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ACGSI - Allen County Deed Index

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Parties to the Deed                                                YearDeed Book
Zoder, DanielfromShanebeck, Daniel187464:189
Zoeller, RomanfromBauman, John187668:416
Zoeller, RomanfromStralton, Robt. (Coms.)188286:450
Zoeller, RomanfromTibbles, Jno. H.188082:12
Zollar, A. (Et al.)toHartman, G. B. & M. E.188081:66
Zollar, AllenfromSheriff187772:123
Zollar, Allen (Et al.)toReed, Violett R.188080:135
Zollar, ValentinefromFt. W. Ger. B. L. & S. A. No. 5187874:419
Zollars, AllenfromDague, E. D. (Et al.)187976:434
Zollars, AllenfromHeller, Thos. S.187976:434
Zollars, AllenfromReed, Wm. B.187772:532
Zollars, Allen & MinniefromZollars, Fredk.187358:453
Zollars, EnochfromGraham, Jas. E.187668:481
Zollars, EnochtoHamilton, A. H.187565:506
Zollars, EnochfromRichmond, Dewitt C.187065:505
Zollars, EnochtoWhite, John I.187361:167
Zollars, Fredk.toZollars, Allen & Minnie187358:453
Zollars, GeorgefromHackett, George187264:375
Zollars, JanefromAllen, Florence188290:552
Zollenger, Chas. H.fromBaldwin, Elihu187464:316
Zoller, Geo. toReitze, Gertrude187362:322
Zoller, Geo.fromReitze, Tobias187462:321
Zoller, MargarethafromFt. W. G. B. L. & S. A. No. 3187672:38
Zoller, MarqueritfromHubach, Henry187772:3
Zoller, ValentinefromBehrn, Daniel188495:272
Zoller, ValentinefromReder, Hariet188494:173
Zoller, ValentinefromSt. Joseph Hospital187360:110
Zollinger, AugusttoMeyer, Henry188081:273
Zollinger, AugustfromMeyer, Henry188185:407
Zollinger, AugustfromWhiteleather, J. F.187565:612
Zollinger, C. A.fromCampbell, Harry187566:141
Zollinger, C. A.toKamm, Jno. J.187566:148
Zollinger, C. A.fromKamm, John J.187566:142
Zollinger, Charles A.toSappington, Jacob187364:154
Zollinger, Chas A.fromEdsall, Simon S.187462:544
Zollinger, Chas. A.toBurgess, Henry187565:364
Zollinger, Chas. A.toHoffmeister, A. C.187566:47
Zollinger, Chas. A.fromKamm, John J.187566:159
Zollinger, Chas. A.toKaough, Wm.187566:195
Zollinger, Chas. A.toMcCurdy, Mary J.187566:449
Zollinger, Chas. A.fromSheriff187160:509
Zollinger, Chas. A.fromTaylor, Robt. S.187260:508
Zollinger, Chas. W.toEdsall, Jos. W.187358:486
Zollinger, FrederickfromDudenhafer, Phillip187360:149
Zollinger, FrederickfromSheriff187772:160
Zollinger, H. & Meyers H.fromHartzell, Levy (est.)187463:65
Zollinger, H. C.fromNull, L. S.188182:473
Zollinger, H. C. (Et al.)fromMeyer, John C.188288:565
Zollinger, HenrytoMeyer, H.187363:64
Zollinger, HenryfromMeyer, Henry W.187464:171
Zollinger, Henry C.fromCullen, Patrick188079:137
Zollinger, Henry C.fromMeyer, Henry187566:291
Zollinger, L. C.fromCour, Frank188598:390
Zollinger, L. C.fromWagenhals, E. H.188288:81
Zollinger, Louis C.fromBlase, J. H.187772:182
Zollinger, M. F.fromKellogg, D. E.187879:7
Zollinger, MorrisfromCity of Fort Wayne (by Mayor)188391:483
Zollinger, ValentinefromDudenhafer, Phillip187360:148
Zolman, JamestoBonham, Geo. C.187363:582
Zolman, JamesfromDeck, John187263:581
Zonne, J.fromKing, C. A. & F. J.187363:222
Zook, M. M. (Et al.)toMcCormick, W. H.188082:555

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