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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Wabash & Erie Canal CertificanttoArcher, Saml.184593:292
Wabash & Erie Canal CertificanttoShultz, Christopher184693:292
Wabash & Erie Canal CertificatefromShultz, Christopher184693:272
Wabash Railway Co.fromEllis, John W. (et al.)187771:89
Waber, LewistoTroutman, Henry187565:359
Wacker, F. H.fromRoss, J. G. (Et al.)187977:39
Waddington, B. C.fromBond, Chas. E. (Et al.)188393:543
Waddington, B. C.fromLumbard, S. C.188598:248
Waddington, B. C.fromLumbard, S. C. (Et al.)188393:543
Waddington, Rosanna (Ex.)toBeeger, Augustus187358:452
Wade, Geo. G.toCoverdale, Asabel187773:313
Wade, George G.toBart, Nelson O.187772:423
Wade, George G.fromGarverick, Aaron187671:28
Wade, George G.fromMinehart, Simon P.187361:498
Wadge, Geo.fromCarier, A. H. Comr.187463:175
Wadge, GeorgefromWadington, Rosanna (et al.)187670:14
Wadge, Wm.fromTaylor, R. S. (trustee)187877:20
Wadington, R. (Et al.)toMcDonald, A. T.187976:564
Wadington, RosannatoBright, Wm. J.187363:3
Wadington, Rosanna (et al.)toWadge, George187670:14
Wadsworth, Henry G.toCowell, John187773:387
Wadsworth, Henry G.fromWithers, Wanew H. (Comr.)187773:388
Waever, JamesfromBohnard, R.188184:444
Wagand, SebastianfromBoester, Fredk.187565:308
Wageman, A. B.toBarktall, Henry188182:538
Wageman, A. B.toBoschet, Caroline188184:437
Wageman, A. W.fromVenallen, Elizabeth188597:483
Wageman, AndrewfromWageman, Jno.188185:230
Wageman, AndrewfromWageman, Jno.188287:331
Wageman, AndrewtoWageman, Sophia188288:2
Wageman, JacobtoJones, Emma187770:460
Wageman, Jno.fromSheriff188185:171
Wageman, Jno.toWageman, Andrew188185:230
Wageman, Jno.toWageman, Andrew188287:331
Wageman, SophiafromWageman, Andrew188288:2
Wagenhals, E. (Et al.)toWilliams, J. L.188185:338
Wagenhals, E. H.toMoellering, Wm. (Et al.)188287:87
Wagenhals, E. H.toMorgan, O. P. (Et al.)188393:583
Wagenhals, E. H.toTrustees United Presbyterian Ch.188393:596
Wagenhals, E. H.toZollinger, L. C.188288:81
Wagenhals, E. H. (Et al.)toHenscie, A. G. & D.188393:255
Wagenhals, EllenfromMetty, Fred188598:216
Wagenhals, Ellen H.toHamilton, M. V.188390:264
Wagenkals, E. H. (Et al.)toJones, L M.188390:283
Wagerman, JacobtoWagerman, John J.187874:486
Wagerman, Jno.toBarkdall, Charlotte187977:225
Wagerman, Jno.fromBarkdall, Henry187977:224
Wagerman, John J.fromWagerman, Jacob187874:486
Waggeman, JacobfromArcher, John H.187359:114
Waggeman, JohnfromSheriff187874:169
Waggoner, Lewis S.fromArgo, M. E.187771:156
Waggoner, Lewis S.toBurkhead, J.187772:118
Waggoner, Lewis S.toWhittern, Charles187873:302
Wagner, Austin, (Et al.)toSeavey, G. W.188391:30
Wagner, Geo.fromSites, Sarah S.188288:398
Wagner, H. G.fromBond, H. R. (Trustee)188598:205
Wagner, H. G.fromBossler, Jno. A.188495:319
Wagner, H. G.fromButler, L. F.188495:321
Wagner, H. G.fromMergel, R. & E.188288:152
Wagner, H. G. (Et al.)toWaterhouse, Edward188080:418
Wagner, H. G. (et al.)fromWright, Horace187771:340
Wagner, HenryfromBurington, C. L.187772:189
Wagner, Henry G (et al.)toBercot, Emeline187772:435
Wagner, Henry G.fromArcher, John H.187360:100
Wagner, Henry G.fromBrackenridge, Francis A.187976:112
Wagner, Henry G.fromBrackenridge, Geo W. (Executor)187976:113
Wagner, Henry G.toLegras, August187771:524
Wagner, Henry G.fromMiller, Gustav187360:103
Wagner, Henry G. (Et al.)toBrammer, Jos. H.187875:351
