & E. Canal185480:309
Swift, Jno. F.fromTrustees W. & E. Canal186068:423
Swift, P. A.toWillbur, Geo. W.187772:2
Swineheart, W.fromPlenge, Geo. C.188290:92
Swineheart, Wash.fromJacobs, Henry188495:559
Swinney, Francis (Ex.)fromSheriff187873:52
Swisher, JohnfromSturgis, Mary C.188183:139
Swisher, SolomonfromPreston, M.M.187669:265

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