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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Wiche, FerdinandfromNiemann, Gottlieb187873:171
Wichirs, FredfromMapes, Jas. F.188597:258
Wichman, FerdinandtoWichman, Jno.188494:36
Wichman, Jno.fromWichman, Ferdinand188494:36
Wichom, Jas.fromBiedenweg, G.188598:163
Wickey, MartinfromHowley, Thos.187359:458
Wickey, MartintoWickey, Simon187668:343
Wickey, SimonfromWickey, Martin187668:343
Wickliff, JohnfromGreek, Susan188392:74
Wickliff, P. F.fromFairfield, C. K.188597:35
Wickliffe, A.toBaler, Belinda188287:97
Wickliffe, B.fromWickliffe, P. F.188183:144
Wickliffe, FrancisfromRockhill, H. C.188599:181
Wickliffe, G.fromHubler, Henry188598:570
Wickliffe, Geo. J.fromBaker, Adam188287:98
Wickliffe, Geo. J.fromBaker, Belinda188286:557
Wickliffe, M. S.fromBurgess, Marian188494:471
Wickliffe, M. S.toDiffendorfer, G. W.188392:522
Wickliffe, P. F.toWickliffe, B.188183:144
Wickliffe, S. E.fromColerick, W. G.188599:185
Wickwire, Chas. W.toReynolds, G. M.188391:581
Wickwire, Geo. W.toBarkley, Jno.188185:185
Wickwire, George W.fromAnderson, John187770:324
Wickwire, George W.fromAnderson, Jos. L.187770:325
Wics, JacobtoNeiman, Theo.188393:287
Widdefield, MordecaifromReichelderfer, John D.187359:580
Widdifield, M.toBrundage, Homer187566:26
Widdifield, M.fromElson, Wm. H.187667:548
Widdifield, M.toFord, Mary187978:189
Widdifield, M.toHobbs, Juli Ann187669:131
Widdifield, MordacaitoRupert, Comelias & Cerilla187875:125
Widdifield, MordecaitoMarquit, Alfred187668:180
Widdifield, MordeeaitoMills, Samuel187874:290
Widener, AmosfromJacoby, Lewis H.187363:509
Widing of Pontiac St.fromEickhoff, Katharine (Et al.)188287:211
Widing of Pontiac St.fromKomp, Danl. (Et al.)188287:211
Widing of Pontiac St.fromMeyer, C. F. W. (Et al.)188287:211
Widing of Pontiac St.fromWilliams, J. L. (Et al.)188287:211
Widner, AbrahamtoSteiner, Eli188288:225
Widner, AmostoArnold, Jno. J.188289:258
Widner, AmosfromCotton, John187770:265
Widner, AmosfromNotestine, Uriah187975:516
Widner, AmostoSherwood, Isaac J.187566:297
Widner, AnnatoKeck, Wm. H.188293:332
Widner, AnnafromMontgomery, Louise187977:274
Widner, Eliza AnnfromNotestin, Uriah188080:27
Widner, Eliza AnntoNotestin, Uriah188080:28
Widney, Susan E.toMcDougall, T. F.188085:36
Widsgall, LewisfromGaverick, Aaron187668:501
Wiebke, CharlesfromNinde, Lindley M. (comr.)187464:457
Wiebke, Chas F.fromWiebke, Helen186958:495
Wiebke, Chas F.fromWiebke, Sophia187360:51
Wiebke, Chas. F.fromFry, Jacob186958:495
Wiebke, Chas. F.toGrotrian, Chas.187360:419
Wiebke, Chas. F. & Henry (et al.)toWiebke, Sophia187358:496
Wiebke, Chas. F. (et al.)toWiebke, Henry187566:91
Wiebke, DiederickfromDrecker, Anthony188290:125
Wiebke, DiederickfromDrecker, Anthony188290:95
Wiebke, FrederickfromPrange, William185782:455
Wiebke, HelentoWiebke, Chas F.186958:495
Wiebke, HenryfromAlbur, Julis N.187461:348
Wiebke, HenrytoBash, Solomon187771:176
Wiebke, HenrytoBicknise, Frederick187669:477
Wiebke, HenrytoBicknise, Frederick187669:479
Wiebke, HenrytoBicknise, Frederick187669:480
Wiebke, HenrytoBrase, Fred187279:413
Wiebke, HenrytoBrown, Elizabeth188079:405
Wiebke, HenryfromCraw, E. L.187668:344
Wiebke, HenryfromFrank, Eliza J.187573:531
Wiebke, HenrytoGrodrian, August W.187976:410
Wiebke, HenrytoGrotrian, Chas.187772:296
Wiebke, HenrytoKaag, Jacob C.187668:297
Wiebke, HenrytoKammeyer, Fred188184:278
Wiebke, HenrytoLichtsinn, Wm.188393:183
Wiebke, HenryfromLocke, Josiah188395:83
Wiebke, HenrytoPrange, Chas.188081:304
Wiebke, HenryfromRapp, C. G.187668:297
Wiebke, HenryfromSchmidt, Jacob187566:344
Wiebke, HenrytoSchoppman, Wm.187873:532
Wiebke, HenryfromTagtmeyer, F.187279:412
Wiebke, HenryfromWiebke, Chas. F. (et al.)187566:91
Wiebke, HenryfromWiebke, Sophia187364:47
Wiebke, Henry (Et al.)toKeiser, Rebecca188289:305
Wiebke, SophiatoWiebke, Chas F.187360:51
Wiebke, SophiafromWiebke, Chas. F. & Henry (et al.)187358:496
Wiebke, SophiatoWiebke, Henry187364:47
Wiedbrank, C.toOrr, Michael186692:356
Wiedelman, SophiafromSchafer, Christian187668:398
Wiedelman, Wm.toJacoby & Wiegand187668:321
Wiedelman, Wm.fromMoran, Peter187565:529
Wiedelman, Wm.toSteinman, Adam187565:32
Wiedelman, Wm.fromStinmon, Adam187565:33
Wiedman, M. & M.fromPaine, L. C.188495:337
Wiedrich, Geo.toKing, Dimond187262:359
Wiegand, MonikafromTaylor, Jno.188496:592
Wiegand, S.toBrooks, Wm.187463:318
Wiegand, S.toBrooks, Wm.187771:560
Wiegand, S.fromEdsall, W. S.187463:116
Wiegand, S.toReffelt, Mary187566:112
Wiegand, S. & M.fromNichter, Jos.188192:287
Wiegand, S. (Et al.)toRandall, P. A.188184:335
Wiegand, SebastianfromBrooks, Wm.187771:483
Wiegand, SebastiantoBrooks, Wm.187771:484
Wiegand, SebastiantoNichter, Jos.188184:385
Wiegand, SebastianfromSheriff187770:286
Wiegand, Wm.fromBrackenridge, Jos.188289:88
Wiegman, AugustatoWiegman, Herman187359:570
Wiegman, ChristiantoWiegman, Wm.187567:70
Wiegman, HenryfromAuditor1880A:169
Wiegman, HenrytoWaltemath, Henry187463:233
Wiegman, HermanfromWiegman, Augusta187359:570
Wiegman, HermanfromWilson, L. d.187567:122
Wiegman, HermantoWilson, L. D.187567:75
Wiegman, Wm.fromFrance, Daniel S.187872:535
Wiegman, Wm.fromWiegman, Christian187567:70
Wiegmann, AugustatoGlissenkamp, Wm.187359:333
Wiegmann, AugustatoSeemann, Chas.187359:334
Wiegmann, H. (Et al.)toMeyers, John188393:556
Wiegmen, HenryfromTaber, Paul188598:545
Wiegmenn, Henry (Et al.)fromTaber, S. C.188286:244
Wiegsnan, HenryfromWaltemuth, Henry187463:146
Wiehe, AugusttoBittler, Wm.187667:348
Wiehe, AugusttoHostmeyer, Louis187358:389
Wiehe, AugustfromHostmeyer, Louis187359:411
Wiehe, FerdinandfromMensing, Mary188596:562
Wiehe, FerdinandfromNiemann, Gottlieb188496:58
Wiehe, SophiatoNieman, Gottieb187873:171
Wiehr, F. & C.fromFahlsing, Conrad188495:543
Wiehr, H. & M.fromFahlsing, Conrad188495:528
Wiemann, CatharinetoPhillips, Mary A.188393:28
Wiemann, Wm. toGeismar, Adolph187564:296
Wiemeyer, W. F.fromBaohelier, Hannetta187873:113
Wiemeyer, W. F.toBothner, Cathrine188081:351
Wiemeyer, Wm. F.fromGross, C. C. (et al.)187772:139
Wiemeyer, Wm. F.fromGross, Wm. F.187772:139
Wiemeyer, Wm. T.toForbing, Jno.188182:256
Wieoke, HenryfromCraw, Maria A.187675:185
Wiepkee, Chas.fromAuman, Diederick W.185058:500
Wiers, MaryfromBrothers, Geo.187390:576
Wies, NicholasfromSkinner, Benj. D.187359:444
Wiese, LenorafromBoester, E. A. Ober.188495:271
Wiese, LenorafromOberboester, E. A. (Et al.)188495:271
Wietfeld, HenrytoBell, Mary A.187878:104
Wietfeldt, HenryfromBell, Mary A.187874:376
Wigent, A. C.fromChase, Matilda187566:39
Wigman, HenrytoLade, M. G. & S.188183:376
Wigman, HenryfromMcCahan, Geo.187360:528
Wigman, HenrytoMyers, John187668:227
Wigman, HenryfromRandal, F. P.187668:329
Wigman, HenryfromRandall, F. P.187785:569
Wigman, HenryfromRandall, F. P.188185:568
Wigman, HenryfromRandall, Franklin P.187462:301
Wigmann, HenrytoGeerken, Geo.188494:85
Wigmann, HenryfromSheriff188185:88
Wigsman, HenryfromSheriff187771:430
Wigton, Jno.fromGoon, Daniel187490:415
Wigton, JohntoGreer, Samuel B.187565:283
Wike, Theressa (Et al.)toDiebold, Katherine187873:153
Wike, Theressa (Et al.)toHoke, Mary187873:153
Wike, Theressa (Et al.)toReichard, A. P.187873:153
Wikel, S. A. & E. A.fromMcLachlan, Neil188391:549
Wikel, Samuel A.toWorthington, E. F.187770:395
Wikert, Wm. H.toChaussee, Annie187464:46
Wikle, Saml. (Et al.)fromStevenson, A. C. (Et al.)188190:554
Wilber, AaronfromCommissioners by Partition188081:416
Wilber, Avilla & InezfromCommissioners by Partition188081:416
Wilbur, Geo. W.fromLangacher, Peter188186:117
Wilbur, Geo. W.fromSmith, John Wilson187472:88
Wilcot, Susanna (Et al.)fromCommissioner in Partition188184:65
Wilcox, F. R. & H.fromSheriff188185:479
Wilcox, Geo. E. Jr.toLudwick, M. W.188083:176
Wilcox, S. (Et al.)toCook, Jno. H.188185:227
Wilcox, S. (Et al.)toDreyer, Chas.188288:542
Wilcox, SusantoHensinger, H.188394:2
Wilcox, Susan (Et al.)toKehnert, August188287:576
Wilcox, Susan (Et al.)toSalomon, Chas.188291:561
Wilda, A. A.fromCummings, Jeremiah188394:330
Wilde, Amalia A.fromJacoby, Josephina188392:437
Wilder, Carrie S.fromArgo, Martin E.187980:67
Wilder, J. H. & J. L.fromHough, S. D.188184:149
Wilding, E. E.toRandall, P. A.188289:184
Wilding, EllafromEmbry, James E.187567:137
Wilding, J. & J. W.fromYoung, O. C.187880:466
Wilding, James W.toHunting, Wm. H.187770:34
Wiley, S. J.toMiller, Wm.188080:160
Wiley, Sarah J.fromSheriff187874:121
Wilfret, N. B.fromChapman, O. L.188081:167
Wilhelm, JacobfromVanDoren, A. C. (et al.)187770:575
Wilhelm, Mary H.fromColson, Nicholas187873:74
Wilhelm, Mary H.fromSchafer, Jno. H. W. (Et al.)188393:261
Wilhelm, Mary H.toVordermark, J. W. & L.188393:264
Wilhelm, Mary H.fromVordermark, Jno. W. (Et al.)188393:261
Wilken, WilhelminafromBeck, Anna M.188288:561
Wilkening, GottleibtoSteup, Henry A.186462:453
Wilkening, GottliebtoWoebking, Christian187976:70
Wilkens, ChristianfromDoelker, Caroline187667:295
Wilkens, H.toDavis, E. J. & S. T.188288:168
Wilkerson, Chas. L.fromScott, M. E. (Guard)188082:377
Wilkerson, G. M. & A. C.fromMossman, W. E.188188:109
Wilkerson, J. L.fromClark, Benj.187980:590
Wilkerson, J. L.toWeaver, Alonzo187982:9
Wilkerson, L. S.fromFelts, E. J.188598:357
Wilkerson, L. S.fromGaskill, Kyle188494:228
Wilkerson, LydiafromKelsey, Jonathan187667:224
Wilkerson, MatildafromWilkerson, Thos. J. (Adm.)188189:428
Wilkerson, T. (Et al.)toKelsey, Abner188183:526
Wilkerson, Thos J.fromGaskill, Ann L.187672:392
Wilkerson, Thos. J.toGaskill, Anne L.187668:167
Wilkerson, Thos. J. (Adm.)toWilkerson, Matilda188189:428
Wilkes, NathanfromBurgess, Henry187361:351
Wilkins, ChristfromMahurin, M. B.187771:236
Wilkinson, CharityfromAlden, S. R.188598:630
Wilkinson, CharitytoKell, Jacob188391:454
Wilkinson, Edward Jr.toZimmerman, F. D.187873:33
Wilkinson, Eliza A.fromWarcup, Jane E.188394:61
Wilkinson, FrancesfromKaough, Wm.188184:64
Wilkinson, H. W.fromAuditor1878A:129
Wilkinson, H. W.fromAuditor1879A:157
Wilkinson, H. W.toSumers, M. A.187979:33
Wilkinson, JohnfromMonroe, Angeline187360:134
Wilkinson, JohnfromRacine, Annie187462:604
Wilkinson, M. A.toJohnston, D. S.188494:246
Wilkinson, M. A.fromSumers, M. A.188190:354
Wilkinson, M. E.fromHorton, E. M. C.187978:51
Wilkinson, M. E.toPeters Box & Lumber Co.188185:527
Wilkinson, Millie A.toLillie, Mary E.187667:340
Wilkinson, Millie A.fromLillie, Mary E.187667:446
Wilkinson, ThomastoKetchum, Andrew J.187462:62
Wilkinson, Thos A.fromNussman, John187771:123
Wilkinson, Thos. A.toWarcup, J. E.188392:316
Wilks, N.toSimon, Moses187463:334
WillfromEmerick, Jacob (dec.)186470:152
WillfromLeavitt, S. C.186070:134
WillfromPierson, Wm. S.187280:425
Will, B. E.toPepe, Francis187976:514
Will, JohnfromHough, John187360:287
Will, Thos. H.toFrance, Harry F.187567:4
Willaims, E. P. & Abby T.fromWilliams, Jesse L.187361:150
Willard, R. A.fromAbbott, Rosetta B.188080:393
Willbur, A. A.toLengachey, Peter188185:394
Willbur, Aaron A.fromWillbur, Geo. W.187875:68
Willbur, ArvillatoHarwood, Edwin188080:55
Willbur, Geo W.toFlickinger, J. L.187874:531
Willbur, Geo. W. toCampbell, Jas188080:549
Willbur, Geo. W.toFetch, Francis188081:201
Willbur, Geo. W.toGriffin, Jane188081:201
Willbur, Geo. W.toGump, Wm188081:201
Willbur, Geo. W.fromMain, Columbus C.187667:151
Willbur, Geo. W.toStopber, Sylvester187980:262
Willbur, Geo. W.fromSwift, P. A.187772:2
Willbur, Geo. W.toVandolah, Benj. (Et al.)188081:201
Willbur, Geo. W.toWillbur, Aaron A.187875:68
Willbur, Geo. W. (Adm.)toBoulton, Henry187978:340
Willbur, Geo. W. (Adm.)toDollarhite, E. & E.188079:163
Willbur, Geo. W. (Adm.)toPerkins, Sarah A.188079:76
Willbur, Geo. W. (Adm.)toSwaidner, Mary E.187979:121
Willbur, George W.toByers, Resetta188080:123
Willbur, George W.fromZeis, Lewis188080:80
Willburn, Geo W.toOber, James M.187775:555
Willenburg, F. M.toThomas, O. T.187977:229
Willhelm, JacobtoVanDom, A. C. (Adm.)188080:422
Willhelm, M. E.toColson, N. & M.187874:326
William, JohntoDienhart, Mathias188393:22
William, MoonfromRqua, Florence187464:274
Williams & McDougallfromWilliamson, J. D.187668:255
Williams J. L. Ad. (Plat of Contint)to188183:574
Williams, A. F. & E. P.fromTownley, Robt. W.187681:533
Williams, A. T. (Et al.)toAshton, Ambrose188183:314
Williams, A. T. (Et al.)toHuffman, G. W.188289:520
Williams, AmandatoOtto, F. P.188193:205
Williams, AmandatoYappinger, Jno.188080:261
Williams, BarbarafromDienhart, Mathias188494:193
Williams, Benj. L.toStephens, Marie187873:13
Williams, C. I.toShober, J. E.187792:421
Williams, C. J.fromMcHenry, J. D.187463:407
Williams, C. L.toButler, L. F.188079:409
Williams, C. L.toButler, L. F.188183:205
Williams, C. L.fromButler, Lewis F.188079:408
Williams, Charles L.toSunderland, Benjamin187564:513
Williams, Chas. L.toPettit, David L.187976:114
Williams, Chas. L.toPfeiffer, Abigail187462:511
Williams, Chas. L.fromPfeiffer, Abigail187462:512
Williams, Chas. L.fromPfeiffer, Abigail187566:302
Williams, Chas. L.fromPfeiffer, John C.187976:290
Williams, ClarktoCheney, Ezro187461:452
Williams, ClarkfromParker, John R.187259:561
Williams, CyrusfromWilliams, Samuel187667:292
Williams, E. L.fromFort Wayne Nat. Bank188289:27
Williams, E. L.fromHamilton Nat. Bank188289:27
Williams, E. L.fromLister, Ezra188289:28
Williams, E. P.fromKrackman, J. & M.187566:29
Williams, E. P.fromMeyer, C. F. G. & J. F. W.187976:542
Williams, E. P.toRegedanz, Christian187669:32
Williams, E. P.toSeabold, C.187875:211
Williams, E. P.toSimonson, J. H. & M. E.187977:471
Williams, E. P.toThompson, Nelson187567:5
Williams, E. P.toTinkham, J. P.187875:211
Williams, E. P. (Et al.)toRanner, Geo.187981:146
Williams, E. T.fromFairfield, Anna S.187565:616
Williams, E. T.toTrustees 1st Presbyterian Ch.187462:211
Williams, Edward P.fromKarnes, Lewis J.187872:460
Williams, Edward P.toSchatter, Christian C.187771:40
Williams, GurdonfromUnited States183771:50
Williams, H. F.fromKiser, Wm. S.187695:540
Williams, H. M.fromHill, Maria A.187669:330
Williams, H. M. & M. H.fromLindenwood Cemetery188085:324
Williams, HelentoHull, V. C.188186:476
Williams, HellenfromHarris, Ellar F.187979:68
Williams, HenryfromSchmitz, Chas. A.187461:487
Williams, Henry M.toSchell, Edward187465:99
Williams, J. H.fromHaley, Daniel187566:132
Williams, J. J.fromEdsall, C. M.188289:308
Williams, J. J. toWalton, C. E.188289:309
Williams, J. L.to188183:570
Williams, J. L.toBandt, Fred188183:341
Williams, J. L.fromBond, Stephen B.187668:75
Williams, J. L.toBonter, G. W. P. & E. O.188390:424
Williams, J. L.toBouter, W. F. C. & I. J.188287:470
Williams, J. L.toGrable, S. A. & A.188288:194
Williams, J. L.fromHamilton, A. H. (Et al.)188185:338
Williams, J. L.toHanna, Eliza Sr.187360:483
Williams, J. L.fromHoagland, Pliny187669:389
Williams, J. L.fromHoagland, Pliny188390:365
Williams, J. L.toShea, Patrick188185:132
Williams, J. L.fromSheriff188182:225
Williams, J. L.toStone, E. E.188287:471
Williams, J. L.fromWagenhals, E. (Et al.)188185:338
Williams, J. L. (Et al.)toWiding of Pontiac St.188287:211
Williams, J. S.fromHamilton Bank187975:553
Williams, J. S.toKegg, Emanuel186674:505
Williams, Jesse L.toBaumann, John187359:432
Williams, Jesse L.toCressler, A. D.188184:193
Williams, Jesse L.toDavidson, Wm.187359:392
Williams, Jesse L.toEvard, Clement187360:203
Williams, Jesse L.toGorrell, Mary C.187673:398
Williams, Jesse L.toHamilton, F.188286:568
Williams, Jesse L.toHartnett, Richard187359:435
Williams, Jesse L.fromHilt, Fredk.187462:449
Williams, Jesse L.toHoagland, Pliny187667:297
Williams, Jesse L.fromHoagland, Pliny187667:315
Williams, Jesse L.toHoagland, Pliny187669:425
Williams, Jesse L.fromHoagland, Pliny187670:30
Williams, Jesse L.toHollman, Sophia L.187359:486
Williams, Jesse L.toHoopingamer, Solomon187565:477
Williams, Jesse L.toKlotz, Daniel187463:521
Williams, Jesse L.fromMcCulloch, H. (Et al.)188289:79
Williams, Jesse L.toMorris, John187464:66
Williams, Jesse L.toSchwarze, Henry187770:515
Williams, Jesse L.fromShackley, Hiram W.187462:560
Williams, Jesse L.fromSheriff187566:333
Williams, Jesse L.fromSheriff187770:280
Williams, Jesse L.fromSheriff (J. D. Hance)187564:337
Williams, Jesse L.toSingmaster, Joseph187366:343
Williams, Jesse L.toStites, John187260:306
Williams, Jesse L.fromStites, John187873:502
Williams, Jesse L.toThe City of Fort Wayne187976:518
Williams, Jesse L.fromTreasurer City187770:305
Williams, Jesse L.fromTreasurer City187770:307
Williams, Jesse L.fromUnited States183473:57
Williams, Jesse L.toWeller, Louisa187771:227
Williams, Jesse L.toWillaims, E. P. & Abby T.187361:150
Williams, Jesse L. & S. C.fromMorris, John187464:65
Williams, Jesse L. Addition (Plat of)to188184:157
Williams, JesseL.toKohlmeyer, Anton F.187976:285
Williams, JohntoFogle, Philip187876:23
Williams, JohnfromSmith, Charles W.187566:465
Williams, JohntoSmith, Chas. W.187669:318
Williams, JohnfromUnited States183662:510
Williams, John H.toBrothers, George187566:466
Williams, John H.fromFairfield, Cyrus K.187463:50
Williams, M. H.toCummings, J.187977:146
Williams, M. H.toCurtis, Saml. H.187978:271
Williams, M. H.toFox, Jas.188185:341
Williams, M. H.toHamilton, M. V.188287:116
Williams, M. H.toHamilton, M. V.188390:268
Williams, M. H.toPassino, Jos.187977:480
Williams, M. H. (Et al.)toCity of Fort Wayne188080:81
Williams, M. H. (Et al.)toHamilton, Phoebe A.188182:328
Williams, M. H. (Et al.)toHenscie, A. G. & D.188393:255
Williams, M. H. (Et al.)toJones, L. M.188390:283
Williams, M. H. (Et al.)toMorgan, O. P. (Et al.)188393:583
Williams, M. H. (Et al.)toTrustees United Presbyterian Ch.188393:596
Williams, M. M.fromBrothers, George187777:531
Williams, M. M.fromSmith, Chas. W.187770:473
Williams, M. M.toSmith, Chas. W.187777:532
Williams, Maey E.toMumma, N. J.187879:171
Williams, MaryfromHamilton, A. H. (et al.)187669:405
Williams, MaryfromSheriff187772:334
Williams, Mary A.toWise, John187572:558
Williams, Mary E.fromSmith, Sarah187773:301
Williams, Mary H.toAreno, Helena187977:491
Williams, Mary H.fromArens, Helena187978:248
Williams, Mary H.fromPeltier, Mary188495:394
Williams, Mary H. (Et al.)toCity of Fort Wayne188080:81
Williams, Mary M.fromBrothers, George187566:139
Williams, Mary M.fromRabbit, Mary187566:136
Williams, Mary M.toWilliams, Thos. H.187873:275
Williams, Mary M.fromWilliams, Thos. H.187977:328
Williams, NancytoBear, Levi187874:518
Williams, NancyfromBear, Levi (Et al.)187883:132
Williams, NancyfromKeller, Jacob188186:333
Williams, NancyfromKrider, Geo. W. (Guard)187883:133
Williams, NancytoMayer, Theo. (Et al.)188392:32
Williams, NancyfromStockert, Mary (Et al.)187883:132
Williams, R. B.fromHartsel, Joseph187566:129
Williams, R. B.fromHartsel, Mary187566:130
Williams, S. M.fromAyres, W. D.188390:394
Williams, S. M.fromHuffman, F.187263:225
Williams, S. M.toJohnson, Jno. A.187786:451
Williams, S. M.toMiller, Ebenezer187472:281
Williams, S. M.fromWalters, Isaac188290:393
Williams, Saml. M.toPeters, Sarah E.188393:117
Williams, Saml. M.toWhipple, Saml. E.187771:250
Williams, Saml. M.fromWilson, Thos. L.187669:92
Williams, SamueltoWilliams, Cyrus187667:292
Williams, Samuel M.toGauder, George S.187566:247
Williams, Samuel M.fromWilliamson, Alex187367:3
Williams, Samuel M.toWoods, Emanuel187567:28
Williams, Thos. H.fromWhitright, Saml.187877:327
Williams, Thos. H.fromWilliams, Mary M.187873:275
Williams, Thos. H.toWilliams, Mary M.187977:328
Williamson, AlexfromBarnhart, John187261:456
Williamson, AlexfromBarnhart, John187361:456
Williamson, AlexfromBayless, Lucy C.187161:461
Williamson, AlexfromCarpenter, Martin J.187161:459
Williamson, AlexfromDague, E. D.187361:458
Williamson, AlexfromDerker, Henry187292:252
Williamson, AlextoDunifon, Samantha187360:112
Williamson, AlexfromDunifon, Samantha187361:458
Williamson, AlextoGallaway, C.187261:455
Williamson, AlextoHatfield, Wm. H.186462:463
Williamson, AlexfromHeller, T. S.187361:458
Williamson, AlexfromLong, Elmira187361:457
Williamson, AlextoMagner, John187473:215
Williamson, AlextoMcGregor, James187261:460
Williamson, AlexfromMeeks, Wm. R.187364:248
Williamson, AlextoPeters, Ephriam187367:523
Williamson, AlexfromPettit, James187058:382
Williamson, AlextoRaynor, J. L.187463:422
Williamson, AlexfromShaffer, James187364:249
Williamson, AlextoShurick, F. S.187162:73
Williamson, AlexfromVan Valkenburg, M. W.187373:213
Williamson, AlextoWilliams, Samuel M.187367:3
Williamson, AlexandertoCochrane, Wesley187464:563
Williamson, AlexandertoPurman, Rosanna187465:417
Williamson, AlexandertoPurman, Samuel187567:92
Williamson, Benj. F.fromWorden, Ezra187464:165
Williamson, George C.fromWilliamson, James W.187463:177
Williamson, J. C.fromHartzell, A. M. (Et al.)188288:204
Williamson, J. D.fromStephens, Thos. M.187668:254
Williamson, J. D.toWilliams & McDougall187668:255
Williamson, James W.toWilliamson, George C.187463:177
Williamson, Jessie C.fromDougall, Allan H.188081:496
Williamson, Marion F.toFoster, Thomas J.187565:614
Williamson, R.fromFleming, Wm.188287:334
Williard, B. P. L.fromAuditor188390:367
Williard, R.fromSheriff188289:495
Williard, R. A.fromAuditor188390:369
Willie, FranzfromBell, Charles187360:439
Willington, R. S.fromStearns, Wm. L.188183:274
Willke, William Sr.toWillke, Wm. Harman188080:114
Willke, Wm.fromDawson, J. W.187361:10
Willke, Wm. HarmanfromWillke, William Sr.188080:114
Willkie, Wm. (Et al.)toHenry, A. P.188287:135
Willmeier, F.fromDeVaux, D.187463:322
Willmeier, FredfromDeVanex, A.188288:362
Willson, Anna (Adm.)toLogan, John F.187979:75
Willson, O. J.toMeyer, Diederich187978:520
Wilmot & FeefromTaylor, John187567:141
Wilmot, J. C.toBarrand, Jno.188289:265
Wilmot, J. E.fromFleming, Wm187667:200
Wilmot, James C.fromCarnahan, Clara L.187361:248
Wilmot, James C.fromRudisill, Elizabeth E.187361:349
Wilmot, James C.fromSkinner, T. H. & B. D.187463:182
Wilmot, James C.toVogely, Andrew187772:448
Wilmot, James C.toWilson, Geo. Sr. & Elizabeth188079:263
Wilmot, Jas. C.toMunson, Chas. A.187978:403
Wilmot, Jas. C.fromVogely, Andrew187772:113
Wilmot, Jas. G.toWebber, Briget187976:28
Wilmott, J. C.fromFee, Thos. W.187669:428
Wilson & FeltsfromSewell, James186561:168
Wilson, A. B.fromWilson, Barbara E.187259:339
Wilson, Alfred B.toHardesty, James187670:424
Wilson, Alfred B.toMinick, Oliver186361:566
Wilson, B. E.toShaffer, Jno.188287:503
Wilson, Barbara E.fromCraig, Wm. J.187567:293
Wilson, Barbara E.toWilson, A. B.187259:339
Wilson, E. J.fromEvans, Edwin188391:376
Wilson, E. V.fromNeff, D. W.188396:17
Wilson, ElishatoShaffer, Sturgis C.187566:156
Wilson, ElizabethtoWilson, Gains188080:110
Wilson, ElizabethtoWilson, Gains188288:148
Wilson, G. & M.fromSpiegel, Aug.188289:47
Wilson, GaensfromWilson, George187977:234
Wilson, GaenstoWilson, Mary H.187977:235
Wilson, GainesfromSpiegel, August188287:571
Wilson, Gaines & Geo.fromHamilton, Montgomery187977:97
Wilson, GainsfromHamilton Nat. Bank188286:456
Wilson, GainsfromLines, J. H.188391:500
Wilson, GainstoNommay, P.188391:203
Wilson, GainstoPier, Peter188390:584
Wilson, GainstoPierr, Peter188286:455
Wilson, GainsfromPressler, Jno.188184:39
Wilson, GainsfromTreat, Hosea G.188391:183
Wilson, GainsfromWilson, Elizabeth188080:110
Wilson, GainsfromWilson, Elizabeth188288:148
Wilson, GainsfromWilson, George187565:117
Wilson, Geo.fromBreese, Samuel E.188597:229
Wilson, Geo.fromNuttman, J. D. Jr.188289:408
Wilson, Geo. H.fromBaldwin, A.187467:479
Wilson, Geo. H.toBurke, Ellen188288:98
Wilson, Geo. H.toFt. W. & Jackson R. R. Co.188287:429
Wilson, Geo. H. toHunt, A. H.187772:228
Wilson, Geo. H.fromPickard, F. R. & Sons188392:100
Wilson, Geo. H.fromRudisill, Elizabeth E.187360:452
Wilson, Geo. H. (Assignee)fromBass, Jno. H.188599:141
Wilson, Geo. H. (Et al.)fromGraffe, H. C. (Ex.)188185:552
Wilson, Geo. H. (Ex.)toBissell, Geo. P.187667:529
Wilson, Geo. Sr. & ElizabethfromWilmot, James C.188079:263
Wilson, GeorgefromHowison, Anna S.187770:564
Wilson, GeorgetoNullman, J. D. Jr.188289:394
Wilson, GeorgetoScarlet, Chester188392:411
Wilson, GeorgefromScarlet, Chester188392:412
Wilson, GeorgetoWilson, Gaens187977:234
Wilson, GeorgetoWilson, Gains187565:117
Wilson, George H.fromHanna, Chas.187463:99
Wilson, H. E.fromAntrup, E. (Ex.)188598:268
Wilson, IsaactoWilson, Jesse T.187465:557
Wilson, J. E. (et al.)toDoup, E. R.187372:95
Wilson, J. F.fromBullard, G. M. (receiver)187564:531
Wilson, J. F.toHaley, Bridget187873:488
Wilson, J. F.fromUnited States187565:264
Wilson, J. N.fromWatters, O. P.187977:484
Wilson, J. N.toWatters, O. P.188084:119
Wilson, Jesse S.toKennedy, Mary A.187771:42
Wilson, Jesse T.fromWilson, Isaac187465:557
Wilson, Jno.toDnoer, Elizabeth188081:349
Wilson, Jno.fromRossington, W. W.188184:497
Wilson, Jno.toRossington, W. W.188289:528
Wilson, Jno.toSimons, A. O.187363:413
Wilson, Jno.fromSimons, O. A.188495:56
Wilson, Jno.fromSimons, Oscar A.187567:461
Wilson, JohntoArgo, Martin E.187362:67
Wilson, JohntoCary, M. & Crawford, A.187462:195
Wilson, JohntoChamper, Catharine187568:125
Wilson, JohnfromEwing, Geo. W. (est.)187358:490
Wilson, JohntoHoops, Reuben B.187464:185
Wilson, JohntoHuffman, Henry187771:74
Wilson, JohnfromMiddleton, Geo. A.186861:587
Wilson, JohnfromSheriff187566:56
Wilson, JohnfromSimons, Oscar A.187361:588
Wilson, JohntoSmith, Mary C.187261:583
Wilson, JohnfromSmith, W. R. & Mary C.187261:584
Wilson, JohnfromSpencer, M. V. B.187874:313
Wilson, JohnfromWhitney, James E.187461:586
Wilson, JohntoWilson, Walter B.187361:386
Wilson, JohntoWitte, August187462:200
Wilson, L. d.toWiegman, Herman187567:122
Wilson, L. D.fromWiegman, Herman187567:75
Wilson, Lewis O.toLipes, David H.187360:297
Wilson, Mary H.fromWilson, Gaens187977:235
Wilson, Mary H. & Geo.fromFairfield, Cyrus K.187461:427
Wilson, O. F.fromFelts, E. J.186661:169
Wilson, O. F.fromShoup, Daniel F.186961:170
Wilson, Oscar F.toMarquis, Robt. C.187361:171
Wilson, SusantoHood, Jas. W.188188:534
Wilson, Thos. E.toHarwood, Edwin B.187463:457
Wilson, Thos. L.toWilliams, Saml. M.187669:92
Wilson, Thos. L.fromWoods, Jane187669:91
Wilson, W. T.fromFleming, Wm.187581:167
Wilson, W. T.fromPool, Samuel186961:241
Wilson, W. T.toShorp, D. O.187361:242
Wilson, Walter B.fromWilson, John187361:386
Wilson, WilliamstoLindsey, Wesley188079:217
Wilson, Wm.toMcLachlan, Neil187361:113
Wilson, Wm. F.fromShell, Jcob H.187262:374
Wilson, Wm. F.fromSwift, Alpheus187262:375
Wilson, Wm. J.toNill, R. B.188391:336
Wilson, Wm. T.fromBritzius, Jno.187581:376
Wilson, Wm. T.toLewis, Jesse187262:266
Wilson, Wm. T.toMartz, Phillip188081:377
Wilson, Wm. T. (Coms)toPefferman, Susan C.187771:65
Wilson, Wm. T. (Coms)toTaber, Jesse187771:67
Wilt, Chas. D.fromWilt, Jno. M.188182:293
Wilt, F. P.fromWilt, Jno. M.188182:294
Wilt, Jno. M.fromAuditor185368:303
Wilt, Jno. M.toEsmond, C.188182:292
Wilt, Jno. M.toMcDonald, S. E.188182:291
Wilt, Jno. M.toSimons, Oscar A.187569:363
Wilt, Jno. M.toWilt, Chas. D.188182:293
Wilt, Jno. M.toWilt, F. P.188182:294
Wilt, John MtoLandin, William187463:434
Wilt, John M.toKamp, Bernard187463:436
Wilt, John M.toMcDonald, S. E. & E. H.187464:224
Wilt, John M.fromTrustees W. & E. Canal184663:431
Wilt, John M.fromTrustees W. & E. Canal184663:432
Wilt, John M.fromTrustees W. & E. Canal184663:433
Wilt, John M.toZurbech, Francis J.187463:435
Wilt, W. A.fromBrokaw, Jas. H.188496:539
Winans, Alex (Et al.)toHedges, Thos. J.187981:564
Winburn, M. E.toHayden, E. H.188184:517
Winburn, M. E.fromHayden, Eliza H.188080:233
Winch, C. J.fromCooper, M.188598:55
Winch, C. J.fromOrff, E. A.188398:53
Winch, C. J.fromWinch, H. D.188183:507
Winch, C. J.fromWinch, H. D. 188183:548
Winch, Calvin J.fromLudwick, Chas. W. & Joseph187364:5
Winch, Calvin J.fromLudwick, Esdras187364:8
Winch, Calvin J.fromLudwick, Margaret & Benj. D.187364:5
Winch, Calvin J.fromLudwick, Margaret (Extrix.)187464:10
Winch, Calvin J.fromLudwick, Wm.187364:6
Winch, Calvin J.toMcCulloch, Chas. & Nelson, Wm. R.187464:4
Winch, Calvin J.fromWolf, Danl. H & Sarah187364:8
Winch, H. D.toWinch, C. J.188183:507
Winch, H. D. toWinch, C. J.188183:548
Winch, H. D.fromWinch, P. C.188183:506
Winch, H. D.fromWinch, P. C. (Et al.)188183:548
Winch, P. C.toNuttman, Joseph D.187770:579
Winch, P. C.toWinch, H. D.188183:506
Winch, P. C. (Et al.)toWinch, H. D.188183:548
Winch, Phebe C.fromNuttman, Joseph L.187771:7
Wines, M. S.fromTrustees W. & E. Canal 187687:421
Wines, M. W. (Et al.)toRockhill, Wm.188288:26
Wineyard, Wm.fromUnited States184061:438
Wing, W. B.toEpple, Gottlieb188390:381
Wing, W. B.fromJones, L. M.188391:375
Wing, WarfieldfromHill, O. E.188186:427
Wingate, JohnfromBarnhardt, Christian187669:460
Wingate, JohntoBarnhart, Sophia187669:461
Wingate, JohntoRau, Casper187875:69
Winger, Hans H.toHensel, Peter187565:451
Winger, Hans K.fromFairfield, C. K.187463:317
Winget, WilliamfromHiler, John V.187359:320
Winkleman, Chas.toGuillarime, L. A.187463:306
Winright, Jno. W.toEmbrey, Jos.188390:418
Winsor, AbnerfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185279:198
Winsor, AbnerfromTrustees W. & E. Canal185279:200
Winter, FredfromRegedanz, Chas.188392:266
Winters, Chas.fromWinters, Peter188079:315
Winters, ChristiantoWinters, Peter187672:316
Winters, PeterfromPutt, Wm.188597:460
Winters, PeterfromScherrer, Christian188079:153
Winters, PetertoWinters, Chas.188079:315
Winters, PeterfromWinters, Christian187672:316
Wirche, CatharinefromGraham, Jas. & wife187464:90
Wirche, Peter & wifetoGraham, Jas.187464:89
Wire, M. (Et al.)toEmrick, Adam188184:237
Wire, Matilda (et al.)toCary & Crofford187668:265
Wire, Matilda (Et al.)fromCary, M. & Crawford, A. C.187979:34
Wirebaugh, Wm. & wifetoHoover, Thos.187361:18
Wirley, F. (Et al.)toLintz, Delia187977:409
Wirth, John (by will)toWirth, Josephine187875:475
Wirth, John (Will of)to187875:475
Wirth, JosephinefromWirth, John (by will)187875:475
Wischmeier, H.fromStahlhut, Fred188182:270
Wise, ElizafromOchs, Isaac (Adm.)188494:343
Wise, JacobtoLenz, Frederick187978:222
Wise, JohnfromBoger, Mathias, Jr.187572:560
Wise, JohnfromCampbell, Lavina187572:559
Wise, JohntoEmanuel, Jonas187873:569
Wise, JohntoShutt, Geo.187669:156
Wise, JohnfromWilliams, Mary A.187572:558
Wise, John (Et al.)toShutt, George187773:160
Wise, P. J.fromLindenwood Cemetry186574:353
Wise, P. J.toMiller, Mary E.188391:199
Wise, W. & I.fromPaul, H. C.188494:121
Wise, Wm.fromFairfield, C. K.188286:248
Wisell, David D.toFelts, Elisha J.187464:424
Wisell, David D.toIler, Oliver P.187464:505
Wiseman, RacheltoRoberson, U. M.187980:292
Wisenberger, Chas. & C.fromHessert, George & Bernard187472:321
Wiser, C. & SylvestertoHouk, Hiram187463:561
Wishart, Maggie S.fromSutermeister, Arnold188080:150
Wistner, MaryfromStone, Emma E.188286:573
Wistner, MaryfromStone, Emma E.188494:538
Wistner, MaryfromStone, Emma E.188494:552
Witham, MariafromMiller, H. A. (Et al.)188393:565
Witham, MariafromUrbine, A. F. (Et al.)188393:565
Withers, M. A.toWithers, M. J.188392:285
Withers, M. A.fromWithers, M. J.188392:286
Withers, M. J.fromWithers, M. A.188392:285
Withers, M. J.toWithers, M. A.188392:286
Withers, MarthafromRudisill, A. Melis L. Est.187463:29
Withers, Martha A.fromOlds, Jay V.187565:346
Withers, W. H.fromBrackenridge, Elisa187290:55
Withers, W. H.fromVail, A. R.188182:367
Withers, W. H.toVail, C. S.188182:369
Withers, W. H. (Com.)toHursh, Wm. C.187873:404
Withers, W. H. (Com.)toPettit, Adam187772:154
Withers, W. H. (Com.)toPloor, Ellen187387:555
Withers, W. H. (Com.)toSchell, Alfred187873:404
Withers, W. H. (Comr.)toOhler, Jacob187977:438
Withers, W. H. (Comr.)toPloor, Christian187358:419
Withers, W. H. (Comr.)toSowers, Christian187875:348
Withers, W. H. (Coms.)toLogan, Nora (Et al.)188286:243
Withers, W. H. (Coms.)toMeyers, Deidrick187873:584
Withers, W. H. (Coms.)toNailors, George187771:11
Withers, W. H. (Coms.)toSorg, Rebecca187874:158
Withers, W. H. (Coms.)toTheime, Jno. G.188082:152
Withers, W. H. (Trustee)toHanna, S. C.188184:178
Withers, Wanew H. (Comr.)toWadsworth, Henry G.187773:388
Withers, Warren H.fromHanna, Chas.187771:398
Withers, Warren H.toHengerer, Christian & Margaret187462:360
Witkinson, M. E.fromSheriff187978:517
Witmer, ChristianfromJohn, Anthony187567:345
Witmer, ChristianfromJohn, Anthony187670:498
Witmer, ChristianfromRinggenberg, Peter188286:373
Witmer, ChristiantoWitmer, Peter188394:35
Witmer, JacobtoGoldsmith, Henry188081:355
Witmer, JacobfromHursh, John C.187874:285
Witmer, JacobfromLyons, Davis188081:354
Witmer, JacobtoStury, John187876:592
Witmer, Jos.fromGerig, John188079:518
Witmer, Jos.toGrabell, Jos188286:370
Witmer, Lydia (Et al.)toAmstutz, P. S.188391:391
Witmer, Lydia (Et al.)toHaifley, Geo.188391:387
Witmer, PeterfromWitmer, Christian188394:35
Witmer, Peter (heirs)toRoth, Benedict187564:448
Witmeyer, GeorgetoNill, Mary J.187567;83
Witte, AugusttoDinger, Robt.187565:327
Witte, AugustfromWilson, John187462:200
Witte, AugustfromWitte, Julius188393:421
Witte, C. H. A.fromWitte, Julius188290:42
Witte, ChristianfromLauer, Augustine188294:623
Witte, Frank (Et al.)toNiebergall, Henry187976:308
Witte, FredtoSteinkamper, A. 188494:237
Witte, FrederickfromHuser, Louis P. (Adm)187775:186
Witte, JuliusfromColeman, Rebeca188390:292
Witte, JuliusfromDuiger, Robt. 187873:336
Witte, JuliustoWitte, August188393:421
Witte, JuliustoWitte, C. H. A.188290:42
Witte, LouistoGruele, Charles187564:446
Witte, LouisfromWitte, Wm.187564:436
Witte, Wm.toWitte, Louis187564:436
Witters, W. H. (Comr.)toStevens, Mary187679:283
Wittie, ChristianfromThieme, John G.187364:268
Witz, GeorgefromRussell, Caroline187359:336
Witzgall, Wm.fromBart, Nelson O.187978:85

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