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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Weaver, AlonzofromBaker, Mary188184:324
Weaver, AlonzofromCarroll, Jno. (Et al.)187982:9
Weaver, AlonzofromWeaver, Jno. C. (Et al.)187982:9
Weaver, AlonzofromWilkerson, J. L.187982:9
Weaver, Benj.fromCoverdale, Henry188079:582
Weaver, CatharinefromVeit, Phillip187565:354
Weaver, ConradfromSeaman, Wm. H.187668:496
Weaver, CorneliusfromJustus, Lewis S.187567:312
Weaver, CorneliusfromKing, Valentine187873:71
Weaver, Cyrus J.fromJustus, Lewis S.187564:393
Weaver, Cyrus J.toYoung, Elizabeth187771:131
Weaver, DavidfromBrown, Eliza (Et al.)188287:445
Weaver, DavidfromChaney, Nancy188287:445
Weaver, DavidfromCrow, Jno. (Et al.)188287:445
Weaver, Geo.fromGaskill, M. H.187978:226
Weaver, GeorgefromBond, Stephen B.187565:131
Weaver, GeorgetoShoup, Wm. H.187565:359
Weaver, GeorgetoYoung, C. C.187771:224
Weaver, Ida E.toCarmary, Rebecca187566:211
Weaver, IsiahtoHarter, Philip187382:300
Weaver, J. C.fromClark, Benj.187980:590
Weaver, J. C. & J. M.fromTrainer, Wm.187874:345
Weaver, James G.fromReichederfer, Lewis187469:251
Weaver, James M.toHeffelbower, Daniel188080:189
Weaver, Jas. M.toSchoonover, Wm.188082:41
Weaver, Jno. C.fromEarlywine, W. H.188187:380
Weaver, Jno. C. (Et al.)toWeaver, Alonzo187982:9
Weaver, JohnfromUnited States184967:384
Weaver, John C.fromEarlywine, W. H.187570:412
Weaver, John D.toEarlywine, Harrison187566:538
Weaver, John D.fromWright, Ananias187466:509
Weaver, SarahtoLopshire, William187465:31
Weaver, SarahtoMetts, Geo. W.187462:624
Weaver, Wm. F.toFisher, Robertson J.187565:351
Weaver, Wm. F.fromPickard, Thos. R.187564:332
Webar, FredericktoCarl, John187873:516
Webb, Augusta B.toWatrons, Medora C.187461:314
Webb, Benjamin G.toWhitmore, Edward186060:106
Webb, C. & J.fromWebb, James 185777:109
Webb, CratontoBrown, Chas. & Danl. M.187464:310
Webb, CratontoCummins, Jos. D.187572:368
Webb, CraytonfromElson, Wm. H.187359:581
Webb, ElizabethfromWebb, James187976:154
Webb, James toWebb, C. & J.185777:109
Webb, JamestoWebb, Elizabeth187976:154
Webb, JosephfromCosgrove, Franklin K.187873:376
Webb, M. A.fromCommissioner in Partition188184:348
Webb, M. A.fromDavis, Geo. w.188185:364
Webb, M. A.toDavis, Hellen188080:382
Webb, M. A. (Et al.)toBradley, J. D.187976:101
Webb, M. A. (Et al.)toRussell, A. C.187976:101
Webb, M. H.fromAllison, R. B.188288:344
Webb, M. R.fromHobbs, Julia Ann187983:497
Webb, Marion A.toCairns, James & Mary187463:454
Webb, Marion A.fromCairns, Mary & James187463:462
Webb, Marion A.toMcDonald, E. H.187463:463
Webb, Marion A.fromMcDonald, Emmet H.187566:273
Webb, Mary H.fromHuedtis, Alex C.187771:330
Webb, May H.fromCraw, Sarah B.187359:541
Webb, May H.fromSheriff187978:145
Webb, Rhoda A.fromHolladay, Jesse (trustee)187771:463
Webber, BrigetfromWilmot, Jas. G.187976:28
Webber, C. S. (Et al.)toVolkert, Saml.187673:260
Webber, CharlottetoMoon, William187464:274
Webber, Frank A.toFisher, David C.187566:227
