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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Thain, CharlesfromSheriff188597:216
Thain, Jno. & wifetoBaltes, Michael187668:97
Thain, MaryfromFleming, Wm.188290:10
Thain, RosinafromBaltes, Michael187668:99
Thain, RosinatoKraft, Conrad188391:371
Thain, RosinafromMunson, C. A.188391:18
Thain, RosinafromTrentman, A. C.188391:369
Thain, RosinafromWeiseman, L.188391:175
Thaw, CharlietoLintz, E. J. Y.188079:573
Thaw, CharliefromLintz, John K.187770:373
Thayer, FanniefromBarrett, Jas. M.188497:332
The City of Fort WaynefromRobinson, Jas. H.187566:117
The City of Fort WaynefromWilliams, Jesse L.187976:518
The Reformed Orphans HomefromBlock, J. F. A.188395:259
Theime, AndrewfromSheriff187873:35
Theime, J. G.toWalda, C. f. W.188288:247
Theime, Jno. G.fromSheriff188183:88
Theime, Jno. G.fromWithers, W. H. (Coms.)188082:152
Thewis, B. (Et al.)toBauer, K. J.188186:335
Thewis, B. (Et al.)toBolman, Fred188391:525
Thewis, Bertha (Et al.)toKoch, Catherine188186:269
Thewis, Jno. (Et al.)toKoch, Charles188081:380
Thewis, Jno. (Et al.)toSchwarz, Geo.188183:469
Theye, FerdinandfromRothgeb, Wm.188495:480
Thiebant, J. A.fromGrosjean, F. J.188392:509
Thiebant, J. B. (Et al.)toGrosjean, Adolphe187979:357
Thiel, Wm.toDomte, E. & C.188286:294
Thiel, Wm.fromTaylor, R. S. (Guard)187464:554
Thiele, D.fromSkinner, B. D.187667:466
Thiele, F. C.fromPreble, Mary (Et al.)188287:183
Thiele, FredfromSchele, F.188597:266
Thiele, FrederickfromSpitz, Michael (Et al.)187978:332
Thiele, HenrytoMeier, Henry187992:119
Thiem, AndrewfromBuuck, Conrad187978:498
Thiem, AudrewtoThiem, J. A. & S. C.188288:198
Thiem, J. A. & S. C.fromThiem, Audrew188288:198
Thieme, AndrewtoDurfee, Wm. A. & John A.187358:535
Thieme, AndrewfromGuthermuth, Jno. G.188183:20
Thieme, AndrewtoMoynihan, Martin188290:159
Thieme, E. A.fromBruebach, Geo. T. 188184:357
Thieme, Geo. & E. W.fromBarrett, J. M.188392:336
Thieme, J. G.toGoshom, N. L.188184:208
Thieme, J. G.toKrackman, Doretha187770:198
Thieme, J. G.toLichtsinn, Henry187770:231
Thieme, J. G.toPrange, Henry188183:411
Thieme, J. G.toSihler, Susanna188185:368
Thieme, J. G. & wifetoHollmann, August187360:267
Thieme, J. G. (Et al.)toDuemling, F. F. H.188184:346
Thieme, J. G. (Et al.)toSahner, Marcus188184:151
Thieme, J. G. Sub. Div. (Plat of)to188495:562
Thieme, Jno. A.toHatfield, Jno. N.187980:395
Thieme, Jno. A.fromJustus, Lewis S187977:124
Thieme, Jno. A.fromJustus, Lewis S.187670:491
Thieme, Jno. G.toAnger, L. E.188184:286
Thieme, Jno. G.toBickford, Geo. R.188496:29
Thieme, Jno. G.toBitler, Saml. D. (Et al.)188494:224
Thieme, Jno. G.toClaus, J. A.188184:569
Thieme, Jno. G.toWalda, C. C.188495:542
Thieme, Jno. G. & J. F.fromKrudop, John187667:528
Thieme, Jno. G. (Et al.)toBitler, S. D. (Et al.)188494:446
Thieme, John A.fromCrance, Artirnicia187770:349
Thieme, John G.toBrookmann, Friez187360:494
Thieme, John G.toFranke, Henry187361:72
Thieme, John G.toGallmeyer, Ernest187360:138
Thieme, John G.fromHough, John187360:579