Wagner, J. B.fromEdgerton, Joseph K.187673:563
Wagner, J. B.toGans, John C. Sr.187771:461
Wagner, J. B.toShoaff, W. W.187978:445
Wagner, J. B.toWood, Commodore187591:461
Wagner, J. B. & S. M.fromGims, G. D.187978:455
Wagner, JacobfromHayes, D. M.188393:544
Wagner, Jno.fromHornsher, B. F.187874:458
Wagner, Jno. (Dec.)toWagner, Mary A.187984:174
Wagner, JohntoHomsher, B. F. (Et al.)187874:459
Wagner, Josiah B.fromHunter, William T.187772:226
Wagner, Josiah B.toHunter, William T.187873:496
Wagner, MarthafromBell, Robt. C. Comr.187565:123
Wagner, MartinfromBuskirk, D. (Guard)187978:42
Wagner, MartinfromBuskirk, Q.187977:515
Wagner, MartinfromParker, A. J.187361:410
Wagner, Mary A.fromWagner, Jno. (Dec.)187984:174
Wagner, P. & M. M.toBaker, Jno.188081:371
Wagner, P. & M. M.toBaker, Killian188081:367
Wagner, PeterfromBaker, Jos.188185:412
Wagner, PeterfromBaker, Simon & Joseph188080:78
Wagner, Peter & MaryfromSheriff188184:319
Wagner, Peter (Et al.)toBerghoff, H. J. & H. C.188185:142
Wagner, PhilipinafromWagner, Rupert188390:429
Wagner, PhillipinefromPariot, Peter187359:567
Wagner, R. & P.fromBond, S. B. (Assignee)188288:201
Wagner, R. & P.fromLillie, John188185:17
Wagner, RuperttoParrot, Peter187669:33
Wagner, RuperttoWagner, Philipina188390:429
Wagner, Saml.fromHalliman, Thos.187977:442
Wagner, Saml.fromSheriff188182:288
Wagnerm PetertoBaker, Killian188390:517
Wagoner, A. E.toRichards, Catharine188392:550
Wahmhof, WilliamfromWefel, John H.185779:62
Wahmhof, Wm.toWefel, John Wm.188079:63
Wahrenburg, F. M.fromWallies, G. F.188183:321
Waid, Simon T.fromStoops, Samuel W.187565:446
Waid, Simon T.fromStoops, Samuel W.187565:447
Waikes, LevifromKing, J. F.187912:104
Wait, Geo. W.toWait, Jacob D.187569:229
Wait, George W.toRomy, Catharine A.187770:538
Wait, HesterfromEvard, James187361:11
Wait, HestertoKillian, Jno.188390:332
Wait, HesterfromKillian, Jno.188391:21
Wait, HesterfromReichelderfer, Chas.187979:65
Wait, HesterfromWait, J. D.187669:308
Wait, HesterfromWhite, Jas. B.188182:407
Wait, J. D.toWait, Hester187669:308
Wait, Jacob D.fromWait, Geo. W.187569:229
Wait, ThomastoEngart, Sophia M.187772:279
Waite & BakerfromNuttman, John M.187360:395
Waite, IsabellatoDunn, James W.187669:123
Waite, IsabellafromGreen, Geo. G.187462:549
Waite, ThomastoBaker, Conrad187461:293
Waite, ThomasfromDunn, James W.187669:124
Waite, ThomastoGreene, Geo. G.187462:513
Waite, Thos.toSchuck, Mary187462:465
Wake, Daniel (Et al.)toWake, John187873:324
Wake, Ellen AnnfromHallien, Geo. (Et al.)187873:325
Wake, Ellen AnnfromWake, Jno. (Et al.)187873:325
Wake, GeorgetoHallien, George187566:190
Wake, Jno. (Et al.)toWake, Ellen Ann187873:325
Wake, JohnfromHallien, Geo. (Et al.)187873:324
Wake, JohnfromWake, Daniel (Et al.)187873:324
Wake, John (Et al.)toHallein, George187873:323
Wake, John (Et al.)toWake, Loretta187873:322
Wake, LorettafromHallien, Geo. (Et al.)187873:322
Wake, LorettafromWake, John (Et al.)187873:322
Wakefield, A. W.fromHilgemann, H. W.188392:357
Wakefield, CharlesfromBeasly, E.187667:374
Wakefield, Chas.toSnyder & Pample187668:516
Walbrecht, ChristiantoSchlaudraff, Ludwig187464:160
Walcott, F. J.toHartman, S. E.187986:255
Walda, C. C.fromThieme, Jno. G.188495:542
Walda, C. f. W.fromTheime, J. G.188288:247
Walda, Henry B. & wifetoScheiman, Frederick187359:516
Walda, W. C. & E. M.fromFrench, Chas. G.188289:94
Walda, W. C. & E. M.fromHunter, O. W.188290:162
