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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Taber, C. A.toO'Conner, Elizabeth188184:419
Taber, C. A.toYergens, Wm. (Et al.)188184:163
Taber, CyrustoHamilton, Allen184592:328
Taber, CyrustoHamilton, Allen185387:181
Taber, CyrustoKorto, Henry184791:269
Taber, CyrusfromState of Indiana184674:271
Taber, CyrusfromState of Indiana184669:
Taber, D. A. (Et al.)fromMcCulloch, Hugh184385:200
Taber, JessefromWilson, Wm. T. (Coms)187771:67
Taber, PaultoColes, Jesse186677:117
Taber, PaultoTaber, Stephen C.187361:146
Taber, PaultoTuley, Thos. J.188496:183
Taber, PaultoWiegmen, Henry188598:545
Taber, Rose A.fromTuley, Thos. J.188496:184
Taber, S. C.toWiegmenn, Henry (Et al.)188286:244
Taber, S. C. (et al.)toColes, Jesse186677:115
Taber, Stephen C.fromLindenwood Cemetery186385:201
Taber, Stephen C.fromPefferman, Susan C.187771:69
Taber, Stephen C.fromTaber, Paul187361:146
Taber, Susan C. (guard.)toColes, Jesse186777:118
Tabler, E. H.toPeckham, Wm. N.188495:225
Tabler, E. H.fromRash, Chas. E.188391:118
Tabler, E. H.fromVizzard, Wm.188184:544
Tabler, O. H.toTabler, R. M.188189:471
Tabler, R. M.toRash, Chas. E.188391:117
Tabler, R. M.fromTabler, O. H.188189:471
Tag, ChristianfromHanna, Saml. T.187461:374
Tag, Christian J.toGablenz, Charles187873:425
Tag, Christian J.fromGablenz, Chas.187873:424
Taggy, DavidfromHood, Thos.188081:340
Taglmeyer, DavidfromTaylor, R. S.187878:194
Tagmeier, Wm.toSmith, E. J.188286:211
Tagmeyer, DavidtoRouzer, C. & A.188186:235
Tagmier, DavidfromPerkins, Thos. B.187668:128
Tagtmeier, AnnafromBeaver, A. C. (et al.)187669:226
Tagtmeier, AnnafromTagtmeier, Christian187873:24
Tagtmeier, ChristiantoTagtmeier, Anna187873:24
Tagtmeier, DavidtoHartman, Homer C.187565:585
Tagtmeyer, AnnatoFreiburger, S. & Bro.188185:376
Tagtmeyer, AnnatoKerr, Wm. J.187360:193
Tagtmeyer, AnnafromNahrwald, D.187463:309
Tagtmeyer, AnnatoTagtmeyer, Christian187264:60
Tagtmeyer, AnnatoTagtmeyer, Christian187873:23
Tagtmeyer, AnnafromTagtmeyer, Christian187977:72
Tagtmeyer, AnnatoTagtmeyer, Christian187977:77
Tagtmeyer, AnnatoWeisenburger, Geo.187669:26
Tagtmeyer, ChristiantoRemers, John188079:313
Tagtmeyer, ChristianfromTagtmeyer, Anna187264:60
Tagtmeyer, ChristianfromTagtmeyer, Anna187873:23
Tagtmeyer, ChristiantoTagtmeyer, Anna187977:72
Tagtmeyer, ChristianfromTagtmeyer, Anna187977:77
Tagtmeyer, DavidfromBloomhuff, Catharine187978:43
Tagtmeyer, DavidfromCity Treasurer188079:436
Tagtmeyer, DavidfromManok, K. (Admx.)188189:80
Tagtmeyer, DavidtoSchaefer, F. (Et ux.)188597:215
Tagtmeyer, DavidfromSteup, H. A. (Coms.)188289:80
Tagtmeyer, F.toWiebke, Henry187279:412
Tagtmeyer, Fredk.toNahrwald, Detrick187462:443