Thieme, John G.toLuhman, Wm.187361:3
Thieme, John G.toMichel, Geo.187359:454
Thieme, John G.toVolmerding, Fredk.187361:176
Thieme, John G.toVotte, Christopher187360:284
Thieme, John G.toWeidelman, Wm.187360:156
Thieme, John G.toWittie, Christian187364:268
Thieme, John G. & Jno. F.fromKrudop, John B.188392:446
Thieme, T. F.toGregg, Ann E.188599:88
Thieme, Theo. F.fromGregg, Jas. S.188599:73
Thiemey, Jno. A.fromMiller, M. E.188393:587
Thimlar, Chas.fromThimlar, Theo.188395:175
Thimlar, Jno.fromRinehart, A.188184:10
Thimlar, Jno.fromRomy, Robt. L.187566:114
Thimlar, Jno.fromSpencer, L.188294:313
Thimlar, Theo.fromMcBride, A.187977:108
Thimlar, Theo.toNuttle, A. D.188287:510
Thimlar, Theo.toThimlar, Chas.188395:175
Thimlar, TheodorefromRanson, Caroline E.188082:341
Thimler, Jno.toHaase, Frank188495:148
Thomas & JohnsonfromPinyerd, Joseph187567:79
Thomas, A. E. (Et al.)toBernreiter, Jno.187978:417
Thomas, Ada N. (Et al.)fromCommissioners by Partition188079:578
Thomas, Alfred B.fromLoy, Wm. F.187364:530
Thomas, Alfred B.toMain, George W.187565:119
Thomas, B. C.fromCommissioners by Partition188079:578
Thomas, C. (Et al.)fromGieseking, D. W.187982:558
Thomas, C. E.toLake Tp.188184:56
Thomas, C. L.toLamle, Gothieb188183:194
Thomas, C. L.fromPierce, A. W.188290:104
Thomas, C. R.fromCommissioner in Partition188598:585
Thomas, CalvinfromCommissioners by Partition188079:578
Thomas, CalvintoGehring, Jacob187981:247
Thomas, Calvin L.fromCommissioners by Partition188079:578
Thomas, Charles E.toBreese, Eliza187772:263
Thomas, Chas. E.fromCommissioners by Partition188079:578
Thomas, D. W.fromCommissioner in Partition188598:585
Thomas, D. W.fromHayden, J. W.187566:134
Thomas, D. W.toMiller, Jno. M.188183:565
Thomas, D. W.toN.Y.C. & St. L. Ry. Co.188186:13
Thomas, David W.fromMarkley, Mary A. & Aaron187566:536
Thomas, E. & J.fromEckles, N. P.188495:164
Thomas, E. M.fromCommissioner in Partition188598:585
Thomas, ElizabethfromThomas, O. T.188597:385
Thomas, F. J.fromCommissioner in Partition188598:585
Thomas, H. M.fromBitlinger, G. L. & A. W.188289:29
Thomas, H. M.toCompton, A. E.188289:300
Thomas, H. M.toTrue, Chas. F.188080:480
Thomas, HellenfromCompton, A. E. (Et al.)188079:568
Thomas, HellenfromTrue, Rebecca (Et al.)188079:568
Thomas, I. & M.toHood, J. W.187575:414
Thomas, IsamtoJohnson, H.188183:534
Thomas, IsumfromBeaver, A. C.187983:480
Thomas, IsumfromPerkins, John187367:91
Thomas, Jas. G.fromCommissioner in Partition188598:585
Thomas, Jas. G.toThomas, Wm. S.188296:362
Thomas, JonathanfromGarman, Benjamin F.187461:325
Thomas, JonathantoRundles, John J.187573:392
Thomas, Jos.fromAuditor188495:333
Thomas, Jos.fromLunnon, W. P.188496:520
Thomas, L. R.toLutz, J. S.188082:117
Thomas, L. R. (Et al.)toBittinger, G. L. & A. W.188288:171
Thomas, Lee R.toMcBride, Strawder187567:79
Thomas, Lewis A.fromCommissioners by Partition188079:578
Thomas, M.fromBowers, L. H.188390:344
Thomas, M. A.toPeterson, E. E.188394:206
Thomas, M. C.fromCommissioner in Partition188598:585
Thomas, M. J. & A.toHood, J. W.187575:413
