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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Whalen, Jeremiah A.fromWhalen, Johanna (et al.)187566:121
Whalen, Johanna (et al.)toWhalen, Jeremiah A.187566:121
Whan, I. J. (Et al.)fromPerry, Mary (Dec.)187698:202
Wheeler, AlmirafromWheeler, Schuyler (Est.)187464:97
Wheeler, Commodore P.fromWheeler, Schuyler (Est.)187464:97
Wheeler, E. G.fromHackett, E. (Et al.)188288:214
Wheeler, J. & AlmirafromWest, Columbia A.187565:277
Wheeler, J. C.fromFairfield, C. K.188392:139
Wheeler, JuliafromWheeler, Schuyler (Est.)187464:97
Wheeler, LydiafromWheeler, Schuyler (Est.)187464:97
Wheeler, M. E.fromBard, Saml.188080:587
Wheeler, M. R.fromHanna. J. T.187977:574
Wheeler, M. R.toHayden, F. J.188182:432
Wheeler, M. R.fromLangohr, Jno. W.188185:112
Wheeler, M. R.toQuidore, N. K.188081:91
Wheeler, M. R.fromTyler, Wm. R.188182:431
Wheeler, M. R. (et al.)toUnger, Barbara187772:277
Wheeler, MaryfromRockhill, Wm.186171:485
Wheeler, Mary E.fromGreene, Mary M.187463:475
Wheeler, Mary P. & NelsontoDreier, Henry & Wm.187349:401
Wheeler, Mary R.toDean, Elvira W.188079:420
Wheeler, Mary R.toEdgerton, Joseph K.187360:109
Wheeler, Mary R.toHarrod, M.187566:51
Wheeler, Mary R.fromHartsuff, Wm. D.187874:201
Wheeler, Mary R.toHoffman, A. E.187977:490
Wheeler, Mary R.fromLaugohr, John W.187874:200
Wheeler, Mary R.toNelson, Wm. R.187462:557
Wheeler, Mary R.toTyler, Wm. R.187976:358
Wheeler, Mary R.toTyler, Wm. R.188080:601
Wheeler, NelsontoBurkholder, S. M.187369:121
Wheeler, NelsontoHanna, J. T. & A. F.187977:413
Wheeler, Sarah J.toHull, Lewis O.187462:605
Wheeler, Sarah J.fromRoss, Benjamin187262:177
Wheeler, Schuyler (Est.)toWest, Columbia A.187464:97
Wheeler, Schuyler (Est.)toWheeler, Almira187464:97
Wheeler, Schuyler (Est.)toWheeler, Commodore P.187464:97
Wheeler, Schuyler (Est.)toWheeler, Julia187464:97
Wheeler, Schuyler (Est.)toWheeler, Lydia187464:97
Wheelock, E. G.fromBanister, Lucy C.188196:241
Wheelock, E. G.fromBechtel, Lydia188081:552
Wheelock, E. G.fromBeck, Anna M.188082:348
Wheelock, E. G.fromEshleman, E. H. (Et al.)188288:214
Wheelock, E. G.fromHackett, E. (Et al.)188288:255
Wheelock, E. G.fromHagen, Henry188182:349
Wheelock, E. G.fromMitten, Lucy C.187873:371
Wheelock, E. G.fromOrr, E. H. (Et al.)188288:214
Wheelock, E. G.fromOrr, E. H. (Et al.)188288:255
Wheelock, E. G.fromSheriff187978:228
Wheelock, E. G.fromSheriff188288:220
Wheelock, M.fromRandall, P. A.188184:529
Wheis, H. W.fromWheis, Jno. W.187463:93
Wheis, Jno. W.toWheis, H. W.187463:93
Whelan, M. C. (Et al.)toMcCormick, W. H.188082:535
Whetten, Jno.toShives, J. M. & S. J.188079:453
Whicker, C. A.fromdIsay, A. L.187975:536
Whicker, Clarissa A.toSmith, Ithiel A.187566:547
Whicker, Wm.toEdwards, Mac187362:369
Whipker, PetertoAnderson, Elizabeth187364:230
Whipkey, PetertoWhipkey, Sarah Ann185970:447
Whipkey, S. A.fromCully, Martha188287:411
Whipkey, Sarah A.toMumma, Washington187879:172
Whipkey, Sarah A.toWyre, Sarah187781:168
Whipkey, Sarah AnnfromTrustees of Church of United Brethren in Christ, Monroe Tp.187176:400
Whipkey, Sarah AnnfromWhipkey, Peter185970:447
Whipple, JamesfromKryder, John187983:252
Whipple, S. E.toJohnson, Wm. C.187875:216
Whipple, Saml. E.fromWilliams, Saml. M.187771:250
Whitaker, Daniel (heirs)toHuffman, Jacob187565:206
Whitaker, E. B.toCoonrod, E. B.188182:204
