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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Vacating AlleyfromCity Coms. Report188598:265
Vacating Lots, Streets and Alleys in Fairport Allen Co. Courtto188079:11
vacating of streetfromWhite, James B.188080:121
Vacation of alley between Lots 108, 109, 116 & 117to188080:531
Vacation of alley between Lots 129, 130, 143 & 144to188080:536
Vacation of alley between Lots 36 & 37to188081:443
Vacation of Lotsto187668:290
Vacation of Pt. Wabash Avenue in J. B. Whitesto188080:121
Vachon & PalmerfromHayden, Eliza & Fredk. J.187567:35
Vachon, TheadoretoGreek, Wm. W.187771:262
Vachon, ThomastoHayden, Eliza Hanna187772:373
Vachon, Thos.fromHart, George188495:557
Vail, A. R.toWithers, W. H.188182:367
Vail, Aaron R.fromSheriff188082:121
Vail, C. S.fromWithers, W. H.188182:369
Vail, JacobfromCarray, B. A.188391:49
Valdemaier, CharlesfromRoy, John B.187360:319
Valdenaine, PeterfromValdenaire, Mary T.187976:1
Valdenair, JohnfromBoby, Pauline187573:95
Valdenair, JohntoBoley, Francis187574:47
Valdenaire, Mary T.toSaiaizin, Frank & Mary187976:2
Valdenaire, Mary T.toValdenaine, Peter187976:1
Valdeneir, John J.toValdenier, Peter187875:50
Valdenier, PeterfromValdeneir, John J.187875:50
Valentine, J.toValentine, Jno. W.188081:395
Valentine, Jackson (Guard)toHollopeter, I & Arnold Henry188081:530
Valentine, Jno.fromAllen Cir. Court188597:414
Valentine, Jno.fromHarrison, J. T.188598:308
Valentine, Jno. W.fromHillegass, J.188495:282
Valentine, Jno. W.fromValentine, J.188081:395
Valentine, John W.fromGeiseking, Diedrick W.187773:93
Valentine, MariafromMerica, Annis (Et al.)188393:143
Vallie, PriscilatoWoodcock, R. B.187978:164
Valtonair, Peter (Et al.)toBoley, F. & P.187981:490
Value, PricilafromKillian, John187877:341
Van Buskirk, E.toBell, Mary A.187775:93
Van Buskirk, E.fromRiley, Jesse187475:92
Van Buskirk, L.toHerrick, Wm. S.187874:439
Van Buskirk, L.fromHerrick, Wm. S.187877:43
Van Buskirk, L.fromKnouse, Maria187877:44
Van Buskirk, L.fromKnouse, S. A.187777:43
Van Camo, Wm. W.toVan Camp, Jas.187874:198
Van Camp, Jas.toBurchfield, Mary187874:309
Van Camp, Jas.fromNuttle, James187874:68
Van Camp, Jas.fromPotter, James188289:264
Van Camp, Jas.fromVan Camo, Wm. W.187874:198
Van Camp, W. W.fromMiller, Anson187772:45
Van Doren, A. C.toColter, J. & R. W. Smith187873:521
Van Doren, BrucetoColter, J. & R. W. Smith187873:521
Van Doren, HattietoColter, J. & R. W. Smith187873:521
Van Doren, HestertoColter, J. & R. W. Smith187873:521
Van Doren, IdatoColter, J. & R. W. Smith187873:521
Van Doren, MarytoColter, J. & R. W. Smith187873:521
Van Doren, OscartoColter, J. & R. W. Smith187873:521
Van Doren, Wm.toColter, J. & R. W. Smith187873:521
Van Horn, JohnfromAustin, Chas. B.187670:144
Van Horn, Mary (Et al.)toGolden, Wm.187983:455
Van Horn, Wm. (Et al.)toGolden, Elizabeth188083:135
Van Liew, JohntoShea, M. F.187978:416
Van Valkenburg, M. W.fromWhitney, Newton L.187373:212
Van Valkenburg, M. W.toWilliamson, Alex187373:213
Van Voorhis, C. E.toVan Voorhis, Frank187977:70
Van Voorhis, F.toPhillips, J. B. & J. H. McCain187978:335
Van Voorhis, F. & C.fromRockhill, J. D. B.187772:20
Van Voorhis, FrankfromGreene, Mary M.187360:54
Van Voorhis, FrankfromHanna, Saml. T.187359:448
Van Voorhis, FrankfromVan Voorhis, C. E.187977:70
Van Voorhis, PhillipfromBaker, Jos. J.188186:57
Vanallen, John H.fromBegue, John186860:185
Vanallen, John H.toTodd, Sarah187360:186
Vananda, Peter W.toBaird, Julius W.187566:241
Vananda, Peter W.fromWyatt, Henry186966:241
Vanator, JasperfromNeedham, Thomton187874:287
VanBuskark, Jno. W.fromBell, Mary188084:394
Vanbuskirk, A. E.toHoffman, Christian187771:74
Vanbuskirk, A. E.fromRobinson, Mary A.187465:269
Vanbuskirk, A. E.fromRobinson, Mary A.187566:293
Vanbuskirk, JamestoPurdy, Sarah A.187360:360
VanBuskirk, L.fromKnouse, M. B.187568:205
VanBuskirk, RebeccafromRobertson, R. S.187362:303
Van-Camp, A.fromRomy, Robt. L.187669:508
Vancamp, AlberttoByers, Wm. A.187875:461
Vancamp, AlbertfromHursh, Wm. C.187976:581
Vancamp, D.toPickle, J. E.187977:511
Vancamp, Eliza (et al.)toHeath, Stephen187772:331
Vancamp, HenrytoVancamp, James187978:400
Vancamp, Henry (et al.)toHeath, Stephen187770:403
VanCamp, JamestoGrubb, Jacob187465:136
Vancamp, JamesfromLake, Curtis188079:259
Vancamp, JamesfromVancamp, Henry187978:400
VanCamp, Jas.fromDouglass, J. W.188392:419
VanCamp, Jas.fromHathaway, J. F.188394:198
Vancamp, MargaretfromGrubb, Phoeba A.187977:40
Vanderan, Casper J.toSihler, Christian187564:510
Vanderan, Casper J. & CharlottefromSihler, Christian187564:511
Vanderan, PetertoBaxter, Thos.188183:27
Vanderbilt, W. K.fromHoward, Wm. B. (Trustee)188393:279
Vanderpool, Theo.toTracey, Mary A.187566:181
Vandewater, Wm C.fromColes, Stephen187260:364
Vandewater, Wm. C.toRoss, Marietta187860:365
Vandewater, Wm. C.toTrustee Lake Tp.187265:115
Vandolah, Benj. (Et al.)fromWillbur, Geo. W.188081:201
Vandolah, D. & J.fromFair, Andrew188289:305
Vandolah, Jas. (Et al.)fromGump, David (Guard)188495:374
Vandolah, Thos.fromBinkley, Levi188290:210
Vandolah, Thos. (Et al.)fromFitch, Frances (Et al.)188494:516
Vandolah, Thos. (Et al.)fromFitch, Frances (Et al.)188495:177
Vandolah, Thos. (Et al.)fromGriffin, S. J. (Et al.)188494:516
Vandolah, Thos. (Et al.)fromGriffin, S. J. (Et al.)188495:177
Vandolah, Thos. (Et al.)fromGriffin, S. J. (Et al.)188495:177
VanDom, A. C. (Adm.)fromWillhelm, Jacob188080:422
Vandoran, JohnfromCoburn, Zilpha186769:143
VanDoran, JohnfromSayres (Heirs)186169:144
VanDoren, A. C. (et al.)toColter, J. & P. W. Smith187669:139
VanDoren, A. C. (et al.)toWilhelm, Jacob187770:575
Vanhoosen, GeorgefromForsyth, Joseph187470:375
Vanhoozan, NathanielfromFulk, Frederick185375:46
Vanhorn, A. J. & L.fromDague, Jacob (Et al.)187976:218
Vanhorn, A. J. & L.fromMiner, Henry (Et al.)187976:218
VanHorn, JohntoRead, Jas. M.187772:353
VanHorn, JohntoSchoonover, William187872:556
Vanhorn, John s.toStephenson, John D.187464:290
Vanhorn, Wn.fromBailey, Moses187986:100
Vanliew, JohnfromTrustee Wayne Lodge No. 25187978:316
VanOopen, BernhardfromEdgerton, Joseph K.187872:502
Vanopen, BernardtoHorman, Henry188080:64
VanRenssclaer, CharlottetoEveland, Peter187770:450
VanVoorhis, F.toGeismar, John Adolph187461:437
VanVoorhis, FranktoDoenzies, John187360:273
VanVoorhis, FranktoHelbisen, Geo. M.187669:270
VanVoorhis, FranktoMorgenthaler, Ella G.187362:53
VanVoorhis, FranktoNewberger, Louis & Henry187360:445
Vanzile, A. (Adm.)fromBarve, Bernard188494:632
Vanzile, AzaiiahfromVanzile, W. S.187978:489
Vanzile, AzariahfromCommissioner in Partition188289:536
Vanzile, AzariahfromLoudenslager, C.188185:97
Vanzile, DavidfromHursh, H. A.188597:119
Vanzile, Geo.fromCommissioner in Partition188289:536
Vanzile, Jno.fromBarve, Bernard186694:409
Vanzile, JohntoAllen County187977:45
Vanzile, JohnfromDepew, Lemuel187163:499
Vanzile, SusanahfromCommissioner in Partition188289:536
Vanzile, T. J. & J. M.fromMayer, Theo.188289:271
Vanzile, Thos.toStirlen, Alex188082:116
Vanzile, W. S.toVanzile, Azaiiah187978:489
Vaschan, VedalfromBennett, M. W.187362:357
Vashon, VandalltoSchuhler, F. X.187669:532
Vauderley, Geo. J.fromAmmons, Barba817668:144
Vaughan, MartintoCrawford, C. H.187771:441
Vaughn, Jas. M.fromSmith, William A.188079:115
Vaughn, Mariah E.toSmith, Wm. A.188079:115
Vaughn, WillardfromArcher, Jno.188184:378
Vean, Jno. S.fromErixson, Wm.188082:20
Vegalues, M. I.fromBrundige, David188288:581
Veit, PhillipfromRushart, Phillip187463:524
Veit, PhilliptoWeaver, Catharine187565:354
Veith, PeterfromColerick, W. G. Comr.187771:267
Veith, PeterfromStrodel, Geo.187771:271
Veith, PetertoStrodel, Geo.187771:271
Veith, PeterfromWhitely, Thomas187461:197
Verillemim, EugenefromComeille, Eugene187874:35
Vesey, Maggie S.fromGay, Charlotte, S.188597:476
Vesey, W. J.fromBlood, Reuben188290:94
Vesey, W. J. (Coms.)toGumpper, J. D. & C. C.188182:442
Vesey, W. J. (Coms.)toMason, Jos.188182:512
Vesey, Wm. J.fromBullard, S. L.188192:202
Vesey, Wm. J.fromHolmes, Geo. W.188290:245
Vesey, Wm. J.fromMethley, Anna188184:297
Vesey, Wm. J.fromMethley, John188286:355
Vevia, F. X.fromMcNair, Chas.188495:538
Vevia, F. X. & M.fromShidel, Lena188080:154
Vian, Jno.fromDeMoss, M. J. (Et al.)187882:18
Vian, Jno.fromMcCune, Amos187982:19
Vian, Jno.fromMcCune, Jas. (Et al.)187882:18
Viard, AdelindefromMontague, Auguste187566:497
Viard, VictorfromBegue, John187565:385
Viard, VictorfromBraheir, Francis187565:315
Viard, VictorfromCarier, Augustus H.187565:385
Viard, VictortoCarier, Augustus H.187566:543
Viard, VictortoMontague, Auguste187566:84
Viberg, AugustafromKemp, Ophelia E.187462:356
Viberg, C. H.toSteele, Malinda187979:5
Viberg, Conrad H.toMcCrory, David187669:107
Viberg, Conrad H.toPaulen, Mathias187360:219
Viberg, Conrad H.toSteel, David187279:125
Viberg, Conrad H.fromSteel, David187568:243
Viberg, Conrad H.fromSteele, David187979:126
Viberge, ConradtoSpitler, Lycurgus186774:213
Viele, StephentoLoend, Chas.187362:260
Viele, StephentoMettert, Samuel G.187362:257
Vila, LewistoDuck, Elizabeth187463:327
Vila, LewisfromDuck, F.187463:328
Vince, MargarettoSnellenberger, M. & D. B.187976:111
Vince, MargretfromWorden, Jno. B.187876:300
Vincent, JamesfromDe la Camp, John187875:163
Vincent, JamesfromSheriff187770:493
Vincent, JamesfromTaylor, John187360:553
Vincent, JamestoTaylor, Mahala A.188080:228
Vincent, JamesfromTaylor, William C.188080:227
Vincent, Jas.toTaylor, Adeline188081:238
Vincent, Jas.fromTaylor, Jno.188081:70
Vineyard, ElizabethtoCrabill, Jacob187462:309
Vineyard, Wm. (Heirs)toCrabill, Jacob187462:306
Vinyard, DavidtoCrabill, Jacob187976:355
Violand, AdaladefromLunward, S. C.188289:439
Violand, J. F.fromOwens, Owen188287:326
Violand, Jos.fromBulger, E. J.188495:439
Violand, JosephfromEdsall, Peter187565:174
Violand, JosephtoEdsall, Peter187565:96
Violand, JosephtoLordier, August187875:287
Violand, Joseph F.fromGreen, Elisha W.187261:195
Violand, Joseph F.toShay, Patrick187770:371
Violon, JosephtoDidier, Alexis187359:352
Vionet, ConstantfromGrand Rapids & Ind. R. R.187669:394
Virgil, AlmonfromFalls, D. M. (Et al.)188289:11
Virgil, AlmonfromRahdert, F. (Et al.)188289:11
Vizard, AnthonytoBauer, K. J.187874:162
Vizard, AnthonyfromVizard, Rose187361:124
Vizard, J. & A.fromGallagher, Anthony188290:61
Vizard, JohnfromGallagher, Anthony187874:189
Vizard, JohntoGalliger, Anthony187565:579
Vizard, M. & J.fromHanna, H. C. Jr. (Coms.)188290:213
Vizard, MichaeltoVizard, Rose187667:459
Vizard, Michael F.fromVizard, Rose187360:118
Vizard, RosetoVizard, Anthony187361:124
Vizard, RosefromVizard, Michael187667:459
Vizard, RosetoVizard, Michael F.187360:118
Vizard, WmfromDevore, David G.187464:339
Vizards, J. & A.fromRuby, A. M.188182:211
Vizzard, AnthonyfromVizzard, Martin187566:379
Vizzard, MartintoVizzard, Anthony187566:379
Vizzard, MartinfromVizzard, Rose187566:366
Vizzard, RosetoVizzard, Martin187566:366
Vizzard, Wm.fromCowell, Mary (Et al.)187684:369
Vizzard, Wm.fromRatlidge, C. (Et al.)187684:369
Vodde, F. F.fromVodde, Wm.188080:288
Vodde, MagdalenafromKneede, D. B.188286:238
Vodde, WilliamfromSheriff187978:347
Vodde, Wm.toVodde, F. F.188080:288
Vodely, AndrewfromFlanigan, Jno.188289:353
Voder, CatharinefromEmerick, Wm.188390:543
Voetter, J. (Assignment in Bankruptcy)to187810:509
Voetter, JuliusfromFaulkner, Wm. M.187565:377
Voetter, JuliusfromHolmes, Joshua188495:94
Voetter, JuliusfromHolmes, William187462:125
Voetter, JuliusfromHolmes, Wm.188390:267
Voetter, Julius (in Bankruptcy)toHohnes, Reason C.187810:509
Voetter, Julius (per Registry)toBrainard, Ira F.187810:509
Voetter, M. E.toGlass, Jas. W.188182:527
Voetter, Margaret E.fromBrainard, I. F. (Assignee)187873:449
Voetter, Margaret E.fromBrainard, I. F. (Assignee)187873:452
Voetter, Margaret E.fromHolmes, R. C. (Assignee)187873:449
Voetter, Margaret E.fromHolmes, R. C. (Assignee)187873:452
Voettin, Margaret E.fromBrainard, I. F. (assignee)187873:449
Voettin, Margaret E.fromBrainard, I. F. (assignee)187873:452
Vogel, CarolinefromLindenberg, Fred188495:91
Vogel, Chas. G. &Frank B.fromSheriff187358:383
Vogel, ErdemuthfromSheriff188082:134
Vogel, Frank B.fromAlliger, Sarah M.187770:43
Vogeli, AndrewfromBusse, Christian C.187360:136
Vogely, AndrewtoBecker, A. E. C.188182:413
Vogely, AndrewfromBulgeer, Eliza J.188598:511
Vogely, AndrewfromGrevier, Louis F.187565:558
Vogely, AndrewfromWilmot, James C.187772:448
Vogely, AndrewtoWilmot, Jas. C.187772:113
Vogler, EdwardtoBeck, Francis J.187464:107
Vogley, AndrewfromLillie, Mery E.187462:9
Voigt, MargaretfromBahrdt, Christopher187980:192
Voigt, MargaretfromBahrdt, Christopher (Guard)187980:193
Voinet, ConstanttoErvin, Jeremiah & R.187673:94
Voinet, Jane L.fromDelagrange, Justin187361:166
Voirol, AugustfromO'Rourke, E. (comr.)187770:459
Voirol, Florence & AugustfromRyan, Mary187362:64
Voirol, Florent & AugustfromBowser, Jacob C.187565:134
Voirol, FrankfromEckart, Fredk.187566:491
Voirol, FrankfromLinker, Henry E.187566:491
Voirol, MeliniefromQuince, Solomon188186:247
Voirol, Wm. & LouisfromGreer, Maria J.188597:450
Voldnere, Chas.fromEby, Daniel (guard)188289:275
Volkart, Fredk. Jr.toSowers, Christian187462:314
Volkart, SamueltoSowers, Christian187566:568
Volkert, Samantha A. fromKoch, Simon187875:226
Volkert, Saml.toCountryman, W.187873:261
Volkert, Saml.fromParker, L. J.187673:260
Volkert, Saml.fromSquires, Aurela (Et al.)187673:260
Volkert, Saml.fromWebber, C. S. (Et al.)187673:260
Volland, H. & I.fromCocanour, J. B. (Et al.)188289:417
Volland, H. & I.fromFrench, C. G. (Et al.)188289:417
Vollmer, D.fromHanna, Chas.187463:321
Vollmer, D.toMiller, M.187463:326
Vollmer, D.toNieman, Gottlieb187463:320
Vollmer, DanielfromMiller, Mathias187463:46
Vollmer, DanieltoSchmid, Lorenz187461:486
Vollmer, DanielfromSchmidt, Lorenz187464:363
Vollmer, LouisafromLewis, William187773:34
Vollride, ChristiantoMeyer, Henry187773:214
Vollride, ChristianfromPeters, John C.187772:426
Vollrider, ChristianfromPeters, John C.187567:39
Volmerding, Fredk.fromThieme, John G.187361:176
Voltinair, P. (Et al.)fromBoley, Francis187982:87
Voltz, KarlfromColes, J. K. P.188188:521
Volz, CharlesfromOrff, E. A.188598:627
Volz, Chas.fromFay, Margaret188598:460
Volz, Emanuel & Jacob VolzfromCoverdall, Henry187669:37
Vonderan, JacobfromEdgerton, Jos. K.188288:56
Vonderan, JacobfromForbush, E. B. (Et al.)188286:528
Vonderan, JacobfromHayden, A. L. (Et al.)188286:528
Vonderan, JacobfromHayden, Fred (Atty.)188286:528
Vonderan, JacobtoPaul, Henry C.187976:307
Vonderan, JacobtoVonderan, X. G,187980:374
Vonderan, X. G,fromVonderan, Jacob187980:374
Vonderaw, PeterfromPaul, Henry C.187976:279
Vonopen, BarneyfromAllen, B. R. (Et al. Ex.)188192:196
Vonopen, BarneyfromAllen, S. H. (Et al. Ex.)188192:196
VonOpen, BarneyfromCoffin, H. R. (Et al.) Exec.188192:195
VonOpen, BarneyfromDexter, E. D. (Et al. Exec.)188192:195
VonOpen, BarneyfromPierson, Wm. S. (Exec.)188192:195
Voorhees, R. J.fromCommissioner in Partition188184:259
Voors, Jno. G. Jr.toVoors, Jno. G. Sr.187976:478
Voors, Jno. G. Sr.fromVoors, Jno. G. Jr.187976:478
Voors, John G. Jr.fromVoors, John G. Sr.187463:1
Voors, John G. Sr.toVoors, John G. Jr.187463:1
Vordemark, J. W.fromPranger, John H.187772:103
Vordermack, J. W. (Etux.)fromColson, Nicholas188598:178
Vordermark, ErnestfromCrisenberry, Peter S.187872:420
Vordermark, ErnestfromSheriff187875:262
Vordermark, ErnestfromWhite, James B.187872:420
Vordermark, ErnsttoBierbaum, F.187468:185
Vordermark, ErnsttoFelger, Peter187360:85
Vordermark, ErnsttoHenschen, Henry G.187362:69
Vordermark, ErnsttoHilgeman, Fredk.187361:120
Vordermark, ErnsttoKeppler, Louisa C.187360:164
Vordermark, Ernst toMcCann, A. F.187975:580
Vordermark, ErnsttoMurray, Geo. S.187975:558
Vordermark, ErnsttoRichling, Conrad187360:448
Vordermark, ErnsttoRichling,Phillip J.187360:447
Vordermark, ErnsttoRogge, Fredk.187463:469
Vordermark, ErnsttoSchwartz, Carl187670:6
Vordermark, ErnsttoTeckenbrock, Fredk.187360:274
Vordermark, ErnsttoUhlenhake, Wm.187361:198
Vordermark, H. P. & L.fromDavis, M. M.188288:347
Vordermark, H. P. & L. A.fromBrosius, Henry188289:143
Vordermark, J. G.fromPritchard, Thos.187463:265
Vordermark, Jno. W. (Et al.)fromSheriff187874:574
Vorrolt, AugustfromDronhard, Jos.188392:530
Voss, LouistoRomy, Bertha187461:542
Voss, LouisfromRomy, Chas.187461:542
Votte, ChristopherfromThieme, John G.187360:284
Vouderan, JacobfromPeters, John C.187771:505
Voumans, MorrisfromBrowne, S. E.188289:281
Vuillemin, E.fromLacroix, Lewis187976:458
Vuillemin, EugenietoCornielle, Eugene187772:104
Vuillemin, EugenietoCornielle, Eugene187772:105
Vuillemin, JulietoCornielle, Eugene187772:105
Vuillemin, Mary L.toCornielle, Eugene187772:105

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