Thomas, MablonfromCoehrane, P. M.188598:529
Thomas, Magdalina (Et al.)fromHood, James W.188194:611
Thomas, Mary L.fromHollopeter, Calista188295:563
Thomas, Melissa J.fromPerkins, John187267:90
Thomas, Melissa J.toPerkins, John Jr.187260:555
Thomas, N. J.fromCommissioner in Partition188598:585
Thomas, O. T.fromCommissioners by Partition188079:578
Thomas, O. T.toLerch, Frank188290:59
Thomas, O. T.toThomas, Elizabeth188597:385
Thomas, O. T.fromWillenburg, F. M.187977:229
Thomas, R. O.fromCommissioners by Partition188079:578
Thomas, Rebecca E.fromBreese, Eliza187461:312
Thomas, Royal O.fromSheriff188392:236
Thomas, S. A.fromBloomhuff, W. D. (Et al.)188288:241
Thomas, S. A.toGoleeke, Wm. & J.188185:183
Thomas, S. A.fromMitchell, L. M. (Et al.)188288:244
Thomas, S. A.fromRichey, W. J. (Et al.)188288:241
Thomas, S. A.fromSpice, A. (Et al.)188288:241
Thomas, Sarah (Et al.)toRundles, John J.188079:224
Thomas, Sarah A.toBittinger, G. L. & A. M. 187567:59
Thomas, Sarah A.fromBittinger, George L.187567:38
Thomas, W. S.fromCommissioner in Partition188598:585
Thomas, Wm.toDollerhite, E.188185:289
Thomas, Wm.fromSullivan, Wm. H.187565:480
Thomas, Wm. A. (Et al.)fromBittler, Wm.188391:492
Thomas, Wm. S.fromThomas, Jas. G.188296:362
Thompson & McGawfromState of Indiana187361:336
Thompson, A. M.toFox, A. M.188598:59
Thompson, Ann M.fromThompson, Bryon S.187349:419
Thompson, Ann M. (Et al.)toAldrick, Chas. H.188079:220
Thompson, Anna M.toEvans, Edwin187668:232
Thompson, B. s. (Et al.)toBoltz, F. F. & C. A.188185:454
Thompson, Bryon S.toReed, Hugh B.187349:420
Thompson, Bryon S.toThompson, Ann M.187349:419
Thompson, Byron S.toEckart, Fredk.187360:173
Thompson, Byron S.toMayer & Graffe187463:47
Thompson, Byron S.toSmith, Henry187260:590
Thompson, Byron S.toTrendman, Augustus & H. J.187358:546
Thompson, CharlesfromLucas, Thos. L.187976:229
Thompson, Chas.toBowman, O. P.188084:75
Thompson, D. W.toHyndman, Jos.187980:394
Thompson, E. (Et al.)toCity of Fort Wayne for school purposes188183:395
Thompson, E. (Et al.)toLinz, Earnest188183:388
Thompson, E. A. (Et al.)toN.Y.C. & St. L. Ry. Co.188186:23
Thompson, E. L.toMaxwell, G. W.187979:30
Thompson, Geo.fromThompson, Jos.187584:371
Thompson, Geo. W.toGumett, Maggie188598:241
Thompson, Geo. W.fromTyger, Louisa188084:372
Thompson, H. F.toBond, Stephen B.187976:284
Thompson, H. F.fromFort Wayne Nat. Bank188498:157
Thompson, H. F.fromReed, A. E.188599:105
Thompson, H. F.fromSheriff188098:154
Thompson, James S.fromThompson, Thomas187564:543
Thompson, Jas. J. (register in bankruptcy)toR. L. Fite assignee of D. G. Devore187875:449
Thompson, Jas. M. (et al.)fromTrustees W. & E. Canal185574:565
Thompson, Jas. M. (et al.)fromTrustees W. & E. Canal185574:564
Thompson, Jos.fromSkinner, B. D.187368:76
Thompson, Jos.toThompson, Geo.187584:371
Thompson, JosephtoHeld, Ellen B.187668:422
Thompson, Lewis G.fromAllen County183266:323
Thompson, LizzietoKlopfenstein, M.188093:521
Thompson, Mary A.toSchuckman, Nicholas187464:118
Thompson, Milton (Ex.)toSchuckman, Nicholas187572:523
Thompson, N. W.fromCrow, Mary A.188186:186
Thompson, NelsontoOwens, Owen188183:374
Thompson, NelsonfromWilliams, E. P.187567:5
Thompson, S. R. W.toMaxwell, G. W.187979:29
Thompson, S. R. W.toTaylor, Judson M.187797:561
Thompson, SusanfromHirrington, Elizabeth187878:160
Thompson, SusantoWhite, Gracie188288:15
Thompson, ThomastoThompson, James S.187564:543
Thompson, ThomastoThompson, Wm. H.187564:542
Thompson, ThomasfromUnited States183565:374
Thompson, ThomasfromUnited States183565:375
Thompson, W. E.toMaxwell, G. W.187979:28
Thompson, W. L.fromSimonton, H. J.188392:257
Thompson, Wm. H.fromThompson, Thomas187564:542
Thompson, Wm. R.toKlopfensteine, Michael187565:500
Thompson, X. F.toNestel, Daniel188599:106
Thomton, AndrewfromBurchfield, S. C.187393:204
Thomton, S. A.toMorton, L. E.188496:358
Thomton, S. A. (Et al.)fromParker, D. (Et al.)188597:85
Thornton, AndrewfromBillman, Elias187564:344
Thornton, AndrewfromBillman, Elias187771:539
Thornton, AndrewtoMcKinley, Adam187771:540
Thornton, AndrewtoShimo, Richard187464:366
Thornton, S. A. toEmrich, Wm.188391:82
Thornton, S. A.fromHeintzelman, Susan188494:319
Thornton, S. A.fromHunter, G. & W. S.188391:253
Thornton, S. A. toMcNall, Jno. (Et ux.)188598:68
Thornton, S. A.toWyatt, Jas.187077:73
Thornton, S. A. (Et al.)fromMorton, Laura E.188496:357
Thorp, CarolinefromStein, Fred W.197358:518
Thorp, Geo. B.toGutermuth, Benj.187874:78
Thorp, Geo. F.fromHood, Jas. W.187577:505
Thorp, Geo. F.toHood, Jas. W.187575:554
Thorp, Geo. F. (Et al.)toZeis, Lewis187978:308
Thorp, H. D.toLeha, Mary J.187978:83
Thorp, Henry D.toSchlatter, C. S.187976:507
Thorp, Sarah M.toZeis, Lewis187979:239
Thorp, Theo.toZies, Lewis187978:199
Threadgall, JohntoNinde, L. M.187671:137
Threewits, JamestoThreewits, Marion A.187567:138
Threewits, John F. & J. K.toClark, R. M.187670:546
Threewits, John F. & J. K.toSimpson, E. V.187670:546
Threewits, John F. & J. K.toSimpson, Marcus187670:546
Threewits, John F. & J. K.toStarkey, T. E.187670:546
Threewits, Marion A.fromThreewits, James187567:138
Threewitts, John F.fromAlford, Joseph G.187360:18
Thruston, C. E.fromHolladay, Jesse (Trustee)188291:472
Thruston, Charlotte E.fromHolladay, Jesse, (Trustee)188289:197
Thum, JacobfromSheriff187771:414
Thumm, J. (Et al.)toDewald, Catharine188185:543
Thumm, JacobtoMcQuiston, A. P.187890:532
Thurber, Lewis E.fromBurns, Ellen187772:257
Thurman, C. W.toKolb, Jno. Adam188392:88
Thurman, C. W.fromKolb, Wilhelmena188392:87
Thurman, C. W. (Adm.)toMennebroker, M.188189:320
Thurman, Chas.fromAuditor1880A:161
Thurman, Chas.fromAuditor188392:510
Thurman, Chas.toMcPhail, J. A. & Wm.188598:168
Thurman, Chas.toTombaugh, T. C.188183:114
Thurman, Chas.fromWhite, James B.187359:501
Thurmann, C. W. (Adm.)toKunkle, E. B.188390:538
Thurston, C. E.fromHolladay, Jesse (Trustee)188291:472
Thurston, D. P.toBrandt, Yorgens & Ranke186963:158
Thurston, D. P. (Gd.)toCraw, G. A. & E. L.186963:414
Thurston, D. P. (Guard)toBrandt, Ranke, & Yergens186964:183

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