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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Tealking, FredfromHolland, Mary A.188495:254
Teckenbrock, FredericktoBoester, George187565:407
Teckenbrock, Fredk.toMiller, Wm.187360:323
Teckenbrock, Fredk.fromVordermark, Ernst187360:274
Teeple, MarytoSchlatter, B. B.188390:428
Teeple, MarytoVanater, Jasper188289:459
Teeple, MaryfromVanator, Jasper188289:458
Tefft, E. T.toCrabill, D. H.187976:470
Tefft, E. T.fromTrustee of W. &. E. Canal185371:276
Tefft, E. T.fromTrustees W. & E. Canal 185388:142
Tefft, Erastus T.toBorden, James W.187669:273
Tefft, Erastus T.fromCraw, Maria P.187668:237
Tefft, Erastus T.toHoffman, A. E.187265:346
Tefft, Erastus T.toTaylor, John187565:240
Tefft, Erastus T.fromTrustees W. & E. Canal185380:164
Tegeder, FredfromSwinney, Rhesa (Ex.)188598:252
Tegeder, HenryfromBowers, James187669:517
Tegeder, HenryfromStratton, Mary H.187668:319
Tegtmeyer, ErnstfromSingmaster, Jos. Sr.187778:443
Tegtmeyer, ErnsttoSingmaster, Joseph Sr.187771:275
Tegtmeyer, M.fromMoser, J. M. 188390:327
Teilking, FredtoMaddux, Geo.188598:404
Teioman, HenryfromSheriff188080:125
Telford, H. J.toMcPhail, J. A. & W.188495:194
Telford, L. P.toCour, Ann G. L.187775:468
Telford, L. P.fromCour, C. J. A.187568:131
Teller, MinervatoSwinney, Rhesa187515:615
Telley, F. H. (Et al.)toGlenn, T. M. & V. C.188289:48
Telley, G. W. & F. H.fromDoriot, Emile188184:91
Telley, ThomasfromGreene, Mary M.187359:565
Telley, ThomasfromGreene, Mary M.187359:569
Temme, Lena (Et al.)toTemme, Mary Sr.188185:574
Temme, MarytoAnkenbrick, J. t.188186:87
Temme, MarytoWhetsell, E. P. F. 188496:9
Temme, Mary Sr.fromAllgier, Wm. (Et al.)188185:574
Temme, Mary Sr.fromFelts, Chas. (Et al.)188185:574
Temme, Mary Sr.fromPlatter, Geo. J.188185:576
Temme, Mary Sr.fromPlatter, Geo. J.188392:184
Temme, Mary Sr.fromTemme, Lena (Et al.)188185:574
Temmy, HenrytoCameron, James187667:266
Templar, E. A.toGrable, Alice188598:314
Templar, E. A.fromHorton, E. M. C.188390:567
Templar, Eliza AtoTrier, Wilhelmina187565:576
Templar, HenrytoCummings, Thos. J. T.187359:447
Templar, HenryfromTemplar, James187358:407
Templar, JamestoTemplar, Henry187358:407
Templeton, S. M. (Excutors)fromFleming, Wm.187979:21
Tenge, HenrytoKnode, Robert S.187359:374
Tenney, E. L.fromSpitler, Jno. M.188390:377
Terber, Conrad (Guard)toSoest, Christian188494:532
Ternet, FrancisfromCarier, Augustus H. Comr.187565:535
Ternet, FrancistoRoy, Florentin187772:73
Terrance, BelletoKeplinger, Abram187278:98
Terrel, Geo. B.fromHuss, E. O.188192:573
Terry, Geo H.toMcCain, J. H.188079:403
Terry, Geo H.toPhillips, Jay188079:403
Terry, Geo. H.fromBass, John H.187260:604
Terry, Geo. H.toBond, William J.187873:89
Terry, Geo. H.toBond, Wm. J.188079:330
Tessier, YocstoMiller, Julia188289:85
Tessier, Yoes.fromRead, Jas. M.188081:459
Tetrington, D. & M. E.fromWehrs, H. W.188391:589
Teuse, WilliamtoRobins, Maria187565:288

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