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Divorce News and Records, Allen Co., Indiana

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Some of the cases listed were dismissed and others resulted in divorce decrees.


Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, divorces unless otherwise noted.

  • [31 Jan 1872] Eliza J. Doolittle vs. George M. Doolittle, Circuit Court, Case File

  • 07 Feb 1872 John Thomas vs. Mary Thomas
  • 07 Feb 1872 Mary Schapp vs. Peter Schapp
  • 21 Feb 1872 Julia Gaum vs. Joseph F. Gaum [Circuit Court, Case File]
  • 28 Feb 1872 Sarah M. Green vs. Robert Green

  • [08 Mar 1872] George W. Eldred vs. Donna M. Eldred, Circuit Court, Case File
  • 13 Mar 1872 D'Alembert T. Gale vs. Sarah E. Gale
  • 27 Mar 1872 Court of Common Pleas: the following cases were disposed of during the February term of court.
    • Josephine E. Malone vs. Harry J. Malone, divorce granted
    • Rebecca Wilson vs. Henry S. Wilson, divorce granted
    • Andrew J. Ford vs. Mary Ford, divorce granted
    • Huldah J. Lumas vs. Frank Lumas, divorce granted
    • Sarah A. Doner vs. Levi B. Doner, divorce granted, Case File
    • Joseph Spandle vs. Caroline Spandle, divorce granted, Case File

  • [13 Apr 1872] Ellen J. Atherton vs. Charles W. Atherton, Common Pleas Court, Case File
  • 24 Apr 1872 Isabel Crouse vs. William Crouse
  • 24 Apr 1872 John W. Kent vs. Elizabeth Kent, Common Pleas Court, Case File
  • [31 Apr 1872] [sic] Christopher Ruber vs. Margaret Ruber, Common Pleas Court, Case File

  • 01 May 1872 Angeline A. Bowser vs. John Bowser, Common Pleas Court, Case File
  • [04 May 1872] Elizabeth Miller vs. Benjamin Miller, Common Pleas Court, Case File
  • [07 May 1872] Anna L. Dillon vs. James C. Dillon, Common Pleas court, Case File
  • 08 May 1872 Edward J. Sisson vs. Carrie W. Sisson, Common Pleas Court, Case File
  • 15 May 1872 The courts: (not identified)
    • John Thomas vs. Mary Thomas, divorce granted
    • Julie Gaum vs. Joseph F. Gaum, divorce granted
    • Sarah M. Green vs. Robert Green, divorce granted
    • Jos. Pierson vs. Molly Pierson, divorce granted
    • 29 May 1872 Gale vs. Gale, divorce granted in circuit court

  • [05 Jun 1872] Elizabeth Waugh vs. William H. Waugh, Common Pleas Court, Case File
  • 19 Jun 1872 Samuel Freeman vs. Mary Freeman
  • [25 Jun 1872] Hulda Thomas vs. Louis Thomas, Common Pleas Court, Case File
  • 26 Jun 1872 Court of common pleas:
    • Jacob Piatt vs.Caroline Piatt, divorce granted, Case File
    • Jacob E. Miller vs. Sarah W. Miller, divorce granted, Case File
    • Anna L. Dillen vs. Jas. C. Dillen, continued
    • Jacob E. King vs. Martha King, submitted to court, Case File
  • [26 Jun 1872] Christiana Blauck vs. George Blauck, Common Pleas Court, Case File

  • [22 Jul 1872] Harriet Tilford vs. William G. Tilford, Common Pleas Court, Case File
  • 31 Jul 1872 George M. Ward vs. Laura Ward

  • [07 Aug 1872] Benjamin Miller vs. Elizabeth Miller, Common Pleas Court, Case File
  • 21 Aug 1872 Laura E. Shelton vs. John T. Shelton, Common Pleas Court, Case File
  • [30 Aug 1872] Mary Bender vs. David Bender, Common Pleas Court, Case File

  • 04 Sep 1872 Pennela Calvert vs. John W. Calvert [Circuit Court, Case File]
  • [05 Sep 1872] Anna E. Bryant vs. William Bryant, Common Pleas Court, Case File
  • 18 Sep 1872 Thomas H. Leonard vs. Ida C. Leonard
  • 18 Sep 1872 Ida Steinman vs. Jacob Steinman
  • 18 Sep 1872 Agnes R. Harris vs. Augustus B. Harris
  • 25 Sep 1872 Mary S. Blake vs. George H. Blake [Circuit Court, Case File]
  • 25 Sep 1872 Elizabeth Bennett vs. Joseph Bennett [Circuit Court, Case File]

  • [01 Oct 1872] Elizabeth Wolf vs. Michael Wolf, Common Pleas Court, Case File
  • 02 Oct 1872 Abram Bassford vs. Mary E. Bassford [Circuit Court, Case File]
  • 02 Oct 1872 Jane Hurley vs. John Hurley
  • 02 Oct 1872 William M. Crane, Jr. vs. Emma Crane [Circuit Court, Case File]
  • [04 Oct 1872] Charlotte Spencer vs. Thomas Spencer, Common Pleas, Case File
  • [09 Oct 1872] Tracy Donahoe vs. Patrick Donahoe, Common Pleas Court, Case File, Case File
  • 09 Oct 1872 Elias Lutz vs. Susanna Lutz
  • 23 Oct 1872 Notice: the public is hereby notified that my wife, Margaret Sturm, has left my bed and board without cause and that I will not pay any bills or accounts of her contracting. Jacob Sturm
  • [28 Oct 1872] Mary J. McDonald vs. David McDonald, Common Pleas Court, Case File

  • [02 Nov 1872] Margaret E. Wilcox vs. Isaac Wilcox, Common Pleas Court, Case File
  • [14 Nov 1872] Emma Bruebach vs. George T. Bruebach, Circuit Court, Case File
  • [15 Nov 1872] Susanna Essig vs. Adam P. Essig, Circuit Court, Case File

  • 11 Dec 1872 Civil circuit court:
    • Winfield S. Sweet vs. Nancy E. Sweet, divorce granted, Case File
    • Thomas H. Leonard vs. Addie C. Leonard, divorce granted
    • Ida Steinman vs. Jacob Steinman, divorce granted
    • Pamela Calvert vs. John Calvert, default
    • Mary S. Blake vs. George H. Blake, divorce granted
  • 11 Dec 1872 Common Pleas court:
    • Noyes F. Palmer vs. Annie M. Palmer, divorce decree granted
  • 11 Dec 1872 Catherine H. Kuhn vs. Joseph H. Kuhn, Case File
  • 11 Dec 1872 Lemuel R. West vs. Martha West
  • 11 Dec 1872 George A. Tanner vs. Rhoda Tanner, Case File
  • 25 Dec 1872 Circuit court:
    • William A. Crane vs. Emma Crane, divorce granted
    • Abraham Ryckman vs. Mary Ryckman
    • Frederick W. Loose vs. Christina Loose

  • [undated Ellen Burns vs. John D. Burns, a prisoner sentenced 11 Nov 1872, Circuit Court, Case File]
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Some of the cases listed were dismissed and others resulted in divorce decrees.