Walda, W. C. & E. M.fromMarshall, H. E.188189:93
Walda, Wm.toDieckmeyer, Mina187874:30
Waldschmidt, Geo.fromDoover, Louisa188289:393
Waldschmidt, P.toKom, A. & D.188183:116
Waldschmidt, Peter & CatharinefromHargenrather, Margaret187566:272
Walford, HarietfromDorsey, Robert187266:511
Walford, HarriettoBolten, George187980:90
Walker, AnthonyfromIten, J. C.187772:254
Walker, C. W. & E.fromPearson, Jas. S.188494:625
Walker, E. F.fromKeesler, Wm. F.188189:41
Walker, E. M.toPearson, Jas. S.188494:136
Walker, E. M. (Et al.)toPearson, Phylena188494:133
Walker, E. M. (Et al.)toUmstead, A. B. (Et al.)188290:310
Walker, Edwin F.fromWalker, John187566:443
Walker, J. (Et al.)toRedelsheimer, D. S.188288:94
Walker, JanetoHarrison, Mary187770:183
Walker, JanefromHarrison, Wm. K.187770:182
Walker, Jas.fromMiller, E. J.188495:435
Walker, Jno. (et al.)toHeath, Stephen187772:331
Walker, JohnfromSmith, Francis187876:84
Walker, JohntoWalker, Edwin F.187566:443
Walker, John (et al.)toHeath, Stephen187770:403
Walker, L. S.toKelsey, S. B.188186:69
Walker, LeonardfromMellott, M.188183:128
Walker, LeonardfromRobb, M. M.188183:127
Walker, Leonard S.fromFairfield, Cyrus K.187464:229
Walker, Leonard S.fromRich, Ediom188081:526
Walker, MarthafromCommissioner in Partition188184:259
Walker, Sarah A.toSewell, Jno. W.187978:190
Walker, TrumanfromShimp, Wm.187566:303
Walker, W. R.fromParker, Margaret188494:613
Walker, W. R.fromParker, Margaret188497:543
Walker, Wm. M.fromBowser, J. C.187772:126
Walker, Wm. M.fromBrindle, Daniel186462:432
Walker, Wm. M.fromJohnston, Archibald187161:386
Walker, Wm. M.toWoods, George187875:534
Walker, Wm. S.fromConroy, Kate188494:508
Wall, Watson (Et al.)toPowers, E. M.188390:498
Wallace, A. F.fromWaltemath, Chas.188184:537
Wallace, FannytoFisher, R. J.187775:564
Wallace, FannyfromHoffman, Jno. M.188184:347
Wallace, FannytoLauer, Justine187977:139
Wallace, FannyfromPickard, Thomas R.187570:192
Wallace, FannyfromPickard, Thos. R.187360:460
Wallace, FannytoStratton, Robt.188288:66
Wallace, H. M. F.toWoodworth, Emily188287:335
Wallace, H. M. F. (Et al.)toVonderan, Jacob188286:528
Wallace, James O.fromWallace, William B.187875:223
Wallace, Jas. O.toKitselman, Jno.188081:135
Wallace, John P.fromSimonton, Richard H.185549:408
Wallace, MatildatoEmbry, James S.187360:131
Wallace, W. J.toLauer, Justine187977:139
Wallace, William B.toWallace, James O.187875:223
Wallbrecht, C.toBruck, Johann188081:196
Wallbreckt, ChristianfromSchlaudraff, Ludwig187565:565
Wallemath, C. H.fromChaney, J. B.187890:65
Wallen, Charles E.fromPoston, Elisha W.187360:102
Wallers, Susan (Et al.)toMiller, Lewis D.187976:411
Wallew, C. E.toReinking, Frederick187667:298
Wallick, HenrytoCrow, James188391:535
Wallick, HenryfromRedding, J. F.188182:403
Wallies, G. F.fromBarrett, J. M. (Coms.)188286:577
Wallies, G. F.fromHabel, Christina188186:156
Wallies, G. F.toHambrock, C.188079:500
Wallies, G. F.fromKiefhaber, George188081:492
Wallies, G. F.toWahrenburg, F. M.188183:321
Wallies, Gralf F.fromSheriff188079:399
Wallies, Gralf F.fromSheriff188079:410
Walls, Samuel S.toCrosby, Geo. T.187978:182
Walls, Samuel S.fromHarrington, Edwin B.187463:550
Walsh, GarriettfromSheriff187977:26
Waltemath & BicknersfromSheriff188081:342
Waltemath, C. H.fromFleming, Wm.188391:281
Waltemath, C. H.fromMorgan, O. P.188190:66
Waltemath, C. H.fromOlds, Henry G.188495:454
Waltemath, Chas.toWallace, A. F.188184:537
