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1845 Delinquent Tax List, Allen County, Indiana

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R. & VermilyaScipio 32N 15ESE Qtr32160$15.96
RaganC.Jefferson 30N 14EW half SE Qtr980$3.44
RagerJosephEel River 32N 11EE half NE Qtr
RagerJosephEel River 32N 11ESW Qtr NW Qtr34125$3.41
RandallF. P.Wayne 30N 12EHanna's Add.Lot 331$0.82
RenchJ. B.Jefferson 30N 14ENE Qtr NE Qtr2740$2.77
ReynoldsWm.Adams 30N 13EW half SW Qtr2480$3.20
ReynoldsMich.Jefferson 30N 14EE half SW Qtr1680$4.45
RichmondWm.Scipio 32N 15EPt NE Qtr510$0.31
RoeJas.Aboite 30N 11EEast half NE Qtr2080
RoeJas.Aboite 30N 11EWest half SW Qtr2180$5.39
RogersJohnSpringfield 32N 14EW half10320$10.10
RoneyEstate Milan 31N 14EW half NW Qtr2470$2.50
RubyWilliamMadison 29N 14EE half SE Qtr2070$2.24
RyanPatrickWashington 31N 12ES pt W half NW Qtr2360$4.60
RyderA. & J.Lake 31N 11ENE Qtr NW Qtr23
RyderA. & J.Lake 31N 11EE half SE Qtr14120$4.22
RyderJesseLake 31N 11EN half NE Qtr2380$2.64
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