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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Yobst, BrunotoHulsenbeck, Frederick186463:503
Yobst, CatharinefromHulsenbeck, Ferdinand187464:136
Yodder, JohntoLongacre, John187976:509
Yoder, AnnafromStaldar, Christian187875:187
Yoder, AnnatoYoder, Joseph188080:10
Yoder, DanieltoYoder, Joseph187565:414
Yoder, Jno.toMiller, Cathrine187979:18
Yoder, Jno.fromSchlatter, B. J.188494:312
Yoder, JohnfromMiller, Catharine187464:294
Yoder, John B.toSlater, Christian187873:68
Yoder, John R.fromBaumgartner, John187461:358
Yoder, Jos.fromSommer, Christian187978:49
Yoder, JosephtoSander, Joseph187977:127
Yoder, JosephfromYoder, Anna188080:10
Yoder, JosephfromYoder, Daniel187565:414
Yoggy, DavidtoGrabill, Joseph187462:456
Yoggy, DavidfromRopp, Tena187260:443
Yoguelet, L. L.fromRandall, P. A. (Et al.)188182:506
Yoguelet, Mary AnnfromKramer, Jos.187977:583
Yogulet, PaulfromHough, John 187360:409
Yohey, MaggiefromBoyles, Robt. D.187360:307
Yohey, Maggie R.fromFort Wayne Nat. Bank188393:347
Yoloeke, Wm.fromTrentman, A. C.188390:324
Yomans, M. E.fromDelevan, J. H.188391:276
Yoquelet, AlferdfromUrbine, Ellen (Et al.)188390:298
Yoquelet, AlfredfromAmspoker, S. E.188495:316
Yoquelet, AlfredfromPerry, Isaac188184:194
Yoquelet, E. (Adm.)toYoquelet, Marian187772:186
Yoquelet, HubertfromUrbine, Ellen188392:540
Yoquelet, HubertfromUrbine, Ellen (Et al.)188390:297
Yoquelet, L. L.fromPettit, W. L.188182:506
Yoquelet, LouisfromUrbine, Ellen (Et al.)188390:295
Yoquelet, MarianfromYoquelet, E. (Adm.)187772:186
York, JohntoMeiser, Benj.187579:591
York, JustinatoMeiser, Benj.187279:591
York, Justina (Et al.)toMeiser, Benj.188079:592
Youce, ChristianfromEngle, E. B.187873:333
Youce, Jno. S.fromGresley, Peter187977:346
Youmans, MorrisfromTarpie, J. H. & W.188185:101
Young, A.fromMarsh, F. (Et al.)187886:589
Young, A.fromSterling, A. (Et al.)187886:589
Young, A.fromSwisher, L.187886:589
Young, AlpheustoCraig, Wm. J.187349:415
Young, Ann M. (et al.)toKruse, Fredk. W.187360:32
Young, AnnafromMcMahon, Thomas187467:106
Young, C. C.toShoup, Wm.188083:140
Young, C. C.fromWeaver, George187771:224
Young, ChristiantoFisset, Phillip187980:96
Young, ElizabethfromFogel, Philip187876:405
Young, ElizabethfromPotter, James188494:614
Young, ElizabethtoSchenher, Margaret188598:624
Young, ElizabethtoWatkins, Mary187873:514
Young, ElizabethfromWeaver, Cyrus J.187771:131
Young, G. W.fromSpencer, Wm. G. & D. J.187978:173
Young, Geo. A. (Et al.)fromMiller, Ebenezer187981:17
Young, HenryfromHolladay, L. H.188390:322
Young, HenryfromPoeppel, H. D. F.188183:10
Young, J. A.fromBrudi, Gotlieb188289:553
Young, J. B.fromBauer, K. J.188286:475
Young, James M.toShoup, Wm. H.187565:359
Young, John M.fromBond, Stephen B.187565:90
Young, John SylvesterfromBeasley, William187772:546
Young, JuliusfromSarrazin, Augustus187978:379
Young, Lydia J.toRose, Milcena187875:241
Young, Lydia J.fromSteele, Mary E.187772:207
Young, MargaretfromBond, Chas. E. (Et al.)188494:583
Young, MargaretfromLumbard, S. C. (Et al.)188494:583
Young, Martin L.toPhillips, Barbara187360:151
Young, Mary M.fromBrowning, Edna187777:463
Young, Mary M.toHamilton, J. A.187978:188
Young, Mary M.fromSpencer, M. V. B.187874:428
Young, Mary M.toWelding, J. & J. W.187877:140
Young, N. B.toBullard, S. L.187667:252
Young, N. B.fromUnderhill, Harriet O.187567:195
Young, NathanieltoBrowning, Edna187669:450
Young, NathanieltoSnow, Isaac B.187359:475
Young, O. C.toWilding, J. & J. W.187880:466
Young, O. L.fromBook, Israel187889:546
Young, O. L.fromMondy, Elizabeth187975:540
Young, O. L.toMondy, J. W.187975:541
Young, O. S.fromMosedy, Jno. W.187875:115
Young, Oscar L.toDrake, E. F.188183:189
Young, Oscar L.toMondy, Elizabeth187875:179
Young, S. & C.fromPoor Hand Maids of Jesus Christ 188392:315
Young, S. & C.fromStuart, Jacob187977:403
Young, S. E.fromWhite, Jas. B.187978:406
Young, Samuel I.toSites, Malachi187669:449
Young, Sarah E.toWhite, Jas. B.187977:446
Young, StephentoFisset, Phillip187980:95
Young, StephentoPeters, E. R. & E. H.188081:303
Young, StephenfromRudisill, E. E.187463:174
Young, StephentoRudisill, E. E. & H. J.186464:285
Young, StephenfromWolff, Emma188081:449
Young, Wm. G.fromBittinger, M. H. (Et al.)188496:365
Young, Wm. G.fromKowiansky, H. (Et al.)188496:365
Youngblood, Robert N.fromTaylor, Robert S.187361:71
Younge, AugustfromDe la Camp, John187566:199
Younge, J. W.fromSmith, Kittie187976:577
Younge, J. W.toSykes, W. C.188080:526
Youngker, HannahfromEpple, Rosina188599:34
Youngker, I. C.toEpple, Rosina188599:33
Youngker, I. C.toFerguson, M. P.188598:615
Youngker, I. C.toScherer, Lewis188598:584
Youngker, I. C. & H.fromMiller, Samuel188495:497
Youngker, I. C. & H.fromMiller, Samuel188495:458
Youngker, I. C. & X.fromParks, Volney188495:508
Younglove, Wm.toShutt, Geo.187263:208
Youse, C. (Et al. Trustee)toRidemour, L. (Et al. Trustee)187978:187
Youse, ChristiantoAdair, Alex187361:182
Youse, ChristianfromGresley, John187361:418
Youse, ChristianfromSheriff187771:399

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