Whitaker, E. B.fromWhite, James B.187771:211
Whitaker, J. W.fromBeerger, Frank188391:326
Whitaker, J. W.fromBerger, Eugenie188391:327
Whitaker, J. W.fromKnode, R. S.188185:370
Whitaker, J. W. & S. D.fromBarrett, Jas. M.188392:281
Whitaker, Jos. W.toBerger, John P.187770:44
Whitaker, Jos. W.fromFoster, F. J.188185:371
Whitaker, Jos. W.fromSeville, M. I.188185:179
Whitaker, Joseph W.fromBegue, John187566:444
Whitaker, Joseph W.toBegue, Mary187566:567
Whitcomb, OrinfromWhitcomb, Phils.184279:478
Whitcomb, PhilofromUnited States183979:475
Whitcomb, Phils.toWhitcomb, Orin184279:478
White, Andrew H.fromJohnson, H. M.188080:494
White, AnniefromOrff, Esther A.188185:24
White, C. M.fromFairfield, C. K.188081:164
White, D. P.fromNeshteffer, H. B.188289:355
White, Edward E.toStapleford, Augusta A.187772:251
White, J. B.toBittinger, Geo. L.187774:101
White, J. B.fromBremer, Sophia188079:371
White, J. B.fromDe la Camp, John187770:71
White, J. B.fromFrance, Elizabeth187977:445
White, J. B.toKeller, Chas.188081:457
White, J. B.toSargent, Wm. J. & Dora187976:402
White, J. B.fromSheriff187875:228
White, J. B.toSmith, J. W.187360:319
White, J. W.fromMiller, H. J.188080:499
White, James B.toAndrews, James C.187976:449
White, James B.fromBayless, Leah Ett.187770:560
White, James B.toBayless, Leah Ette187464:318
White, James B.toBayless, Leahette187770:556
White, James B.toBenton, Charlie187772:292
White, James B.fromBicknell, Wm.187566:411
White, James B.toBitner, Eliza M.187564:319
White, James B.toBittler, Samuel D.187771:404
White, James B.toBlum, Jacob187667:388
White, James B.toBoltz, Katie187771:59
White, James B.toBosseker, Christian187567:75
White, James B.toBremer, Sophia187365:306
White, James B.toBundy, Joseph & Charles187461:250
White, James B.toCaston, Martin187669:152
White, James B.fromCody, Maurice188081:445
White, James B.fromCollins, R. N.187566:411
White, James B.toComstock, J. B.187567:31
White, James B.fromConrad, Elizabeth187771:165
White, James B.toConrood, Elizabeth187771:191
White, James B.toCrisenbery, Peter S.187772:416
White, James B.toCrouse, Charles F.187462:372
White, James B.toDeihl, Chas. H.188080:370
White, James B.toDelaCamp, John187461:288
White, James B.toDelaCamp, John187461:294
White, James B.toDetzer, Phoebe M.187359:538
White, James B.fromDiffendarfer, J. A.187873:69
White, James B.fromDingman, Scott187361:93
White, James B.toDishong, Morris M. & Peter187360:6
White, James B.fromDishong, Morris W. & Peter187566:242
White, James B.fromDykes, Agnes187463:562
White, James B.toEdwards, Lucinda187360:588
White, James B.toEmpire, Thos. B.188080:250
White, James B.toFisher, David C.187463:637
White, James B.toFort Wayne City187359:433
White, James B.toFort Wayne City187359:556
White, James B.toGill, Joshua S.187565:121
White, James B.toGoshorn, Wm. H.187461:295
White, James B.toGraffe, Henry C.187872:461
White, James B.fromHaines, Ephriam187770:394
White, James B.toHaines, Ephriam187773:10
White, James B.toHarding, Fred187565:144
White, James B.toHarrison, Louisa187771:182
White, James B.toHart, John R.187360:145
White, James B.toHays, C. A.187670:502
White, James B.toHerbst, Frederick187667:324
White, James B.fromHerrington, E. S.187772:241
White, James B.toHiggins, Oscar A.187872:454
White, James B.toHilderbrand, Henry W.187359:500
White, James B.toHillegass, Josiah D.187358:525