Webber, Frank A.fromKoch, Christian F.187565:114
Webber, JacobfromSpencer, M. V. B.187772:183
Webber, JohnfromFleming, Wm.187566:544
Webber, Mary E.toDille & Potter187360:424
Webber, Mary E.fromDille, Catherine187360:425
Webber, Milton M.fromAbbott, Rosetta B.188080:283
Webber, Milton W.fromTaylor, Robt. S.187875:295
Webber, Noel T.toMack & Peterson187566:316
Weber, A. S.toWeber, Andrew187667:432
Weber, AndrewtoFt. W. Ger. B. L. & S. A. No. 5 187770:142
Weber, AndrewtoGart, Henry187770:122
Weber, AndrewfromWeber, A. S.187667:432
Weber, Andrew S.toFt. W. Ger. B. L. & S. A. No. 5 187770:131
Weber, Andrew S.toHonick, Alex187359:470
Weber, Andrew S.toWeber, Peter E.187359:471
Weber, ErointoBrnebeck, Geo. C.188079:113
Weber, F. A.fromKing, C. A. & F. J.187466:172
Weber, FredtoCarl, Jno.188079:40
Weber, FrederickfromHayden, Eliza H.188079:158
Weber, FredericktoMason, Josephus S.187566:313
Weber, J. L.fromShimp, W.187463:218
Weber, Joseph L.toByers, Sarah J.187465:5
Weber, Julia AnnfromGart, Henry187873:92
Weber, LizziefromLillie, James187462:447
Weber, Peter E.toFt. W. Ger. B. L. & S. A. No. 5 187770:130
Weber, Peter E.fromWeber, Andrew S.187359:471
Webster, B. H.toRead, Abbie W.187874:242
Webster, Benj. H.fromOrn, Elizabeth A.187667:405
Webster, Benjamin H.fromRead, James M.187873:458
Webster, Geo.fromShell, Jacob H.188079:337
Webster, Geo. & J. WeilerfromHill, Jno. A.187078:524
Webster, GeorgetoLaughlin, John187668:447
Webster, GeorgetoNeazer, J. B. & Lewis187564:340
Webster, MaryfromBarnhart, Capitota188393:248
Webster, Mary (Guard)toNeizer, John B. & Lewis187566:394
Wedderstrand, TheodorefromReady, Isabella187566:337
Wedderstrand, TheodorefromWorthington, Wm. W.187566:326
Wederstroud, R. & S.fromWederstroud, Theo.187676:548
Wederstroud, R. & S.toWesemann, Wm.187976:550
Wederstroud, Theo.toWederstroud, R. & S.187676:548
Wederstroud, Theodore (Will of)to187676:548
Weeks, Geo. W.fromBrown, Wm.187671:110
Wefel, John H.toWahmhof, William185779:62
Wefel, John Wm.fromWahmhof, Wm.188079:63
Wehler, CharlesfromEvans, S. Cary187465:215
Wehler, LouisafromBayley, Hugh188184:308
Wehr, John W.fromRandall, F. P.187463:261
Wehrs, A. M.fromAlden, S. R.188598:234
Wehrs, FrederickfromArcher, John H.187360:95
Wehrs, FredericktoKruse, Wilhelm H.187977:306
Wehrs, FrederickfromSheriff187771:414
Wehrs, HenrytoColerick, R. B.187874:247
Wehrs, Henry W.toBond, J. D.187874:426
Wehrs, Jno. W.fromRandall, F. P.188182:539
Wehrs, W. H.fromSchroeder, Wm.188183:23
Wehs, Sarah J.fromColerick, P. B.187874:248
Weibel, F. & L.fromSeibold, Jno. J.188182:429
Weibke, Chas. F.toBittinger, Geo. L. & A. M.187566:308
Weidelman, Wm.toSchafer, Christian187668:393
Weidelman, Wm.fromThieme, John G.187360:156
Weidemann, CasperfromMetker, Mary188183:242
Weidman, Geo. J.fromBauer, K. J.188495:292
Weidner, AbrahamfromKrebs, Daniel187260:202
Weiedelman, SophiafromBegue, John187668:358
Weigman, Frederick (Last Will & Testament)to187467:498
Weik, AdamfromRosenberger, Dina187461:580
