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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Trabblbee, Mary A.fromHolzworth, George187668:270
Trabblee, Mary AnnfromSchrader, Girardus J.187463:169
Trabbler, Mary A.toHolzworth, Geo. & Frederica187566:468
Tracey, Jas.fromPhelps, C. B.188184:325
Tracey, Mary A.fromVanderpool, Theo.187566:181
Tracy, JosephtoTracy, Mary A.187669:291
Tracy, LucasfromHolland, A. J.187468:178
Tracy, LucastoTracy, Mary Ann187668:307
Tracy, MarytoRawley, Jas.188290:123
Tracy, Mary A.toO'Dea, Dennis188288:578
Tracy, Mary A.fromTracy, Joseph187669:291
Tracy, Mary AnnfromTracy, Lucas187668:307
Trahin, FrancisfromWood, Geo. W.186380:414
Trahy, Wm.toKillen, Daniel186465:383
Trainer, Jno. H. S.toBush, Amos L.187380:83
Trainer, John H. S.toDenis, Jacob188079:525
Trainer, John H. S.toJohnston, Archibald187379:454
Trainer, RebeccafromCommissioners by Partition187875:19
Trainer, RebeccatoLawrence, G. B.188286:347
Trainer, WilliamfromAuditor187469:177
Trainer, WilliamtoLawrence, Geo. B.187874:237
Trainer, Wm.toWeaver, J. C. & J. M.187874:345
Trarbach, CharlesfromCummings, Jerry187874:288
Traub, LouistoGood, Caroline187564:486
Traub, LouistoGood, Caroline187667:433
Traub, LouistoKabish, Julius187564:488
Traub, LouistoSchwartz, Adam187564:487
Traub, S. & Leple, F.fromHarrison, William H.187770:339
Traub, Sophia (Et al.)toEngle, Geo.188185:286
Trautman, Chas. (by Sheriff)toBond, J. d. (Et al.)188494:433
Trautman, HeinrichtoFerber, Conrad187565:210
Trautman, JacobtoBaker, Kilian188391:306
Travio, P.& E.fromLund, J. & H.188080:360
Travis, PatricktoCasey, J. & E.188391:325
Traxler, R. (Et al.)toRuppert, Manasse188082:26
Traxler, RosettafromCummins, M. (Et al.)188085:363
Traxler, RosettafromGrosh, M. E. (Et al.)188085:363
Traxler, RosettafromHettinger, Henry187980:598
Traxler, RosettafromRuppert, M. (Et al.)188085:363
Traxler, RosettafromWann, Salona188080:598
Traye, Jane (et al.)toSoest, Frederic187874:567
Treace, Geo. A.fromBurkholder, J. K.187874:69
Treace, Geo. A.fromBurkholder, J. K.187874:69
Treace, HenrytoMcNamara, Roseam187359:593
Treace, W. W.fromJameson, I. K. (Adm.)187293:562
Treace. Geo. W.fromMirvitt, Mary L.187875:372
Treadmann, FrankfromDonley, S. A.188290:16
Treas, FrancistoHart, Geo.187358:378
Trease, FranklinfromTrease, Henry A.188287:573
Trease, Geo. W.toEly, Edward187976:383
Trease, Geo. W.fromHuguenard, P. C.188184:83
Trease, Geo. W. & Jno. L.fromMoody, Charles187565:124
Trease, Geo. W. (Et al.)toHuguenard, P. C.188184:81
Trease, H. A.fromMcNamara, R.187977:516
Trease, H. A.fromTancey, M.188288:409
Trease, Henry A.toTrease, Franklin188287:573
Trease, Henry A.toTrease, Robt.188393:288
Trease, Robt.fromTrease, Henry A.188393:288
Treasurer CitytoFleming, Wm.187371:120
Treasurer CitytoWilliams, Jesse L.187770:307
Treasurer CitytoWilliams, Jesse L.187770:305
Treasurer City ( J. A. Droegemeyer) toFleming, Wm.187668:155
Treasurer City (C. M. Barton)toLanghour, John W.187564:351
Treat, H. G.fromBurlingaine, S. D.188186:188
Treat, Hosea G.toWilson, Gains188391:183
Treep, Mary M.fromWhite, James B.187462:171
Treier, HenrytoHartman, Homer C.187565:585
Treip, OsbornetoPhillips, Barbara187462:613
Tremion, J. & S.fromJones, Levi M.188495:345
Tremmel, A. M.fromHeckman, A. H.187977:386
Tremmel, A. M.fromHeckman, A. H.188494:135
Tremmel, ConradfromSkinner, Thomasetta H.187360:37
Trenchet, C. & C.fromTrentman, August C.188392:538
Trendman, Augustus & H. J.fromThompson, Byron S.187358:546
Trenkley, CoelestinfromScherzinger, Primus188182:356
Trentman & MonningfromBrooks, Wm. H., Jr.187564:350
Trentman, A. B.toBaer, Geo. W.188390:497
Trentman, A. B.toBauer, K. J.188391:339
Trentman, A. B.fromBowser, Jacob C.188494:504
Trentman, A. B.fromCarrell, A. A.188390:486
Trentman, A. B.fromFee, L. & Thos. W.188391:420
Trentman, A. B.toFlemimg, Wm.188597:573
Trentman, A. B.toGlutting, A. F.188496:474
Trentman, A. B.fromHeckman, Wm. C. & A. H.188290:236
Trentman, A. B.fromSommers, Mary188290:133
Trentman, A. C.toAdkins, A. W.187976:231
Trentman, A. C.fromBartemeyer, E. (Et al.)188080:542
Trentman, A. C.fromBoist, John187875:29
Trentman, A. C.fromBrandt, Diedrich188392:539
Trentman, A. C. fromDwenger, Jos.188189:563
Trentman, A. C.fromFleming, H. F.188597:150
Trentman, A. C.toGriebel, Elizabeth188393:194
Trentman, A. C.toHirshfelder, M.187977:555
Trentman, A. C.toJourdain, Celestian188079:20
Trentman, A. C.toKanning, F. H.187978:460
Trentman, A. C.fromKanning, Wm.187874:516
Trentman, A. C.toLamle, Gotleib187978:408
Trentman, A. C.fromLocke, Josiah188391:584
Trentman, A. C.toMiller, A. B.188288:406
Trentman, A. C.toMiller, R. E.188494:393
Trentman, A. C.toMunson, C. A.188182:283
Trentman, A. C.fromPapa, Wm.188288:292
Trentman, A. C.toPolsen, Michael188088:443
Trentman, A. C.fromPrezinger, J. R.188391:583
Trentman, A. C.fromScheifer, William187875:222
Trentman, A. C.fromSheriff187770:206
Trentman, A. C.fromSheriff187770:204
Trentman, A. C.fromSheriff187770:209
Trentman, A. C.fromSheriff187772:388
Trentman, A. C.fromSheriff187772:174
Trentman, A. C.fromSheriff187772:176
Trentman, A. C.fromSheriff187873:303
Trentman, A. C.fromSheriff187875:216
Trentman, A. C.fromSheriff187875:219
Trentman, A. C.fromSheriff187877:618
Trentman, A. C.fromSheriff187977:203
Trentman, A. C.fromSheriff188289:38
Trentman, A. C.fromSheriff188289:36
Trentman, A. C.fromSheriff188289:561
Trentman, A. C.fromSheriff188598:346
Trentman, A. C.fromSheriff188598:350
Trentman, A. C.toSorg, Jno. M.188390:372
Trentman, A. C.toThain, Rosina188391:369
Trentman, A. C.fromTrentman, Jno. H.187874:2
Trentman, A. C.fromTrentman, Mary B.187976:99
Trentman, A. C.toYoloeke, Wm.188390:324
Trentman, A. C. (Et al.)toMuhler, Catherine188298:287
Trentman, A. C. (Et al.)toRosenthal, A. L. (Et al.)188184:382
Trentman, A. C. (Et al.)toWright, L. A. (Et al.)188184:382
Trentman, A. C. Ad. (Plat of )to188184:469
Trentman, Aug. C.toMarks, Simon188080:111
Trentman, Aug. C.fromSheriff187872:418
Trentman, Aug. C.fromSheriff188185:520
Trentman, AugustfromLillie, Henry187463:575
Trentman, AugustfromNestel, Harriet187667:325
Trentman, August C.toBrandt, Deidrich188392:538
Trentman, August C.fromNieman, Herman187260:461
Trentman, August C.fromSheriff187975:493
Trentman, August C.toTrenchet, C. & C.188392:538
Trentman, August C.fromTrentman, Barney J.187672:561
Trentman, August C.toTrentman, Jno. H.187874:184
Trentman, B. & SonfromFry, Jacob187771:180
Trentman, B. A. A.fromAuditor1871A:73
Trentman, B. H.toFox, George188187:88
Trentman, BarneytoChase, Stephen W.188494:66
Trentman, Barney J.toTrentman, August C.187672:561
Trentman, Bartmyer & FoxfromNierman, Herman (est.)187462:594
Trentman, H. G.fromGlutting, A. F.188496:471
Trentman, H. J.toMuhler, Catharine188289:291
Trentman, H. J.toMuhler, Catherine188289:291
Trentman, H. J.toMuhler, Catherine188289:290
Trentman, H. J. & A. C.toGeismar, Emma L.187669:116
Trentman, H. J. & Bro.fromGeismar, Adolph187564:418
Trentman, H. J. & Bro.fromWorthington, E. F.187771:94
Trentman, H. J. & Mary J. O.fromRoss, Caroline187464:417
Trentman, Henry J.fromRoss, Robt. M.187677:492
Trentman, Henry J. & Mary J. O.fromRoss, Caroline & Wm. G187360:286
Trentman, J. A.fromBartemeyer, E. (Et al.)188080:539
Trentman, J. A.fromFox, C. J. (Et al.)188080:539
Trentman, J. A.fromRake, J. H. (Adm.)188290:13
Trentman, J. A.fromSheriff188394:155
Trentman, J. A.fromTrentman, M. E. (Et al.)188080:539
Trentman, J. A.TrentmantoTrentman, Mary E.188080:540
Trentman, Jennie A.fromTancy, Michael188289:345
Trentman, Jno. H.toTrentman, A. C.187874:2
Trentman, Jno. H.fromTrentman, August C.187874:184
Trentman, John H.toMuhler, Mary187874:184
Trentman, M. E.fromFox, C. J. (Et al.)188080:540
Trentman, M. E.toNierman, J. T.188184:51
Trentman, M. E. (Et al.)toBartemeyer, E.188080:547
Trentman, M. E. (Et al.)toFox, J. V. C. J.188080:538
Trentman, M. E. (Et al.)toTrentman, J. A.188080:539
Trentman, Mary B.toTrentman, A. C.187976:99
Trentman, Mary E.fromBartemeyer, E. (Et al.)188080:540
Trentman, Mary E.fromTrentman, J. A.Trentman188080:540
Trentman, N. J.fromRoss, Wm. G.187682:200
Tresch, Geo. L.toSmith, James188392:447
Tresch, Geo. L.fromSmith, Jas.188081:57
Treseler, HenryfromShine, Danl.188186:41
Tresselt, AugustfromSiemon, Rudolph187564:512
Tresselt, C.fromAuditor188286:533
Tresselt, C.toMiller, J. M.187463:348
Tresselt, CharlestoSiemon, Rudolph187564:458
Tresselt, ChristfromCheney, Jas. (Et al.)188494:383
Tresselt, ChristtoCheney, Jas. (Et al.)188597:172
Tresselt, ChristfromCity Treasure (Ft. Wayne)188286:544
Tresselt, ChristfromHoagland, M. (Et al.)188494:383
Tresselt, ChristtoHoagland's Estate188597:3
Tresselt, ChristfromSutton, P. M.188184:401
Tresselt, ChristtoTresselt, O. W.188494:390
Tresselt, ChristianfromDonahoe, Florence188080:439
Tresselt, ChristianfromKemp, O. E.188183:477
Tresselt, O. W.fromTresselt, Christ188494:390
Treulman, A. C.fromManuel, Jules P.187875:222
Trevey, R. C. (Et al.)fromBeemer, S. A. (by will)187487:359
Trexler, LesherfromEvans, Edwin188495:163
Trexler, LesherfromSheriff187873:200
Trexler, LeshertoWertz, Annie E.187873:461
Trick, Jno.fromPalmer, David188288:84
Trier, ConradfromAdam, Earl188287:354
Trier, ConradfromAdams, Earl188288:124
Trier, ConradtoGiddings, F. s. (Et al.)188286:578
Trier, ConradtoMergel, Elizabeth188495:189
Trier, ConradfromRichard, Jas. L.188287:353
Trier, ConradtoSchnelker, H.187463:199
Trier, ConradtoTrier, Harman188599:5
Trier, ConradtoTrier, Martin188598:617
Trier, ConradtoTrier, Paulus187473:183
Trier, ConradtoTrier, Peter187383:434
Trier, HarmanfromTrier, Conrad188599:5
Trier, HenryfromAuditor187463:117
Trier, HenryfromBurgess, Henry186360:335
Trier, HenryfromBurgess, Henry187361:128
Trier, HenryfromFeller, Fredk. (et al.)187360:444
Trier, HenrytoGoeglein, Jno.187566:2
Trier, HenrytoGreve, John X.187466:545
Trier, HenrytoHollman, Frank187566:389
Trier, HenrytoKleinmuller, Henry187566:2
Trier, HenryfromLukmann, Fredk.187462:532
Trier, HenryfromOswalt, Wm. A.187466:445
Trier, HenrytoPerkins, Thomas B.187566:377
Trier, HenryfromRapp, Jacob187462:242
Trier, HenrytoRapp, Jacob187462:243
Trier, HenrytoTagtmeyer, Henry187461:257
Trier, MartinfromTrier, Conrad188598:617
Trier, PaulusfromMeyer, Jno. C.188496:179
Trier, PaulusfromTrier, Conrad187473:183
Trier, PeterfromTrier, Conrad187383:434
Trier, WilhelminafromTemplar, Eliza A187565:576
Trimble, D. A.fromDrake, J. L.188286:284
Trimble, D. A.toDrake, J. L.188286:285
Trimble, SamuelfromAldrich, C. H.188497:475
Trimple, CatharinefromTrimple, Jacob (Est.)187462:91
Trimple, JacobfromTrimple, Jacob (Est.)187462:91
Trimple, Jacob (Est.)toGuther, Mary187462:91
Trimple, Jacob (Est.)toKammeyer, Elizabeth187462:91
Trimple, Jacob (Est.)toTrimple, Catharine187462:91
Trimple, Jacob (Est.)toTrimple, Jacob187462:91
Trimple, Jacob (Est.)toTrimple, Mary187462:91
Trimple, Jacob (Est.)toTrimple, Peter187462:91
Trimple, MaryfromTrimple, Jacob (Est.)187462:91
Trimple, PeterfromTrimple, Jacob (Est.)187462:91
Trimples Out Lotsto187873:176
Trimples Out Lots (Plat of)to187873:176
Trontner, J. & M. M.fromMix, Thos. D.188598:271
Trossard, VictorinefromBegue, John187572:362
Troutman, ChristianfromEberhart, Wm.187874:221
Troutman, FrederickfromEberhart, Wm.187874:230
Troutman, HenryfromWaber, Lewis187565:359
Troutner, Jno.toMix, Thos. D.188598:270
Trouyot, VictorfromMiller, Elizabeth188391:361
Trowbridge, AddisonfromAlliger, Sarah M.187363:479
Trowbridge, AddisontoLichtsinn, Wm.187668:445
Troyer, JohntoHelmuth, Solomon187668:364
Troyer, JohntoOesch, Daniel187566:370
Troyer, JohnfromSmith, John W.187365:596
Truburg, AngelinefromSheriff187463:243
True, C. F.fromCompton, A. E. (Et al.)188080:480
True, C. F.toMcCormick, T. H.188080:481
True, Chas. F.fromThomas, H. M.188080:480
True, Chas. F.fromTrue, R. (Et al.)188080:480
True, H. F.toCompton, Allice E.187875:253
True, H. T.fromNickerson, Benj.187462:32
True, H. T.fromSargent, Charlott187672:505
True, R. (Et al.)toBittinger, G. L. & A. W.188288:171
True, R. (Et al.)toLutz, J. S.188082:117
True, R. (Et al.)toTrue, Chas. F.188080:480
True, Rebecca (Et al.)toThomas, Hellen188079:568
Truitt, T. S.fromAuditor188288:246
Truitt, T. S.fromMitchell, Geo. W.188288:244
Truitt, Thos. S.toBennett, Anna188494:283
Trull, Wm. B.fromMinshall, D. W.187770:294
Trum, August (Et al.)toBieber, H. F. & X. A.188597:508
Trum, August (Et al.)toRothgeb, Michael188597:510
Trustee 1st Presbyterian ChurchfromTaylor, John188393:495
Trustee B. C. E. A. of N. A.fromLindenwood Cemetery187358:454
Trustee Cedar Creek Tp.fromDouglass, Eliza (Et al.)186383:357
Trustee Cedar Creek Tp.toTrustee Perry Tp. Cemetery188293:478
Trustee Cedar Creek Tp.fromZimmerman, J. (Et al.)186383:357
Trustee Eel River Tp.toHumberd, Geo.188598:327
Trustee Eel River Tp.toMathews, Saml.188082:146
Trustee Free Methodist Ch.fromHanna, Henry C.187365:507
Trustee Friendship Cong.fromDecker, Jno. C.188494:450
Trustee Ger. Baptist Ch.fromHufford, Emanuel187566:383
Trustee Grace Rg ChfromVordermark, J. W. (Et al.)188494:89
Trustee Hatfield Cemetery Assc.fromHatfield, Benjamin187462:631
Trustee Hoagland Baptist Ch.fromDeVilbiss, Allen188184:272
Trustee Jefferson Tp.fromHeine, Wm.188288:455
Trustee Jefferson Tp.fromHelnuck, H. C.188598:333
Trustee Jefferson Tp.fromLorain, Jno. B.188598:490
Trustee Jefferson Tp.fromMonnier, Alexis187362:378
Trustee Lafayette Tp.fromKnowlton, Geo. W.187358:551
Trustee Lafayette Tp.fromLawrence, Jacob187358:552
Trustee Lake Tp.fromLarimore, John188495:618
Trustee Lake Tp.fromVandewater, Wm. C.187265:115
Trustee Luth. St. Mark Ch.fromFuchshuber, Jno. A.187462:472
Trustee M. E. Church (Leo)fromHamm, Adam188081:289
Trustee Madison Tp.fromDeVilbiss, Allen187987:552
Trustee Marion Tp.fromTurner, C. K.187874:314
Trustee Milan Tp.toMiller, A. (et al. Trustee)187369:368
Trustee Mormon Chapel M E ChurchfromLawrence, J. & B.188287:556
Trustee of Ceder Creek Tp.fromHollopeter, Wesley187068:377
Trustee of Flatrock Grange No. 955fromEngle, Amiel187976:194
Trustee of JeffersonTp.fromDignan, John188079:119
Trustee of New Haven Universal SocietyfromDiggins, Charlotte (Guard)187879:238
Trustee of Plesant Tp.fromTaylor, Andrew J.187878:246
Trustee of the United B.fromLichtenwalter, S. M.187463:331
Trustee of the United Brethern ChristfromRoller, Margaret J.187874:524
Trustee of W. &. E. CanaltoTefft, E. T.185371:276
Trustee of Washington Tp.fromSchowe, L. W.188081:199
Trustee of Wayne Tp.fromPierce, A. W.187771:99
Trustee Perry Tp.fromHarrod, L.188081:212
Trustee Perry Tp.fromSayler, Mathias (Trustee)188293:470
Trustee Perry Tp. CemeteryfromTrustee Cedar Creek Tp.188293:478
Trustee Perry Twp.toRoy, Flortin187874:491
Trustee Pleasant Tp.fromHenry, David188081:112
Trustee Springfield Tp.fromDowns, James185963:476
Trustee Springfield Tp.fromDresback, Isaac186563:477
Trustee St Joe Tp U B CfromMayhew, Sarah188185:20
Trustee St. Joe Tp.toBatteron, F. L. & S.188494:484
Trustee St. Joseph Tp.fromBiack, John T.186966:286
Trustee St. Joseph Tp.toBlack, John T.186966:287
Trustee St. Joseph Tp.fromShordan, Daniel186966:286
Trustee St. Paul E. L. Ch. Milan Tp.fromBusse, Henry188081:206
Trustee St. Paul's Luthern Ch.fromHayden, F. J. (Guar) 188290:258
Trustee St. Paul's Luthern Ch.fromHayden, F. J. (Guard)188290:259
Trustee Trinity E. E. L. Ch.fromShuman, A. M.188598:449
Trustee W. & E. CanaltoHanna, Saml.185394:140
Trustee Washington Tp.fromEdgerton, Joseph K.187669:388
Trustee Wayne Lodge No. 25fromHamilton, A. H.187874:9
Trustee Wayne Lodge No. 25toVanliew, John187978:316
Trustee Wayne Tp.fromPartner, Henry187874:130
Trustee Wayne Tp.fromYagerlemmer, Jno.187462:514
Trustees 1st Baptist ChurchtoSimons, O. A.188184:213
Trustees 1st Pres. ChurchtoHayden, E. H.188494:188
Trustees 1st Presbyterian Ch.toTrustees 3rd St. M. E. Ch.188495:404
Trustees 1st Presbyterian Ch.fromWilliams, E. T.187462:211
Trustees 2 Ger. R. Salem Cong.fromMiller, Wm.187564:496
Trustees 2nd Gen. R. Salem Cong.fromPritchard, Thomas R.187464:476
Trustees 2nd Gen. reformed Salem Cong.fromHenderson, Angeline187564:477
Trustees 2nd Ger. R. Salem Con.fromBrackenridge, Elizie J.187564:477
Trustees 2nd Ger. R. Salem Cong.fromLindlag, C. W.187564:496
Trustees 2nd Ger. Ref. Salem Cong.fromBoerger, Rudolph, Wm. (et al.)187564:496
Trustees 2nd Ger. Reformed Salem Congre.fromAllen County187464:475
Trustees 2nd Ger. Salem Cong.fromNeireiter, Conrad (et al.)187564:496
Trustees 3rd St. M. E. Ch.toMiller, Anna B.188495:378
Trustees 3rd St. M. E. Ch.fromTrustees 1st Presbyterian Ch.188495:404
Trustees Baptist Ch.fromBrubaker, Jacob187065:573
Trustees Baptist ChurchfromLipes, David187065:573
Trustees Berry St. M. E. Ch.fromLocke, Josiah188394:527
Trustees Berry St. M. E. Ch.fromTaylor, Z. T.187689:102
Trustees Bethel M. E. ChurchfromEdgerton, J. K.187360:363
Trustees Black Creek ChargefromWerts, Jos. F.188184:34
Trustees Ch. of ChristtoRosenthal, Emma187360:126
Trustees Christian ChurchfromJackson, A. P.188079:178
Trustees Church of GodfromSmith, Jacob188183:201
Trustees Church U. B.toM. S. Wickliffe188286:462
Trustees Concordia CollegetoDuemling, F. F. H.188184:346
Trustees Concordia CollegetoSahner, Marcus188184:151
Trustees Concordia Lodge 228 I.O.O.F.toWasserbach, Jno.188392:347
Trustees E. Lutheran Cong.fromTrustees Ger. L. E. St. Pauls187061:315
Trustees Ft. Wayne Lodge 14 I.O.O.F.toKnoder, Geo. W.187977:569
Trustees Ft. Wayne Lodge 14 I.O.O.F.fromTilton, Sophia J.188495:21
Trustees Ft. Wayne Lodge No. 14 I. O. O. F. fromSheriff187977:496
Trustees Ft. Wayne Lodge No. 14 I.O.O.F.toNewell, Agnes188394:334
Trustees Ft. Wayne Lodge No. 14 I.O.O.H.toFry, Martin188184:485
Trustees Ft. Wayne Mission U B of ChristfromJacobs, J. H.188288:16
Trustees G. E. L. St. Johns ChurchtoMeier, Dorethea187987:567
Trustees G. E. L. St. Peters Ch.fromGerke, Frederick187772:215
Trustees G. R. ChurchfromMeyers, Nathan187669:35
Trustees Garr Creek Union CementeryfromJohnson, Chas.188495:425
Trustees Ger. B. ChurchtoCottier, Jas. J.188080:527
Trustees Ger. L. E. St. PaulstoTrustees E. Lutheran Cong.187061:315
Trustees German Methodist E. Ch.toDiether, C. F.187874:241
Trustees Grace Ref. Ch.fromPaulus, F. D. (Et al.)188494:89
Trustees H. Lodge No. 19toGrund, Phillip R.187462:474
Trustees Hanover CollegetoSwift, Bayless188598:230
Trustees Harmony Lodge I. O. O. F.fromMurphy, Robt. W.18769:130
Trustees Jefferson Tp.fromDawkins, J.187463:363
Trustees L. Ridenour (Et al.)fromTrustees, C. Youse (Et al.)187978:187
Trustees Lindenwood CemeterytoTibbles, J. H. & J. W. Donnivan188184:57
Trustees Lodge 253 I.O.O.F.fromBurgess, Henry187463:445
Trustees Lodge 253 I.O.O.F.fromBurgess, Henry187463:446
Trustees M. E. Ch. SheldonfromTaylor, Andrew J.187564:492
Trustees M. E. ChurchtoTaylor, Zachary L.187565:437
Trustees M. E. ChurchtoTrustees Prospect Lodge No. 331 I.O.O.F.187978:435
Trustees M. E. ChurchtoTryon, J. M.188080:565
Trustees M. E. ChurchfromTryon, Jno. M.187977:98
Trustees M. E. ChurchfromWentworth, John185561:83
Trustees M. E. Church (E. L.)fromRidenour, A. P.187875:190
Trustees M. E. Church HarlanfromAshton, Marinda187977:66
Trustees M. E. Church HuntertownfromSturgis, C. M.188393:201
Trustees M. E. Church MaysvillefromTrustees Prospect Lodge 331 I.O.O.F.187980:75
Trustees M. E. Mission Ch.fromKintz, Ambrose W.187565:578
Trustees M.E. Ch. ParsonagefromBarnhart, John187462:439
Trustees Madison ChapletoSprague, R. B.188292:44
Trustees Martini E. L. Cong.fromMeyer, Mary (Et al.)187873:550
Trustees Masonic Assc.fromMarquit, Alfred187362:194
Trustees Methodist Ch.fromBird, Bowser & Maples187465:166
Trustees Methodist Ch.fromBird, Bowser & Maples187465:167
Trustees Monroeville Lodge 283fromPhinney, Chas. E.188392:263
Trustees New Haven Lodge 253 I.O.O.F.toTrustees Odd Fellows Cemetery New Haven188494:522
Trustees Odd Fellows Cemetery New HavenfromTrustees New Haven Lodge 253 I.O.O.F.188494:522
Trustees of 1st Prebyterian ChurchtoGovernment of United States188392:504
Trustees of 2nd Ger. Reform Salem Cong.toMasonic Temple Assn.187874:181
Trustees of Church of United Brethren in Christ, Monroe Tp.toBurger, Elizabeth187176:400
Trustees of Church of United Brethren in Christ, Monroe Tp.toWhipkey, Sarah Ann187176:400
Trustees of E. Luthern Zion Cong. U. A. C.fromSlemmer, George187873:497
Trustees of Ger. E. L. St. P. Cong.toDie Dentsche Evan Luth. St. Patris G. U. Confession188393:462
Trustees of Ger. E. L. St. P. Cong.toTrustees of Zion L. Church188393:446
Trustees of H. Lodge No. 19 I. O. O. F.fromMurphy, Robert W.187673:79
Trustees of M. E. ChurchtoCarrington, E. C.187976:183
Trustees of M. E. ChurchfromTrustees United Brethern187669:115
Trustees of M. E. Church, East LibertytoMumma, Geo. W.187574:582
Trustees of Madison Tp.toAdair, Saml.188287:505
Trustees of Milan L. ChurchfromAlderman, Wm.187770:185
Trustees of New HaventoFederspiel, B. Jr.188288:404
Trustees of School Scipio Tp.fromSwift, Alpheus187573:330
Trustees of the Ch. of ChristfromHill, Cynthia A.187363:139
Trustees of W. & E. CanaltoCoburn, Henry P.185377:183
Trustees of W. & E. CanaltoCoburn, Henry P.185377:182
Trustees of W. & E. CanaltoCoburn, Henry P.185377:180
Trustees of W. & E. CanaltoCoburn, Henry P.185377:181
Trustees of Wayne Lodge No. 25toSteinbarger, Ella187976:223
Trustees of Zion L. ChurchfromTrustees of Ger. E. L. St. P. Cong.188393:446
Trustees P. E. G. R. St. John's Ch.toLindlag, B. S. (Et al.)188294:256
Trustees P. G. Ch. U. B. in ChristfromMason, Josephus S.187565:78
Trustees Parsonage Property M. E. ChurchfromCamington, E. C.187976:184
Trustees Pleasant Grove M. E. ChurchfromMcConnell, Saml.188289:177
Trustees Prospect Lodge 331 I.O.O.F.toTrustees M. E. Church Maysville187980:75
Trustees Prospect Lodge No. 331 I.O.O.F.fromTrustees M. E. Church187978:435
Trustees Springfield Tp.fromBoston, Alexander186463:476
Trustees St. Joe Class U.B. in ChristfromMayhew, Sarah & Jas.188391:490
Trustees St. Johns Lutheran Ch.fromBruebach, Geo. T.187360:150
Trustees St. Luthern Ch.toRemmel, Augustus C.187360:146
Trustees St. M. E. L. Ch. Pleasant Tp.fromFuchshuber, J. L.188393:207
Trustees St. Paul L. Ch.toTrustees Zion L. Ch.188391:426
Trustees town of New HavenfromLee, Edward188291:536
Trustees U. B. Ch. CedarvillefromMiller, Margaret187695:631
Trustees U. B. Ch. St. JosephtoMayhew, S. & J.188391:322
Trustees U. B. ChurchfromSturgeon, A. T.187669:307
Trustees U. B. in C. ZanevilletoWard, E. E.188288:216
Trustees U. B. Parsonage HousetoRhodes, Mary187874:127
Trustees Union ChurchfromDolman, Charles187671:155
Trustees United BretherntoTrustees of M. E. Church187669:115
Trustees United Presbyterian Ch.fromHamilton, A. H. (Et al.)188393:596
Trustees United Presbyterian Ch.fromWagenhals, E. H.188393:596
Trustees United Presbyterian Ch.fromWilliams, M. H. (Et al.)188393:596
Trustees W. & E. C.toLumpkin, Francis185074:446
Trustees W. & E. Canal toAdkins, Jno. J.185494:486
Trustees W. & E. Canal toAubrey, C. J.185387:383
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoBarron, Richard185279:556
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoBenoit, Julian (Assignee)185379:162
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoBird, Ochmig185461:209
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoBird, Ochmig185561:210
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoBird, Ochmig185561:211
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoBird, Ochmig185561:212
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoBird, Ochmig185561:213
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoBird, Ochmig185561:214
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoBlee, Thos.185483:84
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoBradbury, Thos.184879:414
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoBurch & Loomis (assignees)185375:231
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoCoburn, Henry P.185377:178
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoCoburn, Henry P.185377:179
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoColerick, David H.186579:394
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoColerick, David H.186579:395
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoDada, Frederick Wm.184979:379
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoDingman, P.185383:422
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoDrover, Henry185067:430
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoDrover, Henry185267:429
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoElophe, Nicholas185879:93
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoEwing, Chas. W.185480:29
Trustees W. & E. Canal toEwing, W. G. & G. W.184992:138
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoForbing, John M.184671:372
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoGebele, Mathias184869:348
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoGreer, Thos.184879:414
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoHamilton, Allen185069:344
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoHamilton, Allen185069:350
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoHamilton, Allen185069:351
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoHamilton, Allen185069:349
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoHamilton, Allen185069:345
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoHamilton, Allen185066:264
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoHamilton, Allen185269:352
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoHamilton, Allen185369:348
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoHamilton, Allen185369:324
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoHamilton, Allen185369:343
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoHamilton, Allen185369:347
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoHamilton, Allen185369:320
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoHamilton, Allen185369:342
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoHamilton, Allen185369:341
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoHamilton, Allen185369:321
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoHamilton, Allen185369:346
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoHamilton, Allen185369:323
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoHamilton, Allen185369:322
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoHamilton, Allen185480:516
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoHanna, Samuel185265:373
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoHanna, Samuel185367:124
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoHanna, Samuel185367:125
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoHanna, Samuel185379:201
Trustees W. & E. Canal toHanna, Samuel185394:444
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoHartzell, Philip185379:136
Trustees W. & E. Canal toHawes, P. & Thos. Gray185992:569
Trustees W. & E. Canal toHoffman, W. L.187695:478
Trustees W. & E. Canal toHubbard, Thos. H.185392:557
Trustees W. & E. Canal toKandle, Jacob185091:58
Trustees W. & E. Canal toKelsey, A. G. (Ass.)185291:167
Trustees W. & E. Canal toKelsey, A. G. (Ass.)185291:168
Trustees W. & E. Canal toKundle, Jacob185191:154
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoLachenmeier, Fredk.185570:369
Trustees W. & E. Canal toMcClave, Jno.185592:518
Trustees W. & E. Canal toPowers, Reuben185392:262
Trustees W. & E. Canal toRockhill, Wm.185388:573
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoSkinner, Calvin185679:338
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoSpears & Case185366:219
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoSpears & Case185366:220
Trustees W. & E. Canal toSpencer, Jno.185386:469
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoSpencer, Jno.185379:339
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoSpencer, John185379:156
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoSpencer, John185380:431
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoState Bank of Ind. (Assignee)185383:422
Trustees W. & E. Canal toState Bank Of Indiana184994:403
Trustees W. & E. CanalfromState of Indiana184788:422
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoSwift, J. F.185480:309
Trustees W. & E. Canal toSwift, J. F.185789:125
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoSwift, Jno. F.186068:423
Trustees W. & E. Canal toSwinehart, David184889:67
Trustees W. & E. Canal toTefft, E. T.185388:142
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoTefft, Erastus T.185380:164
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoThompson, Jas. M. (et al.)185574:564
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoThompson, Jas. M. (et al.)185574:565
Trustees W. & E. Canal toVanhorn, Geo.185188:420
Trustees W. & E. Canal toWelker, Daniel185294:151
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoWilt, John M.184663:431
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoWilt, John M.184663:432
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoWilt, John M.184663:433
Trustees W. & E. Canal toWines, M. S.187687:421
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoWinsor, Abner185279:198
Trustees W. & E. CanaltoWinsor, Abner185279:200
Trustees Washington Tp.fromShultz, Maria (et al.)187565:285
Trustees Wayne Lodge 14 I.O.O.F.toTyler, Clara R.187774:135
Trustees Zion L. Ch.fromTrustees St. Paul L. Ch.188391:426
Trustees Zion LuthernfromHayden, E. H.188391:425
Trustees, C. Youse (Et al.)toTrustees L. Ridenour (Et al.)187978:187
Trustees, M. E. Church Lafayette Tp.toLawrance, G. B.188287:585
Tryon, J. M.toBest, Peter188287:410
Tryon, J. M.fromTrustees M. E. Church188080:565
Tryon, Jno. M.toCox, Jas. D.187978:525
Tryon, Jno. M.fromDevore, David G.187669:64
Tryon, Jno. M.fromMcMahon, Thos.187566:25
Tryon, Jno. M.toMcMahon, Thos.187874:391
Tryon, Jno. M.toMonroe Tp.187595:595
Tryon, Jno. M.toRuth, Eph.187668:191
Tryon, Jno. M.fromSheriff188081:80
Tryon, Jno. M.toTrustees M. E. Church187977:98
Tryon, John M.fromGill, Joshua S.187565:89

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