Waltemath, F.fromDickey, Robt. B.187874:195
Waltemath, H.toDoehrman, Wm.188182:437
Waltemath, H.fromScheer, Wm.188392:159
Waltemath, H. C.toHayden, F. J.188080:310
Waltemath, H. C. (Et al.)toHill, C. A.188183:44
Waltemath, HenryfromBarton, C. M.187882:110
Waltemath, HenryfromRandall, F. P.188599:111
Waltemath, HenryfromRandall, P. A.188599:110
Waltemath, HenryfromWiegman, Henry187463:233
Waltemath, L. D.fromHayden, E. H.188188:40
Waltemuth, toHayden, F. J.188184:35
Waltemuth, HenrytoWiegsnan, Henry187463:146
Walter, A. E.fromJones, L. M.188290:200
Walter, A. R.fromHayden, J. W. (Register in Bankruptcy)187873:37
Walter, C. W.toSnow, Isaac B.187566:31
Walter, Charles W.toMiller, Margaretta 187566:545
Walter, Chas. W.fromConverse, A. Carrie187565:428
Walter, Chas. W.fromKumler, C. J. S.188091:489
Walter, Chas. W.toMiller, Mathias187463:45
Walter, Chas. W.fromSnow, Isaac B.187461:452
Walter, Chas. W.toSpellman, E. B.187566:167
Walter, Chas. W.fromWalter, Wm. B.187361:451
Walter, Chas. W.toWalter, Wm. B.187463:402
Walter, E. A.fromConverse, A. C.1874403
Walter, E. A. (et al.)toSnow, Jennie M.187566:30
Walter, E. AgnesfromConverse, A. Carrie187463:560
Walter, E. AgnesfromJones, Emma & L. M.187564:532
Walter, E. AgnesfromMeegan, Caroline E.187669:286
Walter, E. AgnestoWalter, Wm. B.187670:5
Walter, E. C.fromSnider, Lois M.187668:378
Walter, Elizabeth A.toBreen, Jas. & J. Fry187978:380
Walter, Elizabeth A.toJones, Emma187461:454
Walter, Elizabeth A.fromMcQuiston, John187461:453
Walter, EuphemiafromFlemimg, Wm.187670:3
Walter, Euphemia C.fromSnider, Lois M.187669:533
Walter, EupheniafromKleiner, John187360:412
Walter, Euphenia C.fromSnider, Evan187565:405
Walter, Euphernia C.toMiller, Margaret187875:202
Walter, F. & M.fromBoerger, E. H.188182:168
Walter, FranktoBoerger, E. H.188182:167
Walter, HenriettafromRissing, Rebecca J. & August187465:216
Walter, Henry A.fromMetcalf, Jos.188183:191
Walter, J. A.fromNoble, Thos. (Et al.)188183:563
Walter, JacobfromGable, Hannah188391:399
Walter, JeffersontoWalters, B. F.188289:539
Walter, Jno. A.fromRobbe, A. F. (Et al.)188183:563
Walter, Jno. C. (Et al.)toMiller, Jacob D. & Lewis185976:209
Walter, Jos.toFarver, Malinda187978:486
Walter, Mary A.fromSheriff188496:35
Walter, W. B.toConvers, A. C.187463:373
Walter, W. B.toConvers, A. C.187463:374
Walter, W. B.toConvers, A. C.187463:375
Walter, Wm. A.fromMiller, Mathias187462:325
Walter, Wm. B.toBreen, Jas. & J. Fry187978:380
Walter, Wm. B.toConverse, L. P.187463:467
Walter, Wm. B.fromFrary, Mellissa F.187463:6
Walter, Wm. B.fromMiller, Mathias187462:326
Walter, Wm. B.toMunzer, Barbara187463:19
Walter, Wm. B.toPurman, E. E.187462:628
Walter, Wm. B.toSchmalz, Ernst187360:229
Walter, Wm. B.toSnider, Evan187360:455
Walter, Wm. B.toSnider, Evan187359:508
Walter, Wm. B.toSnow, Isaac B.187461:445
Walter, Wm. B.toWalter, Chas. W.187361:451
Walter, Wm. B.fromWalter, Chas. W.187463:402
Walter, Wm. B.fromWalter, E. Agnes187670:5
Walter, Wm. B. & E. C.toBower, James187668:118
Walter, Wm. B. (Adm.)toMeyer, J. F. W.188086:242
Walter, Wm. B. (Admr.)fromSheriff187567:131
Walter, Wm. B. (Comr.)toWestenfeld, Conrad187669:270
Waltermuth, HenryfromCraw, E. L.187770:55
Waltermuth, HenryfromCraw, E. L.187770:56
Walters, A. l.toPhilabaumet, A.188288:439
Walters, B. F.fromWalter, Jefferson188289:539
Walters, D. E. (Et al.)toDannenfelier, C.188288:454
Walters, E. AgnestoJones, Emma A.187464:283