Tagtmeyer, Fredk.fromNelson, Wm. R.187462:328
Tagtmeyer, HenriettafromRemerss, Jno.188082:108
Tagtmeyer, HenryfromTrier, Henry187461:257
Tagtmeyer, Wm. (Et ux.)fromMunson, Chas. A.188081:139
Tait, Jas. L.fromTait, Margaret188089:327
Tait, MargarettoTait, Jas. L.188089:327
Talbot, I. W.fromConklin, C. C.188185:375
Talbot, I. W.toGlaze, E. J.188185:376
Tam, JanetoHolmes, Joshua187359:362
Tam, SilastoGardhefner, James187979:85
Tam, SilastoKlinkel, M.187978:96
Tam, SilasfromSimons, O. A.187874:95
Tam, SilastoSimons, O. A.188183:147
Tam, Silas (Et al.)toCramer, David187893:535
Tam, Silas (Et al.)toCramer, David187993:536
Tancey, EllentoMcManus, Thomas187669:510
Tancey, M.toRyan, Daniel187463:256
Tancey, M.toTrease, H. A.188288:409
Tancey, MichaelfromAuditor188286:514
Tancey, MichaelfromAuditor188286:511
Tancey, MichaelfromAuditor188286:513
Tancey, MichaelfromAuditor188286:579
Tancey, MichaeltoRoesner, Christian188289:127
Tancey, MichaelfromRyan, Daniel187463:264
Tancey, MichaelfromScarlet, Chester187873:418
Tancey, MichaeltoScheuman, D.188288:491
Tancey, MichaeltoSpalding, R. P. (Et al.)188288:465
Tancey, MichaeltoTieman, Andrew187461:409
Tancey, MichaeltoTigges, E. W.188290:217
Tancy, MichaelfromMcManus, Thomas187669:509
Tancy, MichaeltoMiller, H. J.188080:390
Tancy, MichaeltoStauffer, Gottlieb188185:193
Tancy, MichaeltoTrentman, Jennie A.188289:345
Tank, AugustfromHopkins, Zelous188290:24
Tank, AugusttoKuntz, Sarah E.188598:341
Tank, JuliatoHopkins, Zelous188290:23
Tank, JuliafromMack, Jno. G.188288:330
Tanner, AquillatoBarrone, N. E.188495:176
Tanner, AquillafromMiller, Hannah188195:176
Tapp, H. W.fromPierson, E. (Et al.)188494:352
Tapp, H. W.toPierson, J. B.188494:353
Tapp, H. W.fromTapp, J. F. F.188599:210
Tapp, H. W.fromTapp, Jno. F. F.188288:485
Tapp, H. W.toTapp, Jno. F. F.188599:209
Tapp, J. F. F.toTapp, H. W.188599:210
Tapp, Jno. F. F.toTapp, H. W.188288:485
Tapp, Jno. F. F.fromTapp, H. W.188599:209
Tapp, Jno. F. F.toTapp, R. W.188288:486
Tapp, R. W.fromTapp, Jno. F. F.188288:486
Tapp, WilhelmenafromGlass, Susanna188494:323
Tarpie, J. H. & W.toYoumans, Morris188185:101
Tarr, P. S.toLadig, Elizabeth I.187874:283
Tarr, P. S.toLadig, N. P. Jr.188394:418
Tarr, Paoli S.toLadig, S. M.188495:299
Tarr, SarahfromBengnot, J. B.187163:290
Tarr, SarahfromBeugnot, Anthony187467:241
Tayler, Wm.fromAuditor187461:564
Tayloe, Jno. M.fromSchmetzer, M. F.188286:431
Taylor & AustinfromSwank, Thomas & Christian187463:12
Taylor, A. J.fromBennett, David187668:286
Taylor, A. J.toChandler, A. C.188496:318
Taylor, A. J.fromCrighton, A. P.187874:95
Taylor, A. J.fromGrosh, John187473:438
Taylor, A. J.fromKing, Valentine188081:235
Taylor, A. J.fromPatterson, Wm.187373:439
Taylor, A. J.fromPatterson, Wm.187373:447