Weikart, William H.fromGilsett, Charles M.188079:463
Weikart, Wm.toCoppens, Sarah M.187565:253
Weikart, Wm.toDouglass, Jos.187668:360
Weikart, Wm.toDouglass, Joseph187463:439
Weikart, Wm.toMayhew, James H.187260:341
Weikart, Wm. H.fromMeyer, H. C. W.188079:13
Weikart, Wm. H.toMeyer, H. C. W.188079:14
Weikart, Wm. H.toMeyer, H. C. W.188079:320
Weikart, Wm. H.toOhl, Catharine A.187360:575
Weikel, Samuel A.fromWorthington, Edward F.187770:422
Weil, Geo.fromPohle, E. & C.188183:299
Weiler, JamesfromPool, Samuel186565:370
Weiler, JamesfromPool, Samuel187165:370
Weimann, Annie C.fromGeismar, Adolph187464:195
Weimer, Margaret J.fromOlds, Hester A.187465:249
Weimer, Margaret J.toQuandt, Charles187466:464
Weimman, A. & P.toKegg, Emanuel187274:506
Weipert, MichaelfromHuffman, Walter L.187565:49
Weir, Wm.toWeisheit, Peter184762:281
Weis, JohnfromKoepf, Jacob187771:378
Weis, JohntoRapp, Jacob187873:202
Weisel, SamuelfromShoaff, Jno. F.187976:582
Weisell, David D.toConklin, Elizabeth187567:99
Weisell, David D.fromSheriff187567:96
Weisenbarger, Geo.fromHutzell, Chas. (Et al.)188081:12
Weisenberger, B.fromKleine, Chas.188182:298
Weisenburger, Geo.toMoran, Peter A.187873:136
Weisenburger, Geo.fromTagtmeyer, Anna187669:26
Weisenburger, GeorgetoKramer, Christian188079:396
Weisengurger, Geo.fromFry, Jos. B. (Et al.)188081:12
Weisheit, HenryfromWeisheit, Peter187462:282
Weisheit, PeterfromState of Indiana184262:280
Weisheit, PeterfromWeir, Wm.184762:281
Weisheit, PetertoWeisheit, Henry187462:282
Weisman, AnnatoHoffman, A. E. & Wm. H.187976:476
Weisser, Jos.fromSheriff187771:248
Weist, Fisher C.toFt. W. J. & S. R. R. Co.187462:387
Weisz, JacobfromAmbruster, L.187978:252
Weitfeldt, HenryfromDarr, John188182:447
Weitzmann, Franz T.fromDepler, Geo. W.187565:524
Weizstein, RosannafromBergmann, Henry187669:462
Welch & BakerfromCarry, Frances J.187360:198
Welch, GeorgetoMeyer, Jno. F. W.187975:438
Welch, HortensetoBaker, Francis C.187771:153
Welch, HortensefromBaker, John187771:151
Welch, HortensefromBaker, John187771:152
Welch, J. H.toJessel, Henry187463:58
Welch, J. H. & Baker, F. C.fromBohen, Cecilia188081:153
Welch, Jno. H.toBohen, Cecilia188081:152
Welch, JohntoMunson, Chas. A.187978:266
Welch, Mary E.fromBeard, C. F.187978:269
Welch, Mary E.fromMeyer, Jno. F. W.187668:330
Welch, P. T. & H. M.fromParks, Volney188079:88
Welcheimer, Wm. T.toBrown, Amos187567:142
Welding, J. & J. W.toBitner, A. & M.188080:467
Welding, J. & J. W.fromYoung, Mary M.187877:140
Weldon, JamesfromState of Indiana183980:272
Welker, DanielfromBarktall, H.188182:538
Welker, W. A. & Sarah J.toWells, Charles A.187565:142
Well, MariefromAlexander, Maria187360:564
Welld, Jos. C.toChorpenning, I. J.188081:585
Weller, Barbara (Et al.)toBrossart, Catharine188079:177
Weller, ElizabethfromBurhenn, Edward187976:162
Weller, J. G. (Et al.)toSchmitz, Chas.188183:223
Weller, JamestoWorden, John B.187463:160
Weller, LouisafromBond, Stephen B.187771:227
Weller, LouisafromMcCulloch, Chas.187771:227
