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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Ziegler, LouisafromEvard, Bertha187668:310
Ziegler, LouisatoJobst, Almand187875:474
Ziegler, LouisafromJobst, Amand187977:391
Ziemendorff, A. M.fromBrammer, Jos. H.188183:234
Ziemer, SamuelfromUnited States183769:329
Zies, AmandafromOrm, Joseph H.187065:152
Zies, ChristophertoHolt, B. E.187777:81
Zies, LewisfromCurry, Emma187978:199
Zies, LewisfromThorp, Theo.187978:199
Zillers, PrudencefromDoriot, Julius187977:373
Zim, XavirfromCary, Hiram S.187360:35
Zimmer, Cyrus W.fromFairfield, C. K.188393:24
Zimmer, J. G.fromEmerick, A. J.187361:14
Zimmer, Susan M.fromFairfield, James M.187463:513
Zimmer, Wm.fromBarr, J. S.187977:269
Zimmerle, TheopholusfromArcher, John H.187361:141
Zimmerman, A.toDreis, Elizabeth187873:210
Zimmerman, AndrewfromDrew, Wm. E.187873:144
Zimmerman, AntonfromSkinner, Benj. D.187566:478
Zimmerman, E.fromRupp, John187566:145
Zimmerman, EliastoBrown, R. S.188080:246
Zimmerman, EliastoDouglas, Jas. W.187379:336
Zimmerman, EliastoHeine, D. E. O.187359:340
Zimmerman, EliastoMuller, Francis187361:290
Zimmerman, EliastoMyers & Douglass187361:258
Zimmerman, EliastoSchlatter, Benj.187668:162
Zimmerman, EliastoSchneider, A. M.187979:182
Zimmerman, EliasfromSchneider, A. M.187979:250
Zimmerman, EliasfromSheriff187771:214
Zimmerman, EliasfromSheriff187877:524
Zimmerman, EliastoZimmermzn, Jackson187567:332
Zimmerman, EmalinefromCommissioners by Court187463:53
Zimmerman, EmelinefromSwartz, Elizabeth & Geo.187463:53
Zimmerman, F. D.fromWilkinson, Edward Jr.187873:33
Zimmerman, F. D. (Et al.)fromWells, David187876:385
Zimmerman, G. W.fromKillian, Jno.188183:40
Zimmerman, Geo. J.fromStiger, David187359:479
Zimmerman, J.fromDouglass, A.187463:258
Zimmerman, J. (Et al.)toTrustee Cedar Creek Tp.186383:357
Zimmerman, JacksonfromDouglass, James S.187362:78
Zimmerman, JacksonfromDouglass, Terence S.187362:77
Zimmerman, JacksontoHamm, Adam & Rebecca188080:84
Zimmerman, JacksonfromHollopeter, Wesley187061:173
Zimmerman, JacksontoRhodes, D. & M. F.188080:87
Zimmerman, JacksonfromSwartz, Elizabeth187478:511
Zimmerman, Jackson D.toDouglass, Albert187468:159
Zimmerman, Jno.toEmerick, M. A.187567:181
Zimmerman, Jno.toKeplinger, J. A.187566:109
Zimmerman, JohntoArmack, D.187667:537
Zimmerman, JohntoSnyder, Lewis186267:150
Zimmerman, JohnfromWhite, James B.187464:441
Zimmerman, L. &D.fromZimmerman, Stephen187567:149
Zimmerman, M. E.fromClausmeier, E. F. & M.188494:238
Zimmerman, Saml.toHollopeter, O. E.187873:307
Zimmerman, Saml.fromHollopeter, O. E.187873:308
Zimmerman, SamueltoKirkendall, James187565:203
Zimmerman, SarahfromBowser, Alex187463:451
Zimmerman, StephentoNeuhaus, John185579:230
Zimmerman, StephentoZimmerman, L. &D.187567:149
Zimmerman, Stephen (Et al.)toBashalier, Louis188079:116
Zimmermzn, JacksonfromZimmerman, Elias187567:332
Zink, JohnfromHoch, William187772:258
Zink, JohntoHock, Christina187873:274
Zink, JohnfromRyan, Daniel187566:175
Zink, John Jr.toNewberger, Louis (Trustee)187565:250
Zink, John W.fromGreene, Mary M.187463:454
Zink, RosafromNewberger, Louis (trustee)187565:251
Zink, Rosa & JohntoRyan, Daniel187566:176
Zise, LewisfromDaniels, John A.187976:545
Zitzman, PeterfromPettits, Adam187462:14

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