Taylor, A. J.toRobinson, C.188185:496
Taylor, A. J.fromRobinson, Caroline188496:318
Taylor, A. J.toSummers, Saml. B.187361:276
Taylor, A. J.toTaylor, F. B.187982:392
Taylor, A. J. (Ex.)toJustus, L. S.188290:545
Taylor, AdalinetoMiller, M. E. & C. C.188598:10
Taylor, AdalinefromTaylor, John187976:256
Taylor, AdelinefromVincent, Jas.188081:238
Taylor, Andrew J.toBonard, Donatus187360:216
Taylor, Andrew J.toBowser, Sarah A.187461:490
Taylor, Andrew J.toChristman, John187566:554
Taylor, Andrew J.toFreyburger, John187461:471
Taylor, Andrew J.toGrosh, John187461:597
Taylor, Andrew J.toHuss, Elisha O.187361:67
Taylor, Andrew J.toHuss, Hiram187361:68
Taylor, Andrew J.toPatterson, Wm.187373:446
Taylor, Andrew J.toSeamore, Calvin A.187365:254
Taylor, Andrew J.toSwank, Thos. & christian187372:12
Taylor, Andrew J.toTrustee of Plesant Tp.187878:246
Taylor, Andrew J.toTrustees M. E. Ch. Sheldon187564:492
Taylor, C. F. (Et al.)toBender, Jno. (Et al.)188185:424
Taylor, C. F. (Et al.)toFelt, Jno. (Et al.)188185:424
Taylor, Chas. F.fromBrackenridge, Hannah (et al.)186761:32
Taylor, Chas. F.toTaylor, Mary186861:33
Taylor, E. M.fromNull, L. S.188391:173
Taylor, EdmondfromLongworth, H.188290:207
Taylor, EdmondtoLongworth, H.188393:170
Taylor, ElizabethtoRodenbeck, Wm.187359:379
Taylor, Emily s.fromHarper, James187565:276
Taylor, Esther E.toGreen, Mary187771:230
Taylor, Esther E.toHill, Cynthia A.187358:399
Taylor, F. B.fromTaylor, A. J.187982:392
Taylor, F. W.fromSchrader, Kate187986:333
Taylor, F. W.fromTaylor, M. S.187792:192
Taylor, GeorgefromTaylor, Jacob187667:433
Taylor, H. c.toTaylor, Jno.188391:220
Taylor, H. C. (Et al.)toMiller, Antasia188185:177
Taylor, HenryfromLichty, Matilda188597:368
Taylor, Henry C.fromTaylor, John187260:581
Taylor, Henry C.toTaylor, John187462:275
Taylor, I N.toCour, A. G. E.188392:137
Taylor, I N.toReed, J. M.188393:217
Taylor, I. N.fromChaddock, L. A.188391:595
Taylor, Isaac N. (Et al.)fromHass, Magdalena188091:594
Taylor, Isaac Z.fromBaker, Editha188596:587
Taylor, Isaac Z.fromLoyer, Francis188393:23
Taylor, J. M.fromHenning, A. C.188081:231
Taylor, J. M.fromKnapp, Thos. W.188287:32
Taylor, J. M. & M. F. SchmetzerfromAbbott, R. B.187978:331
Taylor, JacobtoTaylor, George187667:433
Taylor, JnofromWiegand, S.188495:430
Taylor, Jno.toBegne, Mary188390:579
Taylor, Jno.fromBegne, Mary188390:580
Taylor, Jno.toBradtmuller, H.188081:79
Taylor, Jno.fromBulger, E. J.188392:353
Taylor, Jno.fromBulger, E. J.188495:228
Taylor, Jno.toBusking, Henry188286:271
Taylor, Jno.fromChrist, Wm.188189:557
Taylor, Jno.fromColerick, W. G.188290:189
Taylor, Jno.fromFleming, Wm.188393:487
Taylor, Jno.toHilgeman, Wm.188394:57
Taylor, Jno.toHitzeman, Geo.188081:14