Weller, LouisafromMcCulloch, H. M.187771:227
Weller, LouisafromPfeiffer, Jno. C.187875:21
Weller, LouisafromSheriff187770:331
Weller, LouisafromWilliams, Jesse L.187771:227
Wellerey, JohnfromWelling, Henry187359:402
Welling, ElizabethfromWelling, John (By will)188082:187
Welling, HenryfromBeugnot, Victoria187461:391
Welling, HenryfromDriscoll, Edward187771:34
Welling, HenrytoWellerey, John187359:402
Welling, HenrytoYerks, James M.187360:294
Welling, JohntoRose, Mathias187360:517
Welling, JohnfromSchwartz, Geo.187462:189
Welling, John (By will)toWelling, Elizabeth188082:187
Welling, John (Will of)to188082:187
Wells, A. T. (Adm.)toHeaton, Jesse188083:317
Wells, A. T. (Adm.)toKizer, Henry188081:251
Wells, Almira (Et al.)toRogers, H. N.187978:55
Wells, Austin F.toScheumann, D. F. W.188182:562
Wells, C. E. fromAssignment Pyke Aug. Ford188182:470
Wells, C. E.fromFord, Aug. Pyke188182:470
Wells, C. E.fromPyke & Ford188182:470
Wells, CasandatoKiser, Henry187773:216
Wells, CasandratoCox, Simion J.187669:106
Wells, CasandratoHeaton, Jessie187778:88
Wells, CatherinetoArnold, Albert187976:73
Wells, CharlesfromDell, Barbara187566:410
Wells, CharlesfromDell, Barbara (admr.)187566:411
Wells, Charles A.fromWelker, W. A. & Sarah J.187565:142
Wells, Chas.fromIhrig, A. J.188081:471
Wells, Chas.toStewart, Jacob188081:472
Wells, DavidtoHillegass, J. D.187360:446
Wells, DavidtoZimmerman, F. D. (Et al.)187876:385
Wells, DextertoWells, Maria187360:565
Wells, ElizabethfromMinick, Oliver P.188081:436
Wells, Geo.fromBauer, K. J.188288:121
Wells, Geo.fromCarson, Wm. W.188496:176
Wells, Geo. R.fromHershey, Fanny187976:488
Wells, George R.fromSheriff188079:123
Wells, Harvey Ada & AlicetoWells, Maria187360:563
Wells, J. C.fromChorpenning, I. J.188080:159
Wells, J. C. (Assignee)fromUnited States183783:502
Wells, J. C. (Assignee)fromUnited States183783:503
Wells, J. C. (Assignee)fromUnited States183783:504
Wells, J. E.fromFields, A. A. & M.188081:570
Wells, J. S.toCox, Simion J.187669:105
Wells, JanefromDrake, E. F.188393:2
Wells, Jno.fromSmall, P.187463:297
Wells, Jos. C.toCoomer, Nancy187880:254
Wells, Jos. S.fromSpangler, Nancy187369:133
Wells, Joseph C.toDerby, Almira187668:337
Wells, Joseph C.toEninger, Samuel187671:114
Wells, Joseph C.toHorstmeyer, Fredk.187461:377
Wells, Joseph C.fromJames, Joshua187770:563
Wells, MariafromRuston, Harriet G.187360:564
Wells, MariafromWells, Dexter187360:565
Wells, MariafromWells, Harvey Ada & Alice187360:563
Wells, MosestoBeightle, George F.187364:460
Wells, W.toJones, Jno. M.187463:260
Wells, WilliamfromJones, Emma & L. M.187464:1
Wells, Wm.toHarrington, Elias S.187468:394
Wells, Wm.fromJones, L. M.187463:230
Welokinson, LodinckfromBennet, Anson186876:451
Welsh, JamesfromBickness, Fred188494:526
Welsh, JohntoGaffney, Catherine187360:316
Welsh, Patrick T.toNave, F. E. & E. L.188079:95
Welsheimer, DanielfromWelsheimer, Jno M.187673:291
Welsheimer, J. M.fromArcher, Jno. H.187373:290
Welsheimer, J. M.fromArcher, Jno. H.187373:290
