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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Ubele, Mary E.fromWaters, Elias (Et al.)187874:560
Ubelhoer, PhilipfromForsyth, Eliza187463:152
Uebele, Mary E.toWaters, Stephen188182:255
Uebele, Mary E.toWaters, Stephen & John187875:143
Uebelhoer, Louisa (by will)fromUebelhoer, Philip187874:497
Uebelhoer, PhiliptoUebelhoer, Louisa (by will)187874:497
Uebelhoer, Philips (Will of, deed)to187874:497
Uhlenhake, Wm.fromVordermark, Ernst187361:198
Ulery, AngelinetoHenry, A. M.188183:54
Ulery, AngelinefromKelker, Susan & Geo.187564:280
Ulery, AugelinetoUlery, Jno.188081:276
Ulery, DanielfromEmenhiser, Stephen188392:575
Ulery, Jno.fromUlery, Augeline188081:276
Ulery, Jno.toUlery, Jos.188082:61
Ulery, Jos.fromUlery, Jno.188082:61
Ulery, JosephfromUlery, Levi188079:521
Ulery, LevitoStephenson, John187370:263
Ulery, LevitoUlery, Joseph188079:521
Ulery, Mary J.toEmerick, Henry187565:453
Ulery, SimonfromDevilbiss, Allen187772:11
Ullery, LevifromSpuller, Francis T. & N.187567:119
Ulmer, FredfromBowers, L. H. (Guard)188289:219
Ulmer, FredfromGrodrian, Aug. (Guard)188289:220
Ulrey, Jno.fromLipes, D. D.188290:5
Ulrey, Jno.fromMcIntosh, Jno. W.188496:630
Ulrey, SimonfromHenry, A. M.188494:241
Ulrey, SimonfromHubler, Saml.188496:207
Ulrich, Relmen (Will of)to187476:548
Umstead, A. B. (Et al.)fromPearson, P. (Et al.)188290:310
Umstead, ElizabethtoFlinn, Charles M.187670:249
Umstead, N. A.fromHattersley, Alfred188184:340
Uncapher, Mary E.fromMcCormick, Jno.188598:377
Underhill, A. E.fromKeyser, M. H.188290:85
Underhill, CatharinefromDutcher, Wm. B.187567:36
Underhill, F. W.fromLindenwood Cemetery187267:248
Underhill, F. W.toShaffer, Rebecca187975:565
Underhill, Francis W.toDutcher, Wm. B.187567:12
Underhill, Francis W.fromSmith, Elliot187461:413
Underhill, Francis W.fromUnderhill, P. S.187461:413
Underhill, H. O.fromBoynton, Thos. E.187566:186
Underhill, H. O.fromKowiansky, Simon187890:90
Underhill, Harriet O.fromGwinn, Susan M.187464:19
Underhill, Harriet O.toYoung, N. B.187567:195
Underhill, P. S.toHuestis, A. C.187566:186
Underhill, P. S.fromLindenwood Cemetery186661:75
Underhill, P. S.toUnderhill, Francis W.187461:413
Underlull, G. C.fromMaples, L. S. (Et al.)188597:515
Underwood, EslifromBell, Mary A.187876:364
Underwood, EslifromDevilbiss, Allen187976:365
Ungemach, MaryfromMeyer, Jno. F. W.188184:447
Unger, BarbarafromCraw, Maria R. (et al.)187772:277
Unger, BarbarafromNelson, I. D. G. (et al.)187772:277
Unger, BarbarafromRockhill, W. W. (et al.)187772:277
Unger, BarbarafromRumsey, Philo (et al.)187772:277
Unger, BarbarafromWheeler, M. R. (et al.)187772:277
Unger, Detrick (et al.)toOtt, John187371:555
Unger, GottliebfromFisher, Anton (Coms.)188079:329
Unger, Julia (Et al.)toNeuhaus, R.188080:508
Ungerer, GeorgefromGeis, Phillip187359:381
Union Mentual Life Ins. Co.toBoyle, Mary187875:260
Union Mutual Life Ins. Co.fromSpooner, B. J. (Comr.)187772:320
United StatestoAllbright, Wm. B.184074:393
United StatestoAllen, Horace183773:315
United StatestoAndrew, Richard183481:261
United StatestoBauserman, Henry184167:71
United StatestoBeck, Richard183469:51
United StatestoBender, David185070:365
United StatestoBiggs, Eleazer184468:186
United StatestoBower, Martin184064:415
United StatestoBradburry, Thos.183780:475
United StatestoBradbury, Thos.184958:390
United StatestoBrown, Ira188775:368
United StatestoBrundig, E. D.185077:560
United StatestoBurgess, Ebben183761:520
United StatestoBurgess, Ebben183761:522
United StatestoBurgess, Ebben183872:310
United StatestoBurgess, Henry183780:225
United StatestoBurgess, Henry183780:226
United StatestoCamp, Peter183273:462
United StatestoCassel, Henry183269:472
United StatestoClem, Samuel184075:469
United StatestoCongdon, Joana L.187872:570
United StatestoCowgill, Isaac Jr.184067:538
United StatestoCraft, Erastus183771:52
United StatestoEdsall, Joseph P.184970:273
United StatestoEdwards, John183870:16
United StatestoEdwards, John183870:203
United StatestoFackman, C. F.184068:130
United StatestoFields, Francis184972:181
United StatestoGrayless, Wm.183560:326
United StatestoGrayless, Wm.183560:327
United StatestoHanky, John183774:295