Taylor, Jno.fromJacoby, Geo. (Et al.)188495:160
Taylor, Jno.toKelly, R. C.188184:512
Taylor, Jno.fromKemp, O. & E.187669:126
Taylor, Jno.toLieb, Henry187568:258
Taylor, Jno.toLuegring, Pauline188599:97
Taylor, Jno.fromLumbard, S. C. (Adm.)188289:519
Taylor, Jno.toMohr, Mary187887:520
Taylor, Jno.toMohr, Mary188087:521
Taylor, Jno.fromNinde, F. F. (Trustee)188599:30
Taylor, Jno.toOhueck, J. J. P.188289:126
Taylor, Jno.fromSassington, Jacob188182:170
Taylor, Jno.fromSheriff188185:93
Taylor, Jno.fromTaylor, H. c.188391:220
Taylor, Jno.fromTaylor, W. C.188391:219
Taylor, Jno.toVincent, Jas.188081:70
Taylor, Jno.toVincent, Jas.188390:581
Taylor, Jno.toWiegand, Monika188496:592
Taylor, Jno.fromWiegand, S. (Et al.)188495:160
Taylor, Jno. (Et al.)toCarier, A. H.188184:564
Taylor, Jno. (Plat of)to188495:102
Taylor, Jno. M.fromBair, Jno.188599:190
Taylor, Jno. m.fromBaxter, James188393:286
Taylor, Jno. M.fromBennett, Amon188185:67
Taylor, Jno. M.fromBennett, Arron188497:565
Taylor, Jno. M.toBlotkamp, F. & A.188185:165
Taylor, Jno. M.fromCarier, A. H.188186:500
Taylor, Jno. M.fromGaff, M. E.188079:495
Taylor, Jno. M.fromHenning, George187770:234
Taylor, Jno. M.fromHorn, Jno. P (Et al.)188183:14
Taylor, Jno. M.toMayo, H. J.188598:1
Taylor, Jno. M.fromMays, Wm. J.188597:563
Taylor, Jno. M.fromMiner, Leah187770:234
Taylor, Jno. M.fromTaylor, Judson M.188597:565
Taylor, Jno. M.toWolke, F. H.188289:372
Taylor, Jno. M. (Et al.)toCarier, A. H.188184:564
Taylor, JohnfromAbbott, R. B.187978:474
Taylor, JohntoAlter, Jacob188496:507
Taylor, JohntoAubrey, Joseph C.187260:580
Taylor, JohnfromAuditor Allen Co.1879A:135
Taylor, JohnfromBorden, James W.187565:241
Taylor, JohntoBradtmuller, Chas.187359:330
Taylor, JohnfromBuechel, Mary187462:272
Taylor, JohnfromCity Treasurer Ft. Wayne 187975:500
Taylor, JohnfromCity Treasurer Ft. Wayne 187975:497
Taylor, JohnfromComotock, Jno. B.187977:485
Taylor, JohntoComstock, Anna187771:386
Taylor, JohntoComstock, Anna187771:385
Taylor, JohnfromComstock, J. B.187771:260
Taylor, JohnfromCramer, Mathias & John187565:319
Taylor, JohnfromDe la Camp, John187770:232
Taylor, JohntoDeLaCamp, Jno.187463:347
Taylor, JohnfromFleming, William188393:219
Taylor, JohnfromGable, F. A.188292:375
Taylor, JohntoGraffe, Geo. W. & Fredk.187566:520
Taylor, JohntoHattersley, Willis187567:342
Taylor, JohntoHilgeman, Wm.187567:140
Taylor, JohntoHilgeman, Wm.187978:113
Taylor, JohntoKemp, Ophelia187669:126
Taylor, JohntoLillie & Bates187566:222
Taylor, JohnfromManier, Frances187360:84
Taylor, JohnfromManth, A. L. (Et al.)188289:424
Taylor, JohntoMohr, Mary187564:545
Taylor, JohntoMuller, Wm.187567:78
Taylor, JohnfromO'Connell, Catharine & Johanna187565:319