Walters, E. C.toBowers, Jas.187674:475
Walters, E. C.fromHerrington, E. B.187668:132
Walters, E. H.fromHeath, M. C.188289:193
Walters, ElifromEngart, S. M.187772:280
Walters, ElitoEnyart, M. L.188186:429
Walters, IsaactoWilliams, S. M.188290:393
Walters, IsacfromBelt, Ellen187790:392
Walters, Jas. W.fromCrosby, Geo. T.187780:384
Walters, Jno.toBucher, C.188080:488
Walters, M. A.toSwain, Charlotte188185:99
Walters, Mary AnnfromMcLachlan, Neil187978:79
Walters, SusantoMiller, J. D.187980:420
Walters, Wm. B.toJones, Levi & Emma187359:577
Waltke, Wm.toFt. W. & Maumee Turnpile Co.187567:363
Walton, C. E.fromMiller, Isaac188081:253
Walton, C. E.fromWilliams, J. J. 188289:309
Walton, C. E. & E. W.fromForbing, Jacob188289:189
Walton, C. H.fromDaw, Frederick187874:244
Walton, C. H.fromGoeriz, A. W.188495:529
Walton, C. H.toMasel, Martin188184:507
Walton, C. H. (Et al.)toEdwards, J. (Trustee)187977:94
Walton, E. W. & C. E.fromHutchinson, T. J.188288:563
Waltz & Pinkley (E. L. Watz)toGallaway, C.187261:454
Wamer, ElizabethfromRoss, John B.187775:44
Wamhoff, WilliamtoEngelking, H. D.188392:473
Wamsley, H. B.fromWamsley, Sarah J.188288:469
Wamsley, Sarah J.fromBeardsley, Jame O.187359:302
Wamsley, Sarah J.toWamsley, H. B.188288:469
Wanamaker, Jno.fromGell, E. A. C. (Ex.)188290:2
Wann, Chas. T.fromBartholemew, S. A.187893:539
Wann, Chas. T.toShaffer, Jno.187993:540
Wann, Geo.toWentworth, A.187566:263
Wann, GeorgefromHamilton, Montgomery188079:383
Wann, GeorgefromKeesler, James187772:116
Wann, GeorgetoSwaidner, John187772:212
Wann, SalonatoTraxler, Rosetta188080:598
Wappes, GeorgetoTucker, Elizabeth187669:76
Warcup, AnntoWarcup, Geo. A.187874:332
Warcup, E. M.fromCone, Reuben187668:150
Warcup, Ella M.toHunter, Lewis C.187669:13
Warcup, Geo. & AnntoMooney, J. C.187461:578
Warcup, Geo. A.fromWarcup, Ann187874:332
Warcup, Geo. A.fromWarcup, Jane E.188390:409
Warcup, Ida (Et al.)toHeffelfinger, J.188393:393
Warcup, J. & W.fromRogers, H. M. (Et al.)188288:147
Warcup, J. & W.fromWork, Jane (Et al.)188288:147
Warcup, J. E.fromWilkinson, Thos. A.188392:316
Warcup, Jane E.fromHunter, W. T.188290:391
Warcup, Jane E.toWarcup, Geo. A.188390:409
Warcup, Jane E.toWilkinson, Eliza A.188394:61
Warcup, WilliamfromLatham, M. E.188393:202
Ward, A. J.fromGuiff, Frank188598:133
Ward, A. M.toMay, Wm.188289:546
Ward, Amos M.toFelts, Elisha J.187873:88
Ward, Amos M.fromHatfield, John N.187672:319
Ward, C. L.fromFishback, W. P.188287:267
Ward, ChristinafromHattersley, Alfred187771:161
Ward, E. E.fromTrustees U. B. in C. Zaneville188288:216
Ward, EllwoodtoMinnie, Mary L.187461:199
Ward, ElwoodtoBuddemeyer, F.187771:184
Ward, ElwoodfromDingman, Elizabeth187359:538
Ward, ElwoodfromMinnie, Mary L.187461:474
Ward, ElwoodfromPirson, Jacob B.187358:537
Ward, H. M.toMorris, L. C.188494:117
Ward, H. N.toHattersley, Alfred187771:154
Ward, H. N.fromMorris, W. S.188494:116
Ward, Horatio N.fromMcDonald, Ronald T.187359:528
Ward, Horatio N.toMcDonald, Ronald T.187358:489
Ward, Joseph G.toPurman, Samuel187670:518
Ward, L. C.toSherer, Mary C.188393:139
Ward, L. S.toPurman, Samuel187567:41
Ward, L. S. (Trustee Et al.)toWhittern, Chas.188394:53
Ward, Loran D.fromMommer, Mary A.187976:188
Ward, S. D. (Receiver)toRabus, Jno. Sr.188186:85
Ward, S. D. (receiver)fromSheriff187977:288
Ward, S. D. (receiver)fromSheriff187977:291
Ward, Saml. D. (Receiver)toStarkey, Hannah A.188080:363