White, James B.fromHolbrouck, Eve187566:534
White, James B.toHolcomb, J. E.187872:447
White, James B.fromHollbrook, Erron187566
White, James B.fromHough, Sarah D.187977:184
White, James B.toHowell, Leonard A.187565:171
White, James B.toJohnson, Robert A.188080:117
White, James B.toJohnston, A. F.187772:184
White, James B.toJohnston, Jno. C.187772:293
White, James B.toJones, L. M.187872:555
White, James B.fromJonson, R. A.188182:213
White, James B.toKellogg, Douglass E.187773:382
White, James B.toKellogg, Douglass E.187773:383
White, James B.toKinnaird, Robt.187566:552
White, James B.toKlaehn, John J.187771:70
White, James B.fromKoch, Jno. M.187669:130
White, James B.toKoch, John M.187359:584
White, James B.toKowiansky, Simon187873:84
White, James B.toLacroix, Louis187772:230
White, James B.toLammley, John187461:335
White, James B.toLammley, John187462:26
White, James B.fromLammley, John187462:31
White, James B.toLauer, August187360:556
White, James B.toLauer, August187360:557
White, James B.toLauer, August187462:451
White, James B.fromLauer, Augustus187565:498
White, James B.toLehman, Conrad187976:195
White, James B.fromLemon, Philemena187566:454
White, James B.toLemon, Philomina187361:45
White, James B.toLepper, Margaret187358:532
White, James B.toLine, Lucetta C.187873:60
White, James B.fromLogg, Wm.187462:577
White, James B.toLogg, Wm. & Agnes187462:542
White, James B.toManthe, Ephriam187359:389
White, James B.toManthey, Wm.187361:69
White, James B.toMeyer, Wm.187566:295
White, James B.toMiller, Charlotte H.187772:472
White, James b.fromMiller, Israel187874:410
White, James B.toNeiman, Beilla187772:543
White, James B.toNeiman, Beilla187873:150
White, James B.toNewberger, L. & Henry187359:437
White, James B.fromNewberger, Louis187464:29
White, James B.fromNewberger, Louis187566:270
White, James B.toNewberger, Louis187566:276
White, James B.toOrff, Esther A.187872:477
White, James B.toPaul, Henry C.187463:17
White, James B.toPfleiderer, J. & C.187872:542
White, James B.toPohlinz, John187462:425
White, James B.toPoulson, Sarah A.187772:262
White, James B.toPurcell, Amanda L.187770:61
White, James B.fromRalston, James187463:161
White, James B.toRassel, Nicholas187771:519
White, James B.toReichelderfer, C. & W. A.187770:352
White, James B.toReinking, Ferdinand187360:347
White, James B.toRolston, Anna187463:153
White, James B.toRust, Oscar187772:188
White, James B.toSargent, Wm. Jr.187874:448
White, James B.toSchafer, Christian187361:96
White, James B.fromSchlaudraff, Louis C.187566:470
White, James B.toSchludroff, Louis C.187360:593
White, James B.toSchnelker, Henry187359:338
White, James B.toSheridan, James 187669:164
White, James B.fromSheriff187566:531
White, James B.fromSheriff187874:420
White, James B.toSiemon, Rudolph187360:93
White, James B.toSmith, Clarence G.187462:552
White, James B.fromSmith, Clarence G.187566:534
White, James B.toSmith, Clarence G.187567:29
White, James B.toSowders, Benjamin187358:550
White, James B.toSpenn, Charles187668:418
White, James B.toStein, Anna187566:480
White, James B.toSteinbach, Christian F.187359:539
White, James B.toStephen, Henry 187771:404
White, James B.fromStevens, Gilbert L.187464:109
White, James B.toStill, Lizzie187771:407
White, James B.toStites, Almira187873:114
White, James B.toStorm, Joseph A. M.187463:534