Taylor, JohntoRobertson, Elizabeth H.188392:450
Taylor, JohntoSchnelker, Henry187567:82
Taylor, JohnfromSheriff187977:455
Taylor, JohnfromStrimatter, M. A.187772:138
Taylor, JohnfromSturmer, A. (Et al.) 188289:424
Taylor, JohntoSturmer, Wm. F.188289:425
Taylor, JohntoSutermeister, A. (et al.)187567:165
Taylor, JohntoTaylor, Adaline187976:256
Taylor, JohntoTaylor, Henry C.187260:581
Taylor, JohnfromTaylor, Henry C.187462:275
Taylor, JohntoTaylor, William C.187873:66
Taylor, JohntoTaylor, Wm. C.187260:582
Taylor, JohnfromTaylor, Wm. C.187462:274
Taylor, JohnfromTaylor, Wm. C.187873:67
Taylor, JohnfromTefft, Erastus T.187565:240
Taylor, JohntoTrustee 1st Presbyterian Church188393:495
Taylor, JohntoVincent, James187360:553
Taylor, JohnfromVincent, Jas.188186:116
Taylor, JohntoWilmot & Fee187567:141
Taylor, John M.toBaxter, James188393:496
Taylor, John M.fromHorn, Michael188079:139
Taylor, John M.fromJones, Hanna (et al.)187473:38
Taylor, John M.fromKnoph, John A.186173:56
Taylor, John M.fromMadden, Jos. R.187473:38
Taylor, John M.fromMadden, Wm. W.187573:38
Taylor, John M.fromMayo, Wm. J.188079:141
Taylor, John M.fromMcGuire, Surlinda (et al.)187473:39
Taylor, John M.fromSmith, Roxey A.187473:38
Taylor, John M.fromTaylor, Thomas J.187073:40
Taylor, Judson M.fromHenning, Mary187797:560
Taylor, Judson M.fromHenning, Matilda187897:562
Taylor, Judson M.fromHenning, Mauda188185:400
Taylor, Judson M.toKnapp, Thos. W.188287:92
Taylor, Judson M.toTaylor, Jno. M.188597:565
Taylor, Judson M.fromThompson, S. R. W.187797:561
Taylor, M.toFritcher, B. & H.188599:15
Taylor, M.toHanes, Jno.187999:11
Taylor, M. A.fromCoquillard, Alex187999:10
Taylor, M. A.fromErsig, Wm.188186:225
Taylor, M. A.toErsig, Wm. & D.188186:224
Taylor, M. A.fromKoester, Christ188495:519
Taylor, M. A.toPaules, F. D.188184:255
Taylor, M. A.fromPaulus, F. D.188184:203
Taylor, M. A.fromSheriff188288:549
Taylor, M. S.fromPrezinger, J. R.188391:332
Taylor, M. S.toTaylor, F. W.187792:192
Taylor, Mahala A.fromVincent, James188080:228
Taylor, Margretta S.toTaylor, Robt. S.187668:247
Taylor, MarytoBrackenridge, E. J.187877:176
Taylor, MarytoBrackenridge, E. J.187877:177
Taylor, MaryfromBrackenridge, Jos.187977:175
Taylor, MaryfromBrackenridge, Jos.187977:174
Taylor, MaryfromTaylor, Chas. F.186861:33
Taylor, Mary A.toKlinger, J. P.188085:66
Taylor, Mary A.fromMcMahan, Thos.187667:435
Taylor, MathiastoCone, A. G.187978:506
Taylor, MaytoHelmke, F. W. Edward187361:34
Taylor, Melissa A.toCoquillard, Alexis187462:143
Taylor, OliverfromLuce, Rosa188494:412
Taylor, R. E.fromDodge, Jno.188497:529
Taylor, R. S.toAllen, C. W. & C. M.187978:52
Taylor, R. S.toBash, C. S.188186:38
Taylor, R. S.toBeearmann, F.188185:98
Taylor, R. S.toBerlin, Jno. H.188184:465