Welsheimer, Jno M.toWelsheimer, Daniel187673:291
Welsheimer, W. T. E. A.fromJanert, August188183:485
Welshimer, E. H.fromBass, Jno. H.188494:381
Welshimer, Wm. T.fromBrown, Amos187367:141
Welss, HenryfromMerschendorf, Catharine187670:246
Welss, HenryfromMeschendorf, Catharine187670:246
Welss, JohnfromMerschendorf, Catharine187670:247
Wemhoff, Jno.toDwenger, Jos. A.187982:162
Wemhoff, Jno. (Will of)to187982:162
Wendgate, JohnfromClark, Jas.185574:222
Wenger, E. A.fromEmerick, A.188391:292
Wenninghoff, ChristfromPiepenbrink, Christian187770:125
Wenter, ChristianfromRehorst, Fredk.187360:129
Wentworth, A.fromWann, Geo.187566:263
Wentworth, Jno. W.toStuart, J. C.187978:405
Wentworth, JohntoTrustees M. E. Church185561:83
Wentworth, Oliver M.toRehrer, Harriet187771:276
Wentworth, Sarah (Ex.)toSower, Benjamin187668:359
Werkmann, H. E.fromRaiser, George188080:124
Werling, HenryfromSchosger, Michael188080:173
Wernhoff, Rev. Jno.fromMeegan, Caroline E.187669:156
Weronetzk, Jos.fromBiedenweg, Gotfried188598:325
Werts, Jos. F.fromBoulton, Henry187470:412
Wertz, Annie E.fromTrexler, Lesher187873:461
Wertz, Annie G.fromSheriff188079:332
Wertz, HenryfromBond, C. E. (Et al.)188184:6
Wery, HenryfromDidrich, Jacob188496:366
Wesemann, Wm.fromReady, Isabelle (Et al.)187976:550
Wesemann, Wm.fromWederstroud, R. & S.187976:550
Wesner, AugustustoGouty, B. F.188183:310
Wesner, AugustusfromRockhill, Joseph187349:404
Wesner, Laura E. A.fromGreene, G. G. & M. M.187873:564
Wessel, ElizabethfromKintz, Sophia187361:408
Wessel, JohntoKintz, Sophia187360:81
Wessell, CarolinetoKomp, Daniel188182:470
Wessell, ElizabethfromMiller, Isael187566:458
Wessell, Jno. Jr. (Et al.)toDraker, Frank188079:377
West, Columbia A.toWheeler, J. & Almira187565:277
West, Columbia A.fromWheeler, Schuyler (Est.)187464:97
West, F. C.fromDitmars, P. (Guard)187885:58
West, F. C.toWolford, Hannah187671:274
West, SamuelfromAlderman, Frank188287:422
West, SamuelfromMiller, Levi H.186158:494
West, SamuelfromPowers, Aretus187770:288
Westcott, Philander G. (Guard)toStone, Alba C.187565:348
Westcott, RoberttoOrff, Esther A.187463:504
Westcott, RobertfromScheffer, John187361:26
Westcott, Sarah K.fromEmerick, Mary A.187668:449
Westcott, Sarah K.toOrff, Esther A.187359:413
Westenberger, Geo. W.toBritzins, John187567:102
Westenberger, Geo. W.fromShell, Jacob H.187261:421
Westenfeld, ConradfromCarman, Wm. O.187569:282
Westenfeld, ConradfromCarman, Wm. O. & B. F.187569:283
Westenfeld, ConradtoSarazin, August188079:106
Westenfeld, ConradfromWalter, Wm. B. (Comr.)187669:270
Westlake, Geo.toRobertson, Stewart187361:79
Westphal, ChristianfromKull, Frederick187669:163
Westtphal, FrederickfromStephan, Geo. P.188079:86
Wetherly, LidafromPickard, Thomas R.187466:518
Wever, SarahtoGenth, Wm. A.187463:508
Weyer, EmeliafromDreier, Anton187673:17
Weyer, MartintoDreier, Anton187667:485
Weyer, MartintoPhilabaum, David187359:395
Weyer, MartintoPhilabaum, George187359:408

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