United StatestoHartman, Henry184878:432
United StatestoHartman, M.183878:431
United StatestoHathaway, John183779:94
United StatestoHeathman, Bradley184967:385
United StatestoHenderson, Zenas (Assignee)183778:54
United StatestoHerbert, John183879:8
United StatestoHolgate, Curtis183375:561
United StatestoHolmes, Joshua183471:141
United StatestoHowell, Wm.185081:349
United StatestoKillon, Thomas183565:381
United StatestoKoehlinger, Peter183766:461
United StatestoLabourin, Francis184872:413
United StatestoLansdale, Wm. M.183768:276
United StatestoLentz, John185170:393
United StatestoLyons, Thos.183580:22
United StatestoMajors, John183778:267
United StatestoMasten, David184980:483
United StatestoMay, Ezra183766:226
United StatestoMetzger, John Sr.183771:496
United StatestoMills, Geo.185077:561
United StatestoMoore, Thos.183777:330
United StatestoMorton, Gerard183783:338
United StatestoMorton, Gerard183783:339
United StatestoMorton, Jared183583:337
United StatestoMorton, Jared183583:340
United StatestoNicodemus, Jno.184978:419
United StatestoPollard, Robert183870:68
United StatestoPowers, Aretas & Saml.183571:33
United StatestoRoe, Joseph183574:193
United StatestoRogers, John183571:572
United StatestoRogers, John183571:573
United StatestoSlemmer, Peter184073:579
United StatestoSlemmer, Peter184074:579
United StatestoSmith, John185063:563
United StatestoSnider, Daniel184075:470
United StatestoSnider, Daniel184075:471
United StatestoSturm, William183678:397
United StatestoSturm, Wm.183880:406
United StatestoThompson, Thomas183565:374
United StatestoThompson, Thomas183565:375
United StatestoWeaver, John184967:384
United StatestoWells, J. C. (Assignee)183783:502
United StatestoWells, J. C. (Assignee)183783:503
United StatestoWells, J. C. (Assignee)183783:504
United StatestoWhitcomb, Philo183979:475
United StatestoWilliams, Gurdon183771:50
United StatestoWilliams, Jesse L.183473:57
United StatestoWilliams, John183662:510
United StatestoWilson, J. F.187565:264
United StatestoWineyard, Wm.184061:438
United StatestoWright, Isaac183778:311
United StatestoZeimmer, Elizabeth183772:563
United StatestoZiemer, Samuel183769:329
United States MarshalltoBowser, Jacob C.186469:382
Updegraff, R. D.toJenkins, C. H.187160:356
Updegraff, TaraseytoBlessing, Geo.187671:507
Uplinger, JohnfromGarrett, Zachriah T.187669:452
Upmeyer, F.toMollering, Wm.187566:38
Upmeyer, F.toPaul, H. C.187566:38
Upmeyer, F.fromPaul, Henry C.187567:47
Upmeyer, FredfromBarrett, J. M.188496:171
Upmeyer, FrederickfromMollering, Wm.187567:47
Urbain, PeterfromPailloy, Catharine188597:111
Urbin, AlfredfromGuibeler, Felicete187772:64
Urbin, Alfred & LouisafromGuibeler, Felicete187772:65
Urbin, LouisafromGuibeler, Felicete187772:64
Urbine, A.fromColbert, Jos.188288:434
Urbine, AlfredtoClifford, Jos, J. & Jas.187978:449
Urbine, AlfredtoColbert, Jos. & Louisa187772:444
Urbine, AlfredtoGuibeler, Felicete187772:63
Urbine, AlfredfromMiller, Henry A.188394:42
Urbine, AlfredtoUrbine, Louisa187772:64
Urbine, AlfredfromUrbine, Louisa187772:64
Urbine, CasimerfromBeebe, Emma (Et al.)188286:239
Urbine, CasimeretoCoolman, J. H. & M. J.187976:82
Urbine, CasimirfromGrardat, Alexis187977:111
Urbine, CassimertoMaples, Lewis S.186359:497
Urbine, CassimertoMcHenry, Joseph D.187361:302
Urbine, CassimertoMiller, J. R.187667:553
Urbine, CatharinefromUrbine, Jos. Jr.187975:576
Urbine, F. C. (Et al.)toChaffin, R. B.187977:332
Urbine, FalicietoLacroix, Lous187771:426
Urbine, FrancisfromCrance, Ritchard187566:235
Urbine, FrancistoPepe, Victor187566:79
Urbine, FrankfromPowers, Samuel187771:314
Urbine, J. D. (Et al.)toPepe, Louis187979:16
Urbine, Jas.fromHenderson, S. C.188289:30
Urbine, Jos. Jr.toChaffin, R. B.187977:331
Urbine, Jos. Jr.toUrbine, Catharine187975:576
Urbine, JosephfromPepe, Victor187667:397
Urbine, Joseph Jr.fromGrand Rapids & Ind. R. R. Co.187359:318
Urbine, LouisatoGuibeler, Felicete187772:63
Urbine, LouisatoUrbine, Alfred187772:64
Urbine, LouisafromUrbine, Alfred187772:64
Urbine, MaryfromCommissioner in Partition187696:493
Urbine, MaryfromCommissioner in Partition187696:494
Urbiut, CasamirefromSheriff187975:548
Usher, AnnfromWorthington, W. W.187566:10

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