Taylor, R. S.toBeyerlein, A. B. 188495:214
Taylor, R. S.fromBittinger, A. H.187568:220
Taylor, R. S.toBoehm, C. F.188184:540
Taylor, R. S.toDoswell, Geo. W.188186:67
Taylor, R. S.toEdsall, E188185:548
Taylor, R. S.toEhrmann, C. F.188186:200
Taylor, R. S.toFairfield, Cyrus K.187360:276
Taylor, R. S.toFlick, C. B.188288:373
Taylor, R. S.toFlick, Clara B.188185:37
Taylor, R. S.toFox, Henry A.188185:1
Taylor, R. S.toGamroth, Wm.188184:465
Taylor, R. S.toGlutting, A. F.188187:533
Taylor, R. S.toHays, C. A. & C. M.187882:199
Taylor, R. S.toHoward, W. B. (Trustee)188186:5
Taylor, R. S.toLehman, J. D. & F.188184:519
Taylor, R. S.toLiggett, F. H.188082:172
Taylor, R. S.toMerillet, J. & M. A.188187:482
Taylor, R. S.toMichael, Herman188186:140
Taylor, R. S.toMiller, Jno. D.188497:14
Taylor, R. S.toMiller, Jno. H.188186:147
Taylor, R. S.toMorris, S. L. & C. E.187874:116
Taylor, R. S.toRockhill, H. C.188080:602
Taylor, R. S.toRockhill, H. C.188496:167
Taylor, R. S.toSchilling, C.188185:497
Taylor, R. S.toSeifer, G. Herman188184:572
Taylor, R. S.toSmaltz, Jno. & F. M.188185:591
Taylor, R. S.toSprankle, J. C. F.188186:83
Taylor, R. S.toSutton, E. J.188186:113
Taylor, R. S.toTaglmeyer, David187878:194
Taylor, R. S.toWarren, P. S.188184:565
Taylor, R. S.toWebber, M. N.188288:126
Taylor, R. S. (Comr.)toArcher, David L.187264:243
Taylor, R. S. (Comr.)toCarpenter, Mary187165:525
Taylor, R. S. (Gdn.)toClark, Thos. R.187363:197
Taylor, R. S. (Guard)toBenner, Wm.187360:188
Taylor, R. S. (Guard)toClark, T. R.187481:10
Taylor, R. S. (Guard)toCody, Morris186782:284
Taylor, R. S. (Guard)toEix, Matilda187464:240
Taylor, R. S. (Guard)toEvans, S. Cary187358:470
Taylor, R. S. (Guard)toFledderman, John G.187464:290
Taylor, R. S. (Guard)toFleming, Thos. H.187358:402
Taylor, R. S. (Guard)toKeith, Isaac M.187464:369
Taylor, R. S. (Guard)toMiller, John H.187358:482
Taylor, R. S. (Guard)toMiller, Wm. L.187464:377
Taylor, R. S. (Guard)toSchroeder, John187464:108
Taylor, R. S. (Guard)toShanleine, Chas. B.187358:378
Taylor, R. S. (Guard)toSmalyz, John187365:32
Taylor, R. S. (guard)toSmyser, Sarah E.187670:177
Taylor, R. S. (Guard)toSwayne, Rhoda N.186758:439
Taylor, R. S. (Guard)toThiel, Wm.187464:554
Taylor, R. S. (guard.)toRockhill, Emily186774:292
Taylor, R. S. (trustee)toWadge, Wm.187877:20
Taylor, Robert S.fromFairfield, Cyrus K.187463:601
Taylor, Robert S.fromFairfield, Cyrus K. & Annie S.187359:375
Taylor, Robert S.toFirst National Bank187770:256
Taylor, Robert S.fromHugh M. & Howell, C.187772:307
Taylor, Robert S.fromHugh, M. & Howell, C.187772:307
Taylor, Robert S.toLayman, Geo.188597:374
Taylor, Robert S.fromRockhill, Jesse D. B.187772:307
Taylor, Robert S.fromRockhill, Jesse D. B.187772:307