White, James B.toThurman, Chas.187359:501
White, James B.toTreep, Mary M.187462:171
White, James B.tovacating of street188080:121
White, James B.toVordermark, Ernest187872:420
White, James B.toWhitaker, E. B.187771:211
White, James B.toWhite, John W.188080:275
White, James B.toWhite, Wm. J.187462:222
White, James B.toWolf, Sarah187464:134
White, James B.toZimmerman, John187464:441
White, James B. & wifetoBitner, Eliza M.187463:7
White, Jas. B.fromAuditor1880A:167
White, Jas. B.toBaker, Henry J.187975:387
White, Jas. B.fromBaker, Henry J.187975:389
White, Jas. B.fromBaker, Katie E.187975:388
White, Jas. B.fromBaseker, Christian188393:506
White, Jas. B.toBashelier, Hannetta187774:281
White, Jas. B.fromBenton, Charlie187772:391
White, Jas. B.fromBissell, Geo. P. (Trustee)187978:444
White, Jas. B.toBoltz, Kattie187771:157
White, Jas. B.toBrammer, Jos.187771:109
White, Jas. B.toBremer, Sophia188079:372
White, Jas. B.fromBullard, S. L.188598:185
White, Jas. B.fromCary, Lavina188079:186
White, Jas. B.toChakman, O. L.187976:405
White, Jas. B.toCoston, Martin187669:39
White, Jas. B.toCrawford, J. T.188081:47
White, Jas. B.toCull, Catherine187975:486
White, Jas. B.toDonohay, C. &. J.188081:240
White, Jas. B.toDwenger, Jos.187878:314
White, Jas. B.fromDykes, Agnes187976:526
White, Jas. B.toEvans, McDonald & Co.187771:246
White, Jas. B.toFee, Thos. W.187771:131
White, Jas. B.toFletter, Margaret187874:580
White, Jas. B.toFrance, E.187982:81
White, Jas. B.toFrederickson, Jacob187667:446
White, Jas. B.fromFredrickson, Jacob187873:433
White, Jas. B.toFrost, Josephine187874:246
White, Jas. B.toGard, Brookfield188079:488
White, Jas. B.toGillett, Wilkes188183:391
White, Jas. B.toGordon, S. & P.187875:109
White, Jas. B.toGould, George187783:231
White, Jas. B.fromGould, Jas. P.188287:382
White, Jas. B.fromGraffe, H. C. (Et al.)187977:522
White, Jas. B.toHattersley, Alfred187771:159
White, Jas. B.toHediken, M. C.187978:76
White, Jas. B.toHoffman, Jno. M.188080:524
White, Jas. B.toHolcomb, B. J.187771:372
White, Jas. B.toHolcomb, B. J.187771:373
White, Jas. B.fromHowell, L. A.187976:377
White, Jas. B.toImmel, Louisa187668:356
White, Jas. B.toJones, Bridget187874:514
White, Jas. B.toKalwiansky, B.187874:490
White, Jas. B.fromKeil, J. H. (et al.)187668:523
White, Jas. B.toKnidop, Jno. E.188081:78
White, Jas. B.toKressler, Maggie187771:439
White, Jas. B.fromLine, Lucelta C.187874:268
White, Jas. B.toLine, O. E.187874:265
White, Jas. B.toLordier, Julia E.187772:128
White, Jas. B.toLouer, Augustine187572:60
White, Jas. B.fromMaurice, N. V.188598:632
White, Jas. B.fromMayer, C. (Et al.)187977:522
White, Jas. B.toMcKean, Wm. T.187874:325
White, Jas. B.toMethley, John187975:450
White, Jas. B.toMethley, John187975:482
White, Jas. B.fromMeyer, C. A. G.188081:556
White, Jas. B.toMiller, Charles H.187771:429
White, Jas. B.toMiller, Geo. W.187978:553
White, Jas. B.fromMiller, Wm. H. H.187875:79
White, Jas. B.toMorell, Mary187875:215
White, Jas. B.fromMyers, John187771:453
White, Jas. B.fromO'Conner, Michael187874:371
White, Jas. B.fromPelties, Catharine188290:143
White, Jas. B.fromPfeider, J. & C.187976:381
White, Jas. B.toPfleiderer, J. & C.187976:379
White, Jas. B.toRassner, Julius187463:316
White, Jas. B.toRobinson, Morris187874:245
White, Jas. B.toRohs, Sophia187977:526
White, Jas. B.toRomy, R. L.187977:482
White, Jas. B.toRomy, R. L. & C. A.187978:453
White, Jas. B.fromSchuckman, E. C.187978:288
White, Jas. B.toSchwartz, Chas. 188182:391
White, Jas. B.fromSheriff187667:253
White, Jas. B.fromSheriff187875:157
White, Jas. B.fromSheriff187976:360
White, Jas. B.fromSheriff187978:374
White, Jas. B.fromSheriff188079:486
White, Jas. B.fromSheriff188081:326
White, Jas. B.fromSheriff188287:70
White, Jas. B.fromSheriff188288:401
White, Jas. B.toSmenner, Daniel187463:252
White, Jas. B.fromSmith, B. F.187771:545
White, Jas. B.fromSmith, Hiram P.187771:545
White, Jas. B.fromSmith, Sarah A.187771:545
White, Jas. B.fromStein, Anna187875:76
White, Jas. B.fromStill, Lizzie187976:525
White, Jas. B.fromStorms, Joseph A. M.187771:532
White, Jas. B.toTurner, Jno. H. & Henry187566:9
White, Jas. B.toWait, Hester188182:407
White, Jas. B.toWhite, Jessie187874:543
White, Jas. B.toWhite, Jessie188080:330
White, Jas. B.toYoung, S. E.187978:406
White, Jas. B.fromYoung, Sarah E.187977:446
White, Jas. B. & MariatoScott, Susan & J. W.188081:547
White, Jas.B.toHorstmeier, Wm.187976:91
White, JessiefromOrff, E. A.188288:517
White, JessiefromOrff, Esther A.188185:25
White, JessiefromWhite, Jas. B.187874:543
White, JessiefromWhite, Jas. B.188080:330
White, Jno. W.toRuess, Katie H.188081:16
White, John I.fromHamilton, Andras H.187976:168
White, John I.toMoerlim, Christian187976:169
White, John I.fromZollars, Enoch187361:167
White, John W.toBireley, M. A.188080:303
White, John W.toMiller, Henry J.188081:491
White, John W.fromWhite, James B.188080:275
White, Jos. B.fromGosham, Wm. H.188081:288
White, LydiatoAnderson, Henry187476:263
White, LydiafromPierce, Nathan J.187376:261
White, M. H.fromSheriff187770:327
White, MariafromHanna, Carolyn188288:527
White, MariafromHanna, S. F.188289:418
White, MariafromHanna, S. F.188495:308
White, MariafromHarrison, Louisa187874:298
White, MariafromHildebrand, Henry W.187359:509
White, MariatoRohs, Sophia187977:11
White, MariafromRosenthal, A. L.188184:386
White, MariafromSchuckman, M. E.188185:231
White, MariafromSheriff188290:80
White, MariafromSmick, M. M.188184:204
White, Maria & J. B.toRubin, Edward187771:336
White, Maria & J.B.toNelligan, John187771:323
White, Mary & EllentoWhite, Wm.186958:351
White, W. J.toNewberger, Louis187463:369
White, Wm.toSchnelker, Herman187358:354
White, Wm.fromWhite, Mary & Ellen186958:351
White, Wm. J.toSchuckman, Elizabeth C.187465:312
White, Wm. J.fromSchuckman, John G.187463:14
White, Wm. J.fromWhite, James B.187462:222
White,, Jno. W.fromAuditor188598:138
White,M. H.fromRockhill, Emily188185:13
Whitehead, A. & H.toDoty, R. E. & M.187977:238
Whitehead, Arther & H. D.fromCary, Hiram S.187772:284
Whitehead, ArthurfromKay, Benjamin187771:454
Whitehead, ArthurtoKay, Benjamin187771:456
Whitehead, John G.toBloomhuff, Catharine187770:338
Whitehead, John G.fromEwing, Mary P. (Et al.)187176:166
Whitehead, John G.fromLee, Benjamin187358:340
Whiteleather, J. F.fromBell, Charles187566:397
Whiteleather, J. F.toMahoney, James187771:103
Whiteleather, J. F.toZollinger, August187565:612
Whiteleather, James F.fromNull, L. S.187465:532
Whiteleather, James F.fromNull, L. S.187465:533
Whiteley, LouisafromCraw, Chas.187461:235
Whitely, ThomastoVeith, Peter187461:197
Whitern, CharlesfromCassady, Jacob187669:379
Whites, I. B. (Plat of )to187975:393
Whites, J. B. 6th add.(Plat of)to188496:118
Whites, M. H. Sub. Div. (Plat of )to188185:2
Whiting, A. J.fromShell, Louisa188289:31
Whiting, A. M.fromBeaver, A. C.188184:345
Whiting, A. M.fromParks, Volney188184:546
Whiting, A. M.fromSink, Isaac (Et al.)188185:116
Whiting, A. W.fromBass, Jno. H.188080:553
Whiting, A. W.fromKintz, Jno. (Et al.)188185:116
Whiting, AlmonfromHopple, M. V. B. (Et al.)188291:10
Whiting, AlmonfromKitch, Margaret188085:7
Whiting, AlmonfromWhiting, Ira C.187872:474
Whiting, Ann M.fromAuger, B. S.187874:177
Whiting, Ann M.fromBond, Chas. E. (Et al.)188495:219
Whiting, Ann M.fromBond, L. A. (Guard)188393:449
Whiting, Ann M.fromLillie, M. E. & T. H.187978:251
Whiting, Ann M.fromLumbard, S. C. (Et al.)188495:219
Whiting, Ann M.fromMcIntosh, Emma B.187976:375
Whiting, I. C.fromKustz, Andrew188081:29
Whiting, Ira C.fromHopple, Alzina J.187872:473
Whiting, Ira C.toWhiting, Almon187872:474
Whitington, Henry (Will of)to187271:480
Whitmeyer, GeorgetoCartwright, John D.187565:561
Whitmore, EdwardfromMcCulloch, Hugh184860:107
Whitmore, EdwardfromMiller, Israel187162:289
Whitmore, EdwardfromMiller, Israel187162:290
Whitmore, EdwardfromWebb, Benjamin G.186060:106
Whitmore, Geo.toWhitmore, Uriah187462:365
Whitmore, Geo. G.fromHosler, Samuel187565:439
Whitmore, George G.toHostler, Polly187565:548
Whitmore, UriahfromWhitmore, Geo.187462:365
Whitney, C. A. (Et al.)toPishon, Frank188082:251
Whitney, James E.toWilson, John187461:586
Whitney, Newton L.toVan Valkenburg, M. W.187373:212
Whitney, W. I. & M. P.fromRuthrauff, H. E.188287:568
Whitright, NaomifromGuillott, John O.188080:58
Whitright, Saml.toWilliams, Thos. H.187877:327
Whits, James B.fromMorell, Mary (Et al.)187875:278
Whittaker, Jos. W.fromSheriff187360:345
Whittem & RevillefromSheriff187977:200
Whitten, Jno.fromBadiac, M. A. (Et al.)188079:190
Whitten, Jno.fromCorson, Silas (Et al.)187979:189
Whitten, Jno.fromFrazier, O. G. (Et al.)188079:190
Whitten, Jno.fromLaisure, M. (Et al.)187979:189
Whitten, Jno.fromLudlow, J. B.187979:189
Whitten, Jno.fromWaters, Julia A. (Et al.)188079:190
Whittern, C.fromRollins, L. S.187977:197
Whittern, C. W.fromAuditor188392:33
Whittern, CharlesfromBarnhart, Jno.187667:176
Whittern, CharlestoCassady, Mary J.187772:227
Whittern, CharlestoHayes, Daniel M.188081:558
Whittern, CharlestoMajors, Byron188079:466
Whittern, CharlesfromMcDonald, John G.187565:72
Whittern, CharlestoPurman, D. C.187668:334
Whittern, CharlestoRaisnider, Solomon187568:82
Whittern, CharlestoSalway, Chas. (Et al.)187873:168
Whittern, CharlesfromSheriff188081:510
Whittern, CharlesfromSheriff188081:512
Whittern, CharlesfromWaggoner, Lewis S.187873:302
Whittern, Chas.fromBarnhart, Jno.187977:402
Whittern, Chas.fromCassaday, Jacob188288:308
Whittern, Chas.fromDague, Jacob188287:168
Whittern, Chas.toPurman, R.187667:179
Whittern, Chas.fromWass, Jno.187977:402
Whittern, N. H.fromCampbell, Louisa188393:327
Whittern, N. H.fromMartz, M. J.188183:56
Whittern, NelsonfromRenille, Philomene188494:56
Whittim, CharlesfromSalway, John187873:168
Whitting, A. J.fromCramer, Jno. A.188393:337
Whittington, J. H.fromKlingenburger, John187771:481
Whittington, Jas A.toKlingenberger, John187771:490
Whittron, CharlesfromReuille, Jules H.187979:127
Whitwig, Ann M.fromAuger, B. S.187874:177
Whyburn, M. C.fromCommissioner in Partition188188:554

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