Ward, Samuel R. (Receiver)fromStarkey, Hannah A.187772:350
Ward, SarahfromBittinger, Geo. L.187772:13
Ward, SarahfromBuddemeyer, Ernst187771:186
Ward, SarahtoDwelly, Sarah A.187771:549
Ward, SarahfromFleming, Wm.188496:114
Ward, Simon T.toKindel, H. H.188186:283
Ward, Simon T.toMcMeans, Wm. H.187567:53
Warmer, Geo. W.fromParker, L. J. (Et al.)188082:439
Warmuth, Chas.fromBandt, F. (Et al.)188185:355
Warmuth, Chas.fromKraft, F. (Et al.)188185:355
Warner, AlextoKingler, Nicholas187360:348
Warner, AlexfromWarner, John188079:245
Warner, AlextoWarner, Sophia187360:144
Warner, AlexanderfromHosler, Samuel187364:397
Warner, AlexanderfromWarner, Joseph Sr. (Est.)187464:206
Warner, AmosfromWarner, Joseph Sr. (Est.)187464:206
Warner, Anna (Et al.)toWarner, Geo. W.188082:439
Warner, DavidfromWarner, John (Est.)187464:216
Warner, ElisabethfromWarner, Samuel (et al.)187464:299
Warner, ElizabethtoRoss, John B.187775:43
Warner, ElizabethtoWarner, Samuel187470:251
Warner, Emly B.toWarner, Geo. W.187668:121
Warner, Emma D.fromWarner, John (Est.)187464:216
Warner, G. F.toHess, P. J. & V.188289:209
Warner, G. Frank O.fromHutchinson, L. J.187978:118
Warner, Geo. W.fromJump, L. D. (Et al.)188494:275
Warner, Geo. W.fromMorse, F. F. (Et al.)188082:439
Warner, Geo. W.fromMorse, Geo. C.188287:249
Warner, Geo. W.fromWarner, Anna (Et al.)188082:439
Warner, Geo. W.fromWarner, Emly B.187668:121
Warner, George E.toRinehold, Geo.187978:521
Warner, George Jr.fromWarner, Joseph Sr. (Est.)187464:206
Warner, George Sr.fromWarner, Joseph Sr. (Est.)187464:206
Warner, George W.fromKeener, Sarah C.187564:401
Warner, JamesfromCole, Martha Jane187668:331
Warner, JamesfromGuilford, Phoebe187670:49
Warner, Jas.fromCommissioners by Partition188081:7
Warner, Jno.toRees, Jacob187668:253
Warner, Jno. A.fromMyers, Solomon188495:443
Warner, JohnfromRees, Jacob187979:135
Warner, JohntoWarner, Alex188079:245
Warner, JohnfromWarner, Joseph Sr. (Est.)187464:206
Warner, John (Est.)toWarner, David187464:216
Warner, John (Est.)toWarner, Emma D.187464:216
Warner, JosephfromWarner, Joseph Sr. (Est.)187464:206
Warner, Joseph Sr. (Est.)toGorman, Mary187464:206
Warner, Joseph Sr. (Est.)toMyers, Saloma187464:206
Warner, Joseph Sr. (Est.)toWarner, Alexander187464:206
Warner, Joseph Sr. (Est.)toWarner, Amos187464:206
Warner, Joseph Sr. (Est.)toWarner, George Jr.187464:206
Warner, Joseph Sr. (Est.)toWarner, George Sr.187464:206
Warner, Joseph Sr. (Est.)toWarner, John187464:206
Warner, Joseph Sr. (Est.)toWarner, Joseph187464:206
Warner, Joseph Sr. (Est.)toWarner, Rebecca187464:206
Warner, Joseph Sr. (Est.)toWarner, Samuel187464:206
Warner, Joseph Sr. (Est.)toWarner, Sophia187464:206
Warner, Julia A.toSurfus, Geo.188079:368
Warner, RebeccafromWarner, Joseph Sr. (Est.)187464:206
Warner, SamuelfromWarner, Elizabeth187470:251
Warner, SamuelfromWarner, Joseph Sr. (Est.)187464:206
Warner, Samuel (et al.)toWarner, Elisabeth187464:299
Warner, SophiafromHollopeter, Wm. C. (guard.)187566:495
Warner, SophiatoSchwartz, Benawell187668:525
Warner, SophiafromWarner, Alex187360:144
Warner, SophiafromWarner, Joseph Sr. (Est.)187464:206
Warner, Wilhelmina (Guard)toLee, Geo. D. & Sarah187462:592
Warner, Wilhelmina (Guard)toLee, Geo. D. & Sarah187462:593
Warren, J. H.fromSinclair, Saml.187463:279
Warren, P. S.fromTaylor, R. S.188184:565
Warrier, G. F. & J. F.fromMommer, Jos. Jr.188494:594
Wartenber, A. M.fromAllen Cir. Court188599:39
Wartweibe, E. B.toDidier, M. V.187669:317
Washington Tp.fromEvans, S. Cary187360:217
Wass, Jno.fromCartmell, S. E. (Et al.)187978:60
Wass, Jno.toDavis, Catharine187978:62
Wass, Jno.fromDetwiler, Wm. H. (Et al.)187978:60
Wass, Jno.toWhittern, Chas.187977:402
Wass, JohntoLusk, David K.187770:560
Wass, JohntoMajors, Byron187978:223
Wass, S. W.fromScar, Adam188080:346
Wass, Saml.toFunk, M.188081:277
Wass, SamueltoAllegar, Malinda188079:464
Wass, SamuelfromMundorff, A. B.187771:111
Wass, SamuelfromMundorff, A. B.187771:110
Wass, Samuel L.fromHartman, Nancy A.187565:484
Wass, Samuel W.fromMonin, Francis187349:407
Wass, Samuel W.toMundorff, Hattie187771:112
Wass, Samuel W.toPaessler, O. M.187565:220
Wasserbach, Jno.fromEntemann, C. (Et al. Trustee)188392:347
Wasserbach, Jno.fromSeidel, E. (Et al. Trustees)188392:347
Wasserbach, Jno.fromTrustees Concordia Lodge 228 I.O.O.F.188392:347
Wasserbach, Jno. (Et al.)toHoffer, Fred188185:318
Wasserbach, JohntoCoombs, Wm. H.187567:179
Wasserbach, JohntoFisher, D. C.187567:179
Wasserbach, JohnfromHough, John187359:495
Wassmann, C.fromLannan, Edward188495:35
Wassmann, PhillipfromMygrant, Jane E.188184:44
Waterhouse, E.fromBaltes, Michael (Et al.)188080:418
Waterhouse, E.fromKoenig, Edward (Et al.)188080:418
Waterhouse, EdwardfromWagner, H. G. (Et al.)188080:418
Waterman, MelissatoBaldwin, Elihu187361:64
Waterman, Sarah M.fromKinnard, Jno. W.187260:468
Watermuth, H. C. (Et al.)toBarton, C. M.187875:536
Waters, E. A.fromWaters, Stephen188287:426
Waters, Elias (Et al.)toUbele, Mary E.187874:560
Waters, Elias (Et al.)toWaters, Geo. Q187874:560
Waters, Elias (Et al.)toWaters, Geo. W. (heir)187874:560
Waters, Elias (Et al.)toWaters, Sarah Jane187874:560
Waters, Elias A.fromWaters, Sarah Jane187976:115
Waters, Elias A. & M. S.fromWaters, George O.187976:116
Waters, Elias Estate (Partition of)to187874:560
Waters, Geo. QfromWaters, Elias (Et al.)187874:560
Waters, Geo. W. (heir)fromWaters, Elias (Et al.)187874:560
Waters, George O.toWaters, Elias A. & M. S.187976:116
Waters, J. A. (Et al.)toSwank, Daniel188183:71
Waters, Jno.fromCommissioner in Partition188288:448
Waters, Jno.fromSheriff188390:288
Waters, Jno.fromSheriff188598:409
Waters, Jno.fromWatters, O. P.188187:177
Waters, John J.toWaters, Simon P.187875:192
Waters, John P.toWaters, Medway A. C.185863:566
Waters, Julia A.fromSwayne, S. F.188286:531
Waters, Julia A. (Et al.)toWhitten, Jno.188079:190
Waters, M. N. C.toWaters, Minerva185971:254
Waters, M. s. (Et al.)toAgster, Ann M.188494:118
Waters, Mary E.fromWaters, Mineva187876:430
Waters, Medway A. C.fromWaters, John P.185863:566
Waters, MinervatoBittinger, Mary H.187463:567
Waters, MinervafromBittinger, Mary H.187771:255
Waters, MinervafromRockhill, Wm.185871:254
Waters, MinervafromWaters, M. N. C.185971:254
Waters, MinevatoWaters, Mary E.187876:430
Waters, O. P. & E. C.fromSheriff188392:154
Waters, R. (Et al.)toCorson, John188183:159
Waters, Sarah JanefromWaters, Elias (Et al.)187874:560
Waters, Sarah JanetoWaters, Elias A.187976:115
Waters, Simon P.fromWaters, John J.187875:192
Waters, StephentoBeckman, Edward188287:463
Waters, StephenfromCommissioner in Partition188288:448
Waters, StephenfromFalkenburgh, Sarah E.187462:436
Waters, StephentoSordelet, August187463:142
Waters, StephenfromSteward, J. M. (Adm.)188287:420
Waters, StephenfromUebele, Mary E.188182:255
Waters, StephentoWaters, E. A.188287:426
Waters, Stephen & JohnfromUebele, Mary E.187875:143
Waterson, J. A.fromWaterson, S. K.187977:48
Waterson, J. A. & S. K.toSible, Wm.187977:411
Waterson, James A.toHeffelfinger, J.187770:425
Waterson, James A.fromHeffelfinger, J.187770:426
Waterson, James A.toMcCurdy, Andrew R.187875:41
Waterson, Jas. A.fromHutsel, Harriet A.187874:198
Waterson, Jas. A.fromWaterson, Wm. (Et al.)187874:198
Waterson, S. K.fromMcKee, Thos. L.188286:468
Waterson, S. K.fromMcKee, W. J.188185:196
Waterson, S. K.fromMcKee, Wm. J.188185:418
Waterson, S. K.toWaterson, J. A.187977:48
Waterson, Saml. K.fromMcCurdy, Andrew R.187975:378
Waterson, SusannatoFair, Andrew187464:86
Waterson, SusannafromFanner, Andrew187461:304
Waterson, Wm.toHutsel, Harriett A.187771:442
Waterson, Wm.fromJohnson, John187770:470
Waterson, Wm.toShilling, David187361:300
Waterson, Wm. (Et al.)toWaterson, Jas. A.187874:198
Watkins, A. A.fromFisher, D. C. (Trustee)188288:202
Watkins, A. A.fromLocke, Josiah188390:440
Watkins, James F.fromBowser, Jeff C.187360:45
Watkins, James f.toClosson, Josiah187463:520
Watkins, James F.toMays, Joseph187463:633
Watkins, Jas. F.toWatkins, Mary187770:417
Watkins, MarytoHarber, Nicholas187874:127
Watkins, MaryfromMackall, Monterville187873:21
Watkins, MarytoStulls, Henry A.187771:421
Watkins, MaryfromWatkins, Jas. F.187770:417
Watkins, MaryfromYoung, Elizabeth187873:514
Watkins, Mary A.toJohnson, Catherine187874:297
Watres, SimonfromHigh, Martha187174:234
Watrons, Medora C.toOakley, Harriet187461:315
Watrons, Medora C.fromWebb, Augusta B.187461:314
Watros, NancytoFleming, Wm.186670:221
Watson E. L.fromHartzell, I. M.188394:10
Watson, Anna M.fromJahr, F. A.188496:86
Watson, C. F.toStellhorn, F.187772:217
Watson, E. W.fromLove, Wm.188392:173
Watson, Eli W.fromRocholl, E. A.188392:220
Watson, Hiram (Et al.)toEby, Daniel187673:456
Watson, John O.toLewis, Susan A.187465:471
Watson, MargaretfromMcNabb, William187571:5
Watson, MargarettoWatson, Wm.187486:385
Watson, MargaretfromWatson, Wm.187462:226
Watson, MarytoMiracle, Enoch187770:250
Watson, S. A.fromMiller, Geo. J.187469:219
Watson, Saml.fromWatson, Wm. (Adm.)188393:579
Watson, Sarah A.fromBass, Jno. H.187463:312
Watson, Sarah A.toGiant, Jacob187772:52
Watson, Sarah A.toNesbit, Jeremiah187463:586
Watson, Sarah A.fromNesbitt, Jeremiah187362:155
Watson, WilliamtoMcDonnall, Michael187771:3
Watson, Wm.fromWatson, Margaret187486:385
Watson, Wm.toWatson, Margaret187462:226
Watson, Wm.toWatson, Wm. Jr.185286:383
Watson, Wm. (Adm.)toWatson, Saml.188393:579
Watson, Wm. Jr.fromWatson, Wm.185286:383
Watters, Mary A.fromReed, Wesley187565:50
Watters, O. P.toWaters, Jno.188187:177
Watters, O. P.toWilson, J. N.187977:484
Watters, O. P.fromWilson, J. N.188084:119
Watts, I. P. & A. E.fromShirk, E. H.188393:169
Waugh, HannahfromFox, Philander187567:111
Waugh, MiltonfromSweet, Francis (Adm.)187874:543
Waugh, Wm. T.fromFox, Philander187463:133
Waul & Smith, Treas. & TrusteefromBaldwin, Betsy & Evaline C.1875
Waul & Smith, Treas. & TrusteefromBaldwin, L. N. & A. D.1875
Waul & Smith, Treas. & TrusteefromBallinger, Lucy T.1875
Wavada, M. (Et al)toBeckman, Edward188390:468
Wavada, MarytoKillen, Daniel187165:383
Wavada, MaryfromRowan, Jas.188390:476
Wavada, Mary (Et al.)toSoest, Frederic187874:567
Wayne Lodge No. 25 F. A. M.fromBowen, George R.187875:315

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