Taylor, Robert S.toYoungblood, Robert N.187361:71
Taylor, Robert S. (Guard)toEhle, Edward & Michael187467:100
Taylor, Robert S. (Guard)toRockhill, Emily187164:154
Taylor, Robt. S.toAlway, E. & E.188598:150
Taylor, Robt. S.toBeyerlein, J. H.188185:296
Taylor, Robt. S.fromBiggs, Silas187268:248
Taylor, Robt. S.fromBowser, Jacob C.187770:257
Taylor, Robt. S.toBrooks, Robt.188185:351
Taylor, Robt. S.toFairfield, Anna S.187463:600
Taylor, Robt. S.toFranenfelder, Jacob188185:336
Taylor, Robt. S.toGohring, Jacob187771:154
Taylor, Robt. S.fromJames, John H.187570:257
Taylor, Robt. S.toKnaack, Caroline188185:216
Taylor, Robt. S.toNew York Chicago & St. L. R. R. Co.188494:226
Taylor, Robt. S.fromNinde, Lindley M. (comr.)186561:550
Taylor, Robt. S.fromTaylor, Margretta S.187668:247
Taylor, Robt. S.toWebber, Milton W.187875:295
Taylor, Robt. S.toZollinger, Chas. A.187260:508
Taylor, Robt. S. (Comr.)toHopple, James187263:592
Taylor, Robt. S. (et al.)toWood, Hester A.187873:334
Taylor, Robt. S. (Gdn.)toLang, A. J.187668:475
Taylor, Robt. S. (Guard)toConklin, Sidney A.187471:72
Taylor, Robt. S. (Guard)toMoran, Peter187463:89
Taylor, Robt. S. (Guard) toStanley, Thomas J.187463:587
Taylor, Royal W.toBrackenridge, J. & Eliza187365:194
Taylor, Ruth E.fromBartels, Fred188393:95
Taylor, Susan W.fromChandler, A. C.188496:320
Taylor, Thomas J.toTaylor, John M.187073:40
Taylor, W. C.fromBrackenridge, Geo. W.188289:78
Taylor, W. C.toTaylor, Jno.188391:219
Taylor, W. M. & M. A.fromIrving, James188499:14
Taylor, WilliamtoBower, Henry187873:112
Taylor, William C.fromTaylor, John187873:66
Taylor, William C.toVincent, James188080:227
Taylor, Wm.fromMentzer, Alex187667:366
Taylor, Wm.fromMettey, Frederick187565:86
Taylor, Wm.toMyton, Robert187672:66
Taylor, Wm.toSims, G. D. & Mary187977:583
Taylor, Wm.fromWhittern, Chas.188184:467
Taylor, Wm. B.fromCroninger, C. A.188393:42
Taylor, Wm. C.toJohnson, Asa F.187873:107
Taylor, Wm. C.toJohnson, Rachel187873:108
Taylor, Wm. C.fromKoester, Christian188079:526
Taylor, Wm. C.fromMeyer, J. F. W.188182:177
Taylor, Wm. C.fromSappington, Jacob188083:97
Taylor, Wm. C.fromTaylor, John187260:582
Taylor, Wm. C.toTaylor, John187462:274
Taylor, Wm. C.toTaylor, John187873:67
Taylor, Wm. S. (et al.)fromSheriff187670:439
Taylor, X. (Et al.)toCoblentz, Ephraim188496:638
Taylor, Z. P.toKnode, Lucy B.187464:320
Taylor, Z. P.fromKnode, Robert S.187464:320
Taylor, Z. T.toTrustees Berry St. M. E. Ch.187689:102
Taylor, Zachary L.fromTrustees M. E. Church187565:437
Taylors, Jno. (Plat of)to187873:268
Taylot, John M.fromHull, Altha (et al.)187473:39
Taytus, M. E.fromHolladay, Jesse, (Trustee)188289:203

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