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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Wochuker, F. H.fromHafner, Jno.188186:70
Woebbeking, ConradfromPeriquey, Peter188494:466
Woebbeking, ConradfromPerrigney, Peter187669:127
Woebking, C.toDroste, D.187463:360
Woebking, ChristianfromWilkening, Gottlieb187976:70
Woedelman, Wm. & SophiatoPfeiffer, Henry187359:602
Woehnker, AmeliafromFischer, Ragina188393:518
Woehnker, ChristfromPranger, Suzanna188393:166
Woehnker, Emelia (Et al.)toFisher, Regina188184:588
Woehnker, F. H.toFischer, Ragina188393:518
Woehnker, F. H.fromRolf, Henry188289:467
Wohlfort, M. E.fromHamilton, Mont.188183:303
Wohlfort, Martha E.fromGilchrist, C. P.187669:17
Wohlfort, R. W.toGilchrist, Chas. P.187669:16
Wohlfort, R. W.toRandall, P. A.187874:384
Wohnker, FredfromPranger, H. H.187163:211
Woidziak, JosephfromPickard, Thomas R.187570:173
Wolcott, Fred M.toNeff, J. H.187565:607
Wolcott, Fred M.fromSlatter, Mary J.187565:329
Wolcott, Fred M.toSt. John & Norton187567:22
Wolcott, Fredk. J.fromEsmond, George187565:441
Wolcott, Fredk. J.fromWolcott, J. R. & Fred M.187567:105
Wolcott, J. R. & F. M.toKelly, James187567:12
Wolcott, J. R. & F. M.fromWorthington, Wm. M.187567:55
Wolcott, J. R. & Fred M.toWolcott, Fredk. J.187567:105
Wolf A. & F. ChurchfromRayhouser, G. I. Q.187677:390
Wolf, A. C.toMorgan, E. M. (Et al.)188390:577
Wolf, AbrahamfromCarnahan, Clara L.187875:301
Wolf, AbrahamtoFleming, Wm.188288:415
Wolf, AbrahamfromHanson, Jos.188080:605
Wolf, AbrahamtoHanson, Jos. & B. F.188081:264
Wolf, AbrahamfromPotter, P. L.188288:411
Wolf, AbrahamfromSheriff187875:177
Wolf, Adolphus EstatetoButler, Mary A.188391:238
Wolf, Adolphus EstatetoWolf, Geo.188391:238
Wolf, Adolphus EstatetoWolf, M. J.188391:238
Wolf, Adolphus EstatetoWolf, Samuel188391:238
Wolf, christophertoLadig, Elizabeth Jane187772:375
Wolf, Danl. H & SarahtoWinch, Calvin J.187364:8
Wolf, DorethafromEnglert, Frank187770:444
Wolf, ElizabethfromLauer, August187361:21
Wolf, Geo.fromWolf, Adolphus Estate188391:238
Wolf, L. & R.fromOrff, Esther A.188289:581
Wolf, M. & C. WolffromLadig, E. J.187874:85
Wolf, M. J.fromWolf, Adolphus Estate188391:238
Wolf, Margaretha N.toHockemeyer, Henry187669:215
Wolf, MichaeltoManison, Wm. & Henry187360:420
Wolf, Oliver C.toConroy, Kate187872:433
Wolf, Oliver C.fromConroy, Thos. H.187872:433
Wolf, Paul & MariafromSiemon, Rudolph188080:589
Wolf, SamuelfromWolf, Adolphus Estate188391:238
Wolf, SarahfromWhite, James B.187464:134
Wolf, Wm.toCurtis, Margaret188081:245
Wolfe, O. C.fromBaker, F. M.187668:91
Wolff, ChristiantoBeck, Francis Jos.187566:150
Wolff, EmmatoYoung, Stephen188081:449
Wolff, Emma & GustavefromRauhaus, Herman187462:350
Wolff, Lena & Christian H.fromBeck, Francis J.187462:297
Wolford, HannahfromWest, F. C.187671:274
Wolford, HannahtoWest, F. C.187985:59
Wolford, HarrietfromPrice, Robt. C.188081:400
Wolford, Harriet R.fromBrooks, Wm. H., Jr.187462:233
Wolford, Harriet R.toHaiber, Peter187461:229
Wolford, HenrytoBower, Wesley187976:79
Wolford, HenryfromHunter, Wm. T.187476:79
Wolke, F. A. & J.toWolke, F. H.187976:579
Wolke, F. H.fromAbbott, R. B.187978:377
Wolke, F. H.toBolyz, F. C.188289:270
Wolke, F. H.toBolyz, F. C.188289:297
Wolke, F. H.fromCarier, A. H.188188:510
Wolke, F. H.fromCarier, A. H.188289:373
Wolke, F. H.toDreier, Wm. H.188184:226
Wolke, F. H.fromEdsall, C. W.187874:153
Wolke, F. H.toFleming, Wm.188185:30
Wolke, F. H.fromPollard, R. B.187976:502
Wolke, F. H.toSchott, Geo. J.188289:373
Wolke, F. H.toSchott, Geo. J.188289:374
Wolke, F. H.toShilling, Mary B.188184:225
Wolke, F. H.fromTaylor, Jno. M.188289:372
Wolke, F. H.fromWolke, F. A. & J.187976:579
Wolke, F. H.fromWolke, U. A. (Et al.)187977:39
Wolke, F. H. (Et al.)toCarier, A. H.188184:564
Wolke, F. H. (Trustee)toGibson, M. J.188288:327
Wolke, FrancisfromAuditor188596:622
Wolke, Francis H.fromAuditor187772:274
Wolke, Francis H.fromBeckman, H. W.187566:184
Wolke, Francis N.fromMaier, Amelia C.187772:195
Wolke, LewistoBird, Ann187277:49
Wolke, LouistoBurhan, Edward187259:313
Wolke, LouistoMiller, Joseph L.184861:158
Wolke, U. A. (Et al.)toWolke, F. H.187977:39
Woman, JacobfromHeinlen, E.188185:457
Wonn, SalometoRuppert, Manassee188183:113
Wood, AlansontoEverett, C. W.187670:24
Wood, AlberttoShoaff, Wm. W.187770:433
Wood, CommodoretoDunton, M. J.188391:470
Wood, CommodorefromWagner, J. B.187591:461
Wood, CommodovefromDunton, P. G.188191:466
Wood, DanieltoEvard, John187361:156
Wood, Geo.toBouman, Wm. B.186459:314
Wood, Geo. W.toTrahin, Francis186380:414
Wood, H. A.toMeyer, W. D.188286:378
Wood, H. A.fromSheriff188183:179
Wood, Hester A.toHeller, Martha187359:468
Wood, Hester A.toLogan, Lott A.187667:418
Wood, Hester A.fromLogan, Lott A.188079:232
Wood, Hester A.fromRockhill, H. C.187873:334
Wood, Hester A.fromRockhill, H. M.187873:334
Wood, Hester A.fromRockhill, J. D. B.187873:334
Wood, Hester A.fromSheriff188079:130
Wood, Hester A.fromTaylor, Robt. S. (et al.)187873:334
Wood, Hster A.fromSheriff, (Platt J. Wise)187667:421
Wood, IsaactoMcCumsey, Catharine187566:446
Wood, Jno. A.fromOlds, Hester A.188081:412
Wood, Laura A.toCutshall, Elizabeth188391:544
Wood, Laura, A.fromCutshall, Jos. H.188391:543
Wood, LetiliatoMiles, S. A.188287:91
Wood, Lovinie H.fromHuxford, Samuel H.187566:507
Wood, Martha J.fromMcCumsey, Catharine187776:398
Wood, MarytoKemp, O. E.188079:443
Wood, MaryfromWood, Wm. Estate187979:442
Wood, Orin D.toEmrick, Adam188079:257
Wood, Orrin O.fromCommissioners by Partition188079:44
Wood, Wm.fromSiemon, Rudolph187462:612
Wood, Wm. EstatetoWood, Mary187979:442
Woodcock, B. B.fromPugh, Eli F.187774:529
Woodcock, R. B.fromVallie, Priscila187978:164
Woodruff, EllenfromReeder, Jno.188495:450
Woods, Albert W.fromHunter, Wm. T (admr.)185970:570
Woods, Albert W.fromHunter, Wm. T (admr.)187270:572
Woods, EmanuelfromWilliams, Samuel M.187567:28
Woods, Geo.toKumfer, Benj.187977:310
Woods, Geo. (Guard)toPrough, Geo.187360:153
Woods, Geo. Jr.fromWoods, Geo. Sr.188081:586
Woods, Geo. Sr.toWoods, Geo. Jr.188081:586
Woods, Geo. Sr.toWoods, Jacob188082:1
Woods, GeorgetoConfare, Benjamin187265:68
Woods, GeorgefromDeahl, Edward H.187566:224
Woods, GeorgetoFoulks, A. G.188393:101
Woods, GeorgefromWalker, Wm. M.187875:534
Woods, Isaac A.fromSheriff187365:168
Woods, JacobfromWoods, Geo. Sr.188082:1
Woods, JamesfromCommissioners by Partition187873:464
Woods, JanefromGauder, George S.187567:126
Woods, JanetoWilson, Thos. L.187669:91
Woods, Jno.fromWorthington, W. W.187463:188
Woods, John J. B.fromHiner, John H.186367:530
Woods, L. J.fromFoulks, A. G.188393:102
Woods, LetitiafromBellany, Elizabeth188079:322
Woods, MiltonfromBrindle, Daniel187571:56
Woods, SamuelfromFarrell, Cornelius187773:548
Woods, SamuelfromFarrell, James W.188082:340
Woods, SamueltoHeller & Dague187567:45
Woods, SamuelfromKing, Peter187673:547
Woods, SamuelfromSmith, John187463:565
Woods, SamueltoSmith, Rhoda187463:564
Woods, Wm. S.fromFriday, Henry187463:542
Woods, Wm. S.toFriday, Henry & Amelia187463:543
Woods, Wm. S.fromMenze, Christian & Conrad187463:542
Woods, Wm. S.fromPressler, John & Amelia187463:542
Woodward, C. M.fromSheriff188080:311
Woodward, Caroline M.fromCommissioner in Partition188186:128
Woodward, M. E.toMatheany, Jno. M.187566:239
Woodworth, A.fromPierce, Everett188496:237
Woodworth, A. L.fromLindenwood Cemetry187278:221
Woodworth, AlidafromWoodworth, B. S.187873:463
Woodworth, Alonzo L.toNeirmann, Wm.187359:311
Woodworth, B. S.toMuirhead, Harriet187873:463
Woodworth, B. S.toWoodworth, Alida187873:463
Woodworth, B. S.toWoodworth, Laura187873:463
Woodworth, B. S.toWoodworth, Lura187668:503
Woodworth, B. S. (Et al.)toWoodworth, Lura E.187873:440
Woodworth, Benj. S.fromHinmann, H. F. & A. L.187461:563
Woodworth, Benj. S.fromWoodworth, Chas. B.187668:393
Woodworth, Benj. S.toWoodworth, L. & A. T.187464:188
Woodworth, C. B.toHire, Elias(Et al.)188393:328
Woodworth, Chas. B.toWoodworth, Benj. S.187668:393
Woodworth, D. A. & E.toCartwright, Alfred W.188392:461
Woodworth, E.fromHayden, Fredk. (Atty.)188287:335
Woodworth, EmilyfromCarson, W. W.188288:237
Woodworth, EmilyfromCochrane, John187771:350
Woodworth, EmilyfromForbush, E. B. (Et al.)188287:335
Woodworth, EmilyfromRandall, P. A. (Et al.)188287:206
Woodworth, EmilyfromSwayne, S. F. (Et al.)188287:206
Woodworth, EmilyfromWallace, H. M. F.188287:335
Woodworth, L. & A.fromMuirhead, H. & A.188081:465
Woodworth, L. & A. T.fromWoodworth, Benj. S.187464:188
Woodworth, LaurafromWoodworth, B. S.187873:463
Woodworth, LurafromWoodworth, B. S.187668:503
Woodworth, Lura E.fromWoodworth, B. S. (Et al.)187873:440
Woolfoed, HenryfromScidmore, Geo. B.185276:77
Woolworth, C.fromMahurin, M. B.187772:127
Woot, John M.fromAuditor187773:240
Worcester, L. E.toMcCarthy, P.188183:499
Worden, CarolinetoMore, Wm. A.187566:209
Worden, CarolinefromOmo, John W.187770:24
Worden, CarolinetoStuart, Jno.188391:357
Worden, Chas. H. (Coms.)toEckert, Fred188393:445
Worden, D. J.toGriffin, L. E.188392:169
Worden, DuriasfromStuart, Charlotte188391:358
Worden, E. R.toFinan, Edward187874:541
Worden, EmelinefromConnolly, Wm. A.187565:275
Worden, EzrafromSmith, John Wilson187475:383
Worden, EzrafromSpelt, Thomas187364:164
Worden, EzratoWilliamson, Benj. F.187464:165
Worden, J. B. & Co.fromMoor, Rachael187669:111
Worden, J. B. & SeymourtoPeteerson, Robt. S.18769:232
Worden, Jno. B.fromFinan, Edward187874:542
Worden, Jno. B.toVince, Margret187876:300
Worden, Jno. W.fromBurrier, Adam188197:556
Worden, John B.toBlaisdell, Maria M.187772:308
Worden, John B.toConnolly, Wm. A.187565:217
Worden, John B.toConnoly, William A.187565:71
Worden, John B.fromD'Isay, Alida L.187772:451
Worden, John B.fromFisher, David C.187770:45
Worden, John B.toFrench, John A.187772:107
Worden, John B.fromFrench, Ransom E.187771:498
Worden, John B.toHolcomb, J. E.187873:58
Worden, John B.toHolcomb, J. E.187873:2
Worden, John B.toKohn, Eliza187976:241
Worden, John B.fromPeterson, Robert S.187670:409
Worden, John B.fromSheriff187772:149
Worden, John B.fromWeller, James187463:160
Worden, John B. & Co.fromMcDonald, John G.187565:70
Worden, John B. & SeymourtoLaughlin, James187364:242
Worden, JoshuatoBiree, Lida187772:285
Worden, L. & J. B.fromMonahan, Daniel187360:540
Worden, Seymour & John B.fromFinan, Edward187464:564
Worden, Seymour & John B.fromStephenson, John D.187464:564
Work, A.fromCommissioner in Partition188184:259
Work, A. (Et al.)toWork, Robt.187977:13
Work, AlbertfromCommissioner in Partition188184:259
Work, Albert & A. A.fromWork, Amos187771:55
Work, AmostoBrewer, Martin187566:508
Work, AmostoWork, Albert & A. A.187771:55
Work, C. D.toJohnson, Davis187873:507
Work, C. D.fromLamb, W. T.187772:450
Work, C. D. (Et al.)toN.Y.C. & St. L. Ry. Co.188186:27
Work, ClaytonfromCommissioner in Partition188184:259
Work, D. E.fromCommissioner in Partition188184:259
Work, GeorgetoBrewer, George187771:241
Work, H. a. (Et al.)toN.Y.C. & St. L. Ry. Co.188186:23
Work, Henry (Et al.)fromCommissioner in Partition188184:259
Work, JamesfromMarquardt, Jacob188083:249
Work, JamestoMathias, Daniel W.187565:308
Work, JamesfromMathias, Daniel W.187566:188
Work, JamestoSpencer, M. V. B.187771:43
Work, JamestoWork, W. I.187771:56
Work, James A.toHuguenard, Auguste187349:409
Work, Jane (Et al.)toWarcup, J. & W.188288:147
Work, JosephfromTounley, Robert W. & Jonas W.185565:606
Work, P. H.fromCommissioner in Partition188184:259
Work, P. H.fromHead, B. F.188186:222
Work, RobertfromBrockaw, S. J.187669:457
Work, Robt.fromBruer, Martin188081:329
Work, Robt.fromDarst, I. (Et al.)187977:13
Work, Robt.fromSheriff188081:67
Work, Robt.fromWork, A. (Et al.)187977:13
Work, Robt.fromWork, Westley I.187874:558
Work, Robt. (Et al.)fromCommissioner in Partition188184:259
Work, Sarah JanefromArnick, Adam187364:374
Work, Sarah JanetoRockhill, Wm.187873:253
Work, SilastoBruer, Martin187771:50
Work, SilasfromCommissioner in Partition188184:259
Work, W. I.fromWork, James187771:56
Work, WesleyfromCommissioner in Partition188184:259
Work, Westley I.toWork, Robt.187874:558
Worley, A. & R. K.fromPaine, Jas. D.188394:274
Worley, S. L.fromCompton, A. E.188598:475
Worley, S. T.fromSpangler, Michael187567:280
Wormcastel, L. (Et al.)toSnow, H. F.188392:416
Wormcastle, JanefromNail, Jno. (Adm.)188185:71
Wormcastle, JanetoShafer, William187872:552
Wormcastle, Jane (Et al.)toSimmons, Elias188080:415
Wort, Jno. M.fromBurgess, Henry188186:154
Wort, Jno. M.toColerick, F. J.188289:95
Wort, John M.fromAuditor187773:240
Worthington & WeikelfromArcher, John H.187360:115
Worthington, E. F.toTrentman, H. J. & Bro.187771:94
Worthington, E. F.fromWikel, Samuel A.187770:395
Worthington, Edward F.toWeikel, Samuel A.187770:422
Worthington, J. M.toFleming, Wm.188184:12
Worthington, J. M.fromTurner, J. H. (Et al.)188290:521
Worthington, J. N. O.fromBuschmann, F. W.188183:211
Worthington, Jas. M.fromSheriff188290:254
Worthington, L. P.fromWorthington, L. S.188183:425
Worthington, L. S.toWorthington, L. P.188183:425
Worthington, L. S.fromWorthington, Wm. W.188080:465
Worthington, L. S.fromWorthington, Wm. W.188080:464
Worthington, Lillie P.fromHanna, chas.187462:482
Worthington, Lillie P.fromSnow, Isaac B.187670:79
Worthington, W. W.fromBaer, Geo. J.187667:203
Worthington, W. W.toHanna, H. T.187463:405
Worthington, W. W.fromHanna, Hugh T.187463:333
Worthington, W. W.fromKayser, Conrad187359:409
Worthington, W. W.fromPowers, Volney187566:200
Worthington, W. W.toSnow, Isaac B.187667:471
Worthington, W. W.toStevens, Emily187667:383
Worthington, W. W.toUsher, Ann187566:10
Worthington, W. W.toWoods, Jno.187463:188
Worthington, Wm. H.fromHartsuff, Wm. D.187771:301
Worthington, Wm. M.toHanley, John H.187464:416
Worthington, Wm. M.toHillegass, Jeremiah187465:104
Worthington, Wm. M.toWolcott, J. R. & F. M.187567:55
Worthington, Wm. W.toMcCain, J. H. & Phillips, Jay188080:298
Worthington, Wm. W.toMygrant, Isaac187566:262
Worthington, Wm. W.toPullan, Eliza P.187359:514
Worthington, Wm. W.toStewart, Alvin J.187463:428
Worthington, Wm. W.toWedderstrand, Theodore187566:326
Worthington, Wm. W.toWorthington, L. S.188080:465
Worthington, Wm. W.toWorthington, L. S.188080:464
Woulf, JamesfromSheriff187461:526
Woulf, JamesfromSheriff187461:528
Woulfe, MichaeltoSutton, Catharine187876:53
Woulfe, MichealfromSutton, John187875:146
Woy, GeorgefromGreene, Mary M.187360:69
Woy, GeorgetoKassens, Christian187874:443
Woy, GeorgetoParnin, Francis187667:206
Woy, James M.toMeyer, Dietrich187358:527

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