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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Tucker, ElizabethfromWappes, George187669:76
Tucker, Geo. W.fromHowey, F. E.188496:105
Tucker, Isaac T.fromBowser, Jacob C.187468:507
Tucker, Jas.fromRinehold, Geo.188185:289
Tuell, Wm. B.toFleming, Wm.187771:126
Tullis, AbagailfromShoemaker, George 187874:136
Tullis, AmostoChilcoat, Nicodemus187875:297
Tumer, Sarah J.fromMcDonald, M. H.187875:312
Tuomey, PatricktoCartwright, Mary J.187274:549
Turner, AsafromStilts, Adaline (Et al.)188187:147
Turner, AsatoTurner, Levi187270:275
Turner, C. K.toTrustee Marion Tp.187874:314
Turner, H. K.fromAllen County188289:296
Turner, H. K.fromBoard County Coms. Allen Co.188289:296
Turner, H. K.fromCounty Commissioners A. Co.188289:296
Turner, Haevey K.fromMcDowell, Alex187462:160
Turner, Harvey K.fromCody, Maurice (Comr.)187668:408
Turner, Harvey K.toLipes, Jno. W.187668:140
Turner, Harvey K.toMcDowell, Sarah A.187462:318
Turner, JanefromAndrew, F. T.187490:446
Turner, JanefromAndrew, T. T.187463:288
Turner, JanefromMcLaughlin, Daniel187668:351
Turner, JanefromSinger, Geo. M. (Et ux.)188290:446
Turner, Jno. H. & HenryfromWhite, Jas. B.187566:9
Turner, Jno. H. & HonnyfromHenderson, Louisa187669:68
Turner, John D. & HenrytoAlbro, Edwin D.187566:447
Turner, LevitoAndrew, T. T.187463:288
Turner, LevifromTurner, Asa187270:275
Turner, Wm. & L. P.fromEagy, Jno. H.188184:314
Turner, Wm. W.fromKrick, Emanuel187565:331
Turner, Wm. W.toShannon, Nancy187569:210
Turner, Wm. W.toSmith, Marion187670:237
Turpie, J. H. & Wm. fromJenkins, Lewis188184:360
Turpio, J. H. & Wm.fromArcher, C. W.187976:394
Turpio, J. H. & Wm.fromArcher, David R.187976:508
Tuscher, JobstfromAdams, John Q.187359:181
Tustison, B. J.toTustison, Oliver188183:326
Tustison, CyrustoTustison, Oliver187464:47
Tustison, Jno.toTustison, Oliver187668:254
Tustison, OliverfromHays, Chas. A.187668:242
Tustison, OlivertoHoagland, Pliny187668:242
Tustison, OliverfromLoveland, H. W.187360:278
Tustison, OliverfromTustison, B. J.188183:326
Tustison, OliverfromTustison, Cyrus187464:47
Tustison, OliverfromTustison, Jno.187668:254

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