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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Tibbet, BarnyfromLoveland, H. W.187976:264
Tibbet, HermanfromSchrimp, Henry H.188079:157
Tibbles, Harriet & John H.fromFarras, Josiah187464:148
Tibbles, Harriet E.toFarrar, Josiah187464:147
Tibbles, Jno. H.toZoeller, Roman188082:12
Tibbles, Jno. H. & H. E.fromHill, Cynthia A.188182:350
Tielker, Wm.fromGrevy, Henry188286:194
Tieman, AndrewfromTancey, Michael187461:409
Tieman, MaryfromFitzgerald, Jno. H.188182:214
Tieman, MarytoFitzgerald, John H.187876:532
Tieman, MarytoMcNulty, Jane187565:432
Tieman, Mary (et al.)toBloom, Martin187463:126
Tieman, ThomastoMcNulty, Jane187565:433
Tiesmann, HenryfromNelson, Isaac D. G.187462:112
Tigar, CarolinefromDevelly, Sarah A. (et al.)187771:516
Tigar, CarolinefromStevens, Mary (et al.)187771:516
Tigar, CarolinefromTigar, John (et al.)187771:516
Tigar, John (et al.)toTigar, Caroline187771:516
Tigges, E. W.fromReinking, F.188081:271
Tilberry, Jno. (by will)toTilberry, R. & H.187583:48
Tilberry, Jno. (Will of)to187583:48
Tilberry, JohntoBeeching, George E.187573:96
Tilberry, R. & H.fromTilberry, Jno. (by will)187583:48
Tilbery, NathantoJuergens, Henry188080:24
Tilbury, MargaretfromPierson, J. B. (Guard)188080:407
Tilden, T. W. & E. M.fromAnderson, Stephen188182:222
Tilford, H. J.fromCommissioners by Partition188081:100
Tilker, HenrytoFt. W. Jackson & S. R. R. Co.187667:362
Till, F. & H.fromEvans, M. C.188392:378
Tillberry, M. J.fromCoats, Caroline188599:72
Tillman, Jno.fromBowers, Lewis H.188185:254
Tilmon, JohnfromCongleton, Hiram187572:490
Tilton, JosiahfromFish, B. R.187976:465
Tilton, JosiahfromGraff, Marx188287:287
Tilton, JosiahfromPickard, Thomas R.187565:566
Timbroob, JohntoHood, Henry G.187565:118
Timbrook, AbigalfromBogar, Rebecca187975:431
Timbrook, AbigalfromGrate, Harriet, (Et al.)187975:431
Timbrook, AbigaltoHarnish, John187979:225
Timbrook, AbigalfromHarnish, Susan (Et al.) 187975:431
Timbrook, AbigalfromStauffer, Rhode (Et al.)187975:431
Timbrook, AbigalfromTimbrook, Elizabeth (et al.)187975:431
Timbrook, ElisabethfromHarnish, Susan (Et al.) 187975:428
Timbrook, ElisabethfromStauffer, Rhode (Et al.)187975:428
Timbrook, ElisabethfromTimbrook, John (et al.)187975:428
Timbrook, ElizabethfromBehms, Mary (Et al.)187975:428
Timbrook, ElizabethfromGrate, Harriet, (Et al.)187975:428
Timbrook, Elizabeth (et al.)toBehm, Mary187975:429
Timbrook, Elizabeth (et al.)toBogar, Rebecca187975:432
Timbrook, Elizabeth (et al.)toGrate, Harriet187975:427
Timbrook, Elizabeth (et al.)toHarnish, Susan187975:426
Timbrook, Elizabeth (et al.)toStauffer, Rhoda187975:430
Timbrook, Elizabeth (et al.)toTimbrook, Abigal187975:431
Timbrook, Elizabeth (et al.)toTimbrook, James187975:425
Timbrook, JamesfromBehms, Mary (Et al.)187975:425
Timbrook, JamesfromGrate, Harriet, (Et al.)187975:425
Timbrook, JamesfromHarnish, Susan (Et al.) 187975:425
Timbrook, JamesfromStauffer, Rhode (Et al.)187975:425
Timbrook, JamesfromTimbrook, Elizabeth (et al.)187975:425
Timbrook, Jas.toMarkle, Jeremiah187979:251
Timbrook, Jno.toAshley, E. D.187463:311
Timbrook, Jno.fromFleming, Wm.188392:253
Timbrook, Jno.toHenderson, Jas.188182:414
Timbrook, Jno. (Et al.)fromBilderback, J. W.188186:471
Timbrook, Jno. (Et al.)fromGrosh, David (Et al.)188186:449
Timbrook, Jno. (et al.)fromMather, Roland187668:522
Timbrook, JohnfromAshley, Erastmust D.187462:173
Timbrook, JohntoGirardot, Francis187566:116
Timbrook, JohntoHenderson, James187874:5
Timbrook, JohnfromHood, Henry G.187565:85
Timbrook, JohntoMarquit, Alfred187362:193
Timbrook, JohntoMartin, Phoeby187677:277
Timbrook, JohnfromMills, Samuel187464:85
Timbrook, John (et al.)toTimbrook, Elisabeth187975:428
Timbrook, Wm.fromMills, Samuel187466:324
Time, HenrytoLadig, Mary M.188081:391
Timme, HenryfromLadig, Mary M.188081:394
Timme, HenrytoLadig, Mary M.188081:429
Timmie, HenryfromLamboley, John B.187260:456
Timmis, JessiefromEckart, Fred188494:189
Timmons, J. B.fromPatrick, Jno. W.187668:449
Timmons, Jno.toBelt, Chas.187463:319
Timmons, SarahfromHatfield, Wm. H.187463:438
Tindoll, J. Thompson, E. G. R.toKlopfenstine, Michael187565:502
Tindoll, Thos. J. (heirs)toShorr, Michael187361:81
Tinkham, J. P.fromWilliams, E. P.187875:211
Tinkham, Jno. P.fromBond, H. R. (Et al.)188394:3
Tinkham, Jno. P.fromEquitable Trust Co. (Et al.)188394:3
Tinkham, Jno. P.toHuth, Erwine188082:38
Tinkham, John P.fromMahurin, Melville B.187564:559
Tinkham, John P.toRogers, L. M.187462:376
Tinkham, John P.toRogers, L. M.187564:502
Tinkhaus, JanetoTinkhaus, Jno. P.188081:183
Tinkhaus, Jno. P.fromTinkhaus, Jane188081:183
Tinnerman, C.toShurick, F. S.187463:335
Titus, JenniefromGreene, Mary M.187976:391
Titus, JenniefromTitus, Theo187873:576
Titus, Jennie & PhiliptoTitus, Louisa187976:528
Titus, LouisafromGreene, Mary M.187771:384
Titus, LouisafromTitus, Jennie & Philip187976:528
Titus, TheotoTitus, Jennie187873:576

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