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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Tobey, ReubentoTobey, Winfield S.187249:405
Tobey, Winfield S.toHartman, L. R. & David C.187361:22
Tobey, Winfield S.fromTobey, Reuben187249:405
Todd, A. B.fromDeHaven, M. a. (Et al.)188083:278
Todd, A. B.toFleming, Wm.188291:427
Todd, A. B.toGresley, Jno. A.188082:145
Todd, A. B.fromLischy, O. A. (Et al.)188083:378
Todd, A. B.fromSheriff187874:83
Todd, A. B.toTodd, Elmira187875:567
Todd, A. B.fromTodd, Jas. L.188083:278
Todd, A. B.fromTodd, Jesse W.187983:275
Todd, A. B.fromTodd, Jno. W.188183:280
Todd, A. B.fromTodd, M. V.187983:276
Todd, A. B.fromTodd, S. L.187983:277
Todd, A. B.fromTodd, T. J.188391:378
Todd, A. B. (et al.)fromTodd, Elmira187975:571
Todd, A. M.toHite, Anna188495:477
Todd, A. M. & J. L.fromHite, Samuel188183:265
Todd, AlmiratoKreusch, E.187977:10
Todd, AlmiratoSmall, D. L.188294:223
Todd, Almira M.fromMiller, David A.187874:191
Todd, ElitoBush, Isaac187359:537
Todd, ElmirafromAnderson, S. E. (Et al.)187875:567
Todd, ElmirafromAnderson, S. E. (Et al.)187875:367
Todd, ElmiratoAnderson, S. E. (et al.)187975:572
Todd, ElmirafromDeHaven, M. A. (Et al.)187875:567
Todd, ElmiratoDeHaven, M. A. (et al.)187975:571
Todd, ElmiratoDeVilbiss, Allen187980:61
Todd, ElmiratoLischey, O. A. (et al.)187975:571
Todd, ElmirafromLischy, A. (Et al.)187875:567
Todd, ElmiratoMcClaughan, J. J. (et al.)187975:572
Todd, ElmirafromMcClaughan, Jno. (Et al.)187875:567
Todd, ElmiratoMotz, E. E. (et al.)187975:572
Todd, ElmirafromTodd, A. B.187875:567
Todd, ElmiratoTodd, A. B. (et al.)187975:571
Todd, HarveyfromFunk, Mathias187771:506
Todd, HarveytoFunk, Mathias & Mary187772:101
Todd, J. & R. J.fromAtchison, H. G.188391:364
Todd, J. W.toBowers, Jno. F.187567:220
Todd, Jas. L.toTodd, A. B.188083:278
Todd, JessefromDevilbiss, Allen187975:566
Todd, JessetoEmenhiser, Stephen187770:335
Todd, JessefromEmmenhizer, Stephen187770:359
Todd, JessetoPowell, Sarah C.187360:163
Todd, Jesse W.toAlbaugh, Eli187464:362
Todd, Jesse W.fromJustus, Lewis S.187360:268
Todd, Jesse W.toTodd, A. B.187983:275
Todd, JessiefromEmenhiser, Stephen187771:6
Todd, Jno. W.toTodd, A. B.188183:280
Todd, John W.toRoberts, Elizabeth187770:360
Todd, John W.toTodd, Mathias M.187770:360
Todd, John W.toTodd, Wm. W.187770:360
Todd, John W. (guard.)toRoe, Adam187776:151
Todd, LoisfromEngelking, H. D.188392:332
Todd, M. H.fromBorden, Almira188496:510
Todd, M. J.toAtchison, H. G.188291:363
Todd, M. V.toTodd, A. B.187983:276
Todd, Margaret B.fromJustus, Lewis S.187464:194
Todd, Mathias M.fromTodd, John W.187770:360
Todd, Morgan B.toBower, J. F.187977:528
Todd, R. J. (Et al.)toAtchison, H. G.188291:361
Todd, S. L.toTodd, A. B.187983:277
Todd, SarahfromVanallen, John H.187360:186
Todd, T. J.toTodd, A. B.188391:378
Todd, UriahtoSmitley, Ann187896:531
Todd, Wm. H.fromFunk, Mathias188495:468
Todd, Wm. H.toFunk, Wm. M.188495:469
Todd, Wm. W.fromTodd, John W.187770:360
Toensend, W. S.fromPontius, E. J.188289:322
Tolan, H. T.fromGillett, D. D.188392:292
Tolan, H. T.toGillett, D. D.188392:293
Tolan, H. T.fromHanna, H. C. (Coms.)188392:290
Tolan, T. J. & B. L.fromGillett, D. D.188289:217
Tolan, T. J. H. T.fromGillett, D. D.188289:218
Tolan, Thos. J.fromCraw, E. L.187772:225
Tolan, Thos. J.toMcDonald, E. H.188082:11
Toledo Nat. BanktoBrinsley, J. C.188081:2
Toledo National BankfromLangohr, John A.187771:293
Toledo National BankfromSheriff187669:511
Tolerton, MarytoCromwell, J. W. & C. W.188288:123
Tombaugh, F. C.toLloeck, Jno.188495:142
Tombaugh, S. C.toHoffman, A. E.188495:178
Tombaugh, S. C.fromLevack, Jno.188495:147
Tombaugh, T. C.fromHartman, Henry187683:184
Tombaugh, T. C.fromThurman, Chas.188183:114
Tompkins, E. H.toWhite, J. W.188185:525
Tompkins, Eliab H.toDickerson, Jefferson187360:422
Tompkins, Eliab H.toMiller & Bell187360:313
Tompkins, Eliab H.toStapleford, Caroline E.187361:207
Tompkins, Eliab H.toStrasburg, C. & Wm.187565:493
Tompkins, Eliab X.fromStapleford, Caroline E.187361:217
Tonellier, J. J.fromDiffenderfer, H. C.188187:160
Tonkel, JosephfromHuguenard, P. J.188597:164
Tonne, E.fromKrackman, M.187463:343
Tonne, ElizabethfromPape, Wm.188185:314
Tonne, ElizabethtoStetzer, Margaret187463:350
Tonne, JuliustoKrackman, D.187463:306
Tonne, JuliustoKrackman, L.187463:305
Tonne, JuliusfromKrackman, M.187463:262
Tonne, JuliusfromKrackman, M.187463:263
Tonne, JuliustoKrackman, M.187463:265
Tons, E. L.fromBicknese, Fred188289:350
Tons, Edward L.toBossler, Jno. A.188495:380
Tons, HenrytoBeck, Anna M.187772:261
Tons, HenrytoBeck, Anna M.187772:431
Tons, HenrytoBeck, Anna M.187772:204
Tons, HenryfromBeck, Francis J.187771:270
Tons, HenryfromBeck, Francis J.187771:283
Tons, HenryfromEmerick, Andrew J.187567:52
Tons, HenrytoFisher, David C.187772:441
Tons, HenrytoGearhart, M. A. & Wm. S.187771:374
Tons, HenryfromHauss, David187667:310
Tons, HenrytoHauss, Susana187771:341
Tons, HenryfromKing, C. A. & F. J.187362:213
Tons, HenrytoMethley, Anna187977:104
Tons, HenryfromMethley, John187976:382
Tons, HenrytoSchmidt, Jacob J. & Henry J.187365:587
Tons, Henry (Dec. Will of)to188191:437
Tons, Henry (Dec.)toTons, Wilhelmene188191:437
Tons, R. M.fromBossler, Jno. A.188597:634
Tons, Rebecca (Et al.)toBard, Saml.188391:578
Tons, WilhelhmenatoBossler, Jno. A.188495:124
Tons, WilhelhmenatoButler, L. F.188495:325
Tons, WilhelhmenatoKlebe, Henry188496:486
Tons, WilhelhmenatoMeyer, Jno. H.188494:552
Tons, WilhelhmenatoMichaels, F. J.188598:374
Tons, WilhelmenatoBard, Saml.188391:577
Tons, WilhelmenefromTons, Henry (Dec.)188191:437
Tons, WilhelminafromBard, Samuel188391:578
Tons, WilhelminefromFisher, D. C.188289:208
Tons, Wm.toBash, C. S.188184:252
Tons, Wm.toDay, Henry D.187462:487
Tons, Wm. fromKing, Chas. A. & F. J.187362:485
Tons, Wm.fromLynn, Geo. H.188184:251
Toomey, E.toPranger, J. H.187463:307
Torme, Elizabeth toPape, Wm.188184:58
Tosh, AndrewtoAlford, Joseph G.186960:48
Touhy, PatrickfromKalbacher, Anton187772:214
Tounley, R. W. & J. W.toDeveaux, Isaac187361:162
Tounley, R. W. & J. W.toLapp, Henry187349:429
Tounley, Robert W. & Jonas W.toWork, Joseph185565:606
Tounsend, Caleb (Et al.)fromCommissioners by Partition187977:220
Tounsend, Geo. W.fromCommissioners by Partition187977:220
Tounsend, Jno.toSapp, Levi188081:549
Tounsend, Sarah A.fromCommissioners by Partition187977:220
Tourge, Wm.toCoolman, J. H. & M. J.188495:513
Tourge, Wm.fromRandall, J. W.188392:291
Tourgee, W. & C. A.fromDevilbis, W. F.188494:243
Tousley, S. E.toGorrell, S. R.188084:527
Tower, Alex M.fromMcQuiston, John187874:52
Tower, Alex M.toStuart, Julia188184:445
Tower, B. H.toConnett, E. E.188182:481
Tower, B. H.toRombke, H.188182:482
Tower, B. H.toTower, M. A.188598:68
Tower, H. B.toHattersley, A. (Et al.)188597:600
Tower, Hattie B.fromMcQuiston, John187874:53
Tower, Hattie B.toPaul, Henry C.188082:186
Tower, M. A.toOtting, Wm.188597:603
Tower, M. A.fromTower, B. H.188598:68
Tower, Margaret A.fromMcQuiston, John187874:54
Tower, N. B. (Et al.)toHavert, M. M.188185:158
Tower, Nancy (et al.)fromLanghour, J. W.197361:12
Tower, Nancy B. (et al.)toMcQuiston, John187874:49
Tower, Nancy B. (et al.)toO'Rourke, Michael187772:22
Town of MonroevillefromSteinman, Adam188184:455
Townley, J. W. (Et al.)toAshton, Ambrose188183:314
Townley, J. W. (Et al.)toHuffman, Geo. W.188289:520
Townley, Robert W. (Will of)to187681:533
Townley, Robt. W.toWilliams, A. F. & E. P.187681:533
Townsend, CalebfromCommissioner in Partition188390:548
Townsend, Geo. W.fromFlemimg, Wm.188391:561
Townsend, Sarah A.fromMcConnell, B. A.187893:285
Townsend, W. S.fromCommissioner in